Podcast 431: CirstenW Health Talks – Part 4

Cirsten Weldon invited Martin as a guest for her weekly live stream show to answer the most common health related questions.

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Podcast 431: CirstenW Health Talks – Part 4

CIRSTEN: Hi there, everyone! We are here with Martin! We can get started right now, and we will wait for some people to join in. Okay, here we go. Sorry, we are a little late! It is so hot here today…

MARTIN: Are you hot? You are hot!

CIRSTEN: No, I mean I am sweating! It is 90 degrees here.

MARTIN: Yeah, Florida is hot.

CIRSTEN: Oh yeah, it is hot and humid, it is unreal! Okay, so here is the link, you can see the link to Martin’s website on the screen now.

MARTIN: Yeah, this link will take you to the Life Enthusiast website, where we have about 600 different products, but we are not gonna talk about every one of them today. We are going to try and answer questions that people may have.

CIRSTEN: These are Martin’s 600 products, they are not my products, they are his products that I use. And I’m using the Strata Flora, the Aurasil, and of course Zeolite to get rid of the metals. That is what I’m using. And as you saw last week, I had a little stalker here, but I remained very calm through the whole thing.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is a thing that should be said, right? When I first met Cirsten, my first observation was: “Oh my gosh, she’s just on the edge of being a little too overstimulated.”

CIRSTEN: Look at my teeth! It is called over… what do you call it? What is that undermetabolizer, and I’m over… the opposite of that!

MARTIN: I should probably talk about that. The way it works is that the autonomic nervous system has two sides, fight-or-flight on one side, and rest-and-repair on the other side. The sympathetic is the fight-or-flight, and the parasympathetic is the rest-and-repair. And so when we first met, I was thinking: “Oh, Cirsten, you are just a little too much on this sympathetic side.” And so the products that we were picking were the ones that are helping to keep the person calm. So if you find yourself just a little too stressy or short-tempered, or even rage-y, you know, road rage is an example of it, then there are foods and supplements that we could use to help to bring you closer to the middle. And the opposite, of course, some people are under-stimulated, in extreme they’ll be depressed, and we can bring them back to the middle using the other tools we have.

CIRSTEN: I’m overstimulated, but I’m getting more mellow, so it is fine. It is just so hot here today, that I had to close all the windows because it was like a furnace, I swear, and it is very humid. Anyways, I take my vitamins, I’m leaving town supposedly on Sunday, I’m gonna have to pack all of Martin’s vitamins and powders with me because I’m… what’s the word… not obsessed…

MARTIN: You don’t want to call yourself dependent, right?

CIRSTEN: Dependent, obsessed, dependent, whatever.

MARTIN: One of the people popped a question saying: “I’m already starting on Zeolite, how should I take it?” You and I talked about Zeolite being a really important part of the protocol and the process because Zeolite absorbs heavy metals and industrial toxins. And in these modern days, we are living in a toxic soup, and if you have not cleaned out yet … We don’t know just how distorted your life is, or how damaged your body is until we get all of that crap out. We have been under the control of the industrial producers of food, chemicals, fuels, and whatnot, and they are not particularly concerned about your health. Zeolite helps us absorb, and take out this stuff. And as far as how you take it, Zeolite stays in your body for maybe three or four hours, so it is best if you space the intake, take a bit in the morning, and a bit in the midday, and a bit in the evening. If you are taking capsules, take one in the morning, one in the middle of the day, one in the evening. If you are doing it through powder, then one scoop, if you are doing the liquid, put it in water.

CIRSTEN: I take both capsules in the morning, is that not good? I should space it out, I guess.

MARTIN: For best results, space it out. If your lifestyle is such that it is not allowing you to do that, well, then the next best thing is to take it when you can.

CIRSTEN: Okay. And then we have this new product that I’m taking, the Fulvic acid. Do you want to tell them a little bit about that?

MARTIN: Sure! Humic acid and Fulvic acid are from ancient dirt, from ancient compost. The Humic helps in the digestive system, it helps to control your gut and your immunity, and the Fulvic helps to control or detoxify you at the cellular level. It draws the toxins out of cells, and it helps to improve mitochondrial function. That means energy generation. So when you are detoxed with Fulvic acid, you’ll be stronger, you’ll last longer, you’ll have more zest for life. Do you notice anything?

CIRSTEN: Well, I just have been taking it for two days, but I was afraid to take too much, it said ‘take three droppers full,’ I just took one, so…

MARTIN: Yeah, be conservative, start slow.

CIRSTEN: Here is a question: “I’m on Zeolite and Apple pectin. How do you add Palatine? I can’t find Palatine on the website.”

MARTIN: That is a misspelling. It is called Powrtein. It is a play on two words – power and protein.

CIRSTEN: Powrtein, okay, so you are spelling it completely wrong, that is why you couldn’t find it.

MARTIN: They said they spell it how it sounds. Somebody is asking about inflammatory problems in the body. Like when you have a loss of bone, or when you have pain in the joint, or pain this and pain that. All of those are inflammatory symptoms. We need to reverse the inflammation. In fact, there are five symptoms of inflammation: redness, swelling, heat, pain, and loss of function. Loss of function, of course, is when you can’t move. Pain, you know what that is. We are not supposed to do a medical talk, we are not supposed to tell you that we cure any one disease, and we don’t. We can simply educate you about living a smarter life, and doing more of the things that work, and less of the things that don’t work. Therefore, when you say: “What to do for bone loss?” Well, you need to stop the inflammation. And the number one problem with inflammation is food. Well, actually, number one is toxicity, heavy metals, and the likes, so if you get on Zeolite and detox yourself, you will do better. The second thing – you need to stop eating foods that make you worse. The number one bad food, sorry to say this, is grains. Wheat, bread, spaghetti, all that. And the second-worst is American dairy. You can eat sheep or goat dairy without much of a problem, but cow dairy is a problem.

CIRSTEN: I had to close all the windows because it was so hot. I have a question here: “What can I use to help with brain fog? Thank you.”

MARTIN: Oh, lovely. Brain fog… well, the shorthand would be this: leaky gut equals leaky brain. So when you are eating foods that are causing leakiness in your gut, you are going to experience brain fog. I just talked about it. The foods that make it the worst are grains. So people with leaky gut and leaky brain usually do a lot better on a ketogenic diet.


MARTIN: So try and eat the ancient, pre-industrial diet.

CIRSTEN: And of course, the Strata Flora should help, right?

MARTIN: Yeah, Strata Flora is a wonderful tool for helping to repair broken guts.

CIRSTEN: Right. I love that stuff. The word is addicted, I’m addicted.

MARTIN: No, you are not addicted! It is like saying I’m addicted to oxygen.

CIRSTEN: Yeah! I’m addicted to health. How’s that? I’m addicted to health! I’m addicted to looking great. I’m addicted to health. And I have to say since I have done the detox, my eyes look better underneath here, it takes some time. And this was just from the basic Fulvic acid, and then you also sent me something to clear the pineal gland, but there were two bottles, so I was a little confused.

MARTIN: You are supposed to mix the two into one.

CIRSTEN: Oh, I didn’t know that! Okay.

MARTIN: You are not good at reading instructions, are you?

CIRSTEN: I don’t like to read. (laughing)

MARTIN: Yeah, I’m with you. Okay, so if any one of you is getting the Pineal product, here is what you do: the reason it is sent separately is that once it is mixed, it needs to be refrigerated.


MARTIN: There is room in the larger bottle for the smaller bottle, so you dump the stuff together, shake it, and refrigerate.

CIRSTEN: And how many drops would you suggest?

MARTIN: Oh, I would start with just five or six drops, and then I would slowly increase to maybe 20 per day.

CIRSTEN: Okay. So I can mix the two bottles, I wanna bring it out so I can mix them…

MARTIN: Yeah, sure, in the meantime, I’m going to read something. Astrid says: “I received my products last week, I have Zadiol, Powrtein, and Zeolite, and I have never felt better.” Astrid, I’m so happy to hear this. She says: “These products are life-changing, thank you for taking my phone call and explaining it all to me. Cirsten, thank you for finding Martin.”

CIRSTEN: Oh yes! We have to thank Amanda Grace for that, Amanda Grace, my BFF. And here we go, we have Pineal, we are going to mix all of the crystals in here, I’m gonna pour it into the big one. Here we go! And I’m gonna put it in the refrigerator right away.

MARTIN: Perfect. This little bottle, you can just get rid of it.

CIRSTEN: I’m gonna use it when I go on my trip as a backup!

MARTIN: Perfect!

CIRSTEN: So, Fulvic acid, everyone, it is really cleaning me out, I’m telling you, this is amazing stuff. I’m putting it in the refrigerator right now. And when I say the refrigerator, that is not the freezer, that’d be the regular refrigerator.

MARTIN: So let’s finish on that. So you give it a shake and then you just take drops in the mouth. Craig is commenting that he says he’s taking 30 drops of chlor-dioxide in a bottle of water to suppress bone infection. Which, yeah, oxygen is good. ROS, that stuff delivers reactive oxygen species, so anything that is infectious is going to get suppressed with that, that is for sure.


MARTIN: “Do you carry MSM?” Yes, we carry MSM. “I just ordered Apple Fiber and Zeolite.” Awesome. “Ketones for optimum performance.” Yes, Sean, absolutely! Ketones are what make your brain work better. That is what I was saying when I was talking about the ketogenic or paleo diet, when you eat less grain. Because grain breaks apart into starch, and starch breaks apart into glucose, and that gives you these glucose swings, spikes. Whereas fats turn into ketones, which gives you much better power over how your brain’s going to work.

CIRSTEN: I have a question: “How do you get rid of the excess water if you have excess water inside you. How do you detox that?”

MARTIN: Well, your body will retain water in either sodium-potassium imbalance, if you have too much sodium, you need to push potassium. Or maybe it is an inflammatory problem. Let me describe it: If you twist your ankle, what happens? It goes red, it starts hurting, and it swells up. The reason it swelled up is that the body’s trying to repair the broken tissues. If you have inflammation in your gut, your gut will actually swell up naturally because it is trying to repair itself. So to undo this swelling, you need to undo the inflammation.

CIRSTEN: Right, the Strata Flora should help.

MARTIN: Yes, the Strata Flora will help. Mike Smith says: “RoundUp ready bread.”


MARTIN: That is the worst of it, Mike. That is exactly the thing, right? Here is what the poor farmer has been told: If he’s listening to Monsanto or Bayer, he is told that RoundUp or glyphosate is perfectly safe and that he should put it on his grain because that way the grain will dry more uniform and it will give him better yield, and life is fine, and it is safe for humans. Well, the truth is that RoundUp, even though it is not harming humans directly, it is actually anti-biotic, and it is actually killing the microbes that live inside of us.

CIRSTEN: The good microbes, not the bad ones.

MARTIN: Well, all of them!

CIRSTEN: It is killing everything pretty much.

MARTIN: So yes, RoundUp is bad news. Ann is asking: “What about silver fillings I have had since I was a child?”

CIRSTEN: I took them out.

MARTIN: The silver fillings are actually a silver amalgam of mercury, it is about 50% silver, about 46% mercury, and the rest is nickel and copper or something like that. Anyway, the thing is this, the mercury is evaporating out of those fillings, so it is constantly making you more poisoned with mercury, which is not a good thing. And the big discovery with Zeolite is that Zeolite binds this mercury as it is escaping. Therefore, if you still have those fillings, you need to be using Zeolite. It is sort of like bailing a boat, right? If you have a leak in your boat, you need to keep bailing water, otherwise, you’ll sink.

CIRSTEN: Right. But you need to take out those fillings. I took out nine in two days. I’m telling you when you know you are suffering from mercury poisoning, you are literally dizzy and gasping for air, it is not a good way to die. Let’s put it that way.

MARTIN: So there was a question: “What is your opinion on Zeolite?” I use some every day. My opinion is that pretty much everyone living in the Western industrialized society should use it.

CIRSTEN: I take it every day too.

MARTIN: And then there is the question about Black Seed oil. Well, we do sell Black Seed oil, we really believe in it. Black seed oil is an awesome thing. The Nigella Sativa, the Black Seed, is an ancient grain. 3,000 years ago, they wrote that this oil cures everything except for death itself. 2,000 years ago, Cleopatra used it for her skincare.

CIRSTEN: Can I just give you what I feel? We have the oil of Oregano, which is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Then we have the next step up, Black Seed oil, also antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. And then I like my favorite, the new thing, Fulvic acid. The second one, the Black Seed oil, is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal times two, which is stronger than the oil of Oregano, and times three will be the fulvic acid. That is how I see it, I might be wrong, but…

MARTIN: You are not wrong, you see it correctly. The Fulvic is the detoxifier. Do you remember the parable, where this adept comes to the master and says: “Master, teach me about life.” And the master says: “Yeah, sure, but let’s have tea.” And master starts pouring tea into a teacup, and the teacup is full, and he keeps pouring and pouring and pouring, and it is just all over the place. And the student says: “Master, master, the teacup is full, why are you still pouring?” And the metaphor is that you cannot put more knowledge into a mind that has not been emptied. The students are supposed to first make room for new ideas. Likewise, this fulvic acid is making room for good nutrition by detoxifying the cells. When a cell is already filled with crap, you cannot bring new stuff in. And that is the main advantage or the main purpose of the Fulvic acid, it helps you clean out the stuff.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, it is stronger than Black Seed oil. I use Black Seed oil and I mix it with diatomaceous earth, when I used to have breakouts on my skin from the mercury coming out, that is what I used that for. But this one is way better, I can tell, the Fulvic acid is like the premier of the antiviral antibacterial antifungal.

MARTIN: Yes. Craig is confused about the spelling, it is FULVIC, Fulvic Acid.

CIRSTEN: I love it. How many drops or droppers full should we take?

MARTIN: Well, I would start with just five drops, because I don’t know how fast you’ll react. I take a teaspoon at a time, which is a hundred drops, but that is after a while. Don’t start with a high dose.

CIRSTEN: Okay, maybe I’m having problems because I take a full dropper.

MARTIN: You are so impatient, right?

CIRSTEN: No, no, no, it is not like that, a typical Chinese thinking is that if a little is good, a lot is very good. And I don’t read the instructions, so… But now I’m gonna go back to five drops, thank you.

MARTIN: Okay, here is a question: “Martin, what about biofilm as a result of Lyme?” Sally, my darling, you need to call me, that is a complicated thing. Humic and Fulvic will definitely help the body with that… I’m just trying to think my way through that…

CIRSTEN: Is she talking about Lyme’s disease?

MARTIN: Well, you see Lyme is a complicated microbial condition, which is you usually have the tick, but not always. Something delivers the bacteria, which is like the borrelia and babesia, those deliver the viral co-infections. Anthony William, the Medical Medium, talks about the Epstein-Barr virus as being the main problem with this. And humic and fulvic are awesome at dealing with viral problems. Here is our help. He also talks a lot about drinking celery juice. And just last week we came up with another thing, I don’t know if I should talk about it here…

CIRSTEN: Cause I’m gonna want it!

MARTIN: Yes, you will want it. It is called Nano Soma, it is made with policosanol, the substance that is found in natural grains, like sugar cane, rice, whatever, and it is helping to straighten out the DNA. As you live, you make damage to your DNA using a reverse transcriptase enzyme that embeds distortions into your DNA. It is sort of like… I don’t know if you remember photocopiers from long ago, but if you would take an original, make a photocopy, and then make a photocopy of the photocopy if you do that 50 times, you can barely read it, because it just keeps losing sharpness. This product, this Nano Soma, helps to restore the sharpness back into the cells, so it reverses problems. I have been on it now for six weeks, and I’m noticing it. A lot of my inflammatory kinds of things, things that I associated with just getting old, but apparently I could feel better! And I do. Well, we’ll see how I’m going to look a month or two from now, right? Like right now I’m looking 68. (laughing)

CIRSTEN: No, you look great today! Wow! Your complexion is looking great, your hair looks great, everything looks great today! I think the Fulvic acid is making me sweat, like I’m detoxing. Wow, that whole dropper is a lot, I didn’t even read the directions. But let’s concentrate on what we are concentrating on. We are also taking, besides Zeolite, the Aurasil, and the Strata Flora, which is what I take every day.

MARTIN: Someone is asking: “Is it OK to use Aurasil with Zeolite?” Yes, it is sort of like asking: “Can I eat salad and fruit?” Yes, you can, it is all compatible.

CIRSTEN: It is fantastic. Another comment: “I’m going through a lot of stuff right now, being on IV antibiotics, hyperbaric oxygen, and keto supplements to lose weight and stabilize my blood sugar. Is there anything else I can do?” Craig Jacob is asking.

MARTIN: Well, Craig, we would need to talk. IV antibiotics, that is heavy stuff. After you are done with your antibiotics, you may want to go and read about Strata Flora, because we need to rebuild the microbiome in your gut, that is for sure. And as far as the keto part of it goes, we do have keto-based superfoods, the best salad you can imagine. When you use these superfood blends, it is like high-octane fuel. They are carefully selected, carefully combined to full complement. People ask me: “What is the best thing that you can suggest? And my response to that is: “Well, which of the four wheels on your car is the most important one? Which of the four wheels can you do without? If you are missing one wheel, you are not driving.” And so the point being is that we need to have fats, we need to have minerals, we need to have water, and so on, there are a lot of things that need to come together.

CIRSTEN: “What about fighting depression?” I think that my personality never gets depressed because I’m sanguine, I’m aggressive, I’m not a melancholic person.

MARTIN: Remember how I was talking about the autonomic nervous system having these two branches, sympathetic and parasympathetic? When the sympathetic has the upper hand, you are agitated, anxious, and easy to anger. When the parasympathetic is dominant, you are procrastinating, you are despondent, you overshare, you are overly emotional, and you get depressed.

CIRSTEN: So that is the opposite of me!

MARTIN: Yeah, that doesn’t happen in Cirsten’s world. If you are over-alkalized, then we need to find a way to un-alkalize you back to normal. When you are over acidified, we need to find a way to bring you to the middle. And this is dependent on the metabolic state of your body. So you need to talk to me, there is just no getting around it, I can’t give you a general answer other than saying it is dependent on your internal pH.

CIRSTEN: Martin, do you have anything to increase testosterone?

MARTIN: Naked women? (laughing) Well, testosterone… Yeah, absolutely, there are supplements. One of them is called Testosterone Works, we have that on the website, you just supplement that. The other thing we have is algae called Eclonia Cava, it comes from Korea, and it is really good at raising the overall…

CIRSTEN: …libido?

MARTIN: Well, once you raise the testosterone, you will definitely start noticing things, you’ll be waking up with a… thing…

CIRSTEN: Yeah. (laughing)

MARTIN: “So what about knee inflammation?” Well, it doesn’t matter where the inflammation is, it is always the same. Inflammation is inflammation, I don’t care where it is. So, the same story. You need to find what makes the inflammation worse. Is it the presence of toxins, absence of nutrients, lack of circulation, stagnation, or maybe some traumatic stuff? We need to kind of deal with that first. “What about folliculitis?” Sounds to me like infected hair follicles. Well, I would be cleaning that… I dunno, it depends on where it is. Is it sebum, is it the skin oils, or is it something else? That is getting kind of too specific, right? I mean, I could address it with a person, but we would have to start asking questions.

CIRSTEN: Question about gout. Gout is formed by too much meat. Is that too much meat?

MARTIN: Gout is a funny condition. There are four major endocrine dominances. It is either thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, or ovarian. If you happen to be thyroid dominant, you are not well equipped to deal with purine. Purine is the protein that is present in red meat, also in red wine, and also in asparagus, and cauliflower. So if you are the type that gets that way, you need to take those out of your diet. There is no getting around it. Just don’t eat it. Eat white fish, not red steak.

CIRSTEN: Right, there you go.

MARTIN: “Do you ship to the UK?” Yes, we can ship to the UK. Somebody has a bone infection in their artificial hip, oh my God. Yeah, that is sort of beyond my pay grade, I think. I mean, would be looking into lowering the overall inflammation, so again, Zeolite to lower the toxic burden. I had one person toxic with titanium because for some reason their hip replacement was installed in such a way that it had a metal ball and metal socket, and this thing was running like this, and it was rubbing, so it was creating metal dust inside the body. I think they started improving on it, putting a nylon socket on the metal ball. “What do you think of the colloidal silver?” We have colloidal silver available. Here is the thing with silver. I think it is fairly indiscriminate in how it wipes out fungus, bacteria, and viruses. So it is awesome if you want to wipe them out. But if you overdo it, you wipe out the good guys with it. So it is great, for example, if you think that you have inhaled something, it is great to use colloidal silver to rinse your mouth, or spray it in your lungs and stuff. But if you are swallowing it, you are going to kill the microbes in your gut, so you then need to repopulate. 

CIRSTEN: See, there is a coupon code on the screen now, LEMOB10. If you are a new customer, all items that are not on sale already will be discounted by 10%.

There you go. Somebody is saying: “I love the Aurasil!” There we go!

MARTIN: Yes, and for the right reason, right? The Aurasil is calming, and it has got a lot of stuff in it that helps to build body strength, the connective tissue, so it’ll support your skin, it is going to hold together better, your hair is going to look better. You will just feel better and look better.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, definitely. I like it, I take it every day.

MARTIN: “We have big debates in the UK over whether hemp or not to hemp.” Well, thank God it is now legalized, Trump and his Senate passed the farm bill in 2019, which legalized the American farmer to grow the stuff.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, but we have the different platforms that are owned by Big Pharma, that don’t like that.

MARTIN: They don’t like us talking about solutions.

CIRSTEN: ADHD question: “What do you take for attention deficit?”

MARTIN: Well, ADHD is essentially a neurological challenge. And we need to lower the irritation that the nerves are suffering. So the same stuff that we keep talking about, which is unmentionable, will calm down the overstimulated nervous system. The other thing that will dramatically improve the situation is the detox. So you get on Zeolite, you get on Humic acid, and you get on something calming like the Aurasil, and your ADD will pull back, just like Cirsten has been describing, she now has way more control over her moods.

CIRSTEN: Yeah! And my ADD is my reading skills are probably up to fifth-grader from that second grader. (laughing)

MARTIN: You are so lovely. (laughing)

CIRSTEN: Do you have anything for panic attacks?

MARTIN: Same story. A panic attack is essentially a localized acidity event. So you need to immediately alkalize. So if I had a panic attack happening right now, I would just take a spoonful of baking soda and water, it would take it down like that.

CIRSTEN: We are giving you a free cure! Baking soda and water for a panic attack! A free solution. We can’t prescribe anything, we are just helping, we are helpers. There we go.

MARTIN: Christine is asking, thank you, Christine, for the order, and she is asking: “What about healthy bones?” Well, you see, the healthy bones will happen as a side effect or after-effect of healthy everything else. As long as you fix your gut, your bones will be fine.

CIRSTEN: Right. Everything is connected to the gut. That digestive system controls it all. Even the Bible says that: the digestive system controls everything.

MARTIN: Yeah. You mentioned the Aurasil, which builds connective tissue, and connective tissue is the structural element of all things, including bones. The minerals are just a sideshow. Somebody thinks that you are awesome. Diana. Happy Cinco de Mayo. Agave makes an awesome drink called tequila, but what is left over after you extract the sugars, is this agave powder, which is fructooligosaccharide, FOS. And we put that into the superfoods. Agave powder is part of this superfood blend, and it helps the microbes to grow better. So guess what? We let the silly people drink the tequila, and we feed us the rest. (laughing)

CIRSTEN: Another question: “I deal with dizziness and a face rash regularly. My doctor said he ruled out everything but gut. What would you suggest I focus on?”

MARTIN: The gut, okay. So let me explain: when you see a face rash, it fires up when your gut is unhealthy. I’m actually getting better with the Nano Soma.

CIRSTEN: I want some!

MARTIN: Someone is saying: “Talk to me about the Nano Soma.” Call me after hours.

CIRSTEN: I want some Nano Soma, please. Thank you.

MARTIN: Okay, I will send you some.

CIRSTEN: And I’m obsessed again.

MARTIN: Dizziness. Dizziness is a symptom that could it be either inside your brain, where the brain is getting inflamed, or it could be specifically in this three-dimensional inner ear structure, if you have a problem with that, it could be reset with these little tiny stones, there is a particular exercise that can reset it. If that didn’t fix it, then the problem is inflammatory, and you need to deal with your diet. If you haven’t cut out grains, like wheat, and dairy, please do, you need to go on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Goodbye GMOs, hello organics.

CIRSTEN: When you say dairy, is that including yogurt?

MARTIN: Yes, as long as the dairy is sheep, goat, camel, donkey, horse, or buffalos, it is good. For example, people can eat yogurt in India made with buffalo dairy, but they cannot eat it in North America, because the dairy industry in America is using the Northern European cow, and that is a different type of protein, that protein is way less compatible with most people.

CIRSTEN: How about Greek yogurt? Is that the same thing?

MARTIN: Yes. It doesn’t matter how you process it, when you start with the wrong protein, it doesn’t work.

CIRSTEN: Okay. Asperger’s? That has got to do with dairy products as well.

MARTIN: Yes, Asperger’s is on the spectrum between ADD and autism. And it can be helped, right?

CIRSTEN: Cut out dairy products.

MARTIN: Well, detox first, and stop the inflammatory foods. Use the unmentionable plant.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, The h-plant. You guys need to call Martin, if you don’t know, you need to call him, he’s got over 600 products. If you can’t find some kind of solution within 600 products, you gotta be kidding me.

MARTIN: Charles says: “You can get Buffalo yogurt?” I don’t know if you can, but I was watching on CNN, Stanley Tucci traveling around Italy, and he was south of Naples, he was visiting with the farmer there, and they were talking about the best mozzarella in the world, and it is Mozzarella Buffola, which is made with Buffalo milk. And he was tasting it, and he was just having an orgasm in his mouth right there, he was just melting because it is so good. So in the Southern countries, Southern Italy, Southern France, India, probably in Malaysia, the cows might be the Buffalo cow, rather than the cold weather Danish, Holstein, Jersey, Friesian cow. But in America, we are screwed. The reason is that the Northern cow produces more milk fat, so all the dairy farmers, because they want to increase the yield, they don’t care about anything else, and they use the Northern cow. Shirley is asking about eggs. Well, people who can’t handle chicken eggs often can handle duck eggs. Try it.

CIRSTEN: Remember, you told us that we can make our own mayonnaise with olive oil and eggs?

MARTIN: Oh yeah, you totally can use egg and olive oil and make yourself your own mayonnaise. “What can help pancreatitis?” Sally, oh my God, you have that? Well, anything that ends with -itis or -otis, that is inflammation, right? So pancreatitis means inflammation in the pancreas. The pancreas has two main roles. One is to produce insulin, and the other one is to produce pancreatic enzymes. It is a two-in-one organ. I don’t know which part of your pancreas is in trouble, either way, I have a product on the website called Fibrenza, it delivers a pile of pancreatic enzymes, it might be the ticket for you. Someone says: “The proteins from the A2 cow.” Yeah, there is the A1 and A2, which is the type of casein, which is the protein in the milk. Humans, sheep, and camels are sharing the same type, and the Northern cow is not. Charles is talking about eating a horse. I ate horse meat, when I lived in Europe, it was not anything unusual. I ate goat, horse, donkey, whatever, it was all regular, I didn’t think much of it.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, it is what it is.

MARTIN: America is a funny place, it has got all these different prejudices. “Medical Medium says no eggs.” Well, one of the main reasons for chicken eggs is that vaccines have been cultured in chicken eggs, so we have been sensitized through vaccinations in our childhood to have all these reactions. So that is the main problem. And yes, chicken eggs are an inflammatory food, but not to everyone. So even though he says ‘nobody should eat eggs,’ well, I don’t know, I personally don’t eat chicken eggs, so… “Is goat cheese and almond milk better?” Yeah, I would say goat cheese is better, and almond milk is totally fine. “Are eggs inflammatory?” Yes.

CIRSTEN: Oh, wow, I didn’t know that.

MARTIN: Sally says: “It is my son.” Well, let’s send some pancreatic enzymes to your son, and see if that helps. There is a comment: “I’m behind, I came late.” Well, next time come early.

CIRSTEN: Okay, let’s talk about this stuff. She’s talking about taking some apple cider vinegar for a kidney cleanse. Why don’t you use apple pectin? It is less intrusive and it is not so hard on your body. I like apple pectin.

MARTIN: Yes, we sent a bunch of that, didn’t we?

CIRSTEN: Yes, I have enough for the rest of my life.

MARTIN: Well, so what we sell is called High Pectin Apple Fiber. It is what is left over after you squeeze the apple juice out of an apple. It has got a whole bunch of fiber, and the fiber binds things, and the pectin is a toxin binder. It increases the volume in the gut, it is a very gentle fiber, not as harsh as the Metamucil, or stuff like that.

CIRSTEN: Apple cider vinegar is harsh too, it is tough stuff.

MARTIN: ACV is a strong source of potassium. So if you are trying to rebalance your potassium levels, it is one of the better ways to do that, with apple cider vinegar. People with high blood pressure should take two tablespoons a day for 10 days, it may be just what is needed. Marie thinks she’s not going to be trying to milk a Buffalo. You know, those buffalos in the southern countries, they are not that wild, they are used to humans. And Craig says that we give almost the same advice as the doctor on Coast To Coast with George Noory. Well, isn’t that cool? There is more than one person who understands the functional medicine principles! Do I have a book available? Yes, we give it away, it is on www.life-enthusiast.com, look for a free e-book, we call it the Chronic Pain Manifesto.

“Do you have something for hives?” Yes. Hives are caused by histadelic reaction, as in histamine from being overly alkaline. So number one, you get a histamine attack by eating foods that are high in histamine. Strawberries are famous, chocolate is famous for that. You need to figure out how to lower your histamine levels. I have a product called Zadiol, it is antihistaminic, it helps to lower the histamine levels, so it would lower your reaction that causes the hives to pop. 

“Is grass-fed grass-finished meat better than grain-finished?” Yes, sir. However, Matt, if you are the thyroid dominant, we can’t discuss it, we don’t have enough time, we are already past the hour. Anyway, if you are adrenal dominant, you should be eating like the hunter, and red meat is totally cool. And if you are pituitary dominant, you should not only be eating red meat, you should also be eating organ meat, like kidney and heart and liver, that sort of stuff.

CIRSTEN: Wow. Okay.

MARTIN: That is so funny. To those people, organ meat is their health food. I can’t handle it because I’m the thyroid type. “Is bacon okay to eat every day?” Well, I personally have a challenge with pork. If your blood type is B or AB, you are not going to do well with pork anyway. If you are type O you can handle it. But bacon is of course loaded with nitrates, so that is not great. I don’t know. Your choice.

CIRSTEN: Basically, you have to look at what those animals eat. The pigs are like the scavengers of the land. I follow the kosher diet, I eat no scavengers, for example, scavengers of the sea, I’ll only eat fish with scales, but nothing else. I don’t touch the seafood, it is full of cholesterol.

MARTIN: You see the races in the biblical lands were mostly blood type B, and blood type B don’t do well with shellfish, and they don’t do well with pork, it is the lectins that they don’t have, so they do much better on a diet that does not have these foods as prescribed in the Old Testament. The old hunters are okay with red meat, they can handle it. What they cannot handle is grains. Okay, what else do we have here? “What helps lupus and Sjogren’s?” Those are names for autoimmune conditions, so we need to deal with the autoimmune reasons. We have toxicity, malnutrition, stagnation, and trauma. We resolve those things first, and they are individually different for each person. So I need to help you detoxify, nourish, and so on. It is not like I can tell you: “Take a pill.” There is no pill for that, there is a lifestyle for that. Raven loves eggs. May you live long. We do have a DNA repair product, the Nano Soma. As far as Sally says, boron is a great anti-inflammatory. I have an article about boron, type ‘boron’ into the search box on the Life Enthusiast website, it will find you the article, it will just make your head spin when you read it, it is an awesome anti-inflammatory tool. “Bananas are great for iron.” No, bananas are great for potassium.

CIRSTEN: Yes, potassium, and they are full of sugar, yuck.

MARTIN: Yes, bananas are super high in glucose, so only eat them if you are the body type that can handle it. And if you need iron, it is better to focus on the microbes, microbial terrain in the gut because the iron is fixed by the bugs that live in your gut. I have a thing called Body Biotics, it is a product that helps to correct the microbial terrain so that your iron gets retained. “Pure celery juice is good.” Yes. “What is good for swollen legs and feet?” Put them up, it is probably a lymphatic problem. Well, there could be three problems, right? Either it is your heart function, your kidney function, or your lymphatic function that is causing the swelling because the fluids are not being brought up to the top. So we need to understand the functional problem. Is your heart messed up? Are your kidneys messed up? Or your lymphatics? It could be all three. Cirsten, how are we for time? Do we need to get off?

CIRSTEN: We are fine, we can answer a few more questions. Do we have any more questions? I think I’m detoxing a lot, so I’m sweating, and I think I overdid it on the Fulvic acid.

MARTIN: Are you still overheating?

CIRSTEN: Yeah, from the fulvic acid, no wonder I was sweating so much, I was like: “what the hell’s going on?” That was a lot.

MARTIN: “Bone spurs in the neck.” Oh, poor girl, I would visit with a chiropractor to try and get any mechanical problems corrected, and then I would worry about the pH balance in the body because calcium will settle out of solution in the wrong places when your pH balance is off. So I would worry about the nutritional balances, I would worry about the diet being too inflammatory, so I would be correcting that. There is no quick fix for problems that took 25 years to develop.


MARTIN: However, it can be reversed, it is possible. Magnesium is the mineral that de-calcifies, which is the antidote to calcium. So I have a product on the website called Topically Everything. It comes in a spray bottle, and you would just spray it on your body and massage it in, it is a solution of magnesium chloride with kelp and alfalfa, and it is very helpful. This one was a funny sentence over here: “My five doctors don’t tell me as much stuff as you do.” Well, here is the funny thing I get asked: “Are you a doctor?” If I were a doctor, I couldn’t tell you what I’m telling you, because I would have a license, and with a license, you are only allowed what your association allows you to say. I belong to no one, I’m free. I’m schooled in the natural ways, it is called functional medicine. We don’t focus on the symptoms, we focus on the causes.

CIRSTEN: Here is a comment: “My girlfriend mixes about five or six drops of stevia with vodka for Lyme’s disease. What do you think about that?”

MARTIN: Vodka with anything is a good thing. No, I’m just being silly. Some people do okay with alcohol, I’m not one of them. I don’t like Stevia, I don’t like the taste of it, so again, not my thing. I don’t know. Here is a cool question: “How do you lower cholesterol?” Well, first let’s understand cholesterol. It is your body’s reaction to internal inflammation. So if the food that you are eating has a high glycemic index, it is sort of like burning a newspaper in your fireplace, right? Lots of flames, too hot, too much heat. You need to lower the inflammatory terrain inside. So less starch, less sugar, that is step one. Step two – we have a product, an enzyme that will lower it, it is called Lipicept. What else would I do? I have a product called Heart Studies Formula, that was designed to dissolve and flush out accumulated cholesterol. So if you have that all over, everywhere, we could just sort of flush it out. But in general, change your diet, change your diet toward keto. You don’t have to go pure keto, but you need to lower the glycemic index of your food.


MARTIN: If your menstrual bleeding is heavy, you have hormonal issues, estrogen versus progesterone balances. There is stuff going on. Zadiol would probably help to balance it, but I have something called She-mend, it is a tincture for women who are still in the cycle, it helps to normalize it, it is a herbal tincture. 

Sciatica nerve problems. Yeah, that is your back out of line, that is a complex problem. Again, detox with Zeolite, and we have a product called Platinum Plus Amino Acid, which is constructed by a chiropractor to help people who lose the adjustment to keep it, so it strengthens the discs. Once the discs are strengthened, then the spine will hold together, so then your sciatica problem goes away, but you need to actually rebuild your body. Marie writes: “Sweat like a pig, look like a fox.” What does she mean? Exercise makes you look good!

CIRSTEN: Yeah. (laughing)

MARTIN: Oh, and somebody says: “Exercise, don’t drink tap water.” Well, here is the thing with tap water. It has chlorine in it. Why do we put chlorine in tap water? To kill microbes. What will chlorine do when we put it inside our body? It will kill microbes. That is a recipe for a leaky gut. Drink water that has been carbon filtered. 

“How to stop excess bleeding from menstruation?” Yeah, that is a hormonal problem, we need to kind of understand what is triggering it, but if you want a pill, try Zadiol, if you want a tincture, She-mend, but I would want to understand why this is, rather than just throwing something at it. Okay, what else do we have here? “Don’t do fluoride.” Yep, that is right, fluoride screws around with your brain in a big way.

You know, when you challenge the immune system, you can expect that you will have immune reactions. The most common health complaint in North America is autoimmune in origin. Inflammatory illnesses associated with aging or with toxic burden are all autoimmune. There are 200 different names, they all express themselves in various organs, whether it is your circulatory or your digestive or whatever, there are all these different problems. So when you add an additional challenge to this, you can expect additional problems. So we need to reverse it. I already mentioned Nano Soma, which is probably our best bet, that is the Hail Mary pass for that. 

Okay. “Do you have any treatment for eczema?” Well, eczema is a skin problem, but the skin problem starts actually on the inside, in the gut. And therefore you need to fix your gut. And how do you fix your gut? Detox heavy metals, bring in good microbes, bring more fiber, stop eating foods that are giving you the inflammatory thing. 9 times out of 10, just going off of grain and dairy is enough to fix it. For topical use, I have something called Orgono Silica Collagen Booster, that might help.

Polyps? Where? These can be polyps in the nose, polyps in the gut, polyps in the vulva, all kinds of polyps. Polyps are a bad thing. “What to do for rosacea?” The same thing that you would do for everything else. Rosacea is essentially a liver problem, right? Now that you understand the inner works, you need to fix your gut, fix your diet, and then we can fix your liver. And once we reverse the liver problems, the rosacea goes away. 

“Can Nano Soma be used with Aurasil and Zeolite?” Yes, that is sort of like asking: “Am I allowed to put more vegetables in my salad?” The answer is yes. “Are hot chilies good for you?” Well, they are inflammatory, so I wouldn’t take it all the time, I would take it only occasionally. “Is stevia a good alternative to sugar or is honey better?” I’d go with honey.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I like honey better, too. I like that type of honey from Australia or New Zealand, what is that?

MARTIN: Manuka.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, Manuka.

MARTIN: Here is a good one: “Is there anything for nut allergies?” Yeah, I’m also allergic to nuts. All kinds of nuts! No, maybe it didn’t come across well. Well, allergies in general, once you detoxify your liver and once you fix your gut, your allergies will reduce, but you may never be rid of them. “Does L-glutamine help to repair the gut?” Yes. It calms down all kinds of stuff. Oh, we have the answer to the polyp question, it is a uterine polyp. Yeah, that is beyond my capacity to manage, that is doctoring. I would go with iodine to try and normalize the endocrine system, I would go with fibrinolytic enzyme, something that dissolves fibrosis. We have an enzyme called serrapeptase, those enzymes are super good at dissolving things. 

“How to get the sexual desire back after hysterectomy? I’m taking 4mg of estrogen a day.” Is it working? I have this thing called Elk Antler Velvet, which is helpful in the general endocrine area. I think for the sexual desire, I would start with Ecklonia, it might be a good thing, we put Ecklonia into the AuraMax, so try it.

“How do I get rid of toe fungus?” Oh my gosh. Toe fungus is a problem of the lymphatic system being stagnant. It requires a lot of steps that you need to do. Topically, I have this thing called Amazing Soak, it has a very high concentration of oxygenation. Somebody mentioned chlor-dioxide, this thing is sort of related, it delivers a high level of oxygenation into the feet, soaking with it or dripping it directly onto the tissue. But first and foremost, you need to figure out how to get more movement, and how to get your lymphatic system moving. “What to do about gluten allergy?” Stay away from gluten. I don’t know, there is no fix, gluten allergy is for life, as far as I know.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. I’m allergic to it, I take non-gluten stuff.

MARTIN: Yeah. I don’t think that there is a way out. “What causes motion sickness?” Well, I was talking about that, it is an internal thing, it is an inflammatory problem, we would need to try and get her autoimmune reactions under control. That is going to be complicated. Rotator cuff, well, that is physical repairs. Fibrinolytic enzymes will probably help. “Any thoughts on N-acetylcysteine?” It is an awesome thing. NAC helps with general liver health. It supports glutathione, and glutathione is the universal antioxidant or functioning in the antioxidant cycle. We have liposomal glutathione, it is a bloody expensive thing, and it is heat-sensitive, so it is a pain in the ass to handle.

CIRSTEN: Okay, I’ll take that NAC, it sounds great. Yeah.

MARTIN: So Smokey Joe asks if I recommend MMS. Well, we talked about chlor-dioxide, that is what that is, and we have this product called Amazing O, which is a mix of chlorides that are a similar chemical thing, ROS, reactive oxygen species, and ours is a product that is approved by the EPA to add to drinking water, so we don’t have the problem of being chased by the FDA telling us that we can’t sell it. We do have something like it, perhaps stronger that is at least as effective. 

“What about vertigo?” Well, we talked about dizziness, vertigo and spinning, and all of that. That is a complicated problem, it is one of the symptoms of migraine syndrome, and we need to detoxify the people, nourish them well, it is complicated. However, it can be done, but it takes time. 

Debbie comes in with arthritis, it is an inflammatory condition. You need to reduce the causes of your inflammation. Stop eating foods that make you hurt, grains, and probably nightshades. Nightshades are tomato, potato, eggplant, bell pepper, red pepper, green and yellow pepper, cayenne pepper. Those are all nightshade plants. So if you are genetically not compatible with it, it is going to give you trouble. So maybe that is what you need to be off of. Oh, now we are discussing addiction to porn, that is interesting how people get into these sidebars.

CIRSTEN: That is crazy.

MARTIN: “I get vertigo,” says Cynthia. Well, it is reversible. Upper cervical chiro. I have had phenomenal success from getting an adjustment, which is called Atlas Profilax, atlas being the top vertebra, number one, and prophylaxis as being preventive. Anyway, this treatment was phenomenal, it adjusts the relationship between your spine and your skull, which most chiropractors don’t handle, and it was life-changing for me. I used to go to the chiropractor twice a week just to get maintained. Then I had this one adjustment, and I was done.

CIRSTEN: Guys, I have to run, so please, call Martin, if you need any one-on-one, he will be happy to help you! And I will see you all next week. Every week.

MARTIN: You want this every week?

CIRSTEN: Why not?

MARTIN: Okay! Well, I love you, I will send you some Nano Soma, and we will talk again next week!

CIRSTEN: Thanks, Martin. Thank you! Bye!

Author: Martin Pytela