Podcast 437: Cirsten W Health Talks – Part 10

Cirsten Weldon invited Martin as a guest for her weekly live stream show to answer the most common health related questions.

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CIRSTEN: All right, here we go! How you doing? How is everyone? Martin has got to send me some of that scar stuff, you said the scar stuff did help heal someone’s tumor, right?

MARTIN: Well, that was a fibroid tumor, which, you know, we need to distinguish cancerous tumors from fibroid tumors. It is not the same thing.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. And then you said her side effect was that it got rid of all her stretch marks.

MARTIN: Yeah, that was the bonus. (laughing)

CIRSTEN: Yeah. I mean, I have some scars I wanna get rid of, they are dark, but you know, since I am taking the heavy metal detox…

MARTIN: Zeolite? Yeah.

CIRSTEN: Yes, Zeolite, that should help. Yeah.


CIRSTEN: Anyway, so how is everyone? Here we are! Any questions for Martin?

MARTIN: “I think you have the best show,” it says. Hey, Cirsten, you have the best show!

CIRSTEN: Okay. So if everyone wants to know what I take on the daily, I get up and I take the Strata Flora to help my digestion, then I take the AuraSil, which is all the supergreens. Then I take the Zeolite, and you know I go on my day, pretty much. So, sometimes I take some other extra stuff. The Aurasil, I take that when I want to detox something.. but other than that I’m good.

MARTIN: You know, myself, I actually have Humic, salt, I actually take Himalayan salt in my water in the morning, I take Iodine drops in my morning water…

CIRSTEN: …I do that too! I do that, I forgot that. And I take the mixture of your Fulvic acid and your Pineal.

MARTIN: Oh yeah, the Pineal, it is sort of looks like this. It’s a black liquid. There are three different ones, one is called ATP Energy, one is called Pineal Clearing, one is called Divine Vine, and they are tuned to these three different chakras. The ATP is tuned to the throat chakra, the Pineal to the third eye, and the Divine is tuned to the top, to the number seven.

CIRSTEN: Do I need to take the other two, or just the one is good for me?

MARTIN: No, you are a visionary, it is good. You are on the right track.

CIRSTEN: I don’t need to take that one for the ATP Energy? ATP is your body’s electricity, right?

MARTIN: Yes, that is correct, and it has a lot to do with testosterone, thyroid, energy, and that sort of stuff.

CIRSTEN: Iodine helps the thyroid, right?

MARTIN: Yes, that is correct.

CIRSTEN: Okay. So you are taking like a duo, you are taking that, and you are taking the ATP.

MARTIN: Yep. Let’s read some questions. “Can a 12 year old take Nano Soma?” Yes, absolutely, 12 year old is practically grown up, it is a three quarter grown up, and yes, you can do that. The Nano Soma works on the principle of tuning the endocrine, and tuning the mitochondria in every cell, and fixing the vitamin D pathways. So of course, once the vitamin D is fine tuned in the body, you are practically impervious to the inhalable infections. You know, this discussion about whether to ‘V ‘or not to ‘V.’ The mainstream media has been completely hijacked by the pharmaceutical companies, because they only promote the solution they make money on, which is these injectables. But there are other tools that a person can use to keep themselves from getting sick. I mean, from immemorial ancient times, the natives have been using branches from coniferous trees, right? Spruce, pine, whatever. You can make tea from the young shoots of that. That is loaded with vitamin C and terpenes, and those are preventive. You can, of course, sun tan, that is how you get vitamin D into your body.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, that is too much vitamin D!

MARTIN: But anyway, what I am trying to say is that it is possible to have an immune system that is in fine shape, instead of not. And that discussion is completely absent from the public discourse, because the public discourse has been narrowed down to ‘vaccine or not.’ But there are other ideas that could be discussed, they are just not.

CIRSTEN: Well, you said the ‘V’ word, okay.

MARTIN: We don’t do medicine here. We discuss nutrition, and we discuss physiology, we can do that. I can educate you about health and health practices. I cannot treat, or diagnose, or do whatever about any illness, but I can easily talk about what makes you healthy.


MARTIN: And so somebody called M&M said: “Water Prills cause my legs and feet to swell.” That is not good. Well, if you have swollen body parts, that must mean that either your lymphatic system is overloaded, or your kidneys are not working well. I would be very concerned that there is actually stuff not right in those departments in your body. So don’t point at the drinking water, point at what is going on inside of you.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. Probably detoxing a lot of toxins.

MARTIN: Yeah, it could be that.

CIRSTEN: Any questions?

MARTIN: Oh, there is a whole bunch of it already coming through, I am just trying to filter it. And so somebody just popped up with Colloidal Ionic Silver. Well, silver is an element that causes microbes, which would be fungus virus, bacterium, and a single cell, like ameba, to lose their ability to process oxygen. They are not breathing with lungs like we do, their breathing is enzymatic, and silver disables the enzyme, which then makes them die. So that is why it works. The challenge is this: when you inhale like nebulize silver, then you are killing stuff in your lungs. Halelujah. If you gurgle with it, then you are fixing things in your mouth. All good. But when you swallow the silver, it is actually wiping out good guys, bad guys, all guys in your digestive system. So contemplate that. Is that a good thing? Because if you kill off the microbes in your gut, then you probably want to be able to replace them, or repopulate them, because if you don’t do that, then what is going to grow there? The weeds, right? Oh, I see a funky one. “So you have a chronic kidney disease, and you take a cat scan, and they put the contrast dye into you, and then how would you worry about your kidneys being damaged by the contrast medium?” Well, we do have something, it is not cheap, it is a $600 solution, but we do have the Ionic SPA Foot Bath, and you can call it ‘the third kidney,’ it will drain out of you excess toxicity pretty quick.

CIRSTEN: Dandelion cleans out the liver, right?

MARTIN: Yeah, bitter foods in general. If you add a dandelion leaf to your salad, or if you use dandelion root ground up, it is an awesome stuff. But all bitter things like arugula, endives, rocket, all the bitter stuff in your salad is very helpful because it will help to build bile, and bile will help to emulsify fats, which then will be helpful in your nutrition.

CIRSTEN: I love arugula.

MARTIN: And somebody says: “Do you have anything like N-acetylcysteine for cleansing?” N-acetylcysteine is a precursor to glutathione, and glutathione helps with everything, it is a universal tool. Think of it this way: Oxidative stress. An electron is taken away from somewhere, that is oxidation. And then something like, for example, vitamin C has to come into the picture, and donate that missing electron to that situation, so that it is neutralized. But now the vitamin C is missing the electron, and the vitamin C has to find glutathione, and that glutathione will recharge the electron, and the glutathione has to go to the liver, and in the liver, phase two liver detox happens. The glutathione gets recharged, and can go back out. This is a ongoing process.

CIRSTEN: Do you have the glutathione?

MARTIN: We do have that, yeah, Liposomal Glutathione and Glutathione Master Antioxidant.

CIRSTEN: I need some, add it to my list. I like to take it. In Asia, we used to take it, and also injections on the skin to get rid of the pigmentation.

MARTIN: Sure, it will clear bad looking things, for sure. So, Cheryl pops in and says: “Would Nano Soma help with painful menstrual cramps?” Well, the number one thing that causes menstrual trouble in gals is deficiency of iodine. So make sure that she is on that. Either seaweed or just Iodine drops. And then of course you can eat it. Nori, wakame, hijiki, kelp, dulce, all the different seaweeds.

CIRSTEN: I eat a lot of that stuff. “I have used Nano Soma for a week, and feel much better. No pain in my knees.” Oh good! Yeah, Nano Soma is a good detox, it returns you to your original state.

MARTIN: Yeah, it strengthens everything. When you fix your mitochondria, because they are in every cell, you are fixing every process in the body, whatever was deficient is improving.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. I think Martin has Nano Soma now.

MARTIN: Yeah, we’ve loaded up, we are good. You can get it, Cheryl. Another question: “My husband has a rare brain disease called CA6. Is there anything for him?” I don’t even know what that is, so I am gonna Google it here. Carbonic Anhydrase 6 is a protein coding gene, diseases include dental carries, and memory analog secretory carcinoma, that would be like periodontal disease. When it is genetic, the only tool I know that fixes genetic disorders is Nano Soma. So Paulette, try it, get Nano Soma, get six bottles, and run it through him. Sherry says that activated charcoal is wonderful. I agree. We have this thing called Black Gold on our website, which is the charcoal with humic bundled together, and it does awesome things. And Delinda says: “My hair is thinning. Do you have anything for growing new hair?” Ask Cirsten.

CIRSTEN: Well, I mean, I take so much stuff… I think what does help is your supergreens, the AuraSil.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is it, let’s explain why. Thinning hair is endocrine dysregulation, right? So you need to fix your thyroid, or the HPA axis, that is the hypothalamus-pituitary, and either adrenal or thyroid. So that was the Pineal, pineal fixes the pituitary, and then we put iodine into play, where the iodine is helping the endocrine balance. And then the substance itself from which the hair is made, silica, we provide the AuraSil, these are the building blocks of the tissue itself. So once you have abundance of that, it all comes back and starts growing.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. Look at me, I pulled my hair back, my hair is so thick now, because of the stuff I take every single day. And the thing is you have to be consistent. You have to take it every day. I am stocked up. And after I get my glutathione, I will not ask you for anything for two months.

MARTIN: How many, how many buckets of that do you want?

CIRSTEN: As much as you can spare, that will help me.

MARTIN: You know, you are on my ‘I love you’ list. (laughing)

CIRSTEN: But I just wanna look good, that is all, I wanna look better. Something is coming up tomorrow, you want to look as good as possible. In Asia, they give you all these glutathione shots, and it does work, it can change your skin from yellow to that pinkish complexion that the Asians love.

MARTIN: By the way, what is really interesting is we finally got PineAlive and Pine Needle Tea in stock. So we now have the pine and spruce, both in oil and in concentrate, and the actual needles. We brought it in because people have been asking so much, so we thought we will bring it on.

CIRSTEN: The pine is probably stronger than the spruce.

MARTIN: They are two different things, right?

CIRSTEN: No, but they are looking for the shikimic acid, that is what dissolves the…

MARTIN: …Yeah, the stuff you want to dissolve. So Christina says that she has lipodystrophy, which is a problem of how your body uses and stores fat. You aren’t born with it. Oh, dear.

Cirsten: I use the.. burner..

Martin: That’s the Thermo Burn II that of course helps you burn it off. You are gonna have to talk to me. Lipodystrophy, that is a pretty rare thing. If you want, call me after hours, and we’ll talk.

CIRSTEN: You have his number on the screen, call him. Fibromyalgia. Anything?

MARTIN: Oh, hell yeah. We need to understand what is what. Fibromyalgia is a label that is used fairly broadly, and refers to an autoimmune disease that is primarily expressed in the soft tissues, in the myalgia, that would be muscles, right? So it got its name by fibrous hardening of muscles. The primary definition was that if you feel like your muscles are like corduroy, like if you run your hand through a muscle, it would feel like corduroy with hard bits. But later people started calling ‘fibro’ anything that has to do with chronic fatigue, and chronic pain, and all this sort of stuff. And it is all autoimmune, and all autoimmune disease starts with disruption of normal function. So you need to think about toxicity, malnutrition stagnation, trauma, all four are included. You probably have heavy metals that you need to get out of the body because the toxic burden is too high, you need to get rid of that.

You probably have a nutritional problem, and you need to deal with that. And you need to understand, most likely, you are eating foods that are triggering you, the most common problems are gluten, dairy, but it could be others. Some people are triggered by corn, but also spinach and the oxalates, some people are triggered by tree nuts. So it varies. And then of course, further to that, amygdala. Amygdala is the center in the brain somewhere just below here, and it regulates how you react to inputs. And you could develop this amygdala programming problem. Visualize this: If you press on a doorbell, it goes ‘ring,’ and when you let go of it, it stops ringing. Well, with fibromyalgia, when you step on yourself, it doesn’t go ‘ring,’ and stop. It goes ‘ring’ and stays on ringing for a very long time. And that is the problem with fibromyalgia from the neurological perspective.

CIRSTEN: They don’t sleep much. They can’t sleep.

MARTIN: Yeah, sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, all kinds of pain. Somebody just says here: “I have a chronic fatigue syndrome, after effects of a bout of severe ear infection. But I all also have EDS syndrome.” Ehlers–Danlos syndrome is a cluster of things. By the way, every time you hear the word ‘syndrome,’ that is the medical industry saying ‘we don’t have a clue what is going on.’

CIRSTEN: (laughing) I agree. ‘We have no idea what is going on.’

MARTIN: And the only way that they diagnose it is by elimination of all else, right? If you don’t have a broken leg, then it is probably a sore leg syndrome. Anyway, I am just talking about the fibromyalgia now, but people with the Ehlers–Danlos syndrome have a cluster of symptoms and genetic issues. One of the classics is that they have hyper joint mobility. If you see people who can take their thumb and fold it all the way to here, I can’t do that. Or people who can take the elbow and hyperflex it past straight, or who can take their knees and hyperflex it past straight, or people who can take their hands and do something like this. I don’t do it well, but you know, like bend joints well past the normal range. Most contortionist in circuses are Ehlers–Danlos syndrome people. Anyway, it comes with a whole bunch of other problems, fibromyalgia-like problems.

CIRSTEN: But the sleep, they can’t handle that. So if they are to detox with Zeolite as the first thing to do, then what do you suggest after?

MARTIN: So number one, remove the heavy metals, right? Number two, fix your gut. That means stop eating the things that make it fire up, and start putting in good things. So something like the Strata-Flora that you are taking.

CIRSTEN: Right. I stock up on that for months and months.

MARTIN: Yeah. So, we repair the microbiome. Humic works awesomely well, Fulvic works really well. And of course the Nano Soma, that darn thing that fixes practically everything. That is the crazy thing, it fixes so many things.

CIRSTEN: You have to take a lot of it sometimes to detox it all out. Sometimes you have to take a lot, you were spraying and spraying and spraying.

MARTIN: Yeah. Yeah. “What can I do for dissociative identity disorder?” Oh, dear Rita, I don’t know, that is well beyond my scope here.

CIRSTEN: That sounds like a psychiatric problem.

MARTIN: It sure is, and I don’t know what drugs you are on. I mean, if you have that, you probably are trying to modify it somehow. I have had so many calls from people in psychological distress lately. I’ve now helped three or four people recently. They have been just so damaged, and yet we are able to get them off of drugs, and help them. Josephine says: “I have MTHFR, is Nano Soma good for that?” Yes, it is. I also have a product called Cell-Ease. Which is specifically for the MTHFR, it compensates for the deficit. MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, an enzyme that impairs your ability to methylate things, phase two liver detox. We were just talking about the glutathione a few minutes ago. MTHFR gives you a deficit in that department. And so you need to compensate with various ways for that. And yeah, I have several tools for that.

Somebody mentioned borax, food-grade diatomaceous earth, and Colloidal Ionic Silver. Yes. Those are great tools, natural things that are baseline, sort of different from the chemical approach. These are the basic tools, right? If roll back to before 1900, you go back to the basics, and you are great. Oh, Rhonda asks: “What does Karma Cleanse do?” Karma Cleanse is a tonic. It cleanses the blood. It was formulated by Edgar Casey, and the number one aim is blood cleanse. I’ve had all kinds of reports, I was just writing it up the other day, I have it right here, Sarah called in and said: “Karma Cleanse – I had breast cancer, I did chemo, and it was just horrible. I had so many after effects.” And it actually wasn’t breast cancer, it was some weird tumors. And so instead of the estrogen, she started taking Karma Cleanse, and it is clearing her brain fog, she said. I was just taking notes from having a call with her.

CIRSTEN: “Will Nano Soma help me with my fibromyalgia?” Yes, Nano Soma helps with everything, it is a detox, basically. But like he said, you should try to get rid of your toxic metals first with the Zeolite, then you use the Nano Soma after.

MARTIN: Or during, you can do both at the same time.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. The Nano Soma fixes a lot of things.

MARTIN: Tony asks what do I think of Boron supplements. Well, boric acid or boron is super important, it is involved in a lot of issues, including bone health, arthritis, and that sort of stuff, it is related to boron, metabolic issues. Yes. Use it. “I’ve been using colloidal copper and blackstrap molasses,” sure why not, use it. Blackstrap molasses is one of those marvelous baseline tools. “Blood pressure goes down with apple cider vinegar and pink grapefruit.” Well, okay, what you are talking about is supplementing potassium, which yes, that is right, that is correct.

CIRSTEN: I like the Apple Fiber for my constipation.

MARTIN: Yeah, apple pectin is great because it is a great absorber of garbage, and it also increases the bulk. So when you have more bulk going through you, you have more comfortable elimination, and it takes more of the unwanted stuff out.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. And it doesn’t do it in a hard way, it does it in a gentle way, it pushes out slowly.

MARTIN: Yeah, it is not violent, it is not like the bentonite and psyllium husk bombs, where you feel like you are going to rip a new opening when you are getting rid of it.

CIRSTEN: It doesn’t even dry your colon.

MARTIN: “What to do for palpitations? Help!” says Ariana. Ariana, the most common problem for palpitations is the imbalance between Calcium and Magnesium. The most likely problem is that you have more calcium and too little magnesium. Topical Magnesium is available, see the link down below, www.life-enthusiast.com, look up magnesium, there is a mineral category. We prefer topical because when you take magnesium orally, you give yourself a elimination, or diarrhea, but topically, you can soak it up either as a foot bath, or rub it on your skin.

CIRSTEN: Do you have the magnesium salts?

MARTIN: Yes, we do. You’ll reduce the palpitations pretty quickly. And Ingrid says she has CFS, I think that stands for chronic fatigue syndrome. You know what? The number one thing that I have found is the sulfur, MSM. When people are taking about two or three teaspoons of MSM a day, it makes a massive difference because sulfur helps with oxygen availability in the cell, and as soon as you get more oxygen, energy improves. And, of course, the Nano Soma. Nano Soma helps with everything. And then Debbie pops in with cardiomyopathy. You know, this is a weird word, right? ‘Cardio,’ that is heart, ‘myo,’ that is muscle, ‘pathy,’ that is illness. So I don’t know, you have the illness of a heart muscle.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, sometimes you have to go for surgery for that. My dog had that, she died. She couldn’t breathe.

MARTIN: Poor thing. Well, I don’t know, I would be looking at the mineral balances. Magnesium makes a big difference.

CIRSTEN: “You didn’t cover fibromyalgia.” Mike Summers, we did, we covered fibromyalgia.

MARTIN: Well, I mean, to cover fibromyalgia, we could go for seven hours. There is a lot going on. As I was saying, the four things: toxicity, malnutrition, stagnation, and trauma. You need to deal with all four. There is just no getting around it. Once you are in, you need to redo, undo, retrain the amygdala. You have to. There are methods to do that. Body talk, emotional code, EFT, if you want to look it up, I have an interview on the Life Enthusiast website with Ashok Gupta, who sells a retraining DVD program, where you can learn how to retrain your brain to stop doing that stuff. And of course, as Cirsten said, you have to get rid of the toxins.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, you have to get rid of the toxins first. Like he says, I like Magnesium, that really helps you sleep. I take dolomite for that, but he said it is fast and slow together, but whenever I have a problem, I just take it and I am out.

MARTIN: Dolomite is a mix of calcium and magnesium carbonate, and of course, carbonate is a good thing in the body.

CIRSTEN: And you sell that, don’t you?

MARTIN: We sell it separately, we sell Calcium and Magnesium separately. Mainly for the reason that people are especially magnesium deficient. Clara Ann has a daughter who breaks out in itchy, pin size bumps, when she is in the sun. Well, photo sensitivity. There is something going on in there that brings it on. There is something complicated underneath. But will Nano Soma help? Nano Soma helps everything. It is sort of like saying ‘does breathing keep you alive?’

CIRSTEN: It is restorative, it repairs and restores, like a restorative kind of detox. Detox and restore.

MARTIN: “How much Nano Soma should people keep on hands?” says Ron.


MARTIN: Well, Ron, it depends on how paranoid you want to feel. The point is this: If we run out, it usually takes us about two weeks to get it back in stock. The first time we ran out, we were out for a month. Just visualize this: They ship 275 gallon pallet size bladder full of this Nano Soma from Switzerland to the United States. They ship it to a bottling plant, and in the bottling plant, they make 33.000 one-ounce bottles out of that, and then they put it in boxes, and then they ship it to distributors.

CIRSTEN: Can I ask the question? Exactly what is it that is coming from Switzerland?

MARTIN: Well, the finished product. So it is 98% water, and the water is the clean glacial Swiss water. When Raghu was explaining it, he said he only found clean enough water in New Zealand, Switzerland, and Norway. So he was happy that in Switzerland, that kinda water was available.

CIRSTEN: And then what is the remaining 2%?

MARTIN: The main ingredient in it is the policosanol, which is this lipid extracted from the sugar cane. And that lipid is especially treated to be micronized and water soluble. Anybody can get policosanol, this is not news. It has been around for quite some time.

CIRSTEN: So it is the mixture of the water and that policosanol?

MARTIN: Yeah, and that it is micronized.

CIRSTEN: There is this distinct taste, it tastes good, actually.

MARTIN: And here is the interesting part about the taste. Depending on your inner balance, the taste will change. It will go through sours, and bitters, one guy called me and said it tastes soapy, another one told me that it tasted like baby vomit to him.

CIRSTEN: No, to me, it tastes good.

MARTIN: Well, so you are close to balanced. Okay, now we are getting into some really interesting questions. “Anything for asthma, allergies, and eosinophilic esophagitis? Well, asthma and allergies are a histadelic triggered kind of a thing. ‘Hista’ is in ‘histamine.’ Usually, it is triggered by causing yourself to be overly alkaline. So you are not eating right for your metabolic type. Contact me after hours, and we’ll talk about metabolic typing. You are making yourself too alkaline, and you need to stop it. It is regulated by the balance between fats and carbohydrates. Esophagitis, that is an inflammation in the esophagus, down here between the throat and the stomach. Eosinophils, that is part of the immune system in the body. And guess what? Nano Soma was patented for normalizing eosinophils. Spray Nano Soma every day. That is my answer to that. Oh my God, there are so many questions here!

CIRSTEN: I have a question about the water from the Switzerland. “Now that they are having floods, does that affect the water?” No, not really, because they are getting that pure water from the mountains probably, right?

MARTIN: Yeah. There are a couple other ingredients in there, I think they have some potassium sorbate in it, and a little bit of I think the vitamin E, that they get out of sunflower. Anyway, there are some bits in the Nano Soma that makes it water soluble, there is some stuff in there. Jill Eisenberg says: “Be careful with high sulfur intake, if you are an MTHFR person, such as myself, you may have a problem.” There is a specific genetic mutation, about 4% of people have it, and I totally acknowledge that about one in 25 people do actually badly on MSM. So do be careful, it is not for everyone, you could have a problem. Muscle test it, or whatever, get a full evaluation. “What about diarrhea after gallbladder removal?” I have a tincture called Digest-Ease LG by Earth Friend Herb, which is a herbal tincture, it will kind of mimic the function of the missing gallbladder. The gallbladder is not there for nothing, removing it is not the clever thing. Anyway we could probably help you with that, but the diarrhea is from too much fat in your diet, you need to increase your fiber intake. Cirsten already mentioned it, the Apple Fiber would be a grand idea, and the Strata-Flora will help you. Somebody is taking chlorine dioxide. Okay, sure, chlorine dioxide is a strong ROS, reactive oxygen species delivery. It will definitely wipe out viral things.

CIRSTEN: And it will dry the crap out of your skin and your hair.

MARTIN: Yes, it has downsides. You can overdo oxidation. Please, understand the following: when you push ROS, that is oxidative stress, which means you are accelerating aging. And the natural antidote to a chlorine dioxide is vitamin C, or any other antioxidant. Why? Because they are the opposite of each other. The chlorine dioxide steals the electrons, kills the microbes and other unfriends that way. But if you overdo it, you are gonna actually cause yourself some rapid aging. Barretts esophagus. Well, you need to fix your down low, you need to fix your stomach. There is this classic recipe for fixing your heartburn. You need to have enough of Salt, Iodine, Zinc, Vitamin B1, Digestive Enzymes and free electrons in order to not suffer with this heartburn. We can certainly deal with that, we know how, it takes a bit of work. Oh man, there are so many good questions. I am having hard time keeping track of where I was. “What is good for toe nail fungus?” That is an internal problem of too much starch in your diet, you need to change your lifestyle fairly dramatically. I do have this thing called Amazing O, we talked about the chlorine dioxide, the Amazing O is related in a way, it is also a ROS, reactive oxygen species delivery system, so when you put that onto the toe, or between the toe and the nail, it will burn the fungus.

CIRSTEN: That one is just for external use, right?

MARTIN: No, you can use it internally, but again, carefully, judiciously. If you overdo the ROS intake, you are rapidly aging. Cheryl says that Nano Soma is helping her get off her psycho drugs. That is fantastic, Cheryl. “I’ve had arthritis, neck and back, from injuries. Work like crazy loading luggage. I tried Nano Soma, and after three weeks, the pain was gone.” Yes, because it heals the damage. It is fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about the darn stuff. And this poor girl, she got hysterectomy at age 24, she is on prescription estrogen, and she now has osteoporosis. This is the hard part, right? You are missing the natural body parts. So how do we deal with this? There is probably a way to try and supplement it naturally, the phytoestrogen, the estrogen from plants. Soy, probably, genistein, whole nuts, whole wheats, all that. And here is Roxanne, she says: “Since menopause, I have no energy, I have belly fat, and brain fog.” Which is kinda related, right? Menopause is sort of like losing your ovaries. And now the body has changed, it works differently, there are lower hormone levels. You probably need to change how you eat. You probably need to switch to a keto diet in order to fix it.

CIRSTEN: “Nano Soma removed a huge tumor from under my jaw bone.” Wow.

MARTIN: Awesome. And Jill, Jill must know a lot of stuff, because she is now writing. I appreciate people who are really with it. “Borax is good, especially good at getting rid of systemic candida, and you can get your typical juice jug, mix your quarter teaspoon of borax with filtered water.”

CIRSTEN: What is borax?

MARTIN: Have you heard of Mule Team borax for laundry?


MARTIN: It is a bleach. It is sold as a bleach agent for laundry, that is what borax is. The chlorine dioxide is also sold as an industrial bleach.

CIRSTEN: So it is the same thing, basically. The borax, the Amazing O, that is the same thing.

MARTIN: Basically, yeah. Joyce pops in: “What is good for multiple sclerosis?” You see, multiple sclerosis is yet another of the autonomic dysregulation kind of syndromes. And the single one common problem we’ve seen is mercury. So number one, detoxify mercury, with Zeolite. Number two, fix your nutrition. Stop the inflammation. Stop the gluten. Number three, get Nano Soma. That would be a good start.

CIRSTEN: “Why does it burn when I pee?”

MARTIN: Oh, it is very likely either highly acidic or highly alkaline urine. Your body is trying to get rid of stuff that is either very low pH or very high pH, I don’t know which side you are on. More likely the acidic than not. That is a nutritional challenge. ” I took Forteo for two years. What would be a good calcium to take? Had osteoporosis, getting a bone density test. I do not want another prescription.” You know what is the weirdest thing? People have been prescribed something like Fosamax, which is a drug that makes the bones look really good on x-rays, but it actually doesn’t do anything good for the bones. It just makes them look good on x-rays, but it is actually brittle. So instead of having resilient bones, you end up with brittle bones. So people who are on Fosamax x-ray well, and they still break their bones. I don’t know about Forteo, I am not familiar with it, but I certainly have seen enough of that. Here is an interesting topic: It is called biodynamic transmutation of elements. You would think that calcium is the way to get strong bones, but no. In your body, bones are actually build from the combination of silica plus carbon, and the magnesium plus oxygen, through the biodynamic transmutation. I don’t get to explain the whole thing, but when you have the time, go to the Life Enthusiast website, look up ‘biodynamic transmutation.’ The scientist was Louis Kervran, and he studied this on chickens, and other places. He actually figured out that in a living body, you can make Calcium out of the combination of either Silica and carbon, or Magnesium and Oxygen. That is how you build a healthy bone. You don’t build it with drugs, you build it with nutrition, and proper pH balance.

CIRSTEN: “I have a friend who suffers with Lyme, suffers badly. What do you do please?” I have a little concoction that my girlfriend taught me – vodka and stevia.

MARTIN: And that was helping somebody with Lyme?

CIRSTEN: Yes. Stevia and vodka.

MARTIN: I don’t know a thing about it, but alright. My take on Lyme is that you need to unload whatever burden there is that is burdening the immune system, so it is the same story. Get rid of heavy metals, do the Zeolite. Get better water, do the Prills. Get better nutrition, get rid of inflammatory foods, stop eating things that have glyphosate in it, go organic, improve the function in the gut by fixing the microbiome. Humic Acid helps tremendously with that. There are layers upon layers upon layers of little things, right? It is sort of like trying to win a football game. You don’t just say: “Well, the quarterback does it.” Well sure, you need a good quarterback, but if you don’t have any receivers, then who takes the pass. If you don’t have the strong guys who are protecting their quarterback from getting sacked, he’ll never throw. It is a complex game. You have to have a whole lot of stuff. People keep calling with this: “What is the one thing you need to take?” That is sort of like saying: “Well, all you need is Tom Brady, and you can win the super bowl.” Somebody called Neva threw up a word: “Tramadol.” Well, yeah, it is a drug, it is a painkiller, you want to get rid of it, or you want to get more of it? I mean, Tramadol is a painkiller, it is an anti-inflammatory. If you are in a gigantic amount of pain, like menstrual cramps or whatever, then it’ll save you, but you don’t really want to be on it.

CIRSTEN: Five drops of stevia with the vodka, that is what I took.

MARTIN: Did you actually ever have the Lyme problem yourself?

CIRSTEN: No, but I took it anyway.

MARTIN: Any excuse for vodka will do, right?

CIRSTEN: Any excuse to detox! That is my middle name, the queen of detox.

MARTIN: So Debbie tossed the word ‘depression.’ Debbie, depression is a function of being overly alkaline. There are of course objective reasons for depression, but you could definitely make a lot of difference by fixing your pH balance. I can help with that through Metabolic Typing, and fixing how you are eating, it is the balance between fats and starches. We can probably help you. “What is good for dizziness? My 90 year old mom is always dizzy.” Dizziness is part of the migraine syndrome, which is part of the autoimmune disease dysregulation, which is again caused by the same set of problems: toxicity, malnutrition, trauma, and stagnation.

CIRSTEN: Anything for COPD?

MARTIN: Number one COPD thing I’ve tried was the Amazing O, oxygen, push the oxygen. Especially if this person is using a CPAP machine. We had a phenomenal success with that.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, but you don’t want them to take it internally, right?

MARTIN: Yeah, we inhale it.

CIRSTEN: Inhale. I have one of those machines.

MARTIN: “I take Rinvoc for rheumatoid arthritis, a bottle cost me $5,000, every month.” Well, the number one thing for RA is to use the Amazing Soak. One ounce of that in a bathtub, maybe two ounces on the first day, maybe even four ounces, if you want to go big. Get the Amazing Soak, put it in a bathtub, soak in it, and call me next morning. It is just phenomenal how much of a shift people have with that. That costs a hundred bucks. “When I take ACV at night before bed, I am awake half the night. I can’t figure it out.” Rita, take your ACV in the morning. Here is what happens: ACV is loaded with potassium, and you have just shifted your potassium-sodium balance, and you have shifted your pH, and you made yourself awake.


MARTIN: Apple cider vinegar.

CIRSTEN: Oh yeah!

MARTIN: This is again dependent on the pH, and on the metabolic type. Some people, like a fast oxidizer, should not take apple cider vinegar, because it’ll wake her up. She should be taking heavy steak dinner instead.

CIRSTEN: What can I take for osteoporosis?

MARTIN: We were talking about that just a moment ago, we just went over the osteoporosis circular, which is Silica, Magnesium, silica, magnesium, silica, magnesium. Cirsten has it in the form of the Aurasil, we put it all in the greens. The chlorophyl in the greens activates the rest and repair side of the autonomic nervous system. And then the minerals come in, and start building the tissue. That is how you do it. “What about fat belly after menopause?” It is just like fat belly before the menopause, switch your diet, go keto, stop eating cake. “What can you do if you run out of a thyroid prescription?” Run to the pharmacy and get some more! (laughing) I am sorry, I dunno. Please make sure you don’t run out. I shouldn’t laugh because it is a horrible feeling when your thyroid goes off crazy, but don’t run out. Iodine would be my quick fix, if I had to. “I love my magnesium lotion.” Yes, that is calming.

“My daughter has glioblastoma. Holistic doctor. Can you recommend anything?” Oh my God. Glioblastoma is of course cancer in the nerves of the brain. I don’t know what to do for you there. I mean, I have a product called EllagiPlex, which is structured in such a way that it supports the body in finding and turning off abnormal cells. And I have another product called Mitopinol, which is a similar idea, and another product called Nervidyne, which is there for rebuilding nerves. I mean, we have tools that could help tweak it, but on the nutritional side, it is really hard to get inside the brain. “What about diarrhea after gallbladder removal?” Well, we talked about that. “What about MSM when you are unable to take sulfa drugs?” Okay. So sulfa, that is the sulfathiazol, that is a combination of sulfur and nitrogen. In the case of MSM, that is a combination of sulfur and oxygen. It is a very different chemical, they don’t even connect. Kat says: “Are you okay, Cristen?”

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I am fine.

MARTIN: I know you are. You look fine.

CIRSTEN: I am fine. I am awake today.

MARTIN: Yeah, last week, somebody commented: “Cristen is tired.”

CIRSTEN: Yeah, because I took that stuff.

MARTIN: Okay. So Cynthia says: “My husband is diabetic, and has diarrhea after taking Metformin. Is there anything holistic that would help him?” Okay. Number one, I am no fan of Metformin. Number two, when you have high glucose, it is probably high because you are eating too much starch. So cut your diet, change your diet. Don’t be a wuss, just go keto. Three, get on Nano Soma. Four, get on Iodine. Five, get on Magnesium. Six, call me in the morning.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, call him, he likes to give consultations!

MARTIN: You know, it is so funny when I see a name from my old country, there is Pam Trnka, which is a beautiful czech name, and she says: “Nerve damage?” Well, okay, we have Nervidyne on the Life Enthusiast website, it is bloody expensive, $200 a bottle, but it will fix your nerve damage. “What helps cataracts?” Nano Soma, and something called Fulvic Eyes, that is made with Fulvic, the finest grade, the smallest particles of fulvic. Once you put that in your eyes, you are reducing the oxidative stress, and you are reverting. Spinal stenosis and something called DDD. Stenosis is narrowing of the channel around the spine, that is calcium deposits in the wrong place. Your dietary problems, you’re eating yourself to your grave, too much starch, not enough fat, and magnesium deficit. Okay. I’ll answer this one more thing. “What about coffee?” Coffee is a wonderful tool. When you put coffee through the back end, it gets absorbed through the colon, and caffeine goes into the portal vein directly into your liver, where it causes the phase two liver detox to activate. So you are not gonna give yourself speed, you are gonna give yourself a detox. And it is not about flushing your bowel, it is about flushing your liver, that is what the coffee enema does. It is great, it is phenomenal, it does wonderful things.

CIRSTEN: I used to do that, and you have to get a special kind of coffee though.

MARTIN: Yeah, you want to have a light roast, not dark roast coffee.

CIRSTEN: It cleans your bile duct, right?

MARTIN: Yeah. Oh, and here is another one. Chronic interstitial cystitis. Poor Karen! Interstitial cystitis is an illness that makes your bladder burn and hurt like you wouldn’t believe it. It is like you think you have a bladder infection, but in fact you have an autoimmune disease called interstitial cystitis. It is the same thing like we discussed about fibromyalgia or MS. You just need to get rid of the chronic inflammation. There is a product based on jasmine, it is called Strength 24, we have that, it will lower the reactions.

CIRSTEN: Let is try to answer two more questions before we go. “My friend has heart problems, clogged arteries, too much cholesterol.”

MARTIN: Too much cholesterol. The nutritionists have been talking about: if you eat cholesterol, you have high cholesterol. That is not how it works.

CIRSTEN: There is a good cholesterol and a bad cholesterol, right? In my church, I am Adventist, we don’t eat any seafood. And the reason why is because of scavengers, and they also have very high cholesterol, that is my thing.

MARTIN: It goes like this: you eat starch, it turns into glucose, the glucose goes too high, so the pancreas puts out insulin, the insulin converts the glucose into triglycerides, and the triglycerides are converted into either high LDL cholesterol, or into belly fat. The answer: stop eating starch.

CIRSTEN: “And what is a fatty liver?”

MARTIN: That is an illness of eating too much starch.

CIRSTEN: We already covered fibromyalgia. Get the Zeolite to get rid of the toxic metals, and then Magnesium.

MARTIN: KitKat says: “PCOS?” That is polycystic ovarian syndrome. I mean, it is complicated, but the simple answer would be raise your iodine input dramatically. Like a lot. Eczema? Nano Soma is patented to clear eczema.

CIRSTEN: That Nano Soma does a lot of stuff.

MARTIN: Vitiligo? Nano Soma is patented to deal with vitiligo.

CIRSTEN: That is that discoloration issue?

MARTIN: Yeah. Depigmentation, like Michael Jackson had. Asthma is an illness of too much alkalinity, you need to fix your pH balance, that is how you eat. Diverticulosis, diverticulitis. We do have this thing, Strata-Flora, it helps to heal issues with the gut. “Let me borrow $5.” Sure, by all means, I’ll give you a $5 discount any time you want to shop. PMS? Get more Iodine, stop eating wheat. Osteoarthritis in multiple joints. Stop eating wheat. “What is the best thing for heartburn?” Oh, well, we talked about it. Iodine, Zinc, salt, vitamin B1, electrons, raw food, enzymes. Increase your gastric power.

CIRSTEN: Okay everyone, you have Martin’s number, it is (866) 543 3388, he is there to take your calls!

MARTIN: I just wanted to say this, I didn’t say it at the beginning: Everything that you heard here, don’t consider it medical advice. We don’t do medical. We do nutritional counseling. I can advise you about nutrition and behavior. I cannot advise you.

CIRSTEN: Amen. Thank you.

MARTIN: Thank you. See you next time, everyone!

Author: Life Enthusiast