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Podcast 251: Homeopathy and Body Repair

Podcast 251: Homeopathy and Body Repair

Podcast 251: Homeopathy and Body Repair

Martin loves that wonderful long space between when you have enough wisdom, and you still have plenty of strength to act with it. Scott has watched his father grow old with his health struggles, and it really emphasizes the importance of things like getting regular exercise, drinking plenty of pure, Energized Water, taking Superfoods and taking good care of his health.

Martin responds with what Scott is not taking care of, and that’s the vibrational damage that he’s picked up in the world and is not clearing. The subtle energies like a childhood memory that causes you to feel unworthy or undeserving.

80% of your immune system lives in your gut and a healthy gut holds the vital roots of our health. Detoxing supports a well functioning digestive system, essential for the ingestion of vital nutrition.

Podcast 251: Homeopathy and Body Repair

SCOTT: Welcome back, everybody! You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet! Starring the founder of the Life Enthusiast, Martin Pytela! I am your co-host, Scott Paton. Hi, Martin, how are you?

MARTIN: I am doing great, thank you! It is another wonderful day, I am loving it!

SCOTT: It happens to be a very natural day, you know, there are still leaves on the trees, and the sky is blue, it is pretty nice.

MARTIN: Yeah. Awesome. It is nice to be mature and alive. It is wonderful when you are no longer striving needlessly, you have just enough wisdom, and yet you still have plenty of strength that you can actually act on it.

SCOTT: Yeah, it is interesting, because as I watched my father grow older, and struggle with leukemia, it really reinforces the importance of getting regular exercise, making sure I am drinking lots of filtered water, and all those sorts of good things, taking my superfoods and really being careful what I am putting into my mouth.

MARTIN: Right. But what you are not taking care of is the vibrational damage that you picked up in the world. You are not clearing the subtle energy.

SCOTT: What would you call a ‘subtle energy?’

MARTIN: For example a childhood memory, that causes you to think that you are maybe a bad boy, the belief that you don’t deserve something, things that are just in your head since childhood. Depending on where this sort of vibrational damage is stored, it can affect one of the major meridians in your energetic body. There is this Chinese model of the body, where we have these energy circuits, and each of the circuits has one of the major organs on it. There is such a thing as the liver meridian, kidney meridian, heart meridian…

SCOTT: I work with this person, I do a podcast with them on EFT (emotional freedom technique) and tapping on the different meridians, and they said: “In Chinese medicine, there are these meridians in the body, and that is how acupuncture works. You can see people with needles sticking all over the body, and the placement of the needles is linked to the actual meridian. There are the major ones that will give you the biggest impact.” And this tapping they do is basically stimulating and realigning the meridians.

MARTIN: Yes, you could restore the energy flow through blocked lines. There is another approach to this, of course, you can prepare a vibration homeopathic, that will also do the work. You can store memories in fluid, in water, or in water with alcohol. We talked about this before.

SCOTT: I am actually thinking that there are maybe two people on the whole planet that don’t have memories popping up and triggering something in them because memories that are really actually very deep in the subconscious can cause you to behave in ways that are not beneficial. And that just happened to me the other day, with my girlfriend. Something happened, totally innocent, but she really got upset, and I didn’t understand what happened, what triggered it. And she said: “I don’t know either.” Fortunately, she is aware enough to say that this behavior and the feelings that are brought up were triggered by something, and she is just expressing them.

MARTIN: So for her, a drop of The Gift might be the answer, right? But here goes a different line of thinking. We are able to store things in fluids that are of a physiological nature. We can actually store something that is going to release damage in your, for instance, cardiovascular system, or we can support your skin or your immune system.

SCOTT: From a subtle energy perspective.

MARTIN: Yes. Let’s just say you suffer from erectile dysfunction. There are energetic components to it, there is a hormonal component to it, that is affected by that energetic issue in your body. When I fix something on the physical side, like when I give you a massage, it will affect your emotions. When I change your emotions, it will affect your subtle fields at the spiritual level. Sort of like a person waking up to a religious concept. You know, people having an awakening, spiritual awakening, I don’t want to make light of it, but you know, people who find Christ, or something like that, all of a sudden, bam! It feels like their life starts over. It is a major change. And that change, even though it started at the spiritual level, has a massive impact on their emotional health, and can indeed have a significant impact on their physical body.

SCOTT: That is kind of interesting, because much of our tissue, and the liquids in our body change over every eight weeks. So really, eight weeks from now, if your body heals itself the way it should, your scar tissue, for example, should be gone, and you should have clean arteries, and all these sorts of things, but that doesn’t happen.

MARTIN: Right. Why does your body remember the scar or the brown age spots, or the grey hair?

SCOTT: We already have innate healing processes throughout our bodies. We need to support that in a way that doesn’t just say: “Okay, we are going to stay to the same mediocre standard that we are today.” Instead, we should try getting back to the great standard that we were 20 years ago!

MARTIN: Right. Well, so there are ways to bring you closer to the original blueprint! And there are fortunately the people out there, who are able to create these substances. One of these has been a discovery I made some time ago, the fellow that invented this product called me, and requested that we list it on our website, so we did. This is not a new thing on our website, but it has just not been getting the attention it deserves. We decided to try and create a buzz around it now, promote it, and get some testimonials from people. I need to get people to tell me if this is, or isn’t working for them. I am going to bet that it is working for them, or it is going to be working for them. And I am willing to put some money where my mouth is on that.

SCOTT: One of the things that you do on Life Enthusiast on an ongoing basis that I just love, is you try everything before you offer it to your customers, you listen to the people, you do your research, you try the products, Maureen, your wife, tries them out, I try them out, and then other people that we know try them out, and when we all come to an agreement that this is something really amazing and will have a dramatic impact on the majority of people, then you decide to put it on your website. Of course, we have individual differences, so that is why we decided to include a hundred people in this process, we are going to offer these products and say: “Here is something, here is how we want you to use it, we want you to try it for eight weeks, and at the end, we want to know what your story is. And we are hoping that you are going to have amazing results at the end of the eight weeks. Take some discipline because you have got to follow the procedures properly and consistently, and the way we tell you to, but the chances are you are going to have an amazing result. We can’t say exactly what it is, because we don’t know.”

MARTIN: Well, we can predict the following: We have a general tonic and a specific tonic, and we will let you choose what that specific tonic is. We don’t really care what ails you, whether it is a circulatory problem, a hormonal problem, digestive problem, or just general vitality. We have 12 products for specific issues you can experience. One is preparatory and the other 11 are supportive. We can’t say they are healing, we are not healing anything, but we can say they support the normal function of the body. So if, for instance, you find yourself in the gloom, some people might call it even depression, but we are not allowed to say that, if you are suffering from stress, then you will need the stress balance and positive outlook. If you are suffering from a bowel that is not moving well enough, then you need cleanse and digestive well-being. If you are a female, whose periods are off, or libido is off, or hot flashes are in, then the hormonal balance is your ticket. If you are a man, who is finding themselves with waning sexual ability, then male wellbeing is probably the thing. So it should be logical.

You squirt this product in your mouth, it is based on a mildly alcoholic tincture, so if you hate the taste of alcohol, you will not like this. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously, it is just pleasant, it is sort of like having a lovely drink without getting drunk. That is what it really does. Anyway, you squirt 12 squirts into your mouth, under your tongue, in the evening, before going to bed, and off you go! You do that with the first bottle, it will last probably 4 weeks, and when that bottle is empty, you switch to the second bottle, the specific tonic. So the cardio support, or the hormonal support, or the digestive support, as we said, there are 11 different types. They are homeopathic. Should we try and explain homeopathy?

SCOTT: I think that is a good idea. What is a homeopathic remedy? I think, originally, there may be different processes now, you had some water, and you put a sample of the common cold in it. And you diluted it, so that all that was left was the vibration, because water takes in the vibration of thoughts, in this case, it takes on  the vibration of the flu.

MARTIN: Let’s just give an example, Scott. For instance, you wanted to create a remedy that deals with bee venom, something that is going to help you if you get stung by the bee. So, you start with the bee venom itself, you make a tincture of it, Typically you would use alcohol to dissolve it into the water, and that is going to be the mother tincture. And then you are making a dilution, you can use either the X or the C extract, X for tenfold, C for a hundredfold. So if we are making a 6X, we would first take 1 part of the tincture, and 9 parts of water, and we would succuss. Succussion is a process that was originally done by taking the bottle, in which you have this mixture, and you hit it onto a book that is leather-bound, so it is sort of cushioned, but still firm. So you hit it on something that doesn’t break the bottle, but it is hard enough to shake the stuff in the bottle. You do around 70 hits, and then you take that same liquid, and you dilute it tenfold again, and do 70 more hits, and repeat it again and again, you do it 6 times, so now you have 6 different homeopathic preparations, and they are 6X, 12X, 60X, 10C, 20C, and 30C. And what is interesting is that the 30C, which is 30 times 100, is actually stronger than the 6X, even though there’s less of the original stuff in it. So that is the process. We essentially dilute the active substance out of the solution, you can no longer find it in there, analytically, but it is still in there, vibrationally.

When I introduce this bee venom tincture in a homeopathic form into your body, it actually causes your body to think that you have been hit by a bee, it stimulates our immune system. I remember when I was still suffering from allergies, I would get very itchy eyes, a runny nose, in reaction to pollen in the air in the springtime. I would take the homeopathic extract, I would just take a pellet or two of this, and it would clear my eyes. What you are doing with homeopathic remedies is you are mobilizing the body’s reaction to what would have happened if you had an even bigger reaction. So instead of having a localized, terrible reaction to a bee sting, you now have full immune system mobilization, and it deals with the problem successfully.

SCOTT: So let’s talk a little bit more about these particular homeopathic remedies.

MARTIN: Well, you know, in Britain, where this stuff comes from, homeopathy is alive and well, even the Queen and her family are using homeopathy as their primary line of care. These people know what they are doing. They have practiced it since 1750 when it was first invented and introduced. The products are well-designed, easy to work with, the packaging is lovely, the designers are competent people, who have tested it on thousands. We are not bringing something that is untested or the next big new discovery. We have tested it here, but we needed more feedback from people that are not us. 79 of the 100 people that went on had a good experience. What more can I say about it? What is something that customers might want to know?

SCOTT: Well, what could somebody expect, if they were to take this?

MARTIN: Well, as far as ‘expect,’ it would be a relief of their symptoms, but it all depends on the specific issue they might have. It would be a change in the energetics of the body. So let’s just say you have recurring headaches from toxicity, you could have less of that.

SCOTT: Okay. If you go to the doctor, and he gives you a prescription, there is a small print that says ‘might cause migraine, headaches, feet will fall off, could have swollen, dry mouth, eyes, and hair, falling out,’ all that crazy laundry list of side effects.

MARTIN: Yeah, and also: “Please watch for an allergic reaction that may result in an anaphylactic shock, and death.”

SCOTT: So, when I put some of this homeopathic under my tongue, should I be worried about side effects?

MARTIN: Well, as long as you are not allergic to alcohol because there is a bit of vodka in this, there will be no reaction whatsoever. Because it is only vibrational, there is no physical substance to react to.

SCOTT: It is actually really just water with a little bit of alcohol in it.

MARTIN: And the vibration. Just a lovely, pleasant taste of high-grade vodka.

SCOTT: And if I am low on energy, and I get the energy boost from this, will this have any negative effect later in the day?

MARTIN: No, this is not coffee, this is not a stimulant, this is not any of that. It just simply clears the distortions. It is much like paving a road. Let’s just say that you are used to driving on a particular road, and it is very windy, and full of potholes, every spring it is just full of potholes. Well, in the summertime, somebody went in and they straightened out a whole bunch of corners, they widened it, and they paved it. It used to take you 45 minutes to get from A to B, and all of a sudden, you get there in 30 minutes, and you are less tired, less nervous, your car gets less wear, because it is smoothed out, straightened up the road now. It is that sort of effect you will experience. Whereas previously you’d have erectile dysfunction, and every second time you attempted, you failed, all of a sudden, you are straightened out, maybe you still get a failure sometimes, but it will be only like 1 in 10.

SCOTT: Great. One of the tonics is for a cleanse and digestive well-being. Will this help me clean out my digestive system?

MARTIN: Yes. Instead of feeling miserable, after having the meal, as might be your common experience, you will have fewer of those issues. Instead of struggling to eliminate, you will just easily accomplish the job.

SCOTT: Okay, cool. Awesome. So if somebody wanted to find out more about this, Martin, what should they do? [Note: these products are not available at Life Enthusiast anymore. The manufacturer went out of business.]

MARTIN: Well, call me at (866) 543 3388! We are available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, you can visit our website, read our blog, listen to our podcasts, watch videos on our Youtube channel, follow us on social media… We will be very happy to communicate with you. Thank you so much! This was Martin Pytela and Scott Paton for Life Enthusiast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet!

Note: the information provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

Author: Martin Pytela
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