Sleep plays a critical role in your good health. It enables the repair of all your body systems. Ongoing deficiency is linked to an increased risk of many serious degenerative diseases. Take a look at all our Health Concerns Blogs about Sleep. Magnesium baths (or applied to your skin) calms your nerves. Enables better quality rest. And it’s anti-inflammatory for pain relief. Herbal tinctures can help you with a solid, drug-free rest. EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) can disrupt the quantity and quality of your rest. We have mats, pillows and more to block EMFs. Re-charge your battery and sleep with soothing energy.

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  • Rejuvenate Yourself


    Rejuvenate Yourself

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     By: RemedyLink
    Rejuvenate Yourself

    Rejuvenate Yourself Support your three main antioxidant systems for healthy aging and regeneration. With age, most everyone experiences hair turning gray, thinning and sometimes it disappears completely. Aging will make our skin get thinner, wrinkle and sag. For most men, erections weaken and sometimes are no longer possible. This is all from an increase in free radicals, and a decrease in the production of the antioxidants we use to neutralize them. Anti-Aging Free radicals are highly unstable chemical compounds that force other compound to either accept or give up an electron or a proton. We use free...

    • Rejuvenation for all Systems: Skin, Hair, Energy, Brain
    • Improve Circulation for All Activities, including Libido
    • Melatonin for Better Sleep, Restful Repairs
  • Supports Healthy Immunity and Relieves Anxiety

    RelaX Super Antioxidant

    Stress Relief Calming Supplement

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     By: Folium
    Stress Relief Calming Supplement

    RelaX Super Antioxidant Formulated with all-natural ingredients: Restore and support inner calm, relaxed mood in any situation. Promote emotional and mental balance and clarity. Calms your mind into a restful sleep. Without making you feel drowsy. Reduce Free Radicals Detoxify from Heavy Metals, and Radiation Bolster Immune System Helps you deal with phases of despondence, nervousness or irritability. RelaX Super Antioxidant provides stress relief when you're...

    • Restore Inner Calm, Emotional and Mental Balance
    • Calm Down to Restful Sleep
    • Detoxify from Radiation and Heavy Metals
  • Non-habit Forming Stress Relief

    Stress Away

    Non-habit Forming Stress Relief

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     By: NB Pure
    Non-habit Forming Stress Relief

    Natural Stress Relief Stress Away contains the right combination of high-quality herbs, vitamins and minerals to help you relax. Without fillers or unnecessary ingredients. You will feel the difference. Natural herbs for anxiety and panic attacks Increased focus and calm Vitamins for lack of sleep Minerals for reducing and anxiety Safe, non-habit forming relief. Everyday stresses can drain your energy, overwork your immune system, and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Physical or emotional stressors will deplete your B and C vitamins quickly.  Stress Away contains high potency Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C. And a mix...

    • All Natural Relaxation Support
    • Promotes Focus and Calm
    • Safe, Non-habit Forming Stress Relief
  • Nervous System Support


    Nervous System Support

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     By: Earth Friend Herb Co
    Nervous System Support

    Stress-Ease promotes a healthy and stress-free nervous system. Works very fast to restore a natural balanced state of peace. Helps you adapt to daily stress overload. Great tool to get through the day. Keep calm and stress free. Nurtures and rebuilds with multiple actions: Feeds your entire nervous system. Fills in missing gaps in nerve sheathings. Alleviates nervous system misfires. These can lead to jumpy and nerve wracking experiences. Supplies nutrients that help with your metabolic balance. High stress burns through your nutrient storehouse. This can create nutritional deficiencies in your nervous system....

    • Nurtures and Rebuilds Your Nervous System
    • Naturally Restore State of Peace
    • Helps You Adapt to Immense Stress
  • Calming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

    Tranquility ORMUS

    Calming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

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     By: ORMUS Oils
    Calming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

    Stress from everyday life takes a toll on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether stress is manifesting in you physically as tense muscles, headaches, lack of restful sleep, nerve and muscle spasms, or emotionally as anxiety and depression, or spiritually as a feeling of a lack of connectedness and abundance, Tranquility ORMUS Oil and Lotions can help to create a buffer of sacred space which allows you to replenish from Source. Physical Benefits: Improves sleep, soothes tense muscles, calms nerve spasms, and eliminates tension headaches. Spiritual Benefits: Stress and worries fall...

    • Calm Yourself Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually
    • Reduce Insomnia and Improve Quality of Sleep
    • Soothe Headaches and Muscle Tension
    • Uplift Moods, Creating a Sacred Space of Tranquility and Joy