Pleasurable Detox in Your Bathtub

If you’re feeling in need of relaxation and rejuvenation, a detoxifying bath may be just what you need. Full bathtub or foot bath only.
Either one… just relax and enjoy!

Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ? That makes it an ideal path to absorb minerals and excrete toxins.

  • Cleanse your body, both inside and out
  • Rest your mind
  • Remineralize and balance your pH
  • Give extra support to your immune system.

Detoxifying Baths can do all that!
Simply add one of our suggestions, and relax.
We offer three different bath therapies.

  1. Miracle II products (Soap, Minerals, Moisturizer)
  2. Magnesium (Crystals, Gel, Oil)
  3. Crystal Salt Rocks (Brine Therapy)

Each has it’s own goals and benefits.
Some you may have tried, others may be new to you.

Choose one or try them all – Just Go For It!

Soaking in natural mineral hot springs is an extremely rejuvenating experience. But who has that kind of time, or access?

Natural Hot Springs

Most of us begin our day with a shower and fall into bed at night without enjoying a therapeutic, detoxifying bath.

Are you missing a leisurely soak? You don’t have to…

Full Bathtub or Footbath Only

Either one… just relax and enjoy!
If you’re too busy for a nice long bath tub soak, you can get all the same benefits with a foot bath.

Recline and soak your feet while relaxing in front of the TV, or reading a good book. You can probably find 20 minutes at the end of your day for that, right?

Both are excellent ways to cleanse your body, mind and spirit. Providing extra support for your immune system and overall well being.


Cleansing is a great first step to regaining and maintaining good health.

You might enjoy this blog “Basics of Cleansing to Detoxify“.

  1. More energy in the morning
  2. No need for an afternoon caffeine jolt
  3. Feel better throughout the whole day.

Eliminating toxins enables your immune system to do its job, that’s keep you functioning at full potential. Regular detoxifying is necessary for preventing disease and providing good health. No exceptions.

We’re all overloaded with toxins from constant exposure through the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink.

All disease is the direct result of accumulating toxins in your body. Unless and until you clean out your insides, diseases can only be in remission, prepared to resurface.

Feel better about life.

Miracle II Products

Eliminate Toxins

Immediately Shift Your pH Balance

After these natural products finish their job, they go down the drain and continue to clean up our environment.

The Miracle II Alkalizing Bath

  1. Test your saliva pH
  2. Fill your bath/foot tub with warm-hot water to keep yourself comfortable
  3. Add 1 tablespoon Miracle Soap or Moisturizing Miracle Soap under running water to create more bubbles for more fun 🙂
  4. And 2 tablespoons Miracle Neutralizer
  5. Soak for 30-45 minutes, adding hot water to keep it just right
  6. Add baking soda (up to a cup) for even more effectiveness
  7. Test your saliva pH – you should see an immediate improvement.

It’s fun to play in a bubble bath!

Magnesium Set: Ultimate Bath

Your Ultimate Companion to Battle Stress

The Fountain of Youth!

These treatments will help you live a very long, comfortable life.

  • Ease Aches and Pains
  • Soothe Frazzled Nerves
  • Allows Deeper Rest
  • Pull Out Toxins

Fire up the “rest and digest” side of your nervous system, lower your blood pressure and improve your digestion too.

Take a look at all our Magnesium Blogs and Products.

You’ll feel calm and centered.

Magnesium Crystals
Bathing in Magnesium Crystals is a relaxing, rejuvenating and cost-effective way to restore your magnesium, that most of us are lacking. Use them daily for just two weeks. You’ll feel how much this simple mineral can improve your life.

Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Oil
For more concentrated anti-inflammatory effects, massage some directly onto any sore/painful spot, where you you need it most.

Magnesium Powder
Experience a dramatic skin health improvement! Mix with Magnesium Oil to make a paste that will pull toxins from deep within your body through skin cells, not to be reabsorbed. You can further enhance this effect by mixing in some Laminar Powder. Constipation Cure: Drinking Magnesium Powder (mixed with water) will easily get rid of your constipation. But be very careful with the amount you try, as its effects can be too forceful!

Laminar Powder
Creates Energized Water that is pure like a mountain spring or fresh morning dew. This gives you superior hydration. Supercharge your bath with just a teaspoon. Or energize your skin care products, (cleansers, moisturizers, makeup). Great on cracked feet and other persistent skin problems.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy

84 Natural Minerals and Trace Elements!

Himalayan Crystal Salt comes from under the earth, untouched by any pollutants, as sea salt can be.
It’s the cleanest, healthiest salt on our planet. 
High blood pressure does not result, and low blood pressure is raised, among many other benefits.

Activates your Healing Powers

The Brine Bath is recommended to detoxify from heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic). This will strengthen your immune system.

Crystal salt is able to break up toxin’s molecular structure. Ease joint diseases. And repair skin and conditions.

Contains naturally balanced trace and ionic minerals. Small enough to absorb right through your skin and cell walls for efficient absorption. Toxins are released through your skin into the bath water through osmosis.

The Brine Bath maintains the natural, protective film of your skin, so it does not dry out. The salt is stored in the upper callous layer of your skin, and binds water. This is why Crystal Salt Brine Baths are good for dry skin. In contrast to a normal bath where moisture is extracted from your skin.

Caution: Do not substitute any other salt!
In case you didn’t know, table salt is sodium chloride (a meager 2 elements) and not much more than industrial waste. Even mainstream medicine knows it’s bad for us.

For more information, please read “Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy“.
You’ll read about how to make the Crystal Salt Brine, and more about its benefits.

Bathing and the Moon Cycles

Full Moon Bath
For Optimal Assimilation

This is when your body’s absorption potential is at it’s peak: you will absorb the most minerals. Weak points are harmonized and your body’s own energy flow is activated.

New Moon Bath
For Optimal Detoxification

This is when your body’s capacity for detoxification is at its highest: the perfect time for a cleansing. The Himalayan Crystal Salt bath will have a detoxifying effect similar to a three-day fast.

Because all life originated in the sea, the Crystal Salt Brine bath feels like you’re floating in it… in your original embryonic water.

Cleanse Your Body ~ Relax Your Mind ~ Support Your Immune System

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You Should Know About a “Healing Reaction”

Some people experience worse health before getting better. It’s called a Healing Crisis and you can learn more about how to support yourself through it with this blog “Healing Reaction: Sometimes Part of the Road to Better Health“.

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela