Podcast 480: Pregnancy

When people learn they’re expecting a baby, they often focus on planning the nursery decor or choosing outfits for their newborn. While these aspects are significant, what’s even more essential is to focus on cleansing your body, mind, and spirit before conception and to follow the right steps during pregnancy to guarantee your baby’s health and well-being. Remember, your body is a sacred temple. You should treat it as such.

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Good day, everyone. This is Martin Pytela, health coach at Life Enthusiast. So I thought it’s a good idea to talk about the issues that are leading up to pregnancy, going through pregnancy, and dealing with little children. I think that would be a good thing. So now to the talk, right? As I was contemplating this, I’m realizing that I was actually involved in helping my daughter with managing her health before pregnancy. The way I see this, and I think I’m not wrong about it, is that nature in genetics wants to promote, right? Like we as a species exist because we have a limited lifespan of maybe, let’s just say a hundred years of which we are in reproductive years, somewhere between 18 and 35. So that’s the optimal window. These days, people have been pushing it back. So these days, the first child isn’t born to an 18-year-old, it’s born to a 27 or 33-year-old. In the old days, before contraception and before modern days and jobs and stuff, visualize a village in the year 1200, somewhere in Europe, the typical couple living in a village.

They marry, they start having children. The natural protection of breastfeeding keeps the woman not conceiving for about two years. Sometimes it breaks through, but most times it’s that so every other year she gets pregnant. So between the age of 18 and 36, she probably has been pregnant nine times. Sometimes she loses the pregnancy because that’s normal, that’s nature. Sometimes she loses the infant. Again, that’s nature. So I would visualize that she may have a dozen of pregnancies that she will take to term in her reproductive years, but only maybe four or five of them will grow up into their reproductive age because there was poor hygiene. So anyone, any child, any infant that was not strong or that was unlucky with the arrival of some sort of an infection, they would succumb. They would die. In Roman times, like 2000 years ago, they didn’t even bother naming infants until they were two years old. The attritional rate was pretty high. Charles Darwin, his first five kids died tragically of typhoid fever. So what we have here is a cycle where nature wants to promote our DNA, right? We are reproducing by being motivated to make babies and only the strong survive. So as it rolls forward, only the most adapted to the local environment are making it, are living into their reproductive years.

And I believe that nature treats the mother as the precious resource and treats the fetus, the child, as something that’s not precious at all. And so the placenta is in fact used as a detox organ during the pregnancy. So whatever toxicity exists in the mother is actually pushed into the placenta during the pregnancy. And then through that, it’s passed on to the child. And the big deal to me is that we humans evolved in a pristine natural environment. We are not designed to deal with the industrial environment that has risen around us since the Industrial Revolution, which started around the year 1750, 1775, the invention of steam engine, 1820, the beginnings of industrial mills, cotton mills and stuff, steam engines, coal burning and so on.

1890s, gasoline and petroleum, 1910 arrival of automobiles, 1920s arrival of radio, 1930s arrival of television and all of these things, chemical industry, right? When did that really start? The petroleum age was in the 1920s, 30s. The chemical plastic age started in earnest after World War II, which also is the age when industrial fertilizers were introduced and heavily used. And with each succeeding generation, the toxicity increases. I’ll demonstrate it this way. We are told that tuna, which is the largest, one of the largest predators in the ocean, well in the ocean everybody’s a predator, little fish eat plankton and medium fish eat little fish and large fish eat medium fish and the largest fish eats the large fish. So that’s where tuna comes in, right? Tuna comes in at 600 kilos, 1200 pounds or something like that. The large tuna, right? The toxicity of the ocean that has been released by us humans into the estuaries, right? The little fish and the plankton are living mostly closest to the shore that’s the safest, shallow waters, but also wherever the rivers spill toward the ocean or into the ocean, they carry with it all the pollution that’s upstream from the rivers. So the oceans are most toxic in the estuaries or at the mouth of rivers, especially large rivers. So as the fish eat the smaller ones, they accumulate all the toxicity that has been accumulated by the smallest ones. And there is no detoxification pathway, for example, for mercury. So the mercury accumulates in the larger fish. Therefore tuna is most contaminated of all possibilities, of all the species. So when we eat tuna, because after all it’s lovely, tastes great, and it’s abundant, or at least used to be.

We are also at the same time eating the most contaminated fish, the most contamination with mercury. Anyway, so this example is to show you how with each size step up, we’re ending up with more of the toxicity because it concentrates. Likewise, with the generational move or generational transmission, a woman living in Saint Bourne in 1870 gives birth in, say, 1900 to a child with the accumulation of whatever was in her body. Well, that child gives birth in 1925 with the accumulation of whatever she has accumulated in her lifetime, which then gives us the next generation being born around 1950 with the accumulation of all of that. And then 1975 accumulating into that. And then the year 2000.

And now 2025, that’s the next generation in that line, is essentially accumulating everything that each of these people have accumulated in their lifetime. And that’s how, for example, we’re seeing this incredible rise in autism or ADD or other neurological problems, because these things are happening because of toxicity, because of the disruption of the nervous system. And the biggest disruptors are mercury, lead, cadmium, and then volatile organic compounds, stuff that’s in fire retardants that are put on our fabrics or in dry cleaner fluids or in rocket fuel that rains upon us or in herbicides that are put on our foods and paints and paint thinners and makeup and whatever there are thousands upon thousands of different chemicals that are made now that didn’t exist in the environment in which we evolved. Like out there in somewhere in the savanna or in the bush, wherever that is, these chemicals didn’t exist. So now these things are accumulating. So when you have a pregnancy and the woman already carries a bunch of toxins, all of these are passed to the child.

And of course, we have changed how things are done in the industrialized society. We don’t just throw away these children. We actually save every one of them. And especially the first and second born, which for many women are all of them that they, that she’ll ever have. They are the most toxic. So we’re introducing a double whammy. We’re retaining the toxicity and we’re retaining the genetic mutations.

So we are very quickly driving this system that previously was designed to drop and eliminate anything that was less than perfect. And we’re instead keeping all of the mutations as they’re happening and we’re increasing the level of toxicity and with it, and it’s a geometric rise. To explain, for example, there’s this concept called LD50, which stands for lethal dose

50 is when half of the people or half of the creatures to whom we give the lethal dose will die. So LD50 means that out of 150 will be dead. So let’s just say that LD150 for Mercury, no, never mind, I’ll give you a better number. I’ll go with LD1. That means that one person in a hundred would die of the dose, only the weakest. Anyway, so let’s just take an LD1 of Mercury and combine it with LD1 of lead. You would kind of think that those two combined would possibly kill two out of 100. But that’s not what happens. It kills 100, all of them, because the combination of the two things is so potent that it will, in fact, go from minimal to maximum. Boom, just like that. And this is the fallacy of the medical system and the science world as we have it now because they all want to test things in isolation. The scientific, and I really put air quotes on that, method is trying to isolate individual variables. And so they would study the thing that they’re studying in isolation. So they will study the mercury toxicity in isolation, ignoring all things around it. And as they go, they are just not seeing the big picture. They’re not seeing how the fabric of life is interacting. And so we introduce yet another thing, yet another thing, and so on, other chemicals. And we just take it through a test tube on individual cells, and then maybe we do some testing on mice, and we test it only for 90 days. And we say, okay, this is good. Let’s go push it into the open world, which is also the same sort of method with which they have been testing the immunizations. They have never tested the consequent effects of doing multiples. They just take one and test it against nothing as opposed to testing everything in context. And so we end up with what I believe is very inadequate understanding of just how complex this is and what the consequences are. But we are living with these consequences. I believe that we’re heading in a very bizarre direction where one becoming pregnant is going to be increasingly difficult because as you have more toxic men, their sperm motility is going down and the presence of plastics or estrogenicity is driving their testosterone level down, which causes lower motility. Maybe that’s not directly related, but it’s observable lower motility of the sperm. So they’re A less interested in sex. B the sperm that they put out is less alive. Three, there’s more mutations. So from men’s side, the ability to have children is lower. On women’s side, there are all kinds of disruptions too, right? There’s the problem with their ability to actually bring an egg. You know, we have this inflammatory issues, estrogen progesterone balances. And then once you have a pregnancy established, well, it’s having difficult time getting established, so there are miscarriages. I mean, these days, one in five couples is already not able to conceive in the industrialized society. So the ability to conceive, the ability to carry to term, the issue at birth that you’re giving birth to damaged children. And then of course, the issue of dealing with children that are not neurotypical children that are damaged, that are requiring extra care. Right. We used to, I don’t know, when I was a kid the incidence of autism or something on that spectrum was one in 10,000 right now it’s somewhere around one in 40 or something like that.

That’s a phenomenal increase. If this continues and it may, you will end up with everybody being on the spectrum. And  the next generation, you would have the less damaged ones looking after the more damaged ones and who’s going to actually do the work? Who’s actually going to be doing anything that helps the society carry forward? We just may come to a grinding halt because there just isn’t anybody who can go out into the field and grow the food. Speaking of growing food, growing food with fertilizers and herbicides and pesticides is terribly damaging to people who work there. So will their children be like, and will there be any to actually do the work? Never mind the fact that the product, the damaged toxic product they’re bringing out for us to eat is damaging to us.

Okay, so what can a person do with it or about it, right? Like this is not funny. So it’s my suggestion that anyone who’s contemplating pregnancy, becoming a parent, should be doing detoxification, serious detoxification. We need to get rid of all of the damage. There are two types of toxins, water-soluble and fat-soluble. The water-soluble ones have an immediate impact, but you’re able to eliminate that. So if you survive it, it’s gone from your body two to five days. Like you flush it out, it gets washed out. But if it’s fat-soluble, that’s a whole different story because your cell membrane is a bilipid layer. So every cell in your body is in fact, the outside surface is made of lipids fat. So as this fat-soluble material arrives, it is able to penetrate inside cells. So it’s able to get in. And of course, the body has to defend against it very vigorously. And it tries to do that by pushing the toxins out of the major organs protecting itself from damage. So it goes into fat cells, but it also goes into joints, cartilage, and bones, but also your brain is made of fat. So a lot of this ends up in your brain. When this stuff gets released later in life, that’s when you end up with dementia and rapid aging and all of that sort of trouble. Like osteoporosis, for example, is the process of releasing mineralization out of the bones into circulation as it’s trying to buffer the pH imbalance in the body fluids. Well, as you’re releasing the stuff that was stored, when you put that into circulation, it leads to neurological problems. So you have people who start not being able to think clearly, not being able to remember, recall, and so on. That’s the toxicity in circulation causing things to go downhill. So if you want to prevent a child that’s coming from being damaged, you start well ahead of time. You will detoxify both the mother and the father. And one, you get rid of toxic things that are heavy metals. For that, I have found that Zeolite is really effective. EDTA also works and we have multiple detoxification products on the website, you can find it there. Other things we have, for example, discovered that a defect called spina bifida, which is the badly developed spinal cord, or there’s actually a gap. Bifida is in two pieces. There’s a gap in the spine that’s somehow some kind of a development problem. Anyway, that is affected or prevented by folate. Folate is stuff that comes from FOLIC, which stands for leaf. Green leafy things, green things like alfalfa, chlorella, spirulina, barley grass, wheatgrass, kamut grass juice. These are all available in the Exsula superfoods. We put a lot of the non-toxic, clean superfood material in there. The other thing that’s super important is iodine. It’s just bizarre, but iodine or deficiency of iodine leads to lower IQ, lower intelligence in babies. And also iodine leads to protecting the pregnancy from early births from miscarriage. Folks that may have miscarried should strongly contemplate having enough iodine on board. The third thing that happens with pregnancies that don’t go to term is, or that they don’t even get established, is inflammatory foods.

Overall level of inflammation is a thing that causes the woman to not be able to actually have the zygote. You know, like when the egg meets the sperm, that actually happens outside of the uterus, that happens in the tubes. And then this thing descends and finds a spot in the uterus and settles in there.

And that’s establishing the pregnancy. Sometimes this process doesn’t happen, and you end up with an ectopic pregnancy where the egg is impregnated and starts developing and growing in the fallopian tube, causing injury and bursts. And I mean, it’s dangerous. It could lead to death. But anyway, so the pregnancy needs to be established, and this process is greatly affected by inflammatory foods.

And the most inflammatory food we have is gluten, wheat. And our oh-so-wise agriculture industry has developed a grain that the old-style grain was about 6% protein, 6% gluten. They have hybridized and turned the tall, four-foot-tall wheat into an 18-inch short, dwarf wheat that has much more protein to it.

They’re just so proud of that achievement. Well, ever since they started growing it somewhere in the mid-seventies, the rise of the problems, it just started happening. And then in the nineties, they introduced glyphosate Roundup, and that use is growing, and they now use glyphosate on grain, especially on wheat, but they use it on lentils and chickpeas and other things.

And they use it as a spray at the time of harvest. So especially in Northern latitudes where weather is threatening, right? Like you’re waiting, you have a shorter growing season and you’re hoping to get the wheat off the field before the first snowfall comes. And they could come sometime in September or something like that. So what they do is they spray the field with glyphosate, and the plant is now dying because that’s what you caused it. You caused it to die. And in the process of dying, it pushes all of its remaining energy into its progeny, into the grain. So you have a desiccated dried plant with bigger grain. And so it’s easier to harvest. It’s uniform and it’s drier than it would be otherwise. And it’s before the snowfall. Then you push the combine harvester onto the field.

Take it off the field and the chemical industry sales rep tells you, “Oh, this is fine. There’s a trace amount of the glyphosate on it, but don’t you worry, it does nothing to the human.” Well, maybe true, but it’s an antibiotic, which means that it actually kills off and damages the microbiome. So it’s causing destruction of the microbiome in the gut of the person that eats it, which causes neurological problems such as autism.

So since the 1990s, especially going into the 2000s, things have gotten worse, right? The numbers of children born with problems are going up. Now you can undo this, right? Even with your child that’s born with this condition, with neurological issues, you can repair a lot of it. Anyway, even when the child is born with some damage, you can undo a lot of it by one, detoxing.

Zeolite, it works even on infants. You can start really early. You can bring in essential fatty acids. They are really important, right? Omega threes are super important. Flax oil is really rich in ALA, alpha-lipoic acid, which is the precursor of the DHA and EPA that your body can make.

Or you can also, of course, supplement the DHA EPA in the form of fish oil, krill oil, sardine, whatever, small fish, fish oil. So that’s important. All the vitamins like vitamin therapy, just high nutrition value, right? High nutrient-density food. When you bring that, you have a chance of reverting the changes that would set and become permanent.

Sooner you can get to it, the better. The other things that you could use are also detox and then microbiome for which you need the Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid to protect the terrain. And then you need to seed it with the good things, good microbes. I mean, there’s another important point to be made, which is this: The child that is born normally vaginally experiences, gets mushed through the microbiome of the vagina.

And also, right, there’s a little bit of the poop as well in there. The microbes from the digestive tract of the mother also are present in the area. So the child gets inoculated with that. And then the child is also breastfeeding and just all the saliva, like the interaction. So a child that’s born by C-section is born sterile. That site is treated as, and correctly, as a sterile environment and so unless the surgeon is wise enough to reach into the woman’s vagina, put some of that goop on his fingers and rubbing it all over the face of this child, this child is deprived of the initial seeding of his microbiome because this child is born sterile without any of this, well not quite but largely sterile. So you need to bring in the microbes that were outside in. When this doesn’t happen, these children are predisposed toward problems. And it’s well known and statistically documented that children born through C-section are more prone to having problems on the ADD spectrum.

And then there’s the stored trauma, which is of course, emotional injuries. We all come with that. Most of us come out of our childhood with some misunderstandings that need to be cleared. We have hang-ups with either siblings or parents.

We need to resolve any stored emotional trauma if you want to have a decent life. I had to deal with my childhood issues between me and my mother and my father and my brother and whatever else. Right? And I did. The methodology or the methods that I’m familiar with, EFT, emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping helps a lot.

Body talk, quantum healing, emo code or emotional code. There are multiple disciplines out there. And each of them, touch for health is another good one that allows us to clear the stored energetics. We are actually working now with a company called AO SCAN, Solex. We started working with that, we’re learning it. It’s a method by which we can remotely send a vibrational signal that will read your vibrational picture print and send back to you stuff that will balance you. So we can understand where your weaknesses are energetically and we can send in a signal that will help to rebalance you. That’s a big deal. We’ll be introducing that, I’m sure. There are several methods again, available that way. There are multiple companies coming up with things. There’s, Healy and there’s, anyway, many, you just have to pick one. We’re going with the AO scan for now. The passing of the stuff from generation to generation, understanding how we got here, right?

You can’t hold your parents responsible. There’s no point blaming your mother for being who she was or how she did or whatever. We got what we got. The interesting point is your mother, when she was conceived or when she was gestated inside your grandmother, had all of the eggs that she’s ever going to have already inside her. So the eggs from which every period your mother has had takes one egg and drops it through, or maybe two eggs, two ovaries. Every period that she’s had, had an egg, and those eggs were in your mother when she was gestated in the belly of your grandmother. So everything that your grandmother did or knew or was at the time of the pregnancy is actually affecting the mother and the egg that becomes her child. You contemplate that. right? The passing on of information, chemically and vibrationally. The sins of our generation are passed down. That’s why we talk about seven generations, three generations back, us, and three generations forward. It just carries.

So anything that we do now is going to echo through the next three generations. We already know that. My name is Martin Pytela. I’m the health coach at Life Enthusiast, life-enthusiast.com. You can find me by phone at 866-543-3388. Thank you for listening.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff