Podcast 248: Healthy Blood

Martin knows that doing what he preaches has benefits. He feels healthier today than he did 10, 20 or even 30 years ago.

Today Martin and Scott discuss the quality of your blood. Think of the internal fluids of your body as your own “internal ocean.”

By replenishing your original fluid balance with Quinton Marine Plasma, your “ocean” works better – similar to how soil needs minerals, enzymes, and healthy bacteria in order to support new life.

Unlike so many marginal health products boasting hollow claims, Quinton Marine Plasma has been a recognized medicine in Europe for 75 years, with a broad range clinical capability.

Bio-terrain Restore 0.9 is Living Marine Plasma for when you’re not in optimal wellness, for an extended period of time. Excellent for yoga, meditation, calm mental focus, sleep and recovery after exercise. Balance skin conditions, digestive issues and reduce aches from inflammation.

Optimum Mineralization 3.3 is for high physical performance and intense mental activity. Energizing and improves endurance and strength. Great for blocking infections. Reduces inflammation.

Author: Martin Pytela