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Sodium is being described as essential, and it is said that too much is not healthy. There is talk about reducing sodium “but not elimination”. This latter point is important, for without sodium (sodium chloride) we die. We are electrical creatures, and electricity is produced at cell level when water, potassium and sodium are all present in appropriate amounts. Apparently, a molecule of water entering a cell under the influence of sodium in the extracellular fluid and potassium in the intracellular water generates a tiny amount of electricity. Without a suitable balance of all three you have no electricity.

Excessive sodium is thought to increase high blood pressure in some circumstances and so doctors may recommend that persons with high pressure to reduce their salt intake. However, the evidence against sodium is questionable and my doctor was emphatic that the advice does not apply to people without high blood pressure (when I questioned him about this matter). Has anyone got any evidence? Low sodium intake may lead to many problems: poor digestion (from low chlorine leading to low stomach acid); poor muscle tone and strength (hiatal hernia, hemorrhoids, …); muscle cramping; poor self-confidence; depression; poor thinking ability etc.: (I once experienced all these); and much more.

High potassium can lead to low sodium problems. Note also that increased calcium can lead to low magnesium problems. I’m 74, and I had an inadequate salt intake for most of my life. I now have ample salt, including half a teaspoon spoon of Celtic sea salt twice a day. My blood pressure is 140 over 80. I am healthy, active, and my fitness is slowly improving. For information go to If you want to find fault with that information because it is not all scientifically proven please understand that it is the medical profession that should be investigating Dr Batmanghelidj’s work, not DR B. himself. Substances that are natural food items do not need the examining, testing, and proving with double-blind methodology that synthetic drugs should be given. I hope this will help others to avoid the problems I had.

Author: Life Enthusiast

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