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Exsula Superfoods

XtraPure Lecithin

Lecithin - For Every Cell and Every Function

Known for being an essential fat that's present in every cell in our body, having a healthy amount of lecithin in our system should not be taken lightly. Often used in medicines to help combat a number of conditions such as high cholesterol, gallbladder disease, anxiety, skin conditions, and
Exsula SuperfoodsXtraPure Lecithin
XtraPure Lecithin
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Exsula Superfoods

XtraPure Lecithin

Lecithin - For Every Cell and Every Function

  • Improve Physical Performance - Supercharge Your Brain and Nerves
  • Efficient Fat Metabolism - Supports Weight Loss
  • Boost Nutrient Assimilation & Immune System - Fights viruses
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Known for being an essential fat that's present in every cell in our body, having a healthy amount of lecithin in our system should not be taken lightly. Often used in medicines to help combat a number of conditions such as high cholesterol, gallbladder disease, anxiety, skin conditions, and many more, there's no denying the important role that lecithin plays in our overall health and everyday life.

As a dietary supplement, lecithin can help to increase cognitive functions, promote cardiovascular health, and help with reduction of inflammation. Topically, it has also been used as a moisturizer for those with dry skin. Additionally, when used with food, lecithin has been known to act as a great thickener.

Furthermore, lecithin is also known to:

Support Longevity and Anti-Aging

  • Improve Brain Function, Memory, Nerves
  • Faster Learning & Higher IQ
  • More Creativity & Heightened Senses
  • Beautiful Hair & Complexion
  • Improve Physical Performance
  • Build & Maintain a Strong Heart
  • Lower Cholesterol & Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Optimize Athletic Speed and Endurance
  • Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain, Relieve Tiredness
  • Liver Health & Protection
  • Enhance Sexual Enjoyment
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Lessen Effects of Chemotherapy and Environmental & Other Toxins
  • Support your immune system to "decloak" viruses
  • Improve Your Moods - More Joyful Days.
  • Improve Physical Performance - Supercharge Your Brain and Nerves
  • Efficient Fat Metabolism - Supports Weight Loss
  • Boost Nutrient Assimilation & Immune System - Fights viruses
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Lecithin is essential for life and is crucial for every living cell membrane. It is a multi-nutrient complex created only by living plants. It is made of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Vitamins, and Minerals.

Lecithin is nature’s universal emulsifier, reducing surface tension so biological systems are able to manipulate fats in conjunction with water. Without enough Lecithin, fats will stagnate, clog cells, and rancidify, overwhelming your antioxidants with life-destroying free-radicals. Lecithin is at the heart of all biological life-energy, assimilation, and cleansing processes. In fact, nature uses Lecithin as an ion transporter at the most intricate core of life itself.

Lecithin is essential for life, and found in every living plant and animal cell. It contains essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitamins and minerals.

  • From Lecithin, your brain creates the chemical stuff thought is made of. The more of it you have, the sharper your mind becomes.
  • Heart and circulatory problems take one million Americans prematurely each year. Lecithin is your primary cholesterol solvent.
  • It is a potent ally for your immune system, and your body’s primary moisturizer and joint lubricant.
  • It is THE nutrient for sexual intimacy & reproduction.
  • The EFAs in Lecithin help satisfy your body’s hunger with good fats. Harmful fats burden your body and keep piling on unsightly pounds. Lecithin enables efficient fat metabolism, supporting weight loss.
  • Without enough Lecithin, fats will stagnate, clog cells, and go rancid, overwhelming your antioxidants with life-destroying free radicals.

Why Supplement?

Food processing routinely removes natural Lecithin. Calorie for calorie, typical diets are now far lower in Lecithin — and bad fats are much higher — than 80 years ago. Thus, you now lean harder upon your liver’s ability to manufacture enough Lecithin for every cell and system. This added burden takes away from production of coenzyme Q10 and enzymes necessary for energy and for quality and length of life. Nutrients that make Lecithin are limited. The older you get, the less efficient your liver becomes, and the more fatigue you experience as premature signs of aging, from chronic energy deficit that can be corrected with Lecithin.

Why XtraPure?

It is SuperFood-Grade de-oiled Lecithin derived from sunflower seeds. Typical Lecithin products contain 3 to 12 times the oil and water of XtraPure. Superior extraction methods produce 97% pure Lecithin without GMO proteins, and virtually free of oil and water which will otherwise quickly damage freshness. XtraPure is shipped fresh to us week to week so we are bottling the absolute freshest Lecithin possible. We keep it stored cool. We use special dark-colored oxygen-barrier bottles with full-coverage blackout labels to shield light, then ship the most powerful Lecithin directly to you. Our customers appreciate it’s reliable quality and fresh, rich flavor.

We hope you take the precaution of freezing your order as soon as it arrives. XtraPure is very, very dry, so do not be concerned that freezing is damaging the nutrients. In nature even the most delicate dry seed nutrients will readily support sprouting after a winter’s freeze. Freezing of a dry nutrient is the most friendly process to virtually stop the real problem — rancidization or oxidation.

Food processing companies routinely remove natural Lecithin and discard it.

We now get far less Lecithin and much more bad fat in our diet than in years past. This stresses your liver to produce more Lecithin, reducing it's efficiency. You become fatigued (including your heart), with more obvious signs of Lecithin deprivation.

Our superior extraction methods produce a very high quality lecithin. It's virtually free of oil and water, thus limiting rancidity.

Customer Reviews

Top Reviews

Essential supplement

by Thomas G on December 27, 2008
Verified Purchase

This is an important item in the conglomeration of supplements that is urging me towards a more healthy life. I just started this supplement, so I cannot be real specific at this point. I have always been extremely pleased with LEC products.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

seizures have decreased both in frequency and intensity

by Loring W on July 08, 2009
Verified Purchase

I am quite cynical, especially in the field of nutritional supplements. My wife has been on a lot of medication because of her epileptic seizures that cause her constipation and other side effects. You have no idea how happy I am to report that her seizures have decreased both in frequency and intensity, but best of all, she is enjoying regular bowel movements. It may sound trivial, but it is a big deal for a person plagued by this.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

Part of my regimen

by Robert D on February 10, 2010
Verified Purchase

I bought these superfoods after researching other sites like optimumlivingfoods and the 30 day raw food diets. These super blend powders are said to be derived from an eclectic mix of raw, living plant-based super foods. I add Lecithen because it was recommended to help the body absorb fat soluble nutrients. So I added the Lecithen as part of a combined mixture of other superfood powders which I prepare ahead of time in a dozen sets of 4 oz tupperware containers and keep them stored in the freezer. Into each container I add a teaspoon each of Golden Flaxseed Meal, Psyllium fiber, Apple Fiber, Iridesca, Advancium, ZoeTein, Ellagiplex, Lecithen, and Strataflora. Twice a day, I add the contents of one of these frozen tupperwares superblends, to 20 oz of prilled water and juice. I mix the powder and liquid in a 20 oz shaker bottle, and drink it. I did this two or three times a day for almost four days straight on Jan 20-23, with almost nothing in between but clean, prilled water to which I added fresh squeezed lemon juice. I also supplemented the superfood smoothies with slices of apples, celery, and carrots. I stopped when I saw too many Domino ads for a pepperoni, mushroom, garlic butter crust pizza. Too long a story here to explain more, but I have resolved to resume this protocol on Ash Wednesday, when Lent starts. There is a support group at my job, who are currently doing a similar detox with different ingredients.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

Blends well

by Luella S on April 13, 2010
Verified Purchase

This is nice, taste is not offensive, blends well. Still early to notice all the effects. I recommended it to my sister too.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

Great quality

by John M on September 01, 2010
Verified Purchase

The lecithin I ordered from you dissolves straight away in cold water, and that is usually the test, which (I think) shows it is pure phosphatidyl choline. Most of the lecithin locally available comes from Germany, and it does not easily dissolve, but leaves lumps, and I've never been sure about its purity.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

I have more energy

by Carol C on April 30, 2011
Verified Purchase

Having fibromyalgia I have found I have more flexibility. I am less fatigued. I also have high cholesterol and will have that checked. Having more energy is so incredible for me. I have now joined an exercise program because I feel I can attend instead of being too tired to go. It's benefits were almost immediate. Be careful not to take too much or you may develope a headache or diarrhea. Also my complexion is softer. I am sure with prolonged use of this product will continue to reap health benefits my body has been missing. Carol

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

Yours is a good product

by Sharon S on June 22, 2011
Verified Purchase

This is the only lecithin I have found that I can tolerate. All the others make my gallbladder hurt. This one tastes good, too. I can just eat a spoonful of it right out of the bottle.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

The label explains everything

by Joseph M on August 18, 2011
Verified Purchase

The first thing that got me about the Exsula 'Lecithin' product was the huge label! The label is about 1 1/2' wide and 1 ft long and explains everything you ever wanted to know about the product! This is unusual in any product- to have such a complete analysis of what it does in your body. I work a stressful 8 hr job on my feet most of the time and the lecithin has given a boost to my energy level. I also seem to be getting 'younger' looking in the face! Hmm that's not bad. I love the product - can you tell? We are worth the cost of the best health supplements and this product is one of them!

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

makes smoothies taste creamy

by Claire D on November 15, 2011
Verified Purchase

I love adding lecithin to my morning smoothies because it makes them taste so much creamier. I started using it for the promised benefits of clearer thinking, lower cholesterol and more energy. I have continued because of the taste. I like Exsula lecithin because it is derived from non-GMO soy beans. Non-GMO is important to me.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

Check all the benefits!

by Devin D on February 12, 2012
Verified Purchase

Lecithin was the first superfood that I purchased from Life Enthusiast, it was several years ago. This lecithin is of great quality and the price is very good. Consuming lecithin has many benefits such as improved brain function and a relaxed energy boost. There are many other benefits of consuming lecithin which are listed on this website. This is a product that as a non-professional I completely recommend.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

gives me more energy

by Joseph M on March 18, 2012
Verified Purchase

I take a few different products such as Exsula Heart Studies Formula and some vitamins so it's hard to say exactly what part the Lechithin plays in my overall health but I do feel it gives me more energy during the day and people say I look much younger than my 65 years so I'm gonna keep using the product. I recommend it.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

feel better for taking it

by Don S on August 19, 2014
Verified Purchase

Love it! Have it in the morning and mix it in a smoothie. It gives me a kick start to the day. I have more energy and feel better for taking it.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no
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Superior Grade (USA) Pure De-Oiled Sunflower Seed Lecithin Powder 11,333 mg per 3 tsp serving

97% Pure Lecithin Phosphatides, less than 1.5% Oil & 1.5% Water, 340 g (12.0 oz) equivalent to 420 liquid capsules of 1200 mg each.

Derived from non-GMO sunflower seeds, contains none of the phytoestrogen compounds, making it non-allergenic for most persons.


Directions for Use

Take 3 teaspoons per day in any food or drink. Lecithin mixes well with all foods, improving the mouth-feel of all meals.

Typical Uses:

  • Enrich Your Nutritious Shake
  • Boost Nutrient Assimilation From Juices
  • Stir Into A Cup Of Yogurt
  • Creamy Smooth Sauces And Gravies
  • Sensational Bread And Baked Goods
  • Perfect Addition To Your Pet's Diet
  • Sprinkle Onto Your Frying Pan For Fat-Free Cooking
  • A Healthy Addition To Hot Or Cold Cereal
  • Sprinkle A Spoonful Into Your Bath

Recommended Use

Dissolve cholesterol, enable efficient nutrient assimilation & toxin elimination, enhance your brain function. XtraPure Lecithin is a potent ally for your immune system, and will moisturize and lubricate your body.

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Highest concentrations of lecithin are found in the brain and nervous system (controlling every organ and function), the blood (to keep cholesterol liquefied), the liver (the center of your bodys enzyme system), your reproductive system, your immune system and your digestive system.

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Lecithin is valuable for optimum assimilation of enzymes and the fat soluble nutrients like A, E, D & K plus Coenzyme Q10 and the enzymatic pigments like carotene, chlorophyll and anthocyanidins (dark purple/blue pycnogenol-like phytonutrients contributory to visual purple, the chemical of night vision).

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