Vaccine Risks versus Profits

Vaccination can prevent a deadly disease, but when you combine too many vaccines and challenge the immature immune system beyond its breaking point, you may trigger a storm that results in catastrophic changes.

As I came into the living room I caught a bit of news on the TV: the show host was grilling Dr. Andrew Wakefield about his claim that vaccinations may cause autism. They had another authoritative sounding fellow practically shouting with indignation how can Wakefield continue to claim the link in face of all the evidence that there is none?

And yet, 1 in 150 children fits the autistic label, up 100 fold from only 20-some years ago. Have you noticed the rising tide of autism in our society? Recently I was reminded of it quite directly, as one of my nieces announced that her child was officially autistic. Which allegedly is a good thing, because there are government funded programs for helping these children (at least here in Canada ) and please do not get me started on the issues around health insurance. Or do: write me your questions, and I will address them below.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is this: for some reason more and more people are developing this syndrome (syndrome is medical speak for we have no clue) that is described as spectrum disorder (medical speak for we cant pin it down). Spectrum disorder is the opposite of a clear definition pregnancy is non-spectrum. You cannot be a little bit pregnant, but you can be a little bit autistic.

Robert Kennedy jrI think you should watch this video with Robert Kennedy Jr explaining the situation he tells it as he sees it, no punches pulled. I think he does not tell the whole story. There is more to it than just mercury, although that is the main issue for many. The vaccination schedule that is pushed upon our infants causes a lot of trouble, and the medical pharmaceutical insurance industry does not want to have its profits lowered by some minimal problems.

Author: Life Enthusiast