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Podcast 424: Predictions for 2022

Podcast 424: Predictions for 2022

Podcast 424: Predictions for 2022

Let’s find out what the now year is about to bring…

Join Martin and Scott as they discuss their annual predictions for the new year related to health of our society (literally and figuratively)! Let’s find out how right their 2021 predictions were!

Listen to last year’s predictions!

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SCOTT: You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, starring Life Enthusiast number one health coach, Martin Pytela, and his once-a-year co-host Scott Paton. Welcome to the show, everybody! Hey, Martin, how are you doing today?

MARTIN: Scott, life is more complicated than it has ever been, but I am personally doing okay.

SCOTT: Me too. We have been doing these shows for… is it 15 years?

MARTIN: Yep, it has been 15 years, my friend.

SCOTT: 15 years! And of course, as in life, people come together, go apart, come together again, so we have only been able to do one show a year together, so if you don’t wanna miss one, this is the one to hang in and watch!

MARTIN: I have felt quite strongly that keeping this going is a good thing, it allows us to keep with the times and just understand how life evolves, and oftentimes we are able to veer off the main course. At Life Enthusiast we always focus on products, or specifics, or whatever, and this annual review show allows me to just simply go right into the weeds, and talk about what is on my mind, and I think you have been a wonderful facilitator of that sort of thing in my life, just offering a perspective that I couldn’t have or wouldn’t have thought of, so I cherish this time, and I thought: “Why don’t we share it with the world?”

SCOTT: Yeah, me too! We have had some amazing conversations in the past, and so I want to start off with product placement. (Laughing) This is Nano Soma. I happen to be in Cuenca, Ecuador, which is close to the Peruvian border, and it has been almost impossible to get it here! But thanks to persistence by Martin and his team, I have got it, and I have to say – it is magical. Like, it really is amazing! There are two things I cannot be without, and this has become one of them. The other one is the Exsula line of products, and I have been doing this for 15 years. I haven’t shaved for a while, as you can see, I need to get a haircut, and one of my friends today said: “You look like you are getting younger, what is your secret?” And I thought, well, for the last two months, it has been this Nano Soma. I take a couple of sprays in the morning and a couple sprays in the late afternoon, and it is just amazing.

And I can recall, before I met you, actually, maybe two years after I met you, I was using some of the Exsula products, Iridesca, in particular, thinking that all of my life up to that point, if I took a product and then I didn’t take it for a while, I didn’t notice. But with Iridesca, I noticed when I hadn’t had it for a few days, and I had been only taking it for like two weeks. And I think one of the reasons that I am sitting before you at the age of 65, not on any drugs, not having any chronic pain… I mean, if I sit for a while and I get up, I have some aches and pain (laughing), till my body kind of loosens up, but you know, no drugs, no high blood pressure, no problems, no cataracts… everything works!

And I think it is the Life Enthusiast line of products, not just the Exsula, also the other ones that I have taken over time, that has made that difference. I mean, there is walking, there is exercising, you know, meditating, stress… There are lots of things that go into the pie of health, but I think the biggest one has been, in my opinion, putting good nutrition into the body. Like these superfoods, right? It is “green stuff,” and sometimes it tastes awful, sometimes it tastes great. One of the things I have been saying lately is “short-term gain for long-term pain or short-term pain for long-term gain.” A lot of us will have the ice cream cone or the Big Mac, and over the long-term, we have heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and all those things. Whereas if we had the short-term pain of, you know, “this doesn’t taste the greatest…” I mean, you have made huge strides in that area, I love the taste now, but 15 years ago it was a bit hard to get down. But after you get used to it, it’s fine.

Because we are used to such sweet tastes, you know, I have a sweet tooth, I was used to such a sweet taste, it was a bit of a jar to the taste buds. But I think that we live in a McDonald’s society, we want instant gratification, so “gimme the pills, so I don’t have the pain,” instead of actually dealing with the problems, and getting good nutrition. And I just wanted to give a shout out to you. You have been talking about this product for, I don’t know, six months or longer, and I wouldn’t pay attention to it. You know, while traveling around, it is not like I get orders from you whenever I want, I really have to plan it out, and you got Nano Soma in my hands, and I just wanted to say this – in the interview with the person that designed it, he said that everybody has to have this, and I absolutely 100% agree.

MARTIN: Yes. Thanks! Over my shoulder right up there, there are bottles of Nano Soma. We have it everywhere in the house, and yes, I acknowledge it. It is a catalyst, it is the tiny little thing like a switch, you know, like when you flip a switch, it can change the direction of where the train is going. In this particular product, it is this sort of a thing that helps every individual cell, all ten billion of them. Every one of them gets nudged in the right direction. That is what this does. It repairs the mitochondria, it repairs the receptor sites, it repairs the DNA, which is spectacular, that is essentially the full expression of life as it should be. The only other thing that you need besides that is decent nutrition, exercise, clean air, clean water, and clean ‘spirit,’ clean mind, whatever you want to call it, you need to practice mental hygiene just as much as physical.

SCOTT: Yes. It is interesting you say that, because one of the things I do most days, I pray every day, but aside from that is… I don’t know, I suspect that we have chakras, I can’t say that I know or that I have studied it, but I do this ‘mind thing,’ where I look at my crown chakra and I make sure it is nice and clean, and I go through all the major ones and sort of ‘clean them all out,’ and then I also go and just give a little bit of love to all of my organs. I have a friend that I was telling something like that to once, and he said, and I felt this was very condescending, “How is that working out for you?” And I said: “It is working out fine!” (laughing) He just expected me to say something else probably. But when I sit down and think about it, you know, if you tell your heart to be strong, it can’t hurt. Right?

MARTIN: Yeah, this quip “How is that working out for you?” should be reserved for when you are lying on the bed, writhing with a heart attack.

SCOTT: Right! Yeah!

MARTIN: You reminded me of a situation, this was back in 1992, I am sitting in a corporate office in a suit and a tie, and a visitor is there and we are talking business. I was in the computer field at that time. And I am telling him that myself, my wife, and my children are all using homeopathy as our primary modality for dealing with minor health issues. Like, my children, when they fall down, they’re offered arnica to deal with the wound, and they’re offered aconite to deal with the flu symptoms and such, right? And his quip was: “I sure don’t know if I could believe that this homeopathy works.” So I looked at him like that and I said: “Fortunately, for us, for it to work doesn’t require your approval.”

SCOTT: (Laughing) Beautiful one! You know, we are delving into the world of belief, right? It is hard! I think if people don’t study history, they don’t realize the way things used to be. And 200 years ago, homeopathy was a major form of medicine, if I can put it that way, right?

MARTIN: It was, yeah, until the 1920s when Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Flexner got together and started essentially promoting the pharmaceutical modality being the only modality available, the homeopathy was still major. It is still there, it is available to anyone who wants to reach for it, it is just that their message has been suppressed by the owners of the media.

SCOTT: Yeah, absolutely, and with chiropractors, it is the same. And it is interesting, because in British Columbia, the chiropractic association had their annual meeting, and I think there are like 2300 chiropractors in British Columbia, and there were only about 180 at this meeting, so the 180 voted, and the remaining 2100 didn’t.

MARTIN: Yeah, I remember watching the news, they specifically voted for freedom of medical expression, that you should have the freedom to practice medicine as you see fit. Let me put it on record here – at Life Enthusiast, we do not practice medicine. We practice strengthening the healing facility of the body. We push up its natural ability to heal itself. I sell no medicine and I diagnose nothing. And if I speak about the immune system, it is in advocacy for natural ways. It has been really interesting, in the mass media over the last year and a half, maybe two… what has transpired is that the pharmaceutical companies, who exert practically total control over both the mass media and the politics, have stepped it up. They now want only their message to be projected, promoted, and allowed. So these days you can get your channel deleted, you can get your article unpublished, it is quite intense.

SCOTT: Yeah, it really is. They have gone full communism. I think it is like a circle, right?

MARTIN: Fascism is the label I would use, but you are right about the circle. In communism, the government owns everything, the government owns the business. And in fascism, the business owns the government.

SCOTT: Yeah, and both of them stop free expression.

MARTIN: Yes. Because once you fear freedom, the only thing left to you is to suppress freedom, suppress the expression of any opinion other than the one that you feel safe with. The suppression of freedom of thought, or freedom of expression, is the ultimate expression of knowing that you are full of shit. That your message is a lie. It is known as the ‘Emperor’s new clothes.’ You remember that innocent child who says: “But he is naked!” whereas everyone else was singing praises of those gorgeous new clothes that the emperor wore. Well, I don’t need to go over the whole story.

SCOTT: And the other story I think about is Chicken Little and “the sky is falling.” You know, “we have a new variant, and it is worse!”

MARTIN: Well, yeah, that again is a message that serves nothing. I don’t even know if I want to get into that. I mean, I can take it apart. There are many brave guys out there that I have listened to, like Dr. David Martin, Dr. Zach Bush, Tom… oh, if I could think of his last name, (Cowan) my memory isn’t as perfect as it should be, anyway, great guys who express themselves very clearly and explain this ’emperor’s new clothes’ very well. There are no clothes, there is no danger, there is nothing other than nature. Zach Bush does it really well in the following manner: We have evolved in interaction with nature, and this interaction makes us part of the fabric of life. In cancer, the cell behaves the way it does because it thinks it is alone. It has lost its connection to the rest of the body. And the only thing it knows to do is preserve itself, preserve itself by growing, and so it starts sucking in resources from around itself, trying to take more and more of the outside into itself, so that the principle is the growth, right? And so as cancer grows because the terrain allows it, it is going to grow at the expense of its host. So when 90% or more of the resources available in the organism itself are consumed in keeping cancer going, there is no solution other than for it to crash. And in a human, the crash is death.

But what is interesting in the economy, as I apply this analogy, is that we now have 1% of humanity controlling the rest of it, and sucking all the resources into itself. I think that mode of existence has only one direction, it is bound to crash. And I was thinking about money, you know, money economy. For example, we used to do all kinds of things for free before money, right? Years ago, it was common for a village to get together, do barn raising, or fix something together, or babysit each other’s children without asking money for it, we would feed each other without expecting money for it, and so on. Right? Like just a whole bunch of stuff was the free economy. And not everybody worked for cash. And of course, women got sucked in and so on. A lot of human activity, if not most, at least in the Western civilized industrialized world, has now been sucked into the money economy. There is less and less that is done for free. And I am thinking: What is next? Oh, the next thing is that we are just going to be giving away free money so you can buy stuff that you normally used to do for nothing.

SCOTT: (Laughing) Right! That certainly happened last year. The government told everybody: “Stay home, here is some money, so you don’t have to worry.” And I think that is gonna cause problems. What is it where you have a solution, and the solution is worse than the problem? So then it is another solution, and another solution, so it just spirals up until the whole thing just…

MARTIN: Yeah, kick the can down the road, that is the politician’s way or the economist’s way. Yeah. And this is the thing, you know, they call it the QE, quantitative easing, where they print more money, but the money doesn’t come from nowhere. I mean, it does come from nowhere, it just is created out of thin air.

SCOTT: But it has to go somewhere, right?

MARTIN: Well, the problem with the money is that it is created as debt, right? And the debt is owed by somebody to somebody. And in this case, it is the future generation that is asked to pay for this. When you create a bond, a bond is let’s just say a billion dollars or a trillion dollars. You create this bond, you issue the bond, you have the power to do it, but in doing so you have obligated the nation to pay it back. Well, the nation is your children and grandchildren. So you took it upon yourself to enslave your children and grandchildren to pay this back.

SCOTT: And at the same time, all that money going into the economy has to go somewhere. And so it goes into stocks, or it goes into housing, or it goes into Bitcoin, and then you see this massive increase in value, and it is not really an increase in value, it’s the devaluation. We look at it as “oh, my house is now worth a million dollars, I paid 50,000 for it 40 years ago,” but that is not the case, the house is still worth whatever $50,000 is, it is just that the value of the money has dropped so dramatically.

MARTIN: Yeah. The nominal versus the real value. Well, and so this is dealt with by inflation. It used to be that in around the year 1900, a man was paid $1 a day, and that was the man’s wage. And it used to cost about an ounce of gold to buy a very fine suit, the best-tailored suit was about an ounce of gold. Well, you can still get a fine suit for $2,000, which is about what an ounce of gold goes for today.


MARTIN: Oh well, okay. So there we are. The road to hell is paved with the best intentions, and we are on it.

SCOTT: Yeah, it has never been clearer, has it?

MARTIN: (Laughing) The other saying that I have in my pocket says “The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.”

SCOTT: Yeah.

MARTIN: (Moving closer and further away from the light to demonstrate) Anyway, I don’t know if the demonstration is clear or not, but whatever you illuminate stronger will also cast a darker shadow.

SCOTT: So is part of what is happening in the world that we are just getting to the point where we are able to see the manipulation, the lies, or… I mean, obviously, what I see is very different from what many other people see, right?

MARTIN: Yeah, totally!

SCOTT: But I am just kind of wondering, are we just pushing the envelope to the point where it is just so obvious, even those that don’t want to believe it… Well, let’s get into cognitive dissonance!

MARTIN: Yeah, let’s get into that. It is really painful to have your worldview challenged to the point where it falls apart. I mean, the total destruction of what you believed. The year was 1999, and a movie Matrix was launched upon the world, and in it, Neo was offered a simple choice – red pill or blue pill. I’ll show you something, and then you can take the blue pill and you’ll go back to the way the world was, and you will remember nothing. Or you take the red pill and you can’t go back.

SCOTT: Yeah, do you think it is a coincidence that the Matrix IV movie is coming out very, very soon?

MARTIN: I am looking forward to it! I don’t know what it is going to be, maybe it is just going to be a whole bunch of gratuitous violence, people with dark sunglasses, guns, and long black coats doing stupid things, I don’t know, but maybe it is going to be super illuminating. I am hoping that they’re going to actually really crack it open.

SCOTT: Me too, me too!

MARTIN: Well, so yeah, about the world view, right? I grew up in a police state. I grew up fully indoctrinated. When I was 13 years old, my father was afraid to say anything in front of me because I might turn him in. By the time I was 16, I was starting to understand. By the time I was 24, I decided that I would just as soon leave there, go for freedom.

SCOTT: Can I interrupt you for just a second? Because you just brought up a really good point about children, because they don’t know, they just know what they’ve been told. They don’t have any way of critiquing it, judging it, or anything. And when you were talking, you reminded me of when my children were in that 8-12 year range, and I was divorced, they would come over and stay with me on Wednesday evenings, and every second weekend. And one of the things you do with two boys that are around 10 is you wrestle with them. So we would wrestle, and you always wrestle until somebody bumps their head and starts crying, that is just the nature of the beast. But their mom could not understand that, so she thought that I was being abusive, and the children, one in particular, was quite happy to prod her, and answer in ways that suggested: “Yes, dad has been very violent.” And one day, the three of us were over helping a friend of ours get ready for a party, and their sister’s husband, for some reason, and this was not unusual behavior, walked up to me and said like: “What the hell are you doing here?” and then hit me in the head with his fist. My glasses flew off, and that whole thing unfolded as it should, and I am walking home with the boys, and I am saying to my children: “Do you understand the difference now between abusive violence and wrestling?” I mean, they were just totally… eyes popped open with this whole situation that happened right in front of them.”

MARTIN: So you were unwelcome at that home? Is that what happened?

SCOTT: Well, I guess I was unwelcome by the husband, I thought I was welcomed by everybody, but turns out I was wrong. I was invited, I didn’t show up out of the blue. But after that happened, the kids knew the difference between violence and playing, there is no longer any gray area here, they totally understand. So that whole thing with their mother just stopped, she was already talking to lawyers and everything, and it just ended, because the kids were like: “No, dad is playing with us, that is playing, we now know what violence looks like, mom, and that is not violence.” So anyway, we were talking about cognitive… you were talking about… I forgot what you were talking about…

MARTIN: Well, the point was that when somebody is innocent and grows up fed with propaganda, and has nothing to reference it back with, they may think that the propaganda is actually the truth. Because there is no reference for it. Everybody around you is saying that the emperor’s clothes are gorgeous, this fabric is just so exquisite, you start to doubt your own eyes. You start to think that you are the crazy one, I mean, that is the extreme expression of it. But indeed, I don’t know if the politicians who I hear on television believe the story that they tell, or if the newsreaders are reading these stories and believe them. I mean, I am just shocked at the amount or the number of TV shows that I am having to just stop watching because I see that everyone on there has either sold out or has no clue. I don’t know. Either way, whatever they’ve got to say is known to be false. Fortunately, I don’t have one with me, but I use a pendulum, and I use muscle testing, and I can actually petition the universal consciousness, and make a statement. Such and such is true, or such and such is false. I can say “my eyes are brown,” which would come up as falsehood because they’re not. I could make a statement such as “this news-reader just made a truthful statement,” the universal consciousness knows, and it will pop it as ‘no.’

SCOTT: So getting back to cognitive dissonance…

MARTIN: Yeah, knowing that you are full of shit, and insisting that you are not?

SCOTT: No! Well, I think, first of all, we are able to lie to each other if we really want to, convincingly, to the point where we do actually believe what we are saying, even though most of our body knows that we are lying. Not to say that they can’t lie convincingly, but…

MARTIN: That will give rise to illness.

SCOTT: Yeah, and what are we seeing tons of? I mean the whole world closed down because of illness for the last 18 months, so I think, you know…

MARTIN: …I think there is much less illness than what has been put forward.

SCOTT: For sure.

MARTIN: And I sound like a lunatic suggesting that there is less illness. Here’s an interesting point, Paul Martin said that… is it Paul, or is it David? Geez… My memory is starting to not cooperate…

SCOTT: Paul Martin was a former prime minister of Canada.

MARTIN: Yeah, no, this is Dr. David Martin, I forget his first name. Anyway, he said: “Check the life insurance records. Are there more people dying or not? Is the cost of life insurance going up?” The answer is no, it is not. Take a look at the statistics of total death in any country. There is not even a blip. In fact, there is a decrease. So there is no ‘excess of people dying,’ there are just ‘people dying.’

SCOTT: Right, which has always happened.

MARTIN: Yeah. I mean, in The United States, 8,800 people die every day on average, somewhere around 3 million rounded up every year, that is just a natural turnover. Where do you assign it? What label do you put on each one of them, that has changed, but the number hasn’t changed. Anyway, speaking of perspective, being able to discern, and this is one thing that I have seen lacking in North American education, is the ability to think. Philosophy should be taught, and the ability to do inductive and deductive thinking should be yours, and you should be able to tell the difference, right?

SCOTT: Yeah. And the ability to take a position, and then to be able to make an intelligent argument pro, and an intelligent argument con, and now, that is not even allowed. There is no discussion. If someone disagrees with me, off with their head. It is the Red Queen in Alice In Wonderland! Off with their head! You are censored, you are shut down on social media…

MARTIN: I made myself some notes. I mean, this talk was supposed to be about predictions for the next year, that is what we do every year. If you look back, if you go back and re-listen to the one we recorded a year ago, you will notice that we were amazingly accurate in what we predicted. We were saying that there are going to be enormous upheavals and that we were hoping that it would go on the side of the dark, but we were concerned that it would fall on this… did I say it backward? Anyway, it is turning out pretty brown.

SCOTT: The dark side of the Force has had quite an impact in the last 18 months is what I would say.

MARTIN: Yeah. And it is the dark, the control, the surveillance, the manipulation, focus on the lack, the fascist and communist labels fit both. When you exert control by a few over many, it is the opposite of freedom, it is the opposite of abundance because in an abundant society you share freely.

SCOTT: Cause you know you got enough.

MARTIN: There will always be enough! Whereas in the controlled society, you… (laughing) I am sorry, my mind just goes wild, I am remembering Churchill putting out a statement, which said: “Yes, friends, capitalism is all about the unequal distribution of wealth, socialism on the other hand is the equal distribution of poverty.”

SCOTT: (Laughing) That is good.

MARTIN: And I lived it, and I understand it! We worked, we pretended to be working, and the government pretended to be paying us for it.

SCOTT: And you had a surplus of size 14 shoes, but no shoes for anybody else.

MARTIN: Something like that. The planned economy failed because the planners were nowhere near as smart as the forces of nature. However, we no longer have free capitalism, that needs to be said clearly, we have lost that.

SCOTT: Is that oligarchy? Isn’t that where you have got a few companies that control everything, as opposed to monopoly which is one?

MARTIN: I believe that in the United States it was lost when the supreme court decided on Citizens United, a decision which allows money to be an expression of free speech. So we no longer have an election with one man = one vote, you now have $1 = one vote, because you can buy stuff.

SCOTT: It is pretty obvious that whoever spends the most money wins the election 99% of the time. Because that is what they do. I mean, the news talks about it: “Oh, Obama raised more money than anyone else ever. Trump raised more money, or Biden raised more money.” And people believe what they see on the telly.

MARTIN: Well, and if you can buy more advertisements, you can lie all you want, your message will win. But anyway, I wanted to point to the fact that our talks were always anchored in cycles. I mentioned universal consciousness that is affected… (accidentally kicks the camera) Oops, that was a kick! The universal consciousness is affected by the positions…

SCOTT: The universal consciousness is going on right here, can you see it on my wall? (points to the wall where some shadows are dancing)

MARTIN: Yes, it is just beautiful, it is a beautiful, beautiful thing. So the universal consciousness, which is everybody on the planet, the people you like and don’t like, even the creeps and even the angels, everyone, they are all part of the universal consciousness. And all of that is affected by the positions of the planets. These energies are influencing it. And so these times go, and there are cycles within cycles, and things happen. So anyway, we have been spending some time talking about Pluto in Capricorn, and Pluto is the energy of destruction, or dissolving that which doesn’t work, or doesn’t deserve to stay alive. And we are processing the governments and cultural institutions, and how we make money, and so on, all of that. We have only a little bit left, and it is intensifying. We are heading into Aquarius.

SCOTT: We are heading into the climax. Oh yeah! (singing) The age of Aquarius…

MARTIN: Oh, no no no, different thing! Pluto in Aquarius. You sing it well, and it is relevant, but I am talking about Pluto in Aquarius. It is the Aquarius itself, the age of Aquarius, that doesn’t start for another hundred years.

SCOTT: Really?

MARTIN: Uh-huh.

SCOTT: So we are in this kind of gray area, this shadowy area, is that right?

MARTIN: Yeah, this is the dawning. But anyway, so we are now heading into the stuff that is of aquarian concern, but that doesn’t really hit until 2023-2024. So when that happens, we are going to see issues of money, digitization, internet, equality, humanity, ascension, you know, all of that.

SCOTT: Are you talking about like in two or three years from now?


SCOTT: Okay. Because you had said a hundred years, and then you said 2023-2024.

MARTIN: Oh no, no, no. I will have to say it one more time. We are currently NOT in the age of Aquarius.

SCOTT: It is another hundred years, and then we will be in the age of Aquarius.

MARTIN: Yeah. But what we are in right now is we are processing the issues with Pluto energies, destroying politics, church, money, and so on. All of this will still see two years of intense pressure. It is March of 2023 when finally things get bumped over when that Pluto pressure will switch from that onto “How we get along with one another,” humanities.

SCOTT: So this is why we are seeing such division, the right and the left, all the different races going after each other, and all that stuff, right?

MARTIN: Yeah, totally. The notes I made were in these words: volatile period, that activates issues and problems that did get stirred up last year, 2020, when Saturn first entered Aquarius. Anyway, don’t go looking for fights, you will easily find one.

SCOTT: That is so true. I just can’t believe how easy it is to get into an argument. Even people who agree with you, misinterpret what you say, and nobody is checking to see if the interpretation of what you said is what you meant. There is a saying about that: You may think you know what I said, but you have to understand what I said wasn’t what I meant.

MARTIN: (Giggling) We have had a really interesting event, an eclipse on November 19th, that is going to kick off things in a way, and that is going to stay with us until about April or so, April of next year, April of 2022, when issues of finances, currency, food, and money are going to be excessively pressurized. And then we have Saturn squaring Uranus, it always happens three times, and the third one is when it really hits home, and the third one of the three is December 24th, 2021. Christmas evening.

SCOTT: Two weeks from now as we are recording.

MARTIN: And to tell you, these are the keywords: sudden financial and economic collapse, revolution, protest, and civil unrest, terrorism, radicalization, industrial accident or incident, technological breakthrough, and/or disruption and failure, political and social breakthrough to a new order, gaining or losing rights or freedoms.

SCOTT: We have certainly been losing them up to now.

MARTIN: Well, and so it could flip the other way, right? Because it is the last of the three. The first one gives you the warning, the second one kicks you in the nuts, and the third one allows you to grow up.

SCOTT: Well, that is a good point too. Life is all about these pendulum swings, or the tides going in and the tides coming out. And when you are in it, it is kinda like “Oh my God, it is gonna be like this forever,” and no, it is gonna swing the other way sooner or later. And I am waiting for the swing back because we have surely seen a bad swing between the last two years.

MARTIN: Right. And so we are talking about Aquarius, right? Saturn, the planet that makes things real, the stuff that doesn’t allow you to be dreamy about anything, the solid stuff, is in Aquarius until March of 2023, so for the next two years or year and a half anyway, boost to all things Aquarian – science, technology, but also to humanitarian ideals, and social reforms. Also, a dramatic rise in civil unrest, disruptive and chaotic Pluto finally enters the Aquarius in the spring of 2023. So this whole thing, I am mentioning the words digitization, internet, digital currency, but also equality, humanity, and spiritual ascension, all at the same time. So this is going to be more disruptive than anyone ever imagined.

SCOTT: And we are seeing the beginning of it, because most of the major cities have protests every weekend, if not during the week. There will come a time when it is like “How many times do I have to march down the street with nobody paying any attention to me.” And last year in many of the cities in the United States they had riots, fires, and massive destruction.

MARTIN: Yeah. This is an interesting point, right? The mass media can ignore or hide the reality by not showing these events on the news, but if you stick your head out the window, then you see neighbors marching, you are going to say: “What are you guys marching about? Oh, you are marching about the same thing I would think I should march about as well. I am also not happy with how things are.” And that is how it needs to happen, we all need to decide what really matters, and what are the hills that we are willing to come to harm on. We need to stand up and be counted for values that we cherish. Cause if we don’t, then sure as anything they will be taken away.

SCOTT: The process is already happening, and that is why we need to stand up, for sure.

MARTIN: And therefore, here’s an interesting one, I looked it up. Venus retrograde in Capricorn until March of 2022. So come April – the end of blind faith.

SCOTT: Oh, I am happy to hear that.

MARTIN: Jupiter and Neptune joining in April of 2022, the blinders come off. I am talking about the emperor having no clothes, all of a sudden people will be just saying: “He is naked!”

SCOTT: Good. And you can see cracks happening now in that way.

MARTIN: So that is what I see in astrology. I don’t know, will it unfold? Each one of us actually has to put on our big boy pants and get involved. Nothing is given for free. Nothing is given. Oh, you know what? Next year, in the United States astrology, this coming year is the echo of 1776. What does that remind us of?

SCOTT: Revolution and freedom.

MARTIN: Shackles, shackles off!

SCOTT: A new start.

MARTIN: A new start. So the dates – March 3rd, Mars hits Pluto. April 4th, Mars hits Saturn. May 3rd, Jupiter hits Pluto. July 1st, Mars hits Pluto again. Those are all just dates when you say: “Oh, man!” We will see these hits. I don’t know what is all going to happen, what it is going to look like, but I think that come April, we are going to be living in a world that doesn’t talk the way it has been talking up to now. That is my prediction for this coming year. The emperor will be seen for having no clothes.

SCOTT: Awesome. Well, I am here looking after this guy, (picks up a cat) say hi! Beautiful cat, he likes sitting on my lap.

MARTIN: All right, so you have been neglecting him for too long.

SCOTT: He says: “Come and feed me, it is dinner time.” If he wants to sit here, then that is good. You know, this coming January, around January 9th, is the fifth anniversary of me leaving home. And when I left, my sons were no longer at home, and I didn’t have to be in one place to look after them. I went to Morocco, and I have continued to travel. I have been back home a few times, but one of the reasons that I was so determined to go out into the world and see the world was I was absolutely convinced that the world was going to shut down. And the reason at that time was I thought the United States was going to have a war with North Korea and a war with Iran. It was before Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency, I was sure she was going to win, and if she was, she was going to continue in that direction. To me, that is all I saw was them heading to war. Uh oh, one of the claws is stuck in my pants! Fortunately it’s not stuck in me! So, you know, you were talking about consciousness and everything else… What I feared came to pass last year, not for the reason that I thought, but it did come to pass. And now the world is a lot more closed than it has been in probably a hundred years…

MARTIN: I am certainly limited in my travels.

SCOTT: Yeah. I cannot go back to Canada unless I get a vaccination, and I am not planning on doing that, so…

MARTIN: You are stuck out there as a permanent nomad.

SCOTT: Yeah! It is not a bad thing, but… (Putting the cat back on the floor) Bye-bye! So the idea that the blinders are going to come off, people are going to be thinking, to me it is quite amazing. Someone I know called people that weren’t vaccinated ‘plague pigs,’ so I have been using that as a hashtag ever since.

MARTIN: I am having trouble understanding, try me one more time.

SCOTT: Plague! Plague pigs. So you are a pig, and you are spreading a plague because you are not getting vaccinated.

MARTIN: Oh, you mean, you are telling me that people who are not vaccinated are spreading things?

SCOTT: I am telling you that is what this person thinks.

MARTIN: That is interesting. Well, I hope his blinders will come off someday. I started talking about Dr. Zach Bush and his theories of cancer, and I think I didn’t finish the thought, which was that…

SCOTT: Yeah, the tumor grows and grows until it takes over 90% and you die.

MARTIN: Yeah, until it sucks in all resources, and then the organism that was the host dies. He extrapolated it into the economy, where in the society, if most resources are being sucked in a very small part or percentage of them, then again, that modality has to just collapse. But the other part that he declared was that the virus is in fact responsible for our evolution. You cannot have evolution without a virus doing something. So first of all, a virus doesn’t have genetics of its own, it has to borrow the genetics of a bacterium or a living creature in order to reproduce itself. Without that, it is like a book. Imagine a book, a book is nothing but ink and paper, until you open it and read it, right? The thoughts in the book are nothing unless you are reading it. Otherwise, it is just an object that contains information but does nothing.

MARTIN: So anyway, you need to take the virus in and allow it to reproduce and then send it back out. Every time this happens, it is being reproduced by a creature like me. So I exert influence over it. And so whatever happens inside of me is now exported out to the ‘out there.’ So when I am spending time with you in the same room, especially if we would have gotten intimate with one another, like touching or whatever, then my messages are touching you and getting into you, and your messages are coming into me. So your inner terrain becomes intimate with me. My inner terrain becomes intimate with you. We evolve together. So when we try to shut down the evolution by shutting down this transmission, it is cancer behavior, it is isolating stuff from the rest of the world.

SCOTT: That is not the way the world works.

MARTIN: Well, there is an important concept, again, credit to Zach Bush for saying it, the second law of thermodynamics is immutable. An isolated system is destined for destruction through entropy. You cannot increase integrity within a closed system, you can only decrease integrity. The only way that something can get stronger is by interaction with something outside itself. I can only exist by breathing, inhaling, exhaling. If I stop that, if I stop the interaction with the outside, I am done. I have to ingest food and poop out. And my poop is the food for something else.

SCOTT: Right. It should be.

MARTIN: It is, I promise. But anyway, the point is this – the direction of the technological intervention, where we try to isolate and block, create some kind of a moat, behind which there exists a sterile unthreatened environment, object, me, impervious or isolated from outside, is a fallacy, that has sentenced me to death. The only way I can exist is if I throw my windows and doors open, and interact with the world. That whole concept of sterility and germ theory and killing off of invaders is wrong. The only way this will work is if we marry the invaders and have children with them.

SCOTT: Right. And isn’t that what happened every time in history? The barbarians are at the gate, and sooner or later they get through, and something new comes from that.

MARTIN: Yeah. And even in its death, the old civilization becomes part of the new.

SCOTT: The foundation of the new, yeah.

MARTIN: Indeed. I am here telling you that the entire concept and system of sterile, safe, shaking in your boots, afraid of invader existence, is wrong.

SCOTT: It causes more problems than it solves.

MARTIN: Well, it will only lead to entropy, which essentially means death. Those of us who will embrace things like Nano Soma, for example, or things of that sort, will be able to interact with the world because we are able to repair the minor damage as it happens. If you weaken your inner works and hope that technology comes to your rescue… Oh, I need to say this. You and I have talked about this many times when we were talking about flu shots long ago. The statistics were coming up that with every succeeding flu shot, the probability of mental decline was increasing for the seniors. That is because when you insert adjuvants and toxic things of any sort into the body, they don’t necessarily get eliminated, they just increase the toxic burden, which then, in the long run, make things worse, not better. So you are saving yourself from short-term pain, but you are increasing your long-term loss, right? Well, so imagine now that you are sentenced to an every-six-month new shot. How many of those six-month renewals will your immune system sustain before it caves?

SCOTT: And let’s just put this out there too: It is an experiment that won’t stop. Evidently, the end time is March or something, 2023. I think I can safely say, neither of us agrees with this at all, even if we did agree with it, it is not something that they’ve been doing for 25 years, and it has been proven to be fine, and they have double-blind studies and all these sorts of things that they do. They’re in the middle of an experiment. You know, this isn’t aspirin. It is not something that has been around for 50 years, it has been around for eight months or ten months or something.

MARTIN: Well, actually, the technology has been around longer, and the previous tests have all failed badly. We are betting that the tweak that was introduced nine months ago was a success. That is sort of like saying: “Well, all the previous rockets failed, but this last tweak we are sure is going to take us all the way to orbit.”

SCOTT: I would say it is like saying all the previous rockets failed and they fell on the herd of cows and killed them, but this one we are going to aim and it is going to land in the city, but we are pretty sure it is going to work.

MARTIN: Yeah, something like that. Well, anyway, whatever the metaphor is. The second law of thermodynamics will win out. If you, the listener, are still harboring the thought and belief that you can protect yourself and find yourself behind armor, and behind defenses that are making your environment impenetrable, just be reminded. Entropy wins.

SCOTT: Well, Martin, I think that is a really good place to end this review. And I am looking forward to next year. I have some trepidation, but you know, I got through 2020 fine, and I got through 2021 fine, and 2022 is going to be fine.

MARTIN: I am looking forward to our next year’s review, Scott! And I hope to see you in person one of these days.

SCOTT: Me too. Thanks, Martin

MARTIN: Thanks, everyone, for spending your time with us.

SCOTT: Bye everyone!

Note: this interview and the information provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

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