Infinity ORMUS

Anti Aging Lotion or Oil
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  • Helps Restore Collagen and Elasticity (skin, arteries, veins, scars)
  • Anti-aging, May Restore Natural Hair Color
  • Promotes Optimism, Energy and Vitality

Anti Aging Lotion or Oil


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Ormus Oils Infinity ORMUSOrmus Oils Infinity ORMUS


Infinity ORMUS contains Copper – a vital trace element known for its natural anti-aging properties.

  • Vital trace element needed for collagen production, so it is a natural anti-aging remedy.
  • Helps break down damaged collagen, promotes the building of new healthy collagen, helps elasticity and wrinkles, may fade scars and stretch marks
  • Supports bone density
  • Soothes sore muscles and joints
  • May help reverse varicose veins.

The skin is the largest organ, enabling communication between the inner and the outer.  ORMUS Oils and Lotions have an energetic effect with the aura, increasing the auric field.  In addition to acting topically, the ORMUS and essential oils in ORMUS Oils and Lotions are transdermally absorbed into the body, strengthening the Light Body and perfecting the physical body.

Spiritual Benefits:
Increased optimism, a child-like openness to new possibilities, an increased joy for life, and increased energy and vitality.

Infinity ORMUS Oil has a base oil of organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin Olive oil infused with pure m-state copper. Not just copper metal particles as is used in colloidal preparations, that are extracted from pure copper metal, using an ancient fire alchemical technique. Organic olive oil is then infused with the m-state copper, resulting in a beautiful blue-green ORMUS oil.

Essential oils of carrot seed, chamomile, myrrh and others.

Once ORMUS is collected and concentrated from its natural source material, it can be combined with specially formulated Essential Oil blends for targeted benefit, and then infused into a carrier oil or a moisturizing lotion base for optimal transdermal absorption. Essential Oils “ensoul” ORMUS by providing an extra level of vibratory energy that can charge and “direct” the ORMUS for specific outcomes.

Provides Quantum Nutrition in the form of concentrated ORMUS to strengthen the Light Body and perfect the physical body. ORMUS aids in spiritual development by raising consciousness levels, increasing feelings of connection with the Divine, and enhancing natural psychic abilities.

Directions for Use

Use this oil from head to toe and enjoy the infinite possibilities of a more youthful you!

Recommended Use

Helps restore collagen and elasticity (skin, arteries, veins, scars). It’s anti-aging and may restore natural hair color. Promotes optimism, energy and vitality.

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