Sleep plays a critical role in your good health. It enables the repair of all your body systems. Ongoing deficiency is linked to an increased risk of many serious degenerative diseases. Take a look at all our Health Concerns Blogs about Sleep. Magnesium baths (or applied to your skin) calms your nerves. Enables better quality rest. And it’s anti-inflammatory for pain relief. Herbal tinctures can help you with a solid, drug-free rest. EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) can disrupt the quantity and quality of your rest. We have mats, pillows and more to block EMFs. Re-charge your battery and sleep with soothing energy.

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  • Quantum Grace Recording

    Deep Sleep and Relaxation

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     By: Life Enthusiast
    Deep Sleep and Relaxation

    Enter the world of Harmony, of True and Deep Relaxation This Quantum Grace Recording helps you fall asleep quickly and awake in the morning feeling refreshed. Gently releases emotional blocks by simply listening to the energy conveyed. With true and deep relaxation, you can experience difficult situations a clear, enlightening way. Extremely effective treatment for sleepless nights and anxiety. Even helps calm hospitalized anxiety patients, and many different types of physical pain. When you make the purchase we will send you the download link by email. The video (Thank You Song) in the next tab...

    • Better Sleep, Feel Good in the Morning
    • Relief from Nervousness and Pain
    • Enhance Prayer and Meditation
    • Use it to calm “sundowning” in dementia, and autism
  • Fast Effective Stress Relief

    Magnesium Drops

    Fast Effective Stress Relief

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     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Fast Effective Stress Relief

    Fast Effective Magnesium Supplementation for Stress Relief and more... Magnesium is critical for your cellular health, nervous system, and regenerating and maintaining living tissue. Magnesium is an essential nutrient for virtually every reaction in your body. Restore vital magnesium to enable cellular regeneration. This liquid solution is a convenient means of ingesting critically needed magnesium chloride. Enjoy immediate delivery and absorption into your living cells. Magnesium Drops are the filtered and concentrated form Magnesium Oil, USP...

    • Easy delivery – just a few drops in your mouth
    • Magnesium Regenerates and Maintains your Rest and Relaxation
    • USP grade – ultra pure magnesium chloride solution
  • Relax Stiff Joints, Alleviate Pain

    Magnesium Oil

    Relax Stiff Joints, Alleviate Pain

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     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Relax Stiff Joints, Alleviate Pain

    Reduce Pain, Restore Skin Shift from Stress to Relaxation Magnesium is Vital for  Cellular Regeneration Due to large-scale factory farming methods used today, most people don't get the daily requirement of magnesium in their diets from eating fruits and vegetables. Without the essential mineral, the body can become out of balance and present in a number of different ways. High blood pressure and sugar, muscle cramps, tingling and twitches are just some of the symptoms that can result from a magnesium deficiency. Simply rubbing the magnesium oil in the needed area will restore...

    • Stop Cramps, Regain Mobility
    • Prevent Injuries
    • Counteract Tissue Hardening (calcification)
    • Treat Skin Conditions and Signs of Aging
  • Restore Skin Suppleness

    Magnesium Gel

    Restore Skin Suppleness

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     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Restore Skin Suppleness

    Vital Magnesium in a Gel - For Many Benefits Restore your skin to more youthful feel and appearance. Relieve pain by massaging into sore muscles and joints. Feel and see you skin appear more youthful by restoring minerals. This smooth Magnesium Gel leaves your skin soft and hydrated, and your hair silky. As a complete body and hair product, you can counteract signs of aging by restoring lost minerals. Magnesium Gel will upgrade any skin care product, for women and men. Simply add Magnesium Gel to your moisturizing lotion, cream, massage oil, shampoo,...

    • Relax Sore & Aching Muscles – Decrease Inflammation
    • Clean & Moisturize Your Skin, Hair & Scalp
    • Apply to your Hair, Face, Chest, Legs – and watch the Youth return
  • Calming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

    Tranquility ORMUS

    Calming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

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     By: ORMUS Oils
    Calming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

    Stress from everyday life takes a toll on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether stress is manifesting in you physically as tense muscles, headaches, lack of restful sleep, nerve and muscle spasms, or emotionally as anxiety and depression, or spiritually as a feeling of a lack of connectedness and abundance, Tranquility ORMUS Oil and Lotions can help to create a buffer of sacred space which allows you to replenish from Source. Physical Benefits: Improves sleep, soothes tense muscles, calms nerve spasms, and eliminates tension headaches. Spiritual Benefits: Stress and worries fall...

    • Calm Yourself Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually
    • Reduce Insomnia and Improve Quality of Sleep
    • Soothe Headaches and Muscle Tension
    • Uplift Moods, Creating a Sacred Space of Tranquility and Joy
  • Magnesium Crystals

    Relaxing AND Rejuvenating

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     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Relaxing AND Rejuvenating

    Relaxing AND Rejuvenating Magnesium Crystals Enable Cellular REgeneration to exceed DEgeneration Adequate magnesium will help you live a very long, stress free life, as it is the ultimate companion in your battle with aging. Magnesium helps prevent a number of health conditions that occur in adults as they age, including tumors and blood sugar management. Prevent sleepless nights - keeps you from feeling fatigued during the day. Getting adequate sleep is essential for your physical health and mental clarity. Getting the recommend daily dosage of Magnesium accomplishes this. In addition to working directly to...

    • For Bath and/or Foot Soak
    • Soothes Nervous System for Deeper Rest
    • Engages your “Repair and Regenerate” Nervous System
  • Nervous System Support


    Nervous System Support

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     By: Earth Friend Herb Co
    Nervous System Support

    Stress-Ease promotes a healthy and stress-free nervous system. Works very fast to restore a natural balanced state of peace. Helps you adapt to daily stress overload. Great tool to get through the day. Keep calm and stress free. Nurtures and rebuilds with multiple actions: Feeds your entire nervous system. Fills in missing gaps in nerve sheathings. Alleviates nervous system misfires. These can lead to jumpy and nerve wracking experiences. Supplies nutrients that help with your metabolic balance. High stress burns through your nutrient storehouse. This can create nutritional deficiencies in your nervous system....

    • Nurtures and Rebuilds Your Nervous System
    • Naturally Restore State of Peace
    • Helps You Adapt to Immense Stress
  • Indium ionic mineral


    Ionic Mineral Supplement

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     By: CR Supplements
    Ionic Mineral Supplement

    Indium is a rare trace mineral. Users report increased energy and feeling rejuvenated. Consequently it promotes optimal immune activity. Indium is believed to support several hormonal systems. Especially the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. They maintain your hormone balance, and other glands also. Seems to enhance food and mineral absorption. It's not normally found in food or water. Therefore, it's rare in the human body after about 25 to 30 years of age. Those people taking it can experience beneficial results. Easy for your body to use, allowing maximum absorption. This means you will need to...

    • Less Sleep, More Energy
    • Stronger Immunity
    • Enhances Food and Mineral Absorption
  • Magnesim ionic mineral


    Ionic Mineral Supplement

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     By: CR Supplements
    Ionic Mineral Supplement

    Adequate Magnesium intake improves sleep and allows deeper rest. It also: Relieves muscle and joint pain and discomfort Relaxes nerves, improves bad moods Helps you overcome stress and anxiety Feel more calm and centered Great for restless legs, muscle cramps and twitches Improves heart function and blood pressure Great for kidney and bone health. This mineral is essential for every major process in your body. Digestion and protein synthesis. Cellular energy production and glucose metabolism. Easy for your body to use, allowing maximum absorption. This means you will need to take less...

    • Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain
    • Improve Sleep and Relaxation
    • Overcome Stress and Bad Moods
  • High in Life Force for General Repair

    Lemon Balm Spagyric Tincture

    High in Life Force for General Repair

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     By: ORMUS Oils
    High in Life Force for General Repair

    The object of plant alchemy is to supplement forces lacking within the body, tempering energies and restoring balance, both physically and spiritually. "Alchemy provides the perfect medium through which the state of perfection or harmonious balance can be gained." ~ Frater Albertus, The Alchemist's Handbook Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis): Chakra - Crown Day - Thursday Planetary Ruler - Jupiter Plant Parts Used - leaves Energy - cheerfulness, expansion, joy, luck, judgment, opportunity, assimilation, digestion and metabolism. Considered excellent for  general repair, by the famous alchemist Paracelsus, because Lemon Balm is high in natural healing life force. When Jupiter...

    • Increase Cheerfulness and Joy
    • Antibiotic and Antiviral
    • Strengthen Brain and Memory
  • Non-habit Forming Stress Relief

    Stress Away

    Non-habit Forming Stress Relief

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     By: NB Pure
    Non-habit Forming Stress Relief

    Natural Stress Relief Stress Away contains the right combination of high-quality herbs, vitamins and minerals to help you relax. Without fillers or unnecessary ingredients. You will feel the difference. Natural herbs for anxiety and panic attacks Increased focus and calm Vitamins for lack of sleep Minerals for reducing and anxiety Safe, non-habit forming relief. Everyday stresses can drain your energy, overwork your immune system, and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Physical or emotional stressors will deplete your B and C vitamins quickly.  Stress Away contains high potency Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C. And a mix...

    • All Natural Relaxation Support
    • Promotes Focus and Calm
    • Safe, Non-habit Forming Stress Relief
  • Restful Sleep, Wake Feeling Refreshed

    Power Down

    Promotes Restful, Restorative Sleep

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     By: NB Pure
    Promotes Restful, Restorative Sleep

    Perfect Addition to Bedtime Routine Power Down can help you get the deep, restful sleep you need. Experts agree that sleep is essential for building a strong immune system. Other benefits of Power Down include: Fall asleep more quickly Sleep deeply and wake without feeling drowsy Avoid side effects (common with prescription sleep medications). Each ingredient is chosen for its proven effectiveness. They really work to support sleep and build your natural immunity. Helps get you to sleep deeply. Without medicine. Without melatonin. And without feeling drowsy the next day. Non-habit forming. All-natural...

    • Get More Restful Sleep
    • Wake Feeling Refreshed
    • Non-habit Forming
  • Magnesium Snow (Powder)

    Experience Dramatic Health Improvements

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     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Experience Dramatic Health Improvements

    Magnesium Snow (Powder) pulls toxins from deep within your body through skin cells, not to be reabsorbed.. Use this powder mixed into a wet paste that will pull toxins from your skin. You can further enhance this effect by mixing in some Laminar Powder. Magnesium Carbonate will easily get rid of your constipation. Be very careful with the amount you try, as its effects can be quite dramatic. Unless and until you clean out your insides, diseases can only be in remission, prepared to resurface. Your path to healing must include...

    • Detoxify and Relieve Congested Skin – Pull toxins out!
    • Mix with water or magnesium oil to make a paste and apply
    • Use it in your detox bath to stop re-absorption of toxins
  • Rejuvenation Tool

    Crystal Pillows

    Rejuvenation Tool

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     By: Twilight America
    Rejuvenation Tool

    Supreme Cellular Hydration and Restoration Marvelous restorative tool for calming the busy mind. Use it to relax and find your center, enhance your meditation and improve your sleep. You can sleep with your pillow - place it on any body part that needs repairs. Laminar Crystal Pillows Laminar Crystals have the capacity to energize water and can be used on any area of your body. It's an accumulator of vital force, to restore (rather than replace) vital fluids in your tissues. Laminar Crystals act as a battery charger for the human biological battery. If you cannot...

    • Release Blockages, Restore Flow, Increase Energy
    • Eliminate Pain and Improve Your Well-Being
    • Better Sleep with Healing, Soothing Energy
  • Support Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycles


    Support Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycles

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     By: QuickSilver Scientific
    Support Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycles

    Melatonin helps restore your healthy, normal sleep patterns. Deep restorative sleep promotes nightly repair, regeneration and detoxification. Nearly Instant Effects from Superior Delivery An antioxidant hormone that's naturally produced in your body. With age, your production of this hormone decreases, and often sleep cycles do also. Melatonin is Beneficial for: Normalizing your sleep-wake cycles (circadian rhythm) Occasional sleeplessness Jet lag Altered sleep schedules from shift work Can support immune function, cardiovascular and bone health May have anti-inflammatory effects Potent neuroprotective molecule and radical scavenger May support immune, brain, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and bone health. Your sleep...

    • Support Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycles
    • Offset Travel Related Tiredness (jet lag)
    • Can Support Immune Function, Cardiovascular and Bone Health
  • Sleep Tonic


    Sleep Tonic

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     By: RDT Herbs
    Sleep Tonic

    Dream can gently help relax your muscles. Quiet your mind. Relieve anxiety. Wake up refreshed. And it's not habit forming. One pleasant-tasking cup, 30 minutes before bed. Enjoy peaceful dreams. Awaken to a productive and energetic day. ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements) is included to increase efficacy. It helps boost your health in every way. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Nourish your body, mind and soul. An easy path to body repair and enlightenment. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese tombs contain urns holding ORMUS made from gold. This ORMUS is derived from precious...

    • Relax Muscles, Quiet Mind, Relieve Anxiety
    • Enjoy Peaceful Dreams, Wake Refreshed
    • Non Habit-forming