Stupid Fats and Smart Fats

There is such a thing as healthy fats. Your body needs them. Some of us need more than others. But deep fried anything is stupid fats.

I became involved in a discussion recently with a competitive bodybuilder about the composition of one of our products. Having looked over the label he questioned why there was so much fat relative to protein in the product. To which I had to say: There is a difference between smart fat and stupid fat. And there is a need for lipids in your diet!

In order for proteins to be utilized in building new muscle they must be accompanied by essential fatty acids. If they’re not, they could well be burned for energy, instead of used as building blocks for new tissue. Thats why we can say that eating the right kind of fats (and I think we should start calling them lipids) will help you loose fat even as you are sitting on a couch. Its true healthy fats will help raise your metabolic rate, and channel your body’s energies to build muscle and burn fat. If you exercise, you get an even greater benefit.

Hemp Nuts (they are seeds, but we don’t want to give people the idea that they could plant them) can be used as a supplement, but it is also a very good meal enhancement product. If you don’t have the time to prepare breakfast or lunch, adding some to almost anything will make a meal that can hold you without feeling hungry. You could add them to one of our green Superfood blends. Typical energy drinks hook you with a jittery, chemical stimulant-type energy that leave you acidic, feeling dull, wrung out and vulnerable. Our green Superfood blends give you a steady supply of nutrients that your body needs to keep well.

Researchers from the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University recruited more than 320 healthy older men from a Veterans Affairs study on aging. At baseline, all of the men completed food-frequency questionnaires, and blood was drawn from each subject to measure B vitamins and homocysteine. Over the following three years, the men took occasional tests to monitor cognitive function. At the conclusion of the study, researchers reported these results:

  • High homocysteine levels were associated with a decline in recall memory
  • High folate levels were significantly linked to verbal fluency
  • Subjects with elevated folate levels had fewer declines in spatial copying (a drawing test that measures the brains ability to understand and reproduce geometric figures).

Writing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the USDA authors concluded that, Low B vitamin and high homocysteine concentrations predict cognitive decline.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff