Podcast 442: Sulfur Salts

Today, Martin Pytela is joined by Phil Thomas, the founder and CEO of Iodine Source. What are Sulfur Salts? How did they come to be? When we eliminate toxins from our bodies, we can begin to restore our hormone imbalances, health and vitality.

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MARTIN: Hi, this is Martin Pytela at Life Enthusiast podcast. And with me today, Phil Thomas. He is the founder and CEO of Iodine Source, and he is a devotee of Edgar Cayce. And having studied extensively and intensively Cayce’s legacy, he’s been faithfully promoting the products that Cayce talked about. Hello, Phil!

So I would like to talk about the Sulfur Salts. Which in my book has a lot to do with the health of the endocrine system and health of the autonomic nervous system. But maybe you could explain it better than I can.

PHIL: Yeah, yeah. It’s primary function really was to help get heavy metals out of this tissue, you know, and if you look at the different kinds of occupations particularly in Cayce’s day, the industrial age was just getting up and running in full swing really. And people were getting exposed to all kinds of stuff in factories. And so Cayce was talking about this combination of Sulfur, Rochelle salts and the Cream of Tartar, those three things in equal amounts. And the sulfur is actually in the salt form. So which you end up with is a white powder. And, you just put something in a glass, maybe some hot water to dissolve it and drink it on a, let’s say maybe a daily basis, a tablespoon.

MARTIN: Do you mean a tablespoon of the powder in water? The bottle we ship it in isn’t all that big.

PHIL: Yes, a tablespoon. It depends on the situation but I was a house painter when I was a kid and I lived in a college town, there were a bunch of old crumbling housing dorms and all kinds of places where the paint, the old lead paint from 50 years ago was, well now it’s more than that, but the paint was all crumbling and falling off. So I was one of those kids who went up on a ladder with a grinder and ground paint off houses for a living.

MARTIN: So you inhaled a whole lot of lead. Huh?

PHIL: And before I really understood this because I came from a working class family and that’s what we did. We worked right?

MARTIN: Well, we have had some recent experiences with lead in water, like up in Michigan, they created quite the disaster for a lot of people by poisoning children and grownups with lead in water. Right?

PHIL: There’s a lot of heavy metals and they’re all bad. <Laughing> You know, I occasionally get into a discussion with people who say: Oh well, you got to take silver, that will fix you, you know. And well, yes, silver is antibacterial, it’s great. I was telling somebody the other day, I said look, during World War II, when our troops were over there in Europe, there wasn’t any clean water over land water, <laugh> it was all polluted.

MARTIN: It was just ditches, right? Yeah. You’re you’re in the ditch.

PHIL: Yeah. This was a hundred years ago. I mean, you think it was like, it was still pristine and clean. It wasn’t, it was a mess. And so the troops would get stuck in these trenches for days, sometimes weeks. And they didn’t have any water to drink. So what we figured out was if we put silver and, you know, it’s a standard issue for these troops, they could put it in their canteen and then fill up their canteen with this water and they could drink it. You know, the Kaiser never figured that out, for some reason. Thank goodness. And that was a deciding factor in World War I. It gained popularity and now New Age communities say, oh let’s drink silver.  Many people actually make their own stuff. I don’t advocate it, silver’s actually, it’s an important component. If you can take it vibrationally, you can stimulate the central nervous system.

MARTIN: Right on, okay. So let’s go back to this, Sulfur Salts. So we have MSM and Rochelle salts and Cream of Tartar mixed together. And so when ingested, you say take a tablespoon a day, that bottle will be empty in two weeks, right?

PHIL: Oh yeah. Yeah.

MARTIN: And so do you say buy many bottles  or how long does a person take it?

PHIL: I’ll give you an example of me. did that stuff for maybe 10 years or something. And then I started to notice that some of the guys that I was working with weren’t surviving. <Laugh>

MARTIN: Yes. That’s what happens with people when they’re toxic with heavy metals.

PHIL: And as time went on, I thought, I quit. I had to quit anyway, because you can run a grinder for only a few years before it shakes your body down.

MARTIN: All right. So, but let’s go back to the Sulfur Salts. So you took that, or what?

PHIL: No, I didn’t know about it back then. I tried everything else, you know, over the years because I was getting into natural health and I tried these different things and what not, nothing worked. Maybe over a long period of time, some of this stuff would’ve helped. But I finally as I was investigating the Cayce information, I got into that and I started taking the Sulfur Salts and bingo! My physical strength started to come back to me within a couple of weeks. And then I knew, ah.. this is right. And maybe it wouldn’t associate that with it, but it’s directly connected. It was really obvious to me. And because I like to use whatever product I’m going to sell. I like to do it myself to see how it’s going to work. And I was moved because when you get to be my age and if you don’t get that stuff out of your body, it will it’ll do you in.

MARTIN: Oh, it’ll destroy you alright. So let’s just try and nail it to specifics. So if somebody has worked in an industrial type of a job, they probably are overloaded with toxins. Well, if anybody has lived in a modern urban environment, you’re driving in a car, you’re breathing brake pad dust. And if you’re in a house you’re breathing all kinds of toxic fumes. So, alright. So how many of these bottles does a person need to consume?

PHIL: You get a price break with 10 of them and it’s not that expensive. It’s not crazy expensive.

MARTIN: It’s not expensive, but can I get you to suggest, actually go through 10 bottles? Is that…

PHIL: Yes, that’s what most people do. They get 10 bottles at time. And that way they’ve got plenty to actually run the experiment and see for themselves because you do go through it. Not everybody’s taking a tablespoon a day. Some people take half a tablespoon or whatever. It does take a little bit of time, but when things work, you should be able to notice it.

MARTIN: And so you’re suggesting that the way you’ll notice it is that you have more energy, more resilience, clearer thinking, perhaps that sort of thing?

PHIL: Heavy metals can do a lot of different things to the tissue, like if they get in your brain, it’ll clog up the way you think, you won’t be able to remember. You see these drugs being advertised on TV all the time now. That they’re going to improve your brain performance, and it’s my generation. We’re at that age now, the baby boomers are here, and we are building hospitals like crazy everywhere. Because we’re trying to keep up with what’s going on. And that’s a big part of it. People are afraid that they’re going to end up like the people that they knew that were older than them, that ended up with all these different ailments. And if we take care of ourselves we probably don’t.

MARTIN: Okay. Detox and avoid becoming a vegetable, sounds reasonable.

PHIL: <laugh> Eat vegetables and avoid becoming one.

MARTIN: Yeah, there we go. Okay. So I think I’ve got it. To improve your endocrine function, take a good run with the Sulfur Salts. Don’t be afraid to run it for about 10 bottles worth, about a tablespoon a day, and call me next.

MARTIN: Take two and call me in the morning. Right?

PHIL<laugh> You know early on, when I was experimenting with the iodine,  I was at one of these shows and this guy poured like 20 drops in a glass of water and he drank it down. And I’m looking at him and I’m thinking his head’s going to explode here in about five seconds, and I’m looking at him, nothing happened. And I’m thinking to myself, I know other people who can take a single drop and really get off on that, it has a powerful effect. And I was trying to figure out what’s the difference? Why is one person able to take a lot of iodine? Somebody else can’t take hardly any? And it’s because the thyroid gets clogged. The thyroids have receptor sites on ’em that are designed specifically to capture iodine, right?

PHIL: That’s how the iodine gets into the thyroid. And if those receptor sites are clogged up with heavy metals, let’s say, or other debris that’s in the blood, the iodine can’t get in. And if the iodine can’t get into the thyroid, you can drink this stuff right out of the bottle and not even have a reaction. <Laugh> And that’s what was going on. And I realized I needed to do something to help these people. And that’s where the Sulfur Salts really started to come in. So it’s kind of an associate product along with the iodine, because there’s so many people that really have so much clutter in their blood and it gets clogged up, the receptor sites get clogged up, so clear ’em out, and then you won’t really need too much iodine.

MARTIN: So that’s an interesting thing. So when we first do the detox with the Sulfur Salts, we will be then more sensitive, very likely to the iodine and need less of it. Yeah?

PHIL: Right, right.

MARTIN: Awesome. Well, so let’s run with that. We will probably do a special 10 bottles of Sulfur Salts and one bottle of iodine. <Laugh>

PHIL: Yeah, yeah. That would work. You know, there’s a lot of people and most people know who they are. Cause they worked in these kinds of jobs that they were exposed to all this stuff that ended up getting into their system. And, you know, you got to clear that stuff out. I know other methods and equipment and stuff that can help. This is something that I was working on when I was in Virginia Beach, I was working on nerve regeneration and I developed the Cayce technique for restoring damaged nerve tissue. I’m the only person on the planet whoever actually said, well, let’s try it the way Cayce suggested and let’s see what happens. I was there for 10 years, I saw quite a few people recover from incurable degenerative disorders.

MARTIN: And so Phil, is that a physical manipulation method?

PHIL: Yes. They’re biomagnetic batteries, that Cayce developed to introduce specific vibrations into the body.

MARTIN: All right. Well, we’ll be sending people to you with neurological damage then

PHIL: <laugh>

MARTIN: Do you still practice?

PHIL: Uh, you know I got shut out down.

MARTIN: By the regulators?

PHIL: By the organization.

MARTIN: Oh, by the owners of the copyright.

PHIL: They don’t actually own it cause it’s been over seven years. It’s been like a hundred years

MARTIN: For some you were attached legally and couldn’t con continue. Yeah?

PHIL: It didn’t really have anything to do with the law. It just had to do with.. there were people who once they saw that there were dollar signs flashing in front of their eyes. Then they decided it was time for me to go.

MARTIN: Okay, so did they practice this?

PHIL: They tried, but they didn’t actually adhere to the suggestions and the readings. They went back to what they’d already been doing for decades previously thinking that somehow repeating the same mistakes was going to actually produce results.

MARTIN: So, okay. You’re going to have to give up on restoration of neurological damage. Yeah?

PHIL: You know, I’m going back to it at some point, but I’m no martyr. <laughing>

MARTIN: Okay. Let’s just say that maybe a private appointment can be had. Yes?

PHIL: Oh, yeah. If people want to know about it, I’m happy to talk about it. Well the point I was trying to make is that if you don’t clear the clutter out of the body, the nerve regeneration isn’t really going to take. And if it does take, it’s not going to hold. You’ve got to get the body back to a point where it can function normally, the way it’s supposed to. And a lot of that has to do with the detox so that the blood is clean because that’s where the life is. It’s not in your bones or your central nervous system or your lymphatics or whatever, the life is in the blood.

MARTIN: All right. So, Phil, thank you very much! We’re going to have you again in the future, but for now this is Martin Pytela with Phil Thomas and we are at life-enthusiast.com. You can find me at the website or call at (866) 543-3388.

Author: Life Enthusiast