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Skin Care: ORMUS

Skin care with ORMUS boosts your health in every way. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Repair and enlightenment are the reasons for using ORMUS alchemical products.

Apply ORMUS to your skin for general health rejuvenation, and spiritual practice enhancement.

ORMUS Oils has an exceptional array of lotions, oils and mists. Anti-inflammatory effects and for hair growth too. They help you connect with the Divine, your intuition and psychic powers. Enhance your wisdom and clarify your dreams. Communicate more effectively and be a conduit of Love.

Skin care with ORMUS from  Vancouver Island ORMUS  products are from base elements and minerals extracted from the ocean.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed inside. Perhaps not at the same speed. But it WILL get into your lymphatic fluids and blood. Your skin is an excellent way to deliver important nutrients.

Each ORMUS product varies slightly from the others. Try several skin care with ORMUS to decide which is best for you. Remember that your skin is permeable. Take care and use only non-toxic, healthy products.

Take a look at our Product Health Blogs about Skin Care.

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