Cirsten Weldon invited Martin as a guest for her weekly live stream show to answer the most common health related questions.

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Podcast 435: Cirsten W Health Talks – Part 8

CIRSTEN: Okay, here we go! It has been a while, you have been very busy.

MARTIN: Oh my Lord, I have had a life and a half in this amount of time.

CIRSTEN:Oh my gosh! So, I am using your spray, the Epiphany spray, and it is helping my arm. I had a bad thing in my back and then it went up to my arm, I can’t even lift it all the way, it is awful.

MARTIN: Yes. It will loosen the blocked energies.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, it is bad. I don’t know, I got massages and everything, but it is helping. Hi, everyone in the chat!

MARTIN: Hi, everybody!

CIRSTEN: It has been a while, Martin hasn’t been here.

MARTIN: Am I actually visible to the people in the chat?

CIRSTEN: Of course!

MARTIN: Well, hello then! I am back, I am ready to take the world on, full force! We have done some amazing work! You know, what really killed me was the amazing response to the Nano Soma. But you know what? The stories I am getting back from the people are just astoundingly good!

CIRSTEN: Well, let’s hear what they are saying though!

MARTIN: Well, okay. This thing repairs everything, regardless of what harmed you. So it doesn’t really matter if you have made yourself less well by drinking alcohol, or by taking some chemicals, injection or otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

CIRSTEN: I wonder if you could take the Epiphany and AuraSil together…

MARTIN: Oh, absolutely, yes you can, totally. The Aurasil is a nutritional supplement, right? It feeds your body. The Epiphany is an energetic supplement, that helps the energy in your body flow correctly. I am trying to find a particular article that this lady sent me just the just yesterday…

CIRSTEN: This is the one that 2,400 people were waiting for, right? This stuff…

MARTIN: Yeah, that is the stuff. They are just coming out of production with the next batch.

CIRSTEN: So we are mostly fulfilled to everyone, right? We have got everything out.

MARTIN: Oh yeah, all orders that have gone through me have been fulfilled, for sure.

CIRSTEN: Oh, great. Perfect. Everyone should be happy! Hi, Maria! Anyone that has gotten the Nano Soma, can you comment how well it has done for them?

MARTIN: Okay, I found the comments line here, finally.

CIRSTEN: There were 2,400 people waiting for the stuff, and they are happy.

MARTIN: Yeah. I have had one person call me and say: “It tastes like baby vomit.”

CIRSTEN: No, it tastes good!

MARTIN: Well, we went asking questions, and the manufacturer says: “You know, when you are tasting anything other than water, that means your body is out of balance. So when it finally tastes like plain water to you, you are finished balancing. Until that time you are still repairing.”

CIRSTEN: Right. This stuff that everyone is waiting for, it returns your body to the original state, the health state. I am getting it right?

MARTIN: Yes, absolutely.

CIRSTEN: I’ll tell you something, when I ran out of my Strata-Flora, my body started to freak out!

MARTIN: I am so sorry to cause you this trouble!

CIRSTEN: You gave me so much of that AuraSil which is all the super greens, but no more Strata-Flora! I needed the Strata Flora along with that, I am so used to it. Everything has worked out, I have lost some weight from that other stuff, what is that stuff?

MARTIN: Oh yeah, the Thermo Burn II, right?

CIRSTEN: Not the Thermo Burn alone, it was along with the stuff that starts with the C… the stuff that gets rid of your belly fat, whatever that is…

MARTIN: Oh, cortisol!

CIRSTEN: Yeah, the Cortisol-Ease.

MARTIN: So that worked for you?

CIRSTEN: Yeah, that worked well, that worked really well. I eat regular, and I still lose weight, it is great.

MARTIN: Perfect! So let me read to you this thing that came, this lady is 80 years old, and she has written to me a number of times, she is educated, and together, she knows her stuff and she really, really got her act together. But she suffered a lot, a lot of pain in her life. And she says: “I have taken Nano Soma for five days. Each day is the experience that the best part of me and my life has the opportunity to emerge in ways that were not available for a long time, like many, many months. I feel whole again, in the core of my being! I am in appreciation of Life Enthusiast, and the people of Nano Soma for assisting me in reviving the sense of authentic hope for my life. I am filled with gratitude.”


MARTIN: This is why we do it, right? I mean, we have totally rung her bell.

CIRSTEN: This lady says: “I need the cortisol stuff.” I am gonna remove myself for a second, I will get it and I show it on camera.

MARTIN: All right. The Cortisol-Ease is a product that is a herbal tincture. It helps the body get rid of excess cortisol. When you are in stress, you are making too much cortisol. And so when you are wired in the evening, and can’t slow down, that is usually cortisol. And the Cortisol-Ease helps the body to break it apart.

CIRSTEN: I love this stuff. This Cortisol-Ease is fantastic. So this lady just said she needs some, what’s her name up there? Rita McIntosh-McCarty. It is called Cortisol-Ease, that is what it is called. And I love this stuff. It helps me relax, and lose weight. You usually think you gotta get some caffeine and get hyped up to lose weight. No, this stuff relaxes you, and you lose weight on top of it. I sleep so much now, I sleep like maybe nine hours, I love sleeping, it is my favorite thing. And sometimes in the afternoon, I can take an afternoon nap, which I never could before, before when the sun was up, I could not go to sleep. And now when the sun is up, I can go to sleep. I am much more relaxed. I really like this stuff. And I have to say for your Pineal, that I mixed with the Fulvic Acid, if I don’t take that one day, I feel a little like my memory is having a brain fart. That stuff is great. That stuff makes you focus like a laser!

MARTIN: Yeah, it brings the brain back into good function.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, that is a good product too. All of his products that I take are fantastic, but I need more of this Cortisol-Ease, I don’t ever wanna run out, I like it so much.

MARTIN:You should have told me! I could have send you more! How close to running out are you now?

CIRSTEN: I have got half a bottle, that is fine, so you can send me some. It is  good stuff, I mean, that is all I need right now. You send me so much of the AuraSil, I have tons of it.

MARTIN: I need you to eat a lot of it, so you are strong, and your skin will glow, and your hair will madly, and all that.

CIRSTEN: But if you are going to give so much of that, I need to have the Strata-Flora to match it. I appreciate it! So yes, Rita, it is called Cortisol-Ease, you can call him up, he loves to hear from new people. He hasn’t heard from new people probably for a couple weeks that he hasn’t been on this show!

MARTIN: (laughing) But please, understand…

CIRSTEN: You look refreshed, before you were looking a little stressed, because you had so many calls!

MARTIN: Oh yeah. And so now you are telling them to call me. I am happy to be here, I am happy to answer questions, and I give anyone the 15-minute intro session for free, but there are only so many hours in the day, right?

CIRSTEN: Right. But you are very refreshed, you must take this stuff too. You probably take the Cortisol-Ease. Did you take that too?



MARTIN: No, I don’t take the Cortisol-Ease, I don’t need it.

CIRSTEN: Okay. I mean, all the stuff that you send me, I love.

MARTIN: My wife takes Cortisol-Ease because she is a stressy type. She is quite a bit like you. Somebody in the chat, Mr. Fullbloom, is saying: “Turpentine and shilajit.” Well, you see, the shilajit is the original Humic and Fulvic. Shilajit is what comes out of rocks in India, in the Himalayas. But around the world, you can find humic and fulvic. So when Cirsten talks about taking the Pineal, that is a solution of fulvic with combination of life crystals, which really picks up the life energy, that is why you are feeling so strong, when you on it. It feeds the brain, you think clearer. Somebody here, Maria, thinks that you look fabulous!

CIRSTEN: Oh, wow! Thank you! I don’t have any makeup, not one inch of makeup on, I have a little bit of eyeshadow and stuff, but no foundation, it is all the products. You know, the good thing about me is I am very consistent. I am not like a lot of my friends who are like: “I’ll take it for one day, and then I won’t take it.” I take it every day, so I am consistent. So I know when I run out, and when I need more. It is just great, the greens are fantastic, the AuraSil and Strata-Flora, they are really fantastic, they’ll help your skin as well.

MARTIN: See, what people need to understand, the AuraSil is loaded with raw greens. When you sprout things, let’s just say you sprout barley, it comes from the grain, and then you have these grass fibers sprouting up, and as they sprout, when they are about four inches tall, we cut them, and they are the most rapidly growing part of the plant, loaded with chlorophyll and enzymes. That gets harvested, and then we mix that with things like chlorella and alfalfa, we emulsify it with Lecithin, and we add minerals… it is a rich blend of things. It is super-healing, rich in enzymes, and rich nutrition, supports repair, it rebuilds the human body, that is why it is working so well.

CIRSTEN: Right. You have to be consistent, you almost have to have like a routine. You need to get rid of your toxic metals with the Zeolite, then you go in and you take the thing for your gut flora to get your digestive system going, and then you put in the AuraSil, it just works together. And then get the Nano Soma, if you want extra, to get your body back to the way it was, everyone loves that.

MARTIN: Pam over here says: “Taking Nano Soma, my eye floaters are gone.” You know what’s interesting, the eye floaters, these are little protein bits inside your eye, and the health of your eye is the reflection of the health of your liver. So when your liver is repairing, your vision improves.

CIRSTEN: Oh, wow, that makes sense. “Do you have a product for prediabetes?”

MARTIN: Yeah, it is called Stop Eating Bread.

CIRSTEN: (laughing) No white carbohydrates for you!

MARTIN:If you are diabetic, you are eating too much starch. We do have the product, right? It is the Powrtein, that is a superfood, you get on that and you, number one – stop craving food, number two – have lots of energy, and number three – repair the glucose regime in the body. One other thing – the Nano Soma instantly repairs the mitochondria in the body, so your glucose regime improves dramatically.


MARTIN: We have had people whose blood glucose corrected overnight. Overnight!

CIRSTEN: It is a good product. That is why they had to wait for it, 2,400 people are waiting for that product!

MARTIN: William says: “What do you think of Fulvic Acid?” Well, the Pineal that Cirsten just talked about, that is mostly Fulvic acid. We think Fulvic is one of those really important things because it helps to restore your cells, restore your mitochondrial health, restore your digestive health, detox you from industrial toxins. Yeah, it is a beautiful thing.

CIRSTEN: I went through this before, I talked about out the three levels of antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal. The lowest level would be probably oil of Oregano, which does work, you have to probably take a ton of it. Then the second level is probably Black Cumin Seed Oil, that is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal. And the top of the chain would be the Fulvic Acid, which is all of those things, and I just learned that viruses are things in your body that are dying off, and the body is trying to excrete them, is that correct?

MARTIN: Yes, that is right. Somebody from this conversation is on Life Enthusiastic website, trying to type into the chatline there: “I am watching Cirsten chat.”

CIRSTEN: Hey, I am glad you are watching, but you should be on this chat line, on this channel. “Black Seed oil tastes nasty.” Okay, Zana Taylor, you know what I do when I break out? I take some Black Seed oil, and I mix it with diatomaceous earth, and you can make a little gel, put it on the breakout, and it dries it, and heals it up. That is what I use. But this stuff tastes great, the Pineal, which has the Fulvic acid, it tastes good. The Black Seed oil, I think, is better for external use.

MARTIN: I think the Black Cumin Seed Oil tastes like motor oil. Let me answer something here. Sheila says: “I have thought for a long time that I have too much cortisol. How do we get it?” Well, yeah, your body, your adrenals make cortisol in response to stress. And when you have too much of it, you need help. And the Cortisol-Ease is what helps your body decompose the excess cortisol. So Cortisol-Ease means erase it, get rid of it.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, when you have too much cortisol, it holds onto the fat. Just like when you have a lot of problems with your probiotics. You need probiotics. When you get rid of the candida.. what kills that off? That’s an acid too. What is that acid called?

MARTIN: Caprylic Acid Complex

Cirsten: That stuff kills off candida and gets you skinny too. Those two things. Wow. But this stuff tastes good I like it.. and it works.. so relaxing. Okay so here we have Ms Skills Gamer she put on the screen about the discounts and everything else.

MARTIN: Yeah, and thank you for sharing the phone number…

CIRSTEN: Martin has a coupon code for you guys, LEMOB10, that is 10% off of your first order.

MARTIN: When you use that, you get 10% off, it is a one time use, one time per customer. If you have used it in the past, it won’t work the second time. So to answer the ‘how do I get the cortisol’ question, your adrenals make it because you are responding to stress. And then Pam says: “I am taking three sprays of Nano Soma a day. Is that okay?” Well, whatever is working for you is okay. When I was first getting into it, I was taking 20 sprays a day, because I wanted to know how quickly I can get over my stuff. And boy, did I! I had herpes, I had papilloma, and I had Epstein-Barr, you know, the mononucleosis, when I was young. And it all pushed it out of me like you wouldn’t believe.

CIRSTEN: Oh yeah. That talking about the Barr, we talked about something called Gion Barr…

MARTIN: Okay, that is a Guillain-Barré, it is a syndrome that causes a terrible problem in the nerves. Neurological problems. People lose their ability to walk, or sing… all kinds of problems.


MARTIN: So, somebody from this call already left me their phone number here on my website, saying: “Call me.” I said I will call you after the show. Not now.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, after the show, not during the show! If you wanna talk to Martin during the show, you gotta type it in the chat on this channel! We have Gypsy Nurse here, saying: “I really need the Nano Soma, but I am on a fixed income. I do take the MMS Drops.” Now, the MMS Drops is not the same as the Nano Soma.

MARTIN: To explain: MMS, or chlorine dioxide, is ROS, which stands for Reactive Oxygen Species delivery. It delivers into the body huge amounts of oxygen, it is sort of like coming in with a flame thrower to burn off crap. It is great, but it is quite strong, it kills microbes, viruses, fungus, bacteria, it does a great job. We actually sell something like that too on our website, we have something called Amazing O. The ‘O’ is for oxygen.

CIRSTEN: Oh, I have that too! When do you use that? Can you use that every day, or no?

MARTIN: Yeah, if you think that you want to use a flame thrower every day.

CIRSTEN: Right. I took that MMS, and my gosh, my hair was like straw, and I was so stupid, you know me, I don’t like to read directions, so I was dropping not mixing it together the two different things to make a caramel colour.. I was doing something else.. so my gosh, my hair and my skin were so dry from that stuff, wow that was awful. Awful, awful, awful.

MARTIN: You can really wreck your body if you overdo stuff. You need to understand that the MMS causes oxidative stress, which is the same kind of stress as aging will cause in your body. And here is the point: when you age forward, say two weeks in one hour, you survive it, but the bugs don’t.


MARTIN: Then your natural defenses will kick in and reverse it, repair you, and all of that. So you can use this thing only now and then, that is why you take it in a short burst, and then you stop. You take it once a day, you don’t keep taking it.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I was taking it for like weeks… Question: “What should I take as a CV preventative, to protect me from shedding?”

MARTIN: Nano Soma, all day long. It does a fantastic job of repairing your immune system for multiple reasons. It repairs the vitamin D pathways, it repairs vitamin C pathways, it deals with the cells that are responsible for sweeping abnormal cells out of your body, you know, the big ‘C’ word, it will get rid of that.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. I have a product that my girlfriend and I created, I am gonna ask Martin about it, from star anise, that is the shikimic acid, the strongest stuff, and also we have white pine to help with the shedding and the spiking, and that is for to be around people that have had that thing, so it really does help, because she did the research on the shikimic acid. The lowest one would be the fennel, the second one is the white pine, and the highest is the star anise, and then they were giving her a hard time and she is like: “I did my research, I don’t get the star needs from this place, I get it from another place,” because there is star anise from a certain place that is poisonous, and she gets it from the other place, she knows what she is doing.

MARTIN: Right. Corbin says: “How much Nano Soma and Zeolite do I take to be cured? Or is it just all the same?” Not all the same, and you take it continually. Well, at least the Nano Soma is a food thing, you take it ongoing, you don’t take it once, you take it all the time. As far as the Zeolite, you can take it for a while, and stop.

CIRSTEN: Really? I take it every day!

MARTIN: Which, Zeolite?

CIRSTEN: Yes, the Zeolite.

MARTIN: Well, yeah, but you can take it for a year, and then you can let go.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, because it is helping my gums, they are not receding anymore, it is great, it is fantastic. I can tell the difference, it is really amazing.

MARTIN: Yeah. So here’s another cool question: “What are the nanoparticles in the Nano Soma? How will 5G affect your body?” So, the word ‘nano’ is a Greek word that means ‘little’ or ‘tiny.’ A nanometer is a 1 billionth of a meter. So anything that you measure in nanometers is nano. You can think of it this way: If they talk about nano bots, those are tiny little machines. And if you want to fight with nano bots, you need to have tiny little heroes, nano good guys. To ‘nano-size’ something means to make it small. Anything can be ‘nano.’

CIRSTEN: It is an amazing product, it is returning your body to the perfectionistic DNA, feels like, it is returning it to that. That is why you have a long waiting list.

MARTIN: This is nuts, I now have nine open chat lines.

CIRSTEN: (laughing) People!

MARTIN: People, are you nuts?

CIRSTEN: You guys need to get on the show chatline! We are live on the show! Now you have people on your private chat line, poor Martin! Charlene says: “Poor Martin!”

MARTIN: Okay, one sec, I just want to finish this topic about the nanoparticles. Just because something is called ‘nano’ doesn’t mean it is anything bad or sideways. It just means that the particles are tiny. It is sort of like thinking that Blackbird is from Africa. And how will 5G affect you? Well, 5G is a millimeter size wave, so when you get hit by the 5G or millimeter size waves, it causes something called the voltage gated calcium channel flush. It essentially floods your cells with calcium, which is the stress response, so all of a sudden you feel anxiety, you feel unwell, you feel stressed, and your body feels like it is in a pressure cooker. So you need to stay away from it, or have some defense mechanisms. We use the Blushield gadgets in our company. If you want, you can talk to me about it after the show.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. And also, we have to talk about the water, the Prills!

MARTIN: Yeah, oh yeah that!

CIRSTEN: That is fantastic, great stuff. That would be a double whammy. I was in Myrtle beach for a couple weeks, that was the time I got eaten alive by the bed bugs. I was drinking Fiji water, which is a pretty good water, but nothing like the water with the prills and the kangen together, it was fantastic. When you don’t get the right kind of water, you retain water because your body doesn’t feel like it is getting the hydration that it is asking for. So it is holding onto the bad water. So now I am back home, I am drinking my prill water, and it is so reasonably priced, how much is the bags with the Prills in it?

MARTIN: Oh, I should have brought a jug of it with me, but the device costs 37.95, and it will last you five years, it is good enough to treat a thousand gallons of water.

CIRSTEN: I really have to thank Amanda Grace for introducing me to Martin because, my gosh, my health has improved like a hundred-fold, and I am not even trying that hard. I might be doing better than her. No, I am just kidding. (laughing) She’s doing fine, she’s good! She’s great.

MARTIN: I talked to her yesterday, and she’s fine.

CIRSTEN: She’s a sweetheart, I love her. She’s very smart, she will not do any kind of bad product.

MARTIN: Well, you know, she is guided from above. She reads the vibrational stuff before she even opens her mouth.

CIRSTEN: Right, and she loves your other stuff that I don’t take.

MARTIN: Well, because she’s so mild and mellow, she needed a little speeding up. So we got her the product called Powrtein, that is for people who are on the sluggish side, and wake up not really powered up.

CIRSTEN: I don’t need that.

MARTIN: No, you don’t.

CIRSTEN: I’d be crazy, I don’t want that, no, thank you. “Your skin looks great.” Yeah, my skin looks good, I think it is from the super greens, I think it is from the mixture of the AuraSil and Strata-Flora.

MARTIN: Yes, and the water. You see, here’s what you need to understand: Your skin is the reflection of your inner health. So if your gut is in good shape, then the blemishes that were previously pushing up to the surface will recede. Uneven skin is a reflection of bad gut profile, and liver challenge. So as we are repairing your insides, of course, it is going to reflect in how you look.

CIRSTEN: And the hair, it is really great, it is thick and shiny. It is great.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is the Silica.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, that is all from the products that I take. The water is very important too, don’t forget the water, and then Strata-Flora for your digestive system, and of course the supergreens are doing a lot. But they all go together. And of course, getting rid of the toxic metals with the Zeolite. I take that in the morning, the Zeolite, just to get rid of everything, but I think I am doing a lot better.

MARTIN: Yeah. Somebody just popped in with: “I am about to order the  Ionic SPA Foot Bath. Is that any good?” Well, ionic spa is a good thing, it is like a third kidney, it will drain out of your body excess mineralization. So if your lymphatic system is clogged or challenged, you will be able to drain it. Just be sure that you are getting one that doesn’t have toxic electrodes, you don’t want to be reabsorbing nickel or stuff like that back into your body. We do sell ionic foot spa on our website, an American-made professional thing.

CIRSTEN: “Can you explain the Prills again?”

MARTIN: The prills, okay. So these are ceramic crystals made from magnesium oxide, and that material has been charged energetically in an Orgon generator, or an Orgon accumulator, Orgon being the life force of the universe. So we pump it full of this universal life force, and then that is combined with laminar crystals. So we pump these magnesium oxide bits full of this life force, so that when they are in contact with water, they discharge stored scaler energies so that the water molecules are no longer holding together in clusters. What happens when water flows through pipes? There is an internal friction. And this friction builds up static electricity, and that causes the surface tension to go up, the acidity to increase, and gosh, we don’t have enough people here to answer all the calls, I just pushed the fifth one in voicemail. So as those pearls interact with water, they discharge the energies that hold water in clusters.

MARTIN: Water enters a cell through a tiny opening called aquaporin channel. Only a small percentage of the water is either unclustered or in tiny clusters. The prills will increase the percentage or the quantity of these loose bits of water that can then penetrate through these channels. Otherwise it is all holding together. It is sort of like trying to push an orange into a bottle that has got an opening only this big, right? Cellular hydration improves when you have the prill treated water, that is the main difference. Surface tension is lower, acidity is lower, ORP is lower, and cluster size is smaller, we have measured all that. It means maximum hydration, cellular hydration. And so that helps you with absorbing nutrients, and getting rid of toxins.

CIRSTEN: Okay. Kathy Goodman asks: “Anything for weight loss?” Yes! Thermo Burn II is what I use for weight loss, and I can’t even take two, when I take one, I am already feeling it. It just burns what you need it to burn. It is great stuff. You wanna explain that a little bit?

MARTIN: Something is just ringing into my ears, you know, another silly chat line.

CIRSTEN: Oh my God.

MARTIN: The bell is so loud that I can’t focus on what you are saying. I am sorry, would you please repeat it, Cirsten?

CIRSTEN: I was just talking about the weight loss with the Thermo Burn II. I was trying to explain it to them, how it burns, you can eat carbohydrates and it burns through that. It is good stuff, but I only take one, because I tried taking two and I couldn’t go to sleep, it was just too much.

MARTIN: Yeah, it will turn you up. You see, for people who are sluggish, the Thermo Burn II is awesome. It has herbs in it that will stop the urge to eat, it just suppresses appetite.

CIRSTEN: Rita says: “I have restless legs at night, but during the day I don’t have any energy. I never feel awake. I am on depression meds. What does this mean? I have hyper body at bedtime, I take anti-anxiety at night.”

MARTIN: Here’s what we need to do for this gal. She needs to take a bath with Magnesium Crystals in the evening. She should be eating some chlorella-rich or chlorophyl-rich foods in the evening, something like that AuraSil would be an example of that, and she should understand about metabolic typing, I could talk to her about it. There are two metabolic types: oxidizers and autonomics. Autonomics are made more calm by carbohydrates. Those are the people who can take a glass of wine and calm down. But the oxidizers are actually made more excited by carbohydrates, so if they take a glass of wine, they want to go to town and party, and they are calmed down by fats. So if you happen to be an oxidizer, you need to be eating high fat meals at dinner. If you happen to be an autonomic, then you need to be eating low fat meals at dinner, otherwise the fat will make you spin up. I don’t remember, Cirsten, I don’t think we ever did a test on you.

CIRSTEN: Well, is that the same as overmethylator and methylator, is that the same thing?

MARTIN: No, no, methylation is a different thing. That is the liver phase two detox type of thing.

CIRSTEN: So, Rita, call Martin.

MARTIN: After the show.

CIRSTEN: Call Martin after the show, call him after the show. He’s gonna help you. Someone says: “The Nano Soma is not working for me, I have a dark spot, and it has not done a thing.” Well, what is the response to that one? It is not magic.

MARTIN: Yeah, please don’t expect things to be magical. Okay so hold on, you said that this person is on Nano Soma and still has dark spots around their what, eyes?

CIRSTEN: Doesn’t say.

MARTIN: Well, okay, let’s understand this. Nano Soma goes first after life support and critical issues, it will first fix your metabolic problems. A dark spot on your face is so unimportant that it will get fixed after a year. You need to be on it for a long time before your little beauty spot start getting fixed.

CIRSTEN: I love it. Okay. The Nano Soma is trying to rebalance your body, this is not the first thing that it is gonna fix. You get to fix a lot of other stuff first, before you go to the dark spot. Okay. All right. So you suffer from gout? What is the cure for that? Less red meat, is that it?

MARTIN: Do you mind if I read this one?

CIRSTEN: Go ahead, you do it.

MARTIN: “I’ll have acne skin. I use Amazon’s all natural peppermint soap, it is the only one that works. The other charcoal soaps don’t work. Don’t buy those.” Acne is a bacterial infection, but what feeds it is your gut. If you have acne, you have a problem in your digestive system. It is the gut and the liver that is causing it, so if you want to get rid of acne, stop eating gluten.

CIRSTEN: Okay. What do you suggest for cholesterol?

MARTIN: Stop eating gluten. I do have an enzyme, it is called LipiCept, it will fix it for people who are just so addicted to pizza that they can’t let go of it.

CIRSTEN: What do you think about the non-gluten pizza then?

MARTIN: Well, it is the carbohydrate versus fat balance in your diet, right? If your glycemic index of your food is too high, you are going to be forever burning too hot, too much glucose, which will then cause rise in the insulin, which will then cause the rise in the triglycerides, which will then cause rise in the cholesterol and fat. It is a natural cascade. It is a nutritional issue, you are digging your grave with your fork.

CIRSTEN: Wow. Okay.

MARTIN: “What exactly is Nano Soma?” It is a water soluble nano-sized solution of policosanol. Like that told you anything, right? (giggling) It is a natural substance that helps your body to re-normalize all physiological functions.

CIRSTEN: To get back to the healthy you! What will get rid of thyroid nodules, probably Fulvic Acid?

MARTIN: Maybe, maybe you need more Iodine, but probably would want to go with Nano Soma to start.

CIRSTEN: You should call Martin, if you need to, so he can give you some advice, Lisa. She says: “Help me with my face rash, please.” I don’t know what to tell her.

MARTIN: Well, face rash is typically, again, a reflection of what’s going on in the small or large intestines. If it is up here on the forehead, that is a small intestine problem. If it’s along here, it is a large intestine problem.

CIRSTEN: Okay. Got it. What about high blood pressure?

MARTIN: (Well, step one: get on Nano Soma. Two: stop eating gluten. Three: re-balance your calcium-magnesium. You probably need magnesium. Four: you probably need more chlorophyl. Five: check your potassium-sodium balance. Maybe you need more Potassium. Also, deal with your stress load, you probably need to relax. Consider that your nitric oxide might be low, in which case you would want to have the AuraSil version 300 (AuraMax) rather than the 30, because that has the stuff in it that helped to increase the NO, nitric oxide. You know, every time the heart beats, it is like squeezing a balloon, and then a lump of blood flows into the artery. It is sort of like pushing blobs of blood through. And in order to accommodate it, the artery needs to expand and collapse, or expand and narrow, expand and narrow. And that is what it does all day long. It is not a stiff garden hose. And if you do have a stiff garden hose, then for the volume of blood to go through the systolic has to be high.

CIRSTEN: So basically, the Nano Soma is like the most important thing you could take, to get your body back to the original, correct? That is the most important thing. This girl is asking: “Which food is healthier, rice or noodles?” I think rice, unless they are rice noodles, what do you think?

MARTIN: Well, you can buy rice noodles. If you insist on having something in the shape of spaghetti, you can buy rice noodles, it is better than wheat. That’s a given.

CIRSTEN: Correct, there you go. “What’s good for asthma?”

MARTIN: I can answer that. So asthma is a function of becoming overly alkaline, it is called a histadelia reaction in the body. Hista for histamine. What happens is when you are eating wrong against your type, I talked about it just a moment ago, the alkaline versus acidic, when you over alkalize, you will end up with these histamine attacks, with asthmatic issues. We can deal with it on the food side, but again, I need to teach you how to eat better.

CIRSTEN: Okay. “My dad has potassium level that won’t go down. What is does that mean?”

MARTIN: His kidneys are not working well.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. So how does she clean out his kidneys? Do you have something for that?

MARTIN: Well, if we didn’t know how to do the kidneys, we would get him the Ionic SPA Foot Bath. Otherwise, we have this tincture it is called Kidney Bladder-Ease, it is only $20, and it’s a tonic that will strengthen the kidney function so that the kidneys can efficiently remove the excess potassium. And if the potassium is high, you need to stop eating things that are high in potassium, which are bananas, potatoes, you know, most fruits. ” High blood pressure okay we talked about that. AuraSil caused my daughter and I to be constipated. What can we do?” Magnesium. If your bowel has stopped moving, you have become a little too stressed, and you need to help it with magnesium, and the dose is to bowel tolerance. Each person is different, somebody will need 300 milligrams, somebody will need 800. I don’t know what the number is, but don’t be afraid, use magnesium until it goes just right. And if you have a problem with it, Cirsten, actually, I think we sent this to you…

CIRSTEN: Oh, the Apple Fiber!

MARTIN: Oh yeah, of course, that will move everything.

CIRSTEN: It does that in a very soft way. It doesn’t like do it in a corrosive way. It kind of moves it in a very mellow way, it is not like any of the other laxatives that you would take, it kind of pushes it out slowly. I was getting constipated for a while because my body needed to get the system going again, and now it is fine. I would try the apple pectin. But the magnesium, like Martin said, you know, I think you guys sell that right?

MARTIN: Oh yeah. And have you ever tried Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea?


MARTIN: That is an interesting tea, right? Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea, we sell that also, it is a very pleasant herbal tea that is liver cleansing and bowel accelerating.

CIRSTEN: Did you send it to me?

MARTIN: I may have, it is a little envelope of eight tea bags.

CIRSTEN: I don’t know if I got that, but I’d like to try that. You know me, the reason why I think I look good and I feel good is because I am the queen of detox. I love to detox, that is my favorite thing. And I don’t have a problem going to the bathroom like six or seven times a day. I’d rather go to the bathroom six or seven times a day than be constipated, that is the worst feeling.

MARTIN: When you are constipated, your mind gets toxic.

CIRSTEN: Oh my gosh, I love going to the bathrooms. Five times a day is good for me, I like it. So, if you guys have never tried Martin, and you need to ask him questions, he’s there to answer your questions, you can call his number (866) 543 3388, you can get the coupon code LEMOB10 for 10% off, he can answer your health questions, he’s great cause he customizes.

MARTIN: And that is the thing, right? You can actually get answers to your question. We don’t do medicine by numbers, we treat the individual. I shouldn’t say ‘treat,’ we answer the bits. “Anything that helps people on a CPAP machine?” Yes, we have the Amazing O, you put that into your CPAP machine. I have had number of people who use that, and three months later they didn’t need the CPAP machine.

CIRSTEN: Jennifer says: “Zeolite is fine, not harsh.” Yeah, it is great, Zeolite is good. I hear you are getting a lot of calls!

MARTIN: Oh man, people have just absolutely no understanding, I feel like an octopus, because I am trying to answer this chat line here, I have got eight channels open on my other screen… people, have some patience, for God’s sake!

CIRSTEN: You guys need to really get on this chatline and ask him questions here, because if we overwhelm him now, he won’t be coming back for like another three weeks, and you will be like: “Where’s Martin?” He’s overwhelmed and inundated! So you need to be patient! I understand, I had the say same feeling when I was not getting healthy until I started taking his products, I was jonesing for some cures, so I was like: “Please help me, help me.” But you gotta take your turn, and he will get to you, he is very methodical, but try not to overwhelm him. You should call him after this show is over.

MARTIN: I say somebody may take three days to get their turn. Kathy is first in line, she was patient enough to leave me her phone number. So Jennifer says: “I ordered Zeolite, and I am afraid to use it. I don’t want that detox feeling.” Jennifer, it does not do ‘detox feeling,’ it is unlike other things. Zeolite is a binder, and it is not electrochemical, it is electrophysical. It binds the toxins through this electrophysical contact, so you just pee it out without even knowing anything happened.

CIRSTEN: Okay. Let me just describe it to you. It is like you take this magnetic sponge that will grab all the toxic metals in your body and you pee it out. That is not even uncomfortable, that is just a good feeling. When you feel that your gums stop receding, and you don’t feel like you have got metals in you. All the fillings from my teeth, all the amalgam, all the mercury is gone. Why would you not wanna do it? Gosh, you should be taking two pills right now!

MARTIN: Start with one, don’t be a hero, start with one.

CIRSTEN: I take two.

MARTIN: Well, you take two. I take six, but…

CIRSTEN: Oh wow!

MARTIN: Well, I took six when I was doing a major detox. The heavy dose is twelve a day.

CIRSTEN: Here is a question: “My granddaughter is not speaking, and I blame on too many vaccines probably about a year ago. What can I do?” I would guess the Nano Soma, right? Would that help?

MARTIN: Yes, that would be my first suggestion.

CIRSTEN: I am getting to be like his little assistant, because I listen to him, so I am learning a little bit!

MARTIN: Yeah, actually, your ability to absorb information is astounding me.

CIRSTEN: Well, that is because of your medication!

MARTIN: Well, I dunno, I think you are naturally smart.

CIRSTEN: No, I wouldn’t say I was smart. I would say my attention and my common sense caution is high. You don’t have to be smart, you just gotta get it and that’s it. Here’s a question: “Is Zeolite better in powder or liquid?”

MARTIN: We have it in powder, in capsules and in liquid form. The liquid is convenient, but it is super diluted. You spend $40 worth of capsules, and you need to spend about $200 in liquid to get the same value.

CIRSTEN: I like it measured out in the capsules for myself.

MARTIN: You can get the loose powder and throw it in a smoothie, it is just fine. We have it available for those who make smoothies or put it in porridge. You can do that. So, what else? “Hypothyroidism, so nasty.” Yes, ma’am, hypothyroidism is nasty. Not easy to fix. We have found that the Nano Soma actually is really helpful for people with Hashimotos, which is the autoimmune version of hypothyroidism. So consider that. If you don’t have Hashimotos, then you can just jump on seaweed and just push your thyroid and you’ll be fine. But first make sure it is what you have.

CIRSTEN: Any more questions for Martin, as we are going on? We are going past the hour now, I know he’s got a lot of calls.

MARTIN: Well that’s quite alright Cirsten, I am fine, whatever you wanna do.

CIRSTEN: How about gout? Do you have anything for gout?

MARTIN: I was just answering somebody over here on my chat asking me about gout. Well, the biggest problem with gout is that it is caused by genetics. Your body does not deal with purine. Purine is a protein that is found in red meat. So you need to not eat steak and dark meat like duck, goose, dark chicken, dark turkey. You would want to eat fish, and you would want to eat eggs. Some vegetables are bad for you, the worst are cauliflower and asparagus, and from fish, trout and salmon are also not good for you. So that is problematic.

CIRSTEN: Did you get kicked off? I got kicked off the screen for a moment…

MARTIN: Yeah, I had a blank for a moment. Is the show over, or are we still running?

CIRSTEN: I guess the show is over because I am having technical issues. Everyone be prepared for a blackout soon. But guys, you can call Martin while your phone line is still working. Thank you so much for coming around, and I hope we can do this next week again!

MARTIN: I am available, I am ready to step up and be counted!

CIRSTEN: Too bad your wife won’t answer the phone! (laughing)

MARTIN: No, she’s fulfilling the orders, I am not gonna harass her. Well, you know, actually, in these last four weeks, since I wasn’t online with you, we have hired three people to help us with the administration. I had to train them because you can’t run at the same time.

CIRSTEN: But only you can answer the phone calls. Guys, he does it all himself, he’s only one person. So next week, if you have an urgent need why don’t you do this? I don’t want you to think you have urgent need, but if you really have urgent need, you should put ‘urgent’ and then put your phone number, so he can get to you.

MARTIN: Yes, graduate your problem this way: If you are in chronic, debilitating pain, then yeah, call it urgent. If you are on the floor bleeding, don’t call me, call emergency. Remember, we do nutrition, we do food, our solutions don’t work overnight, they work in days and weeks, not in minutes.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, how long have I been on your products? Like four months. I feels like a whole different person. I am much calmer and more at peace, it really calms me down. It’s amazing, really, it changes your whole life. I have to say that. That is why we will do the show every week.

MARTIN: I want to answer one thing, Margaret from the UK: “Can I send an e-mail?” If you come to, there’s a chatline. Most times I am able to assist. If not, e-mail me at [email protected]

CIRSTEN: Do you ship to the UK?

MARTIN: Yeah, we can do that.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, but don’t they have like custom stuff?

MARTIN: Yeah, they have customs. Yeah, UK is a horrible place, they have a 22% sales tax, they have a 10% whatever… when you buy something for hundred dollars here, you pay another $35 to get it.


MARTIN: Well, you know, government costs money, they want their part, right?

CIRSTEN: Yeah, their government doesn’t do anything for the people, it’s awful. Okay. She said: “Thank you,” she got it, Margaret Phillips, you are welcome, anytime! Nano Soma, that is the big star of the day. Okay, so I will give you a list, before we go, of all the stuff that I take: Zeolite to get rid of the toxic metals. I take Strata Flora to get my digestive system going, I take Aurasil for the super greens, I take Nano Soma, I spray it in my mouth. I also take this Cortisol-Ease, which I was putting in my smoothie, but now I’ll put some drops in my mouth. These are the basics that I take. And of course the prills for my water. And if I feel like I wanna lose a few pounds really quick, I use the Thermo Burn II Those are the products that I take, and they are all from Martin.

MARTIN: I want to just give you a one minute rundown of this: One – the most important in your world is your spiritual direction. If you don’t have your spirituality in order, you will forever founder. You need some kind of a rudder in your life. If you don’t have a rudder, you are just all over the place. Two – you need to deal with your emotional world. We haven’t even touched it, but emotionally, if you are a mess, please deal with it. I could talk to you about methods, there are many. Three – fix your food. Fix your water, fix your air. If you are breathing toxic air, stop. If you are living in a moldy environment, get out of it. If you are drinking crappy water, get better. You need to fix those important things. Those are the basic building blocks of life. Start eating organic food, stop eating glyphosate soaked gluten. That is never going to build health.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, that is true.

MARTIN: After that, we come to you with what we have got.

CIRSTEN: Right. Your phone’s ringing off the hook. Okay, thanks, Martin! Call Martin, if you need desperate help.

MARTIN: Thank you, Cirsten, you are lovely. Thank you.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. Thank you. See you Wednesday again, at the same time! Everyone, smash the like button. Thank you very much. Spread it far and wide. Thank you very much.


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