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Best Value In Water Filtration
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Best Value In Water Filtration


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Avesa Water FilterAvesa Water Filter


Avesa Water System with Crystal-Boost Technology

If your drinking water consists mainly of tap water or non-alkaline filtered water, it just might be harming you!

We all know that water is crucial to our well-being, but how can we hope to stay hydrated in a world filled with pollutants?

“Proprietary Crystal-Boost technology spins the water and lifts its vibration. Isn’t it time that you lifted above fear and doubt into a life of health and balance?” – Sri Ram Kaa

The Introducing the Avesa Wellness Water System uses the unique Crystal Boost system give the water a vortex spin that actually lifts the vibrational quality of the water. Imagine pure fresh water from a high mountain stream! The Crystal Boost contains pure quartz crystals from deep within the earth. These silicon dioxide crystals erase the negative memory of the water and lift the vibration of the water to a ‘Garden of Eden’ level.

How about 5 gallons of guaranteed CLEAN water for less than 20 cents? This 5-filter system includes one sediment pre-filter, two carbon conditioning filters, one ceramic alkalizing filter and the Crystal-Boost filter.

Avesa Wellness Water with Crystal Boost Technology is a quantum leap forward. Enjoy water that is clean, healthy and carries an energy that is spiritually uplifted and alive! Avesa Wellness water assists you to clean your internal cells and organs. As you enjoy this gift you will experience a new vitality for life.

Important notes:

The Above Counter model connects to your faucet using a diverter valve. Please make sure you can attach a standard garden hose to the faucet – it is the same 3/4″ thread as the valve we include in the package.

The Under Counter model connects to your cold water pipe using a T-line that is installed at the water shut-off valve. We include a flex pipe and a spigot that you will install by your sink. You will need to drill a hole for that.

USA, flat rate $25.00, with up to 4 extra filters in the box

Canada, flat rate $50.00, with up to 4 filters. The Family Filter pack is $40.00 extra in shipping.

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Is Your Bottled Water Polluted?

The chlorine in tap water has shown to be a carcinogen, primarily attacking the bowels. But it isn’t just the chlorine that’s harmful in supposedly “safe” drinking water: Thallium and Legionella are also common ingredients, resulting in hair loss as well as liver, kidney, and respiratory damage.

The bottled water industry promotes an image of purity, but comprehensive testing by the Environmental Working Group reveals a surprising array of chemical contaminants in every bottled water brand analyzed. Analyses revealed a wide range of pollutants, including not only disinfection bi-products, but also common urban waste water pollutants like caffeine and pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and minerals including arsenic and radioactive isotopes, fertilizer residue (nitrate and ammonia) and a broad range of other, industrial chemicals used as solvents, plasticizers and propellants.

Health-Conscious People Choose Energized Water

Quite simply, as human beings, our body chemistry thrives when it’s in an alkaline state. In fact, science has demonstrated that an alkaline state is necessary for health and vitality. This coveted state of being can be obtained by drinking alkaline water!

Avesa Water Benefits

  • Superior Hydration at the Cellular Level
  • Enhanced Ability to Detoxify
  • Better Weight Management
  • Improved Flavor of Food
  • Better Tasting coffee and tea
  • Reduces Infection Potential
  • Protects you from Bone Loss
  • Improves Blood Oxygenation
  • Helps Absorb Nutrients More Effectively
  • It tastes great!

For mere pennies a day, you can have alkaline-balanced, clean, delicious water for the rest of your life!

For people who know that vibrant health is a choice.

The Avesa Wellness Water System is simple and easy to use. Installation takes just a few minutes. Both models have a 5-filter system including one sediment pre-filter, two carbon conditioning filters, one ceramic alkalizing filter and the Crystal-Boost filter.

Above Counter Model
Includes a faucet adapter that will quickly attach to ordinary kitchen faucets.

Under Counter Model
Also includes a faucet adapter that screws onto your ?«” water pipe under the sink, 3 feet of tubing, plus a faucet for installation in the spare space of your sink.

Most competitive systems use electricity, actually electrocuting the water to make it “alkaline”. This imprints the water’s etheric memory with an unnatural signal!

The Avesa Wellness Water System uses volcanic minerals to return your water to its natural state and crystallizes the water to regain a healthy signature. Avesa Water is truly superior and less costly!

How does Structured Water benefit us?

Structured water is more bioavailable and it actually has antibacterial properties! When drinking ordinary water, the body must invest life force energy just to make the water compatible with cellular tissues. Structured water offers superior hydration as the availability to the tissues is nearly instantaneous! A hydrated body is healthier and does not age as fast as an acidic body.

What does Crystal-Boost Technology do?

Water is an amazing creation – it retains impressions from its experiences. This means that water’s journey through city pipes together with modern pollution actually puts unhelpful imprints upon the water. Thus, ordinary tap water – even when filtered – is “dead” and carries the low vibrational frequency of those unhealthy impressions.

Filters can clear pollutants, yet they do not necessarily restore the water’s vitality. Water is meant to be enlivened by exposure to nature! Industrially-processed water retains the water’s negative memories which can actually weaken your physical body.

Crystal-Boost is an exclusive technology that uses nature’s wisdom to revitalize, balance and structure the water. Imagine sipping water from a high mountain stream! Crystal-Boost Technology erases negative imprints and restores vital life-force to the water that you drink. This helps your vitality! Crystal-Boost Technology uses hand selected clear quartz crystals, sourced from deep inside the earth, to activate the water, cleanse negative imprints and restore its Divine Blueprint.

The quartz crystals eliminate the negative “memory” of water and they lift the vibrational rate of the water itself.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated the healing effect that positive energy (prayers) has on water. Quartz crystals offer a transcendent energy to the water, while simultaneously spinning the water in geometrical patterns of revitalization.

Some customers will need to replace the sediment filter often due to poor quality of their source water – and for this we recommend installing a whole-house filter at the main intake – simply because they are brushing their teeth and showering with the same poor quality water. Once that is done (and they may still need to replace the whole house filter every 3 months) then the small sediment filter in the Avesa unit will last 6 months.

Our alkaline filter will condition over 2,500 gallons of water – that’s nearly 7 gallons of pure drinking water per day for a year! Really economical to operate. The Avesa Water crystal boost charge is energetically active for a couple of days, it will vibrationally lift water approximately 110-points on David Hawkins. LOC scale.

Avesa Water Filter Quality

Note that there are two different qualities of carbon filters, with our second stage including antibacterial silver.

Originally we were not going to include the sediment filter, but the extra filtration was needed due to the poor quality of municipal water providers, especially during spring run-off.

Japan and South Korea have surpassed the US manufacturers in the water treatment equipment. Typical households in the industrialized Asian countries filter their tap water and also their shower water. They have high water standards and Avesa Water Filters comply with their Board of Health Agency standards. Their standards meet or exceed NSF and North American criteria.

What About the Removal of Pharmaceuticals?

The Avesa Water System is as good as an activated carbon filter system can get. However, from a scientific standpoint we can not certify that all pharmaceuticals are removed. Pharmaceuticals are found in parts per billion concentration, and are outside the scope of a typical lab test.

The two carbon filters, especially the carbon block filter, do tackle a wide variety of contaminants, especially when coupled with the bio-porous ceramic material. We know that the advanced carbon block design works on pesticides, etc. and the ceramic filter is a form of nano-filtration.

We can therefore safely deduce that some of the pharmaceuticals are indeed filtered.

Reference Material Published Elsewhere

The largest single section in the of the “EPA Regulated Water Contaminants” published in Water Technology magazine, is the section on Organics (including VOCs, or “Volatile Organics”). In this category the EPA lists 32 very nasty chemical contaminants – many with familiar names like benzene, 1,1 dichlorethylene, carbon tetrachloride, dioxin, styrene, toluene, chloroform, and vinyl chloride. To give an idea of the extensiveness of this list, a single one of the 32 items is “Total Trihalomethanes”, a category made up of still uncounted chemicals, assumed to number in the thousands, that are formed when water containing organic matter (i. e., virtually all water) is treated with chlorine. The maximum allowable level for trihalomethanes, which are suspected cancer causers and are present in virtually all chlorinated tap water, is only 1/10 of one part per million. For the Organics category, the primary treatment in all cases and the only recommended treatment in most cases, is activated carbon.

The EPA’s Pesticides category lists 14 familiar poisons such as Aldicarb, Chlordane, Heptachlor, and Lindane. In all 14 cases, activated carbon is the only recommended treatment. Of the 12 Herbicides listed (2,4-D, Atrazine, etc.), activated carbon is the only treatment recommended.

For Organics, Pesticides, and Herbicides, the standard treatment, and in most cases the only treatment recommended, is activated carbon.

Despite their unique pharmacological properties, pharmaceuticals respond to treatment no differently from other organic chemicals, with removal rates depending on their physicochemical properties and the treatment technology being used. Conventional water treatment processes, such as chlorination, can remove approximately 50% of these compounds, whereas more advanced treatment processes, such as ozonation, advanced oxidation, activated carbon, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, can achieve higher removal rates; reverse osmosis, for example, can remove more than 99% of large pharmaceutical molecules.

We do not have the budget of PUR, but we know that their filter design is using carbon block technology. Here are their claims with respect to pharmaceuticals. Note the word “reduces”. All they have to offer is activated carbon.

Reduce Trace Levels Of Five Different Pharmaceuticals

  1. Hormones/Steroids including prednisone, prednisolone, progesterone and cortisol.
  2. Antidepressants including fluoxetine, prescribed for depression and other mental/mood disorders.
  3. Painkillers including ibuprofen and naproxen.
  4. Antibiotics including ciprofloxacin, sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim.
  5. Anti-anxiety medication including meprobamate.

No power required

The Avesa unit itself is 11.375″ wide x 12″ tall x 4″ deep.

There are two little key-holes in the back panel for mounting the unit on a wall. The flex tube on the top rotates 360-degrees (if needed) and is mounted on the top right corner. Thus we suggest placing the unit to the left of the sink, then the hose extends into the sink area – high enough for a larger pitcher under the hose.

Your Avesa Wellness Water System comes with five filters, four of which require periodic replacement to keep the water flowing at its crystalline best. The Crystal-Boost Technology filter does not require changing.

Recommended Changing Schedule based on family usage:

1. Sediment Filter : every 3 months, if no other household filter, otherwise every 6 months.

2. Pre-Carbon Filter : every 6 months.

3. Post-Carbon Filter : every 6 months.

4. Alkalizing Ceramic Filter : every year.

Suitable for both the above counter and under counter models.
Note: A single person or couple will have longer filter life due to less overall water usage.

Avesa Water Filter Quality

Note that there are two different qualities of carbon filters, including antibacterial silver. ORG values are listed.

This chart below does not show the sediment filter. Originally it was not going to be included, but the extra filtration was needed due to the poor quality of municipal water providers. So this is actually a five filter system.

Japan and South Korea have been way ahead of USA manufacturers when it comes to water treatment equipment. Typical households in these Asian countries filter their tap water and also their shower water. They have high water standards and Avesa Water Filters comply with their Board of Health Agency standards. Their standards meet or exceed NSF and North American criteria.

Avesa Water Filter System Steps of Filters

Inside Avesa Water Filter System

Directions for Use

Above counter model:
The faucet adapter (diverter valve) has an on/off little pull-switch. In addition there is an on/off switch (90-degree turn) on the flex tube. You could permanently feed a water line from under the sink to the counter top unit. The hoses are all 1/4 inch and adapters and parts are typically stocked at hardware stores as the materials are commonly used for refrigerator plumbing.

Under counter model:
We include a spigot with a valve, and a T-diverter that you install in-line, with some flex hose to connect the intake to the main line, and the output to the spigot. See the downloadable instruction sheet.

Upon installation you should let the unit run with the cover off to check for leaks. All of the fittings are pressure-couplings and if there is a leak then just push on the fitting to receive a better grip on the hose or filter nipple. Also, there may be a tiny bit of carbon dust that emerges from the first 2-minutes of use, just let it flush out.

To re-attach the front cover you line up the little recessed guides molded in the edges of the front cover with the back cover. If you don’t look at top and bottom of left and right side before pushing the cover closed, you will likely have one edge off its slide/guide.

Once the cover slides into place, apply pressure to engage the click fitting on the left and right. To change filters requires pushing on the left/right click fittings to release the cover. It just slides free.

Avesa Water Filter System Installation Instructions

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