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Podcast 410: Cleansing vs Detoxification

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Why toxins might be behind the mysterious post-covid long-haul symptoms many people struggle with
  • How toxins enter your body (and the best way to prevent them from causing debilitating illnesses)
  • The 6 best “cleansing tools” that naturally eliminate metabolic waste
  • The hidden burden heavy metals leave on your body
  • The most effective way to purge heavy metals from your body before they break you (without experiencing irritating “detox-like” symptoms)
  • How to reduce your risk of almost every possible disease
  • The “Magnificent 7 Pain Relief Tools” that ease even the worst chronic inflammatory conditions

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Hi, this is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast Podcast! Today, I would like to talk about the concepts of cleansing and detoxification. Oftentimes these two words get mixed up, but to me, they actually mean two different things. Cleansing to me is a process of naturally removing the metabolic waste, or whatever the body produces, in its natural functioning. Detoxification on the other hand would be removing the things that get into the body that shouldn’t be there, such as industrial toxins, heavy metals, whatever we ingest, inhale, or pick up. I have prepared a presentation, so I am going to launch into that. Watch now!

So, cleansing versus detoxification. I see cleansing as removing the debris that our cells have left behind through the process of natural functioning. Detoxification, again, is the removal of garbage, toxic things that we pick up every day living in the industrial society, things we inhale, absorb through our skin, drink, or ingest. My name is Martin Pytela, I am a health coach, I operate using the metabolic typing methods, which is part of the functional medicine spectrum, where we understand how genetics and foods we eat interact with the body. I founded Life Enthusiast, a platform that is focusing on helping people deal with chronic inflammatory degenerative conditions, and also Remarkable Recovery.

So let’s start with the actual topic. How did we get here? We now have sick soils, and sick plants, therefore we have sick people. What do I mean by that? Well, sick soils – that is an industrial problem. We have been using fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides that are making the soils more sterile, killing the microbial terrain, trying to overpower nature, instead of working with it. But unfortunately, these weakened soils are producing weakened plants that are producing sub-par, weak nutrition, which means sick people. This industrial method that we have adopted is focusing, I think, on the wrong aspects. The food quality is sacrificed for speed and volume, stability on the shelves, the ability to survive transport and look good on a grocery store shelf. But we are eating foods that are devoid of nutrients. They look good, but they’re actually empty. I am calling it ‘hollow foods.’

All of this is traveling on the back end of the plunder mindset. You come to a situation, and you treat the resource as something that you don’t have to pay for, something that you can exploit, something you can move on from without ever worrying how much damage you did. The classic plunder, of course, would be a troop of soldiers arriving in a village, burning the homes, stealing the cows, raping the women, and killing the men. Today, we extract resources, and we don’t care that the effluent is poisoning something downstream. We grow something on fields without regard that the soil is becoming weaker with every year, with every crop that we take off the field. The general macro-economics of it is that we are able to internalize the profits but to externalize the consequences. How is it possible that the manufacturer of plastics doesn’t have to worry about the fact that the plastics are washed down streams into rivers and oceans, where they are killing birds, fish, turtles, and whatever else?

And hence the environmental pollution. How long before we have actually polluted the world badly enough that we ourselves will start choking on it? Industrial pollution includes metals, heavy metals, things like mercury, lead, cadmium, and a lot of dangerous chemicals, these are volatile organic compounds, thousands of different chemicals. And the electronic pollution, electrosmog. I am concerned about electromagnetics, wi-fi, the way we’re polluting our world through invisible means. In our modern lives of industrial society, we are breathing, drinking, and eating toxins. What does that do to us? We are experiencing this industrial lifestyle experiment, and it is not going great. We are experiencing rising levels of degenerative diseases, for example. 30% of people are dying of a heart and a cardiovascular failure of some sort, that is an inflammatory disease. Another 20% are dying of cancer. 50% of deaths are premature and are caused by one of these two conditions.

Diabetes is on the rise, and obesity is rampant. The other problems that are common to us are autism, problems of the autistic spectrum, that goes anywhere from ADD and Asperger’s, all the way to inability to communicate. The inflammatory conditions of the physical body parts, like fibromyalgia, arthritis, or lupus. Glandular problems like Hashimoto’s – that is the thyroid going bad, Addison’s – that is the problem of adrenals, Sjogren’s – that is the saliva and tears, and of course all the chronic pain, like migraine, back pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, all of these issues where the bodies are falling apart. All of those are degenerative chronic diseases that make our lives quite miserable. How is this affecting you specifically? It could be any body part, it is about the weak link. It is the weakest link, whatever your genetics are, in combination with the epi-genetics, as in what your specific toxic load is, you will experience it in one or more body parts. I don’t need to make the list, but your body will be affected differently than somebody else’s body. And yet, the causative layer is shared.

What can we do about it? To reverse these chronic degenerative conditions, we need to deal with nutritional deficits and imbalances. We need to deal with toxic burdens, detoxify our bodies, especially the heavy metals, but also the other pollutants. We need to also introduce movement, because stagnation, especially of the lymphatic system, is a significant challenge. Think of the swamp, swamp will rot and putrefy, it is the opposite of a running creek. We need movement. We also need the electric potential of the body. The currency of health is the electron. When electrons are taken away from the body, the process is called oxidation. An electron given back to the body is known as an antioxidant. So as you’re taking away the electrons, you are causing aging, rusting, and decline. The easiest way to restart the electrons is actually through contact with the ground, with the planet. The Earth is actually the source of the electrons, so walking barefoot and grounding is wonderful. But even just eating foods that are grown in the ground. When they are still raw, they will contain a large number of these electrons. Next, of course, in order to live good lives, we need to resolve the stored emotional trauma, both physical or emotional. It will cause us to remember things that we shouldn’t have seen, or repeatedly relive traumatic events. PTSD is rampant. I am sure you know.

The other side of this is the cleansing of metabolic waste. This is the natural stuff. The elimination pathways that we have all need to be flowing freely, they need to be moving every day, they need to be wide open and flushing, because if we are hanging on to things, we are creating stagnant putrefying situations. The lymphatic system only moves when you move against gravity, so things like walking, bouncing, jumping, getting a massage, are your best options. The digestive system too, the bowels need to move! There should be a bowel movement associated with every major meal that you eat every day, so at least once a day, but preferably twice or three times a day. Your bowel should always move. And the other elimination systems are the filtration organs, your liver, and your kidneys. You need to process, neutralize, filter and eliminate this metabolic waste. We have the ability to also get rid of things through sweat, so things like hot yoga, cardio exercise, hard physical work, sauna or sweat lodge, those types of things, that is also an important aspect of elimination. We do need movement. We need to move, exercise and work. We are built to work under load. And of course, one of the biggest things is nutrition!

So, what tools do we have? What cleansing tools can we apply? First of all, we need plenty of water. Water needs to be structured and energized. There are multiple names that people have come up with, but essentially the freshly distilled water, that nature makes, is the best. When you get out early in the morning, when the air is cold, you may see water droplets settling on surfaces, on the windshields of cars, on the leaves, and on the grass. That is freshly distilled water, condensing out of the ambient moisture in the air. We have tools that can emulate that water. It is water that is properly structured, and you should be drinking water like that, because with lower surface tension, it is able to dissolve both the nutrients and the toxins better, and it is able to help you eliminate the metabolic problems.

We should be ingesting toxin-free food. ‘Organic’ is a good name for it, but ‘biodynamic’ is even better. And what really helps are enzymes, both digestive and systemic, the more enzymes you have, the better off you are. These enzymes are present in raw foods. Once we cook the food, whatever was in there becomes inactivated. We need to look after our microbiome, the microbes living on the surface of our bodies, but also inside, within. We are actually outnumbered by the microbes. Our body has something like 10 billion cells, it also has something like 100 billion microbes. The microbes within you require fiber to live on. It is called fructooligosaccharides, it is known as prebiotics. It is mostly fiber from root vegetables. If you don’t eat enough of those, those friendly microbes don’t do well enough. Of course, we can also do flushes. That could be either mineral flushes, like sodium chloride or magnesium sulfate, or herbal flushes. Either way, these flushes are able to accelerate the elimination pathways.

The other side of it is the heavy metals burden. Heavy metals are making things not work. Mercury, for example, is blocking certain pathways, it makes your body not work right, it triggers inflammatory responses. How do these metals get into your body? The most famous way to acquire mercury is through amalgam dental fillings. Those are the silver shiny ones. Other ways are vaccinations, of course, especially flu shots. Vaccine manufacturers are hiding the fact that they are putting metals into the vaccines, and it is a significant amount. You can ingest mercury in fish, especially tuna and other large fish, because whatever lives at the top of the food chain is accumulating the highest amounts of heavy metals. The other big problem is lead. Lead has been found in water, especially in the older cities, where there are still water pipes made out of lead. The main lines are made out of iron, but the branch lines, the last 30 feet or so, those are made with lead. All you have to do is remember the story of Flint, Michigan. Older houses were painted with lead paints. Lead makes a beautiful, brilliant white. On the screen, you can see this video by of mercury vapor coming out of the amalgam filling. IAOMT is an organization that is helping people get rid of toxicity.

So, what are the detox tools? What are the tools that we can use to get rid of the heavy metals? EDTA is something that is used by the mainstream. Typically, it is intravenous, they do around twelve sessions at a cost of $150 each. But it is possible to do it through suppositories, which is much cheaper and more convenient. We sell those. It is a rectal suppository, you insert that, and it helps the body get rid of things. DMPS is another chemical that is used in the mainstream, it is a stimulant that causes the body to dump a lot of heavy metals into circulation. However, the challenge is that taking these metals out of wherever the body has stored it is like stirring up mud, and your body has to filter it. But if your filtration capacity is limited, your body will store those metals back again. The tools that are more efficient that I rely on are Zeolite and Fulvic acid. Zeolite actually binds and traps these heavy metals, so that there is no side effect of using that.

Sulfur is also very supportive of detoxification, you can use DMSO or MSM as the means of improving the body’s detox capacity. And in the plant world, cilantro is excellent at knocking heavy metals out of hiding, and chlorella is very good at binding them, they have been used traditionally with detoxification programs. Sweating is great, sauna is great, or even heat mats, like Bio-mat, where the body is heated to a higher temperature, causing the sweat to drop the toxic burden.

My favorite is Zeolite. I personally love it because it behaves a lot like the Pac Man. It is very simple and easy to ingest, and it binds both heavy metals and volatile organic compounds, but it doesn’t work on the principle of chelation, which would be an electrochemical reaction. Instead, it is a magneto-physical reaction, where the metal is captured into the matrix and is held until it is excreted. The ingested Zeolite leaves the body within a few hours, three to six hours, and it is gone. It is very efficient that way.

Using Zeolite will support your immune system function, and you will thereby reduce the inflammatory reactions, and you will have a reduced risk of every possible illness, aging symptoms, tumors, you name it. And most importantly, it is safe. It is safe to use by children, pets, by everyone. On the screen, you can see this image of a structural concept of what Zeolite looks like. I found it on the University of Columbia website, they are showing what it looks like, where the toxins will be trapped. Here is another version of that same thing, showing you how the structure of zeolite is able to attract and hold toxins within itself.

One other thing that I am really fond of when it comes to detoxification is called fulvic acid. Fulvic is very good at getting inside cells, removing cytotoxicity. It gets through cell walls, inside the cells, sweeping the space clean, making more room for mitochondria to do their job. That is why we can say that it stimulates metabolism, and reduces the pollutants that are present in the cells, such as pesticides and herbicides, and improves the body’s ability to move the nutrients in and toxins out. It is also very good at helping to support metabolic transactions. It helps us build healthier tissues, convert abnormal cells back to normal. What is interesting about this fulvic acid is that even though it is essential to life, it is not really talked about enough in the mainstream. It is found in humus or humate. It is what makes the difference between beach sand and living soil. It is that blackness, that juice, that if you add that to beach sand, you will have fertile soil. These molecules are free-radical scavengers, they will reduce the effects of aging, they transport every nutrient possible, and they catalyze enzyme reactions. Here on my screen, I have an example of the molecule of humic acid, which is a slightly more complex version of the same thing. As you can see, this is not a simple little sugar molecule, this is a very complex molecule.

When we fail to maintain the body by detoxifying, we end up in chronic inflammatory conditions. We can use some shortcuts to get our body into a better state quicker. We can’t really fix everything overnight. Detoxification works, but it doesn’t work quickly, it takes time. But we have some tools that can get us to feel better quicker. We have been using CBD extracted from hemp to calm the nerves. We have been using magnesium as a mineral that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the healing side of the autonomic nervous system. The opposite of ‘fight or flight’ is the ‘repair, relax and digest.’ Magnesium helps us get there. We also need to look after the effects of the invisible pollution. An urban society these days is very much saturated with electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), and I don’t think it is possible to avoid them. Instead, we can try to use the signaling system of BluShield devices that is helping the body to stay calm in the face of these negative signals.

I should mention this: every cell can be activated into stress mode, it is called ‘voltage-gated calcium channels.’ The molecule that signals stress is triggered by frequencies in the gigahertz range. When you are in the 4G+, or the 5G range, you will be experiencing a large amount of this stress. We also found that infrared radiation at the 980-nanometer frequency is very helpful in helping the body activate the enzyme pathways that help to rebuild and heal the body, so we have this device called InfraHelios, that we are able to use to reduce pain pretty quickly.

Inflammation has several symptoms, like redness, swelling, heat, pain, and loss of function. Pain is associated with lower oxygen levels in the body, known as hypoxia. We have found the blend of chlorides that produce ROS, reactive oxygen species, in the body. It is able to supplement the body very efficiently to reduce chronic inflammatory painful conditions. This product is listed on our website as Amazing Soak, when you use it either in a bath or inhale it, it will help to raise the available oxygen, and reduce inflammatory conditions in the body, including pain.

We have also had a lot of success using Intense C60. With this tool, we are able to more efficiently distribute the electrons around the body. It is about 267x more efficient than vitamin C in the ability to move the electrons to where they are needed. But you still need to get the electrons, so you still need to be eating raw foods, and grounding, doing all the things to bring more electrons in. But with C60 on board, you will have a much better time reversing the inflammatory conditions. These could be anything from pain to loss of function anywhere. in the body. Finally, you can get the electron charger, it is not an inexpensive tool, but it has the capacity to bring in a large volume of electrons.

What needs to be said is that once you become electron-deficient for some time, the minerals in your body, especially calcium, will crystallize. This is known as calcification or hardening of tissues. There is this principle called the piezzo-electric principle. When we apply voltage to a crystal, it will shatter. So when you walk barefoot on the beach, there are electrons there, but their voltage is not high enough. You need more voltage, more electrons, to help break up the calcification, the hardening of tissues.

The bottom line of this is: Correct the inputs for a long-term change. When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you need to do stop digging. Stop bringing in toxins. 

You can find a lot more information on our websites, and If you want to get phone support, I am available at (866) 5433388. My name is Martin Pytela, thank you very much for watching this presentation. We are here for you. Our motto is ‘Restoring vitality to you and to the planet.’

Author: Nina Vachkova