Amazing Soak

Oxygenating Soaking Solution
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  • Helps Raise Your Energy and Sharpen Your Senses
  • May Reduce Pain from Inflammation
  • Helps Revitalize Skin, Muscles and Organs

Oxygenating Soaking Solution


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Wetway Amazing Soak ProductsWetway Amazing Soak Products


Amazing Soak

Helps Rejuvenate Your Skin and All Internal Tissues

Soak your body (or feet) to increase your oxygen. This may improve your energy and alertness.  Revitalize your skin with deep pore cleansing. Reduce stress and pain.

The longer you soak, the deeper it goes. Enhances your available oxygen to help:

  • Alleviate sore, tired or over-exercised muscles
  • Recover faster from injury, surgery, strenuous activity
  • Reduce pain from inflammation
  • Increase blood flow
  • Effective oral antimicrobial rinse
  • Improve energy and sleep or relaxation
  • Support elimination of toxins.

Amazing Soak Diminishes Skin Problems

Antiseptic (disinfecting) and anti-inflammatory (reduce redness, swelling) for skin lesions, scrapes, cuts, red rashes/bumps, blisters and bed sores.

Use weekly to help restore your internal oxygen balance, and support detoxification (cleansing) from all cells.

Fast Results

This mineral electrolyte formula generates oxygen to quickly penetrate your skin, reaching all internal tissues. Simply bathe in it, soak your feet, apply in a wet cloth, or inhale as vapors.

Add to humidifiers, vaporizers and air purifiers to:

  • May improve respiratory and sinus conditions
  • Soothe sore throat, runny nose
  • Neutralize effect of exposure to airborne allergens, pathogens, environmental contaminants and VOCs
  • Remove odors and get a clean, fresh smell.

Organic Ingredients

Sodium chloride, calcium hydroxide, calcium and magnesium chlorides, potassium chlorate.

Non-comedogenic (does not clog your pores) and contains NO Additives

Free From :
Fragrances, allergens, color, sulfates, phosphates.

Available in 4, 8, 16, 64 and 128 oz containers.

Liquid: 128 oz/3840 ml
Yield is equivalent to 8 x 16 oz bottles.

Directions for Use

Hot Water Recommended
To stimulate circulation, skin permeability and enhance cell absorption. Effective at any water temperature, but hot water is recommended. Do not exceed water temperature of 102 F˚ (40°C) for your comfort.

Do not combine with other bath products for at least the first 10–15 minutes, as it may reduce the effects of the oxygenating soak.

Bathtub Soak Therapy

Increase amounts for larger volume and Jacuzzi type tubs.

Therapeutic Whole Body 1st Time Use:
Add ¼ to ½ cup to a standard-size tub, filled about ½ to ¾ capacity.

Fast Start Pain Relief Program:
Day 1: Add ½ cup (4 oz) of Amazing Soak to 25 gallons of water.
Day 3: Add ¼ cup (2 oz) of Amazing Soak to 25 gallons of water.
Day 5: Add 1/8 cup (1 oz) of Amazing Soak to 25 gallons of water.
Day 7: Add ½ oz (1 tablespoon) of Amazing Soak to 25 gallons of water.

You will have 1/2 bottle left for maintenance you can use on demand, or weekly maintenance with 2 capfuls.

Ongoing Maintenance:
Add 1 capful to standard size bathtub and fill to about ¼ capacity.
Add 2 to 3 capfuls when filled ½ to ¾ respectively.

At 1/2 ounce/bath every week, the 16 oz bottle will last 8 months.

Foot Bath
Add 1-2 capfuls to foot bath water.

Alternative, Targeted Soaking Methods

Recommended for areas that are difficult to treat by other soaking methods.

These methods provide higher product concentration (more intense treatment) for more localized  tissue oxygen replenishment, with faster results. Good for non-systemic discomfort involving pain, swelling and inflammation. Treats systemic fungal infections, but does not eliminate local (nails) fungal infections.

Effective Oral Antimicrobial Rinse
Use 1-2 drops/ounce of water, rinse and spit. It is safe to swallow.

Wet Compress 
Add 1 capful to a cup of water, saturate a clean cloth, and apply where desired. Rinse and reapply saturated compress every 5 min for 1/2 hour.

Topical Disinfectant Spray
Add one capful (2 teaspoons)/ cup of water.
Alternative to partial body soak, seems to give better results for recent inflammation of connective tissues.

Air Diffusion and Inhalation
Use 1 teaspoon/cup of water, added to humidifier or air purifier. Neutralize  allergens, kill microorganisms, remove odors and get a clean, fresh smell.

Decongestant/germicidal nasal spray
Use 1 drop of Amazing Soak per ounce of distilled/deionized water and put it in a vertical mist dispenser.

Other Household Uses

Control Dust Mites and Other Allergens
Add 1-2 capfuls/liter of water into a sprayer. Apply to pillows, mattresses, curtains, etc. Test fabrics first to ensure discoloration does not occur.

Neutralize Chlorinated Compounds, Eliminate Water Contaminants.
Add 1/2 to 1 capful/bath. Does not remove lead or heavy metals

Bathe Pets to Remove Skunk Smell, Treat Skin Lesions/Infections
Add 2 capfuls/gallon of water.

Fruit and Vegetable Wash
Add 1 capful/gallon of water to kill pathogens, and remove pesticides and other agricultural toxins on the outer surface.

Multi-purpose Disinfecting Solution:
Add 1 teaspoon (5 mL) per liter of water.

For therapeutic inhalations caused by viral and bacterial infections use 2-3 teaspoons/cup of water and breathe for 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours.

Safe for septic tanks.

Recommended Uses

  • Deeply oxygenate skin and all internal tissues
  • May increase your energy and alertness
  • May reduce stress and pain
  • May revitalize skin to look and feel younger
  • May restore internal oxygen balance
  • Supports detoxification (cleansing).



This product is a strong antioxidant at full strength and must be diluted before use.

Protect eyes, skin and clothing while applying concentrated product to water. For sensitive skin or prolonged use, wear rubber gloves. If contact with skin occurs, rinse with water. If irritation persists, call a doctor.

For topical use only. Harmful if ingested. If swallowed, drink a full glass of water. Call a doctor or poison control center.

Avoid contact with eyes while handling as it can cause permanent eye damage. If contact with eyes occurs, immediately rinse with water for 15 minutes. Call a doctor.

Do not mix with household chemicals as hazardous gases may result.


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