Podcast 432: CirstenW Health Talks – Part 5

Cirsten Weldon invited Martin as a guest for her weekly live stream show to answer the most common health related questions.

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Podcast 432: CirstenW Health Talks – Part 5

CIRSTEN: Here you go, here is the man of the hour.

MARTIN: Oh, hello!

CIRSTEN: Hello, everyone! So, I am in South Carolina, it is rainy and cold, but it is beautiful here. And I am taking your stuff, it is keeping me sane. So that’s what’s going on.

MARTIN: It is good to be kind of grounded, right?

CIRSTEN: Yeah, it is great to be grounded, and it is great to be mellow. Everyone is asking me what I take. I take the Strata Flora to balance my digestive system, I take the Aurasil to give me all the greens that I need, I am actually running out, but I am on vacation, so I don’t think you should send it here, I think I will be back in a week, not next week, a week after, and I will get it at home, but I love this stuff. I am like… I wouldn’t say the word addicted, but very attached.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is like me addicted to oxygen, right?

CIRSTEN: I am very attached to it. And then we have of course the Zeolite for detox. I swear, my gums are in such good shape, you were correct, the receding gums are not receding anymore, after taking the Zeolite, the mercury is getting out of my body.

MARTIN: Yeah, great! So, to sum it up: The whole thing about living in the industrial age. All of us are now like fish in an aquarium. We are toxic with heavy metals, and we need to bind them out because if we don’t, they are making everything worse. It is like the baseline. If you have toxic metals, no matter what you do, everything is distorted. So when you bind the metals, things improve. And then the second step is the Strata Flora, where we are fixing the gut because heavy metals disrupt the gut, they mess with the microbes. So now we are correcting that. And then the third step is that Aurasil, I mean, that varies from person to person, Cirsten is getting Aurasil because it is calming, because her natural personality is this wired, high RPM, quick response. We don’t need to speed her up, we should ground her, so that is what we do.

CIRSTEN: My friend Amanda is taking something else, Amanda is taking the Powrtein, and she loves it.

MARTIN: That is because Amanda is sort of slow, mellow, maybe too mellow, and so she needs a pickup. We produce various things, each of them tuned for different people.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, definitely. And basically I told Amanda the other day you were the best gift that she could ever give me.


CIRSTEN: Because you make me feel so much better. That is nice, right?

MARTIN: But you know what? I have been hearing from so many people, your people, your invites, your referrals, and they are just saying things of this sort, like: “Oh, you are like an angel to me. You are a godsend!” We are getting these accolades for helping people come out of the trouble they are in. We are lifting people out of difficult situations, and that is important, right? When we correct the toxicity, and when we correct the gut because the gut is the most important part. If you have microbes that have been disturbed, nothing works properly. But once we put them back together, once we restore a decent balance, so many things start working well. 

What should be said is this: when we eat food, we are not directly absorbing it. We are actually taking it into the gut, and the microbes are processing it for us. And we are only digesting what the microbes make out of it. If the gut was sterile, we would not be able to absorb much of anything. So this is really a super important point. If your gut is not in good order, if the microbes are not in good balance, you will suffer health problems.

CIRSTEN: Correct. Because when I had an irritated bowel syndrome, I couldn’t absorb any food. It was just going through me. And the villi were all dried out, there was no absorption going on. I was getting no nutrition. And I was just going to the bathroom a lot from all this dairy product stuff I used to lose weight, it was awful, awful, awful. And now I am finally getting back to the weight I used to be, maybe that is why I am so wired, because my intestinal tract was so screwed up, really.

MARTIN: And so we are putting it back together, we are a month in, and I mean, I am looking at the glow on your face, and you are changing for sure!

CIRSTEN: Yeah, it is great, it is fantastic.

MARTIN: I just finished going through the scroll of the comments that were there before I came on. And there’s a lot of commentary going on about how we need to get the control of our land, our government, and our affairs back into our own hands. A lot of people are just saying the wrong people are running the place, and we would like to have the control in our hands. And I’d like to comment on that in this way: when you have your health, you can do a lot. When you don’t have your health, the only thing that is on your mind is trying to save your own health.


MARTIN: And so it is really important to understand it. They teach it on the airplanes! When you get on an airplane, they will tell you if the cabin depressurizes, you have to make sure to put your mask on first, before you start helping anyone else. First, take care of your own oxygen. And likewise, when you are discussing all of this, how you can save your country, and how you can help others and all of that, make sure that you are not one of the people who needs saving. Save yourself first, look after your own self. And the steps to help yourself are: Number one, get rid of the toxins because they make everything worse. Number two, fix your gut and your microbiome because the microbes are the most important feature within you. And then number three, nourishment. Nourish yourselves well with high-quality nutrients.

And number four, please remember this, as a consumer, you hold the key to the economy. When you spend a dollar, every single dollar, when you spend it, it is like oxygen to the person who produced what you are purchasing. So whatever you buy feeds the producer. When you buy crappy food, grown with GMO and toxic stuff, you have fed this whole system that grew it. You pay the chemical company, and you pay the big business. When you spend your money with us, you are paying a farmer who is growing food organically, and you are paying a small business that employs people directly. You are spending money outside of the big monster corporations. So understand that. When you spend your money here with us, you are feeding your independence.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. And why wouldn’t you want to look and feel your best? And you can do so much more! If you are not feeling well, you can’t do anything. And Martin has the best products, by the way, Martin has got like 600 products. So he always custom tailors these things for you, he knows exactly what you need.

MARTIN: Yeah. Somebody popped up and said: “What do you have for constipation? I could go two weeks without a bowel movement.”

CIRSTEN: Wow, I would be dead, I couldn’t do that!

MARTIN: That is not good. Well, okay. We are supposed to go number two twice a day, not every two weeks. Actually, there should be a bowel movement for every large meal. So if you eat a large lunch, maybe 24 hours later there should be a large thing leaving you. And if you have a large dinner, then there should be another one like that. So what do we do for people like that? It is probably the microbes that need fixing. So the Strata Flora is a great tool for that. In general it is water, fiber, and microbes. Sometimes you may be short of minerals. Magnesium is the mineral that is needed to make the peristalsis work. The peristalsis, that is the movement of the smooth muscle, and these muscle fibers that make the peristalsis work in the gut are stimulated by magnesium. So if you are not having a bowel movement, then you might need more magnesium. And use it to tolerance. I don’t know how much that is for you.

CIRSTEN: To tolerance, so until you get diarrhea, I guess…

MARTIN: Basically, yes, until it is soft. You don’t need to make it so watery that it is unpleasant, but until it is soft enough to move.

CIRSTEN: I have a question. This one person was asking for her dog, her dog has got kidney disease, and they don’t replace the kidneys on the animals. What kind of things can you take to help the kidneys work?

MARTIN: Oh, that is a rough one. What happens when you put a dog on a human diet, or when you feed a dog the industrial diet with grains, the dog foods like the kibbles by Purina, that is exactly the wrong type of food made by the wrong type of people. If you look at nature, you don’t see coyotes sitting around a campfire, roasting their corn on the cob. They go and they kill something and rip its belly open and eat the guts. That is a delicacy to the dog. Of course, that is not what you are feeding your dog.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, you need to give the dog some meat!

MARTIN: Yeah, it is called biologically appropriate raw food, BARF. That is what the dog deserves. Once the dog is sick with kidneys, I have a tincture, I don’t know if it would work on a dog, but you can try, it is a kidney tonic called Kidney-Bladder Ease. Maybe it could be just drops added into the dog’s drinking water.

CIRSTEN: Okay, let me give her your number, she’s in Mexico, and she is sending me pictures of dog food. What is your number again?

MARTIN: It is (866) 543 3388. But you can send me an e-mail order at [email protected]. And we can also set up a private Zoom call.

CIRSTEN: Okay, thank you. Do we have any questions?

MARTIN: Well, there are all kinds of comments coming, I am just trying to make sense of what’s going on here.

CIRSTEN: Okay. She is saying she has got some organic apple cider vinegar, I dunno if that helps.

MARTIN: Well, I don’t know if it works for dogs, it does work for humans…

CIRSTEN: Oh, okay. She can’t order from the US. She has been cooking chicken for the dog as well. Can you ship to Mexico?

MARTIN: I can ship it, I just don’t know if the mail gets there, I don’t have much experience. We do have a service on our website, we partner up with a company called Shipito, people can create their own account with Shipito, that gives them a US address, and the forwarding company handles it all the way to them.

CIRSTEN: Wow. Okay. All right. So, do we have any questions, folks? “My brother has a problem with his dog, I will tell him.” Okay, so we are asking about our dogs now, let’s move to humans. Leg cramps are caused by, I would assume, lack of circulation, correct?

MARTIN: Well, calcium-magnesium imbalance is one of the common causes. So when you do get crampy, try magnesium. 9 times out of 10, it does fix it.

CIRSTEN: “I take tons and tons of kale every day. I ordered Strata Flora from you. Is it normal to have stomach, intestine uneasiness? Or was I drinking too much?”

MARTIN: Yep, you definitely took too much. Remember how on the bottle it says ‘start with one quarter of a teaspoon,’ that is like the size of the tip of your finger. That stuff is powerful. Don’t take too much. There’s a lot of stuff living in your gut and a lot of stuff left behind in your gut that the microbes need to take care of and work out. Most people who just begin the Strata Flora will experience bloating and gas and uneasiness and all kinds of side effects.

CIRSTEN: The Strata Flora is amazing, I take that first before I take the Aurasil because I want to balance my gut before I get the nutrition from the super greens. So that is what I do first, but I kind of mix them together in a drink. So it is all good.

MARTIN: Lack of potassium also causes leg cramps. Well, you see, there are four major minerals, calcium and magnesium control the sympathetic side of the autonomic nervous system. And then sodium and potassium, that is the other pair. And you need to balance both pairs. Sometimes you have too much calcium, not enough magnesium, that is one possible imbalance. But the other possible imbalance is sodium-potassium. Some people actually need more sodium if you can believe it. If you sweat a lot, like if you are working in hot weather, or if you are just sweating lots, you could cause yourself cramps by actually losing too much sodium, and you need to use more salt. One other thing that helps is bitter things.

CIRSTEN: Yes. I learned these two things from Martin last week. So, potassium, you can get that from bananas, but I’d say it is full of sugar. He said you can get that also from apple cider vinegar, so I got some apple cider vinegar, so I am going to try that tonight.

MARTIN: I have seen people who have this potassium imbalance, who had high blood pressure, took two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 10 days later, the blood pressure was normal.

CIRSTEN: Wow. This lady says: “I have COPD, asthma, allergies, diverticulitis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, sclerosis, bone disease, and a really bad back and neck.” Holy Moly!

MARTIN: Dear girl, you are a mess! Here is the thing: Bone disease, bad back, that is toxicity speaking, right? Like you heard me say: Get the metals out. You need to get the metals out. The diverticulitis and arthritis, that is the bad microbes speaking. Get your gut in order. COPD and asthma, that is your lymphatic system speaking. You are congested, there is not enough movement, and you are overly alkaline. It is called histadelia, and it happens when your body is over alkalized, which means the way you are eating is out of balance, and you need to understand your metabolic type. If you are an autonomic, you are eating too much starch. But if you are an oxidizer, you are eating too much fat. I can’t answer that before I know you.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, you have to call him, he will ask you a lot of questions.

MARTIN: Yeah. And you know, arthritis, that is inflammation of the joint, there might be a calcium-magnesium imbalance. You probably need magnesium. Another question: “What will help dermatomyositis? Jesus, these medical terms, you know, anything that has the -itis or -otis at the end is inflammation. Derma means skin. This is an autoimmune condition that causes skin changes and muscle weakness. Symptoms will include red skin rash around eyelids, red bumps around the joints, muscle weakness, arms, legs. The answer to that is as with any and all autoimmune diseases – we always start at the beginning. Toxicity, malnutrition, stagnation, and trauma. So we need to deal with all of that. We need to detoxify you first. Heavy metals out. Without that we are hooped.

CIRSTEN: Yes. I am on vacation now, and I miss my prills, I miss my water!

MARTIN: Isn’t that something, Cirsten?

CIRSTEN: Yeah! I love those prills, it is fantastic, I wish I had some right now, but I don’t.

MARTIN: I remember I went on a trip for maybe four days and I thought: Oh, I am not going to bother with it. And so I told my wife, when she was picking me up at the airport: “Love, do you have any prill water with you?” She did. I took that pint and I just turned it upside down and emptied it inside of me straight. I was so dried out, it was nothing funny. You will be so happy to find your prills again when you get back home.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, you can’t find any water like that, it doesn’t taste the same, you don’t feel the same. It just gives you something amazing. Just those little beads! And I am putting Kangen water in there on top of it.


CIRSTEN: So, more questions: “What do you do if you have diabetes?” What do you suggest?

MARTIN: Well, the first thing that you need to deal with is glycemic index, right? How much starch is in your diet? Because starch, when it is digested, converts directly into glucose. And if your blood glucose is too high, you need to find some way to change your lifestyle and not eat as much glucose. That means less starch. That means go on a keto diet, that means a lot of veggies like salads, and fats, healthy oils, like flax oil, hemp, oil, olive oil, that sort of thing.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. So hemp oil, olive oil…

MARTIN: Yeah. And coconut oil. Olive oil is probably the healthiest.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. And limit the fruit. This is what I learned from Martin last week. If you eat a lot of dairy products and a lot of starches, you will have a lot of inflammation. So try to lighten up on that. The other thing I learned was about the ratio of calcium to magnesium, it has to be correct.

MARTIN: Very good, you are an awesome student. Your mind is so together.

CIRSTEN: I was a dementia victim, like a few weeks I was having dementia.

MARTIN: Oh, really? Oh my God!

CIRSTEN: Bad dementia. So the more upset you get, the angrier you get, the worse your dementia is. Plus all the mercury seeping out. But now I am taking Zeolite, and it is better. My gums feel so much better. My gums were receding, and they are like: “Oh, that is hereditary. Your mom must have had that disease.” I go: “Okay, my mom must have had a lot of mercury also.”

MARTIN: The unfortunate bit about this is that the toxic burden gets passed from the mother to the child. That does happen.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. But I mean, if you don’t have any mercury fillings, you are doing better. I took out all of mine, but I needed something to absorb all of those metals, and I do feel a lot better. My back is better, everything is better.

MARTIN: Fantastic.

CIRSTEN: This is what just happened, I strained my back two days ago, I dropped my hat, I reached for it, and my back went out. Usually, that lasts for five to six days. This time it lasted for one day, and my back just popped back in. It was amazing. The recovery is very quick now.

MARTIN: Yeah, nice. So, any more questions?

CIRSTEN: “Do you experience pain in areas while you are detoxing?”

MARTIN: Well, what happens when you are detoxing, and when you overdo it, you are going to have things like headache, or skin eruptions, or whatever. If you overwhelm the detox pathways, if you don’t drink enough water, and you try to detoxify too fast, you are going to have problems. But suffering is strictly optional. You don’t have to suffer, if you do things the right way.

CIRSTEN: This woman says: “I have IBS, I am in so much chronic pain every day, I have pelvic floor dysfunction, and sciatica. Can you help?”

MARTIN: Well, you know, it is the same story, moments ago, we were reading about the lady whose back was a mess, and whose gut was a mess, and whose spine was a mess, and all of that. This is a different list of symptoms, but it is the same idea. You are loaded with toxins. Your gut is out of order, and you need repairing. Get some Zeolite, so that you can tie up and get rid of the toxic burden. Once that is out, even before it is out of you, start fixing your microbiome, you need to fix your gut. And then we can start repairing the broken tissues. I have a product called Doc’s Aminos, created by a chiropractor, who was super frustrated by the fact that his clients were not holding the adjustment. And the reason they were not holding is that they were deficient in free-form amino acids. So he formulated the amino acid profile. However, it is a crutch, right? Until your body starts digesting food properly, you can take this stuff, it will make up for the deficit.

MARTIN: Somebody is drinking three liters of water and wondering if it is too much. Well, you drink as much as you need to drink.

CIRSTEN: Right, whatever your body tells you, you do. If you feel thirsty, you drink.

MARTIN: I tell you this much: When you get the prills, these prills treat the water, and they change the water structure. And when the water structure is improved, you don’t need as much water to drink, because you are hydrated better, so you might not need to do three liters of water, you might only need two. Chlorophyll is an excellent source of nutrients, it is parasympathizing, which means it will be supporting your healing, it will make your blood healthier… that is why wheatgrass, barley grass, and chlorella are so healthy, they are loaded with chlorophyll.

CIRSTEN: “I received my product super fast, loving them, truly. Astrid.” Thank you, Astrid!

MARTIN: Oh, Astrid! Yeah, I talked to her!

CIRSTEN: She is from Facebook. Another comment: “My mom stopped with cows milk, and white potatoes, and she has arthritis flare-ups.” Maybe it is a sign of detox?

MARTIN: When you stop eating toxic things, there may indeed be a period of time when things get a little excited. A healing crisis of sorts.

CIRSTEN: “How about Parkinson’s? My parents have it, several people on the street have it. My mother suffers so bad. Neurologists can’t seem to get meds right to help with the pain and anxiety attacks.”

MARTIN: Just last week we put up a new podcast on the Life Enthusiast website about a product called Nano Soma. Listen to that podcast. Actually, Cirsten, I sent you one jar of that product!

CIRSTEN: Oh yeah, I take that!

MARTIN: The Nano Soma repairs the receptor sites on cells, especially one of the really important ones, the vitamin D3 receptor, which deals with how we metabolize minerals, especially calcium. Long story short, after a few months of using it, even the Parkinson’s symptoms go away.

CIRSTEN: Wow. I have that one, I am taking that right now! I used lecithin to lose weight.

MARTIN: Sorry, somebody says that they use lecithin to lose weight?

CIRSTEN: No, I did it one time, but I didn’t lose any.

MARTIN: Lecithin is a universal emulsifier, which means that it will help to move anything that is fat around the body, but moving it around doesn’t mean that it is moving out.

CIRSTEN: Right, that is true, It didn’t move out.

MARTIN: Yeah, but it is an important nutrient, and we all need some.

CIRSTEN: Remember everyone that was here last week? I said I figured out the three levels of antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, number one was oil of Oregano, then one step up from that was Black Seed Oil, and what I am taking now is Fulvic acid. That is the topic you can take! Fulvic acid, good for inflammation and everything else. Now, can Nano Soma be taken with the prill water?

MARTIN: Of course! The Nano Soma is a liquid that you just squirt in your mouth, you hold it there for a minute or two, and then you can do whatever else you want to do.

CIRSTEN: Right. Someone said: “I love Powrtein.” Good! If I took that, I’d be flying! (laughing).

MARTIN: (laughing) Yeah, if we give it to Cirsten she would be the most powerful researcher in the world, she would never sleep.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, exactly. I don’t need that. Amanda Grace is doing really well with that though, she loves it. Amanda introduced me to Martin, so I thank her for that. Okay, let’s get to some more questions: “I am detoxing for five years.” Some people detox for more than five years!

MARTIN: Well I am detoxing every day still. There are two words that should be used – detoxification and cleansing. I see industrial detoxing as a class of its own. Stuff that our bodies are not even designed to know what to do with, like formaldehyde, lead, or mercury. Cleansing would be the natural metabolites of eating, breathing, and whatever. When we need to do both, we need to make the bowel move properly, and we need to have enough good microbes in the body to digest food and extract nutrients, and all of that business. That is important.

CIRSTEN: Someone is asking: “What does the fulvic acid have that the oil of Oregano does not?”

MARTIN: Oh, I see. Well, the oil of Oregano is a wonderful thing, it is sort of like an antimicrobial in the sense that the essential oils that are in there are locking the microbes’ function. Fulvic acid is a detoxifier. It actually gets inside your cells and it detoxifies, helps the cell get rid of metabolic waste, so it makes room inside the cells, so that the mitochondria, the energy-generating modules, are able to convert food into energy more efficiently. When you detox using fulvic, you will have more energy, and everything starts working correctly. And detoxified cells can return to normal function. So with oregano, you are blocking microbes. With fulvic, you are enabling energy and all-natural cellular function. So that really is two different things, right? You can’t even compare.

CIRSTEN: The fulvic acid is like bringing on the power tools. I did take oil of Oregano one time when I had some kind of infection, some kind of bacterial infection, and it did work, but I think the fulvic acid is much stronger, that is what I think.

MARTIN: Well it does a different thing.

CIRSTEN: “Is fulvic acid harsh?” No, it is not.

MARTIN: No. And everything depends on the quantity of things, you know? Water can be harsh, you can drown in it if you take too much all at once.

CIRSTEN: “What are the benefits of the humic acid?”

MARTIN: So let’s talk about humic. Humus is essentially the name for compost, the decomposed biomass, right? If you take plant matter and decompose it, you end up with humus, and the humic acid is sort of like the juice that you extract out of that. And the fulvic acid are the smallest particles extracted out of that. The humic is too big to get inside your cells, but it stays in your gut, in your liver, and places like that. And it is super important because it helps the microbes function correctly. The microbes love having more humic in the gut, so supplementing humic acid is a super good thing. It also helps to keep people slimmer. Bodybuilders use it for cutting, when they are preparing for shows, when they want to lose the last 5% of fat, they use humic for that.

CIRSTEN: Can I get some? I need some of that. (laughing)

MARTIN: (laughing) You need everything!

CIRSTEN: I need everything. And every time I come on the show, I am like: “I need that. I need more, I need that.” But definitely the two I can’t do without are the Strata Flora and the Aurasil, all of this is extra.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is it. You need the basics, right? You need the water, and the detox with Zeolite to get rid of the toxic things. Then fix your gut and then start nourishing. Somebody just put up: “Leukemia.” That is a big, ugly word. Leukemia kills a lot of people. As far as I know, it is the illness of people who are supposed to eat a hunter-style diet who are eating farmer-style food. If I were counseling anyone, I would say: “Get on a keto diet, eat a lot of grass, not fruit, eat a lot of salad, not bread, eat steak, not rice.” But leukemia is an extreme. Leukemia is the cancer of the blood. There are two types of cancer. Cancer develops in the body when the cells don’t have enough oxygen, this happens when the body fluids are too acidic, you get tumors like breast cancer, colon cancer, that sort of thing. When the pH is too alkaline, you get the fluid cancers, like leukemia or lymphoma or stuff like that. Anyway, that is too much medicine. It is possible to control the symptoms.

“To V, or not to V?” Well, certainly, I am not planning to be experimenting on myself. None of the trials have been finished, we are in a big open trial. There are ways that you can deal with infectious organisms other than using the V. I would say that vitamin D is important, zinc is important, and we have this stuff called Amazing O, which is an oxygen supplement that will help wipe out the infections, you can look it up on our site if you want. “How about blood type O?” Blood type O in general are the hunters. They usually do not do well with grains. They usually do much better on a diet that is ketogenic, steak and salad, stir fry, chicken salad, fish. Just no bread, no rice, no potato. “Please help me. What I can tell my son, he took the experiment shot.” There is this product that I started talking about, Nano Soma. It has the ability to repair the DNA.

CIRSTEN: Do I have that?

MARTIN: It is a bottle with a golden top, that has got the sprayer on it.

CIRSTEN: I never got that. I didn’t get a sprayer!

MARTIN: Well, why don’t you entertain people for a while, I will go get one and I will show it to you. I will be back in 20 seconds.

CIRSTEN: Okay. I am just mixing a bottle of honey and vinegar, apple cider vinegar, so I can get some potassium. I bought this yesterday and I am going to drink it. Let me take a look at it. I don’t think I got that. Let’s see it.

MARTIN: Okay, so here is Nano Soma, we will get you some. When you take the lid off, there is this tiny little nozzle. You push down on this thing, it squits the liquid out. This thing repairs the DNA.

CIRSTEN: That looks like the same stuff I used in the past, the l-glutathione, do you guys have that?

MARTIN: I have l-glutathione available, but it is very finicky, it has to be refrigerated, and I don’t have a refrigerated warehouse, so it is a bit of a problem.

CIRSTEN: I used to take it in Asia, it would clear out your skin, it was great to lighten your skin, it was fantastic. Well, do we have more questions? We have to cut it here, because I got to do another show, but why don’t you guys all call Martin? Call him at (866) 543 3388.

MARTIN: Oh no, don’t do that to me! Not all at once, please. Karen Edison is asking: “Where can I order that?” Karen, look at the screen, see how it says www.life-enthusiast.com? Go there, that is my website.

CIRSTEN: You guys never look at the description, you can just copy and paste the link. All of the stuff is in the description.

MARTIN: And somebody is asking about a girlfriend, who’s got problems. You know, those are serious medical conditions that we can help with, but I just can’t do medicine over the Internet. You will have to call me.

CIRSTEN: Guys, you need to pace it so he can answer one by one, so first come, first serve. A lot of us have talked to him already, so you know what it is like. I have to say for myself, I feel amazing, look at my skin, it is amazing, compared to what it was, it is way better. Thank you. One more question: “Is colloidal silver okay?” Yeah, it is great, I love it.

MARTIN: Yeah, it absolutely works. But remember, it kills microbes. It is great to inhale to kill microbes, it is not great to swallow it every day, because you are going to kill microbes in your gut.

CIRSTEN: That is true. Okay. That is it for today, guys! Thank you very much, everyone. Thanks, Martin!

MARTIN: When do we need to meet next time?

CIRSTEN: Next week, same time! See you next week, everyone!

Author: Martin Pytela