Vaccine Risks vs Benefits

Flu from the holistic health perspective:

When your body becomes overwhelmed by a viral infection, it attempts to burn it off by raising its own temperature. The body survives, but the viruses do not. There could be other symptoms associated with your body’s immune system trying to overwhelm the invaders with all kinds of unpleasant weapons. Excess fluids, mucus, phlegm, etc.

Dr. William Wong has done a fine job writing a well researched paper about enzymes and virus infections called Enzymes: What You Learned Was Wrong. The trouble with new strains of viruses is that our immune systems are not prepared to cope with them. They usually develop in places where human and animal excrement mix such as ducks and humans in Southeast Asia, or the recent hogs and humans in Mexico. The small town where the latest flu epidemic started is near a huge hog farm. You cant see it on the television shots, but the air there just reeks of pig excrement. The daily news will try and convince you that the flu vaccination is a no-brainer, but you would have to be brainless to not consider the downside:

First you might like to find out what the ingredients of flu vaccines are before you decide to go for it. It is not a pretty list. I would not want to put them into my body, let alone my children’s.

Here is a recent press release describing a situation quite typical for the kind of reaction I want to warn you about:

B.C. Man Paralyzed After Flu Shot

A New Westminster man is raising a warning flag after he contracted a rare and debilitating condition linked to the flu shot that left him paralyzed for almost five months. Every fall, health care workers across Canada distribute 10 million influenza vaccinations, and for the vast majority of people, the flu shot causes no major problems.

Within two weeks of getting his annual flu shot in 2007, however, Richard Ryan, 44, went from being happy and healthy to being in excruciating pain. At first, Ryan thought he had injured his back, and he checked into the local hospital emergency room. But Ryan was also suffering some numbness, and when a neurologist tested his reflexes, he found Ryan had none, he said. The doctor asked me what was going on in my life. And as soon as I said I was feeling ill after getting a flu shot, he said, Stop right there, I know what you have,’ Ryan said.

Guillain-Barr Syndrome Linked to Vaccine

The neurologist diagnosed Ryan with Guillain-Barr syndrome, an autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous system. According to the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, the chance of developing that particular disease from a flu shot is one in a million. But as Ryan learned the consequences can be severe. By the time the emergency room exam was over, he was unable to get up. He spent the next 10 weeks recovering in hospital, including three weeks in intensive care, barely able to breathe or eat for himself.

My face was paralyzed. I had no feeling inside my mouth. I couldn’t feel my tongue. My left eye wouldn’t close so it had to be taped shut to sleep, he said. The illness progressed into a lifelong condition known as chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), and a year later he remains heavily medicated, unable to work and has memory problems. Although the disease is in remission, he is not expected to make a full recovery, and the chronic condition could return at any point in the future.

Worth the Risk?

Now Ryan is concerned that public health officials are promoting the flu vaccine while most people are not fully aware of the risks. However, Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an epidemiologist at the B.C. Center for Disease Control, says the benefits of the flu vaccine still outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people. Nothing is completely risk-free, she told CBC News. It is always a matter of weighing the benefits and the risks.

Medical information provided with flu shots does mention the one-in-a-million chance of getting Guillain-Barr syndrome. But it is especially important for people with heart and lung problems, the elderly and the chronically ill, to get the influenza vaccine because it could save their lives, Skowronski said. Influenza itself can be life threatening, and it’s those groups that we want to make sure are not put off from receiving influenza vaccine unnecessarily, said Skowronski.

There are more than 2,000 flu-related deaths in Canada every year (multiply that 10 fold for the US). Seniors, people with weak immune systems and some children are at highest risk. More common possible side-effects of vaccinations can include fever, muscle pain and weakness. For his part, Ryan maintains that he’s a good example of the fact that the benefits of the vaccination don’t always outweigh the risks. I think if people knew how serious the illness is, they would think twice about the flu shot, he said.

The cellular terrain will sustain viruses only if it is acidic enough for them to survive. So how does it become acidic? The list is almost comical the description of our modern lifestyle: stress, lack of sleep, coffee, cigarettes, fried food, refined food (sugar, flour, salt, fat), cooked proteins (roasted and fried meat, and surprisingly also baked grains). Oh, and one more: lack of exercise. What does that leave you to live on? Salads, smoothies, stir fries. Plenty of variety, really.

You can take alkalizing baths, add alkalizing minerals to your drinking water, and if you are already in trouble, you may need a water ionizer, or an ionic SPA Footbath or perhaps all of these. We write about these lifestyle choices in our Health Education pages. When you are pH balanced and your immune system is strong, you will not catch anything, because it will not stick to you.

In this TV propaganda from back in 1976, there is something here we all need to learn, or re-learn.

Author: Life Enthusiast