Podcast 383: Amaranth Oil

Rich in minerals, and in squalene, Amaranth Oil is excellent for helping to reverse the signs of aging, and to keep cells functioning correctly. Amaranth is the source of squalene, the nutrient that comes from shark fins. So instead of shark fin soup, use squalene-rich amaranth oil!

Scott: Welcome, everybody! This is the Life Enthusiast Online radio and TV network! We are restoring vitality to you and the planet! I am your co-host Scott Paton, and joining us, as usual, is the Life Enthusiast health coach, Martin Pytela! Today, we are just having a very quick chat about an amazing oil that comes from an ancient seed, that can have a huge impact on your health! But before we go into it in more detail, hello Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin: Oh, thanks. I’m doing all right. I am doing the best I can with the resources I’ve been given.

Scott: Okay, so today we want to talk about a fascinating oil that has a lot of amazing benefits, Amaranth Oil. How did you first hear about it?

Martin: Well, amaranth is a grain that the Aztecs grew. It’s grown in gardens – you can see amaranth commonly in gardens – it’s a beautiful tall perennial with purple flowers and tiny little seeds. They are tiny little pellets, but they are rich in nutrients. They really are excellent at concentrating nutrients.

You know, most plants are concentrators of nutrients, they are sucking in the nutrients from the soil and the air and the sun, and they produce these little seeds that are strong enough to grow an entirely new plant when you plant them in the soil. It’s just fascinating how nature actually concentrates nutrients and puts them into a tiny little package that has so much value in it.

Scott: Right! And amaranth seeds are a rich source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. These minerals are important for all the processes in the body, including building strong bones and muscles, and generating energy.

Martin: These minerals are very important, but we usually don’t get enough of them in our diet. If you wanted to eat amaranth seed to get enough of these nutrients, that would be a lot of seeds! What we are offering here is actually an oil extracted from these seeds, so the nutrients are even more concentrated.

Scott: So it is a concentration of the concentration!

Martin: Yes! This oil is manufactured by Activation Products, and it is extracted using the special Perfect Press method they developed, making the oil resistant to spoiling for a very long time. It protects the oil from becoming rancid, from oxidation that can damage the fatty acids.  

The basic benefits of this oil are the following. Like all healthy fats, it is healthy for your heart, your circulatory system. It’s good for your bones, it supports your digestive system, but more importantly, because it’s quite rich in lutein, it will support your eyesight, which might get worse with aging.

Scott: And of course, the other thing that people have a problem with as they age is osteoporosis, thinning of the bones, so it can also help you with that, right?

Martin: Right, it will help you with that. It also helps to reduce oxidative stress, the stress associated with aging. It is also very good for some skin conditions. It helps to reduce serum lipids, the fat we don’t want in our bodies, for example around our liver.

Scott: Does it help your digestive system?

Martin: Yeah, absolutely.

Scott: I see it is high in fiber, so it keeps you regular, and you don’t get constipated. So how would you take it?

Martin: It’s a small bottle with a dropper, you can put it directly into your mouth, or add it to your smoothie, just a few drops at the time. You can take it once a day, twice a day or more, but it’s not a cheap thing, unfortunately. But it’s a really high-quality product that has a lot of benefits. So if you feel like your body is declining, the Amaranth Oil is definitely a good choice, it is a great source of anti-aging nutrients.  

I cannot make any medical claims, but if you want to hear more, call me for more information! The number is (866) 543-3388! You can also visit our website on www.life-enthusiast.com! This is Martin Pytela, your health coach! We are restoring vitality to you, and to the planet! Thank you for listening!

Author: Nina Vachkova