Biome Magic

Enhance Your Digestive and Immune Health
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  • Helps Restores Gut Flora
  • May Enhances Immunity
  • Supports Digestive System Repairs

Enhance Your Digestive and Immune Health


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GaiaThera Biome Magic 60mlGaiaThera Biome Magic 60ml


Biome Magic

One of the quickest ways to support digestive system repairs.

  • Remains in the GI tract to settle the stomach
  • Stimulates beneficial gut microbes
  • Helps repair digestive system mucosal lining
  • May enhances immunity
  • Relieves constipation
  • Supports pH balance
  • Resists infection by pathogens.

Fulvic Acid carries up to 60 minerals and elements directly into your cells. Humic Acid then provides the necessary bioavailable elements, enabling cells to function at optimum potential.

Both Fulvic and Humic Acids put a prophylactic coating on viruses receptor sites. This stops viruses and bacteria from re-attaching to the host cell, thereby stopping all viruses and bacteria.

Fulvic Acid has amazing benefits both internally and externally:

  • Powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Transports nutrients into cells
  • Powerful natural electrolyte
  • Increases bio availability of nutrients and minerals
  • Alkalizes and detoxifies blood
  • Helps regenerate and hydrate cells
  • Acts as wide spectrum antimicrobial and fungicide
  • Helps neutralize poison ivy, poison oak and athletes foot
  • May remove skin bruise discoloration
  • Helps repair open wounds, cuts, burns, abrasions, rashes, skin irritations, insect stings and bites.

Fulvic acid is part of the humic structure in composition. Being a significantly smaller molecule than humic acid, it has the ability to penetrate the cell and mitochondria of the cell, attracting to itself 3 times its weight in heavy metals or radioisotopes altering the ionic form of those toxins, which means it is efficient in removing toxins out of your cells and out of your body.

Fulvic Acid enters the cell wall of the mitochondria and tells the cell to make more ATP, the universal currency of energy. ATP energy increases a positive charge, your life force returns.

Results: Optimal energy flow is enhanced. Fulvic stimulates food metabolism of proteins to help re-grow damaged and dying cells. It catalyzes vitamins and minerals, and improves enzyme reactions, while scavenging toxic heavy metals and radiation. Life force returns and youthful feelings resonate in a healthier body, mind and spirit.

One of the most amazing talents of Fulvic Acid is the powerful and diverse spectrum of immune system responses it stimulates in the human body. Fulvic Acid may boosts your immunity.

Blend of Orgainc Fulvid Acid 3% and Organic Humic Acid (7.5%)

Organic and Vegan. GMO and Gluten free.

Made in Canada.

Directions for Use

Add 10-50 drops to 8 ounces of water (preferably Energized Water), before meals. Repeat 3 or more times/day as needed.

Recommended Use

Helps restore healthy digestive system flora. Helps repair and enhance functions of your digestive system and immune system.

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