Water Structuring

Water is Everywhere!

Water is the most common organic compound present on our planet. It plays an extremely important role in shaping atmospheric phenomena and climate on Earth. Without it, life forms as we know them simply would not exist. The human body is composed of more than 75% of water and some body tissue consists of over 95% of water! That’s why it is so important that the water we consume for the proper functioning of our bodies is of the highest quality. An insufficient supply of water creates disturbances in the functioning of our bodies, has negative effects on our wellness and appearance, and accelerates the process of aging.

Thickened blood does not circulate properly, and the body has difficulties expelling the toxic products of metabolic changes, which can cause gradual toxin build-up and other health problems such as: improper functioning of the nervous system, dehydration of organ tissue and disturbance of important physiological processes. Lack of water can cause even more serious consequences, including even death from poisoning of the body from the by-products of bodily food processing. Humans can survive without water for only three (3) to six (6) days.

Theoretically, there is no food product which does not contain at least some water. It is a component in all seeds, vegetables, fruits, etc. Each of us, on average, should consume at least 1.5 to 2 liters (3 to 5 pints) of water each day. This way we replenish water lost from our bodies due to urinating, sweating and breathing. Regular intake of water is also required for physiological processes taking place in our bodies. In fact, blood, lymph, and brain-core fluid are nothing but water combined with specific body cells, enzymes, mineral salts and other necessary substances.

Water – A New Perspective!

Many people think of water as a simple organic substance with chaotic structure. However, for many years scientists have been intrigued by its simplistic, yet complicated, nature. It has been proven that water forms pseudo-crystalline structures. This means that its molecules arrange themselves with each other in specific patterns. Is this important to us as human beings? It is very important for us as to how water molecules are arranged with each other. A different arrangement of water molecules makes water more or less beneficial to our bodies. Perhaps it is still the same organic compound, but it no longer has the same physical properties.

This feature is analogous to the relationship between graphite, coal and diamond, all of which contain the common element carbon (C). Graphite and coal are black and brittle, but diamond (same carbon C) is clear and is also the hardest natural mineral known to man. In diamond, carbon atoms form a regular crystalline structure, as compared to chaotic structure in graphite and coal. The different arrangement of atoms or molecules provides different physical properties in substances having the same (or similar) chemical composition.

It shows that this rule also applies to water. Research conducted worldwide has proven without doubt that the inter-arrangement of water molecules plays a tremendous role in the physiology of any living organism. Historically, we have placed much emphasis on water’s clarity, purity and mineral salt content. Now, we are finally beginning to understand just how important the arrangement of molecules is to the properties of water that we rely upon for our vitality.

Water Memory!

Depending on where water comes from, it will have different properties. Variables having influence on water molecule configuration (structure) include: electromagnetic fields, pressure, temperature, and other chemical substances. They can make water either a “life saving” or even a poisonous compound. These variables exert lesser or more permanent impacts through changes in water properties. This phenomenon is called “Water Memory”. Each of us can usually notice a difference in taste between tap water, mineral water and water from a mountain stream.

Of course, it can be said that the difference in taste between these three (3) types of water depends on several mineral compounds dissolved in the water, but it certainly will not determine the water memory’s energy level (weight). Nevertheless, this water property phenomenon is more frequently used in reputable scientific healing methods. Methods based on using water memory can be compared to the process of recording a videotape. Using visual senses or more accurate physical measurements we cannot distinguish recorded tape from blank tape.

From a chemical perspective, a recorded tape has the same chemical composition as a blank tape. The difference between these two (2) tapes lies in the information contained in a recorded tape. It is not necessary to explain the importance of the information recorded. A computer disk with specific instructions or information can make a computer “come to life” or it can even “kill” it. Many scientists believe and openly admit that medicine based on the principles of chemistry will begin to yield rapidly to informative medicine, which is based on physics and information.

Searching for Answers About Water!

Many scientists have become increasingly interested in finding ways to configure water molecules to make them more “energetic”, such as exposing a glass filled with water to direct sunlight for awhile or placing a copper or gold object into a glass of water. For a few individuals, improvement of the energetic properties of water has become an important scientific task, almost a life-long mission.

ADR Systems!

One of these scientists is Stanislaw A. Wosinski, M.Sc., P.Eng. For several years, he has worked on developing a method to configure water memory in such a way as to benefit living organisms. He knows (and has discovered) almost everything there is to know about water the lifeline of organisms. The fruit of his determination, commitment, and research is ADR-4 Energy Stimulator, a 4-inch diameter disc with advanced and revolutionary technology inside. This device, through its self-generated complex magnetic field, infrared radiation, and resonance effects, actually alters the configuration of water memory.

The principle of operation of ADR-4 Energy Stimulator is like water simple, yet complicated. Simplicity based on specific modification of water memory; complexity due to long-lasting research and the selection of proper emitters in order to energize water molecules by altering their structural arrangement. Just place any water-rich food or beverage on ADR-4 Energy Stimulator disc for approximately 3 minutes to have its intermolecular arrangement altered. The water molecules will rearrange to form hexagonal structures. Most people will notice a positive change in the taste of such water.

Water with its molecules arranged in hexagonal clusters is very beneficial for living organisms. The hexagonal clusters of water molecules are half the size of that of the tap or bottled water which have a cluster consisting of approximately 12 water molecules. They permeate cellular membranes more quickly, thereby providing superior hydration and refreshing any living cells more effectively. The result is that more nutrients in food, beverages and nutritional supplements are delivered more efficiently to the living organisms.

The rearrangement of water molecules into a hexagonal cluster produces an abundance of negatively charged electrons which are available as donor electrons for repairing free radical damage. Thus, such water can be called an “ideal” antioxidant and it is similar to the increasingly rare pristine water of pure glacial melt and high mountain streams. The importance of consuming food and beverages having a high-quality water with hexagonal cluster arrangement of water molecules, cannot be overemphasized and will reflect as a positive impact on our well-being.

Revitalizing Water!

Research and laboratory tests have shown that when food and beverages are energized by ADR-4 Energy Stimulator, they provide therapeutic effects and benefits similar to those provided by prescription drugs without side effects! Consumption of water contained in food and beverages energized by ADR-4 Energy Stimulator can be compared to pouring beneficial information into our bodies – which goes to each individual cell. This information carries a “program” which regulates physiological processes on the single cell level as well as all levels.

In November 2000, ADR-4 Energy Stimulator device was approved and registered by the Polish National Drug Institute, an equivalent government institution to Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S., as auxiliary medical equipment for peripheral circulation disturbances, dysfunction of kidneys, and compensation of acid-base homeostasis. ADR-4 Energy Stimulator provides several additional benefits to the human body, such as an increase in stamina, vitality, strengthening of the body’s immune system, and decreasing levels of heavy and toxic metals from our systems.

Additional laboratory and clinical tests are currently in progress to determine what impacts ADR-4 Energy Stimulator device may have on humans cells immune competency initial test results are very encouraging. ADR-4 Energy Stimulator has also been shown to alter the intermolecular arrangement of water in alcoholic beverages. For those who choose to surpass their limit of “moderate” alcohol consumption, the likelihood of “hangover” is significantly reduced when alcoholic beverages are placed on ADR-4 Energy Stimulator device for approximately 3 minutes.

Furthermore, for beauty conscious individuals, placing any facial cream or body lotion on ADR-4 Energy Stimulator improves the moisturizing properties and results in better skin absorption of water contained in the cream or body lotion. Other benefits of this product include: no risk of overdose andno side effects! Applications for the ADR-4 Energy Stimulator are very wide. Everybody can benefit from using ADR-4 Energy Stimulator device to charge and structure water in products we consume. Structured water can be a powerful healer! Make the ADR-4 Energy Stimulator your health and wellness solution!

Water Ionizers!

Ionized alkaline water addresses many health issues associated with acidification of the extracellular fluids. Many years of medical and scientific research have produced these high-quality machines that are classified as “medical substance providers” by the governments of Korea and Japan. Ionizers filter the water first, then ionize and alkalize the incoming tap water. The alkaline drinking water has exceptional hydrating qualities; the ability to deliver nutrients more efficiently at the cellular level and to detoxifies cells.

Due to the fact that the ionizer creates micro-cluster water that is much more efficient and effective in transporting nutrients in and toxins out of cells. The Water Ionizer generates water with high anti-oxidant qualities (negative ORP, oxidation-reduction potential) by supplying an abundance of negative ions created by ionization process. These negative ions neutralize free radicals that could contribute to aging and disease. Water ionizers provide alkalized, micro-clustered and ionized water.

This unit is attached to your kitchen water supply and will dispense ionized water at the touch of a button. The water undergoes the process of electrolysis or ionization causing approximately 70% of the water to become OH- (alkaline) and 30% of the water is converted to OH+ (acidic). The acidic water can be used externally on your skin, while the alkaline water is for drinking and cooking. Your body will get rid of toxins and in turn loose excess lose weight. Reduced toxicity has been linked to the gradual decrease in fatty deposits in the body.

Author: Life Enthusiast