Podcast 447: Andreas Seed Oils

Andreas is a former German gymnast who had a long and successful career. He is a world and Olympic champion. After a shoulder injury, Andreas retired. He was put on several medications, and years later was diagnosed with Chron’s disease and became very ill. He knew he had three choices, keep following the doctors orders and be on medications for the rest of his life, die from Chron’s disease, or make some drastic lifestyle changes. Shortly after, Andreas launched the first ever Cold-Press technology. These oils are pressed at ultra-low temperatures to eliminate oxidation and maintain their molecular integrity.  They are high in essential fatty acids, and are entirely free of any metals, solvents, pesticides, or preservatives. In today’s podcast, Andreas joins Martin to take a deep dive into how his oils differ from other seed oil companies. As well as when and how to use them to the best advantage.

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MARTIN: Hello everybody. This is Martin Pytela, Life Enthusiast podcast, and today I have the distinct honor and pleasure to have Andreas Wecker or Vecker, as he would pronounce it. He’s actually a famous man! He made the Olympics not just a little bit, a medal in Olympics. That’s not a small feat you know, you have to be one of the top three people in your discipline in the world at that time. That’s not a little bit, that’s a lot. And now Andreas has had his experience with oils. Welcome aboard Andreas!

ANDREAS: Thank you Martin! To be with you, first time.

MARTIN: Indeed. Hope not last time. And so, I think that people should really understand the importance of plants and seeds and oils. Would you be so kind and just explain why we should care about these oils in our life?

ANDREAS: First, maybe a little bit, go a little bit back to understand how I got there. So I got sick in 2006, I had Crohn’s disease, was almost dying. And when I came out from the hospital, I was on 33 pills and literally all the side effects I had moon face from the prednisone. I was super fat, became super fat. First I lost 45 pounds, right. I was about 80 pounds when I came in the hospital. And then I got back, I was so hungry from the prednisone and then the moon face and everything. So they told me, I had side effects. And when I came home, I had a friend of mine we were on a different project with oils. Which was actually my first idea to diffuse oil and get it in the body by not using the digestion system.

ANDREAS: So then he told me he can help me with fresh pressed flaxseed oil, and we get the medication off because I literally was dying from all the side effects from those medications. And so my body is absolutely allergic to any chemical or pharmaceuticals. So that was the start literally. So he gave me later his small press, it was a little kitchen press, to press my own oil. So everything started pretty much with Flax Seed Oil. So most people, I was the same way, I was thinking in the beginning of course, oil makes a difference, right?

MARTIN: Well we hear essential fatty acids, right? So we need to have Omega three, Omega six, Omega nine. We need to have a conversation. More of this, less of that.

ANDREAS: Yeah. I started with the Flax Seed like I said. That was my first oil for a couple of years, my first oil. The important part was for me to understand I was able to get rid of all my medications in three months.

MARTIN: Yeah. It’s actually so significant. Maybe we should dwell on that a little bit. Because Crohn’s disease really is a terrible thing.

ANDREAS: Yeah. Pain.

MARTIN: Inflammation in the small intestine, which means that you’re unable to extract nutrients and absorb nutrients. You’re literally starving.

ANDREAS: Exactly. Yeah. I lost in six weeks, 45 pounds and about 80% of my blood. So I remember when I was in the hospital, the first thing they do for the report, they take blood, right? So I vanished, <laugh>, I fainted. So when I woke up in the intensive care, and had already blood running in my veins, I had eight blood transfusions just to get me in a spot where I can be almost normal. Not normal in a sense, because there’s no more energy in your body. It’s like you said, you’re not able to take any minerals, vitamins, anything. So your body is not able to take this and bring it to the cells.

ANDREAS: So my legs were literally like rubber. So I couldn’t move. I couldn’t go. So I was lying in the bed for a couple days, and everybody was making all these checkups, typical hospital, right? And nobody really had a solution. So like I said, I released myself after several weeks because I saw they cannot really help me, so I have to go on without them. Then they put me on so many medications, so they gave me two huge bags with all those medications. They said, you have to take this your whole life. And I said “I don’t know.” If I take this I already feel total side effects from just a couple of weeks, and I feel bad. My bones were hurting, everything was like hurting, Right? I couldn’t focus my brain. In the morning they gave me, I had those butterfly’s in. So they gave me in the morning, 200, and it was about 5:30 every morning for the first five weeks, they gave me about 200 milligrams of prednisone in the arm. So I was knocked out for three hours. You start to sweat. You don’t even realize where you are. Seriously it’s…

MARTIN: Well the prednisone is of course steroidal corticosteroid hormone. Which is designed to block your immune system.

ANDREAS: Exactly. To keep your immune system from not working.

MARTIN: Yeah. Yeah. Shut it down.

ANDREAS: But I thought that it’s ridiculous because I thought we need a good working immune system, Right? That’s my brain. So I decided when I was releasing myself to they gave me all those bags, and then after three months I brought it back. So they said, no, no, no you have to take this your whole life! And I said, you know what? You can kill somebody else with this, but I will die. And he said, literally in my face he said: “Yeah, if you take this, of course you will die soon.” I said, how in the world you have no options? The only option you have is pharmacy? If you take the word pharmacy, this comes from the Greek pharmakea, and translated it means witchcraft and magic.

So I see always those witches, you know, pharmacy and speaking their speeches and Mmmmm you know? It’s ridiculous. So yeah, that was my start in the oil business, not in the oil business, but with oils. It was a little bit earlier, but to take it myself internally. It was helping a lot, but it was not healing because Crohn’s disease has actually two components. One is candida, which is caused by sweets, by sugar. Right. And then I was also emotionally stressed.

ANDREAS: Right. So everything starts here [pointing at his head]. Everything.

MARTIN: Yeah, that’s true. Of course, it’s hard to make a pill that fixes your emotional world, but it’s true. I personally believe 80% of all illness is actually an emotional problem.

ANDREAS: Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, if you have stresses with work, family, whatever it is and you let it on, it can stick on so it’s touching you, but it starts all here. You’ve started to think about it is from a sort to the cancer. I, you know what I mean? So it’s actually, But you can reverse it the same way, literally.


ANDREAS: Right. So, and that’s what I also now tell a lot of people, you know what? Don’t worry about it. One is this, one is this. So let us start to think in a different way, and I think it’s very important. I learned a lot in my life with all those, hard calls. I just had, I was moving two years ago out of a house where I was living three and a half years. My voice is still a little bit off. I had for over two years no voice, because I was literally dying in this house because it had a gas leak.

MARTIN: Oh my gosh.

ANDREAS: A very nice little propane gas leak, so I was drowning. Because propane gas is heavier and it goes into your lungs, so you cannot breathe. So it’s like filling up with gas and then you cannot breathe. So I was literally dying.

MARTIN: That is incredible.

ANDREAS: Carbon monoxide poisoning. But you know, it was the second time. Two years ago in November, I was in the hospital ER. Right? And to the doctor I said, you know what Doc? Take a blood test. I’m pretty sure it’s a gas leak, that’s my guess. And I completely have, what’s it called? Carbon monoxide poisoning. And he tested, and I was then already 10 days out of this house.


ANDREAS: And it was still super high. Right? He came back in and he said close the door, the curtains. My daughter was outside, was waiting for me. She got wild, because she was not in there. So he turned around and said, Andreas you’re dying right now, and we cannot do anything. And it was the best time, November 2020. Best Corona time in the hospital. They said, yeah we keep you here. I said, I’m not staying here. You give me my Albuterol I said, you know I hear this a lot with the dying but believe me, God has a different plan for this. Right? So that’s what I tell people, and they get totally confused and everything, but I’m back. I feel good, I’m working out. I’m stronger than before, you know what I mean? And I think, it starts all here. My oils are helping with the re-energizing with the vitamins, the minerals, the enzymes, helping me with everything and staying away from any inflammation.

MARTIN: So let’s break it down a bit. What comes from these oils? Like essential fatty acids certainly, right?

ANDREAS: Yeah. Essential fatty acids. And because I showed this before, so here’s the main patent, I don’t know if you can see it. That’s the main patent for the press I created. So I have two more patents here. So three in total, I own the technology. For me it was interesting to hear when I was talking to other companies in Germany in the beginning when I had this idea, all those big companies of award winning, oil pressers, et cetera. I called them and talked to the engineers when I got my idea. And because at this time I had absolutely no money, right? So I had no idea what to do. I thought they might be interested to make something together. Right.

ANDREAS: Not the Germans. No. They’re different. So they told me oh that’s not possible, and they’re not interested. Okay. Then I found the other guy, a mechanic. That was one of the things where I was also finding out the difference between an engineer and a mechanic. The engineer wants money up front, but you never get delivered what you are asking for <laughing>. And the mechanic is proving himself. That was the reason why I came together with this German mechanic, because my English was so bad. I never learned English in school. I had Russian because I grew up on the east side in Germany. But the interesting part was, or what the importance was for me, when we talked about some companies, when I talked about with some companies. They told me, when you buy a press and you let it run 24/7, you have to replace, change the expeller every three months. And I said, why is this? Yeah, because, it’s eaten up by the seeds. And I said it’s eating up the metal? Yeah. Then my question logically is, okay, but where’s the metal going?

MARTIN: In the oil.

ANDREAS: In the oil! Exactly. So do you know that over 80%, probably even more than 90% are having metals in their body because of this?


ANDREAS: So the oil we are buying in stores, we all think, oh they’re looking clean, they’re looking light, whatever. Forget it, I don’t touch any of this. Not one thing, because I know the process and I just remind myself, no. First, they don’t put it in glass like I do in miron glass. They have oxidation by grinding, that’s the only possibility to get oxidized oil. So their oil is already rinsed when it comes out of the press. So I don’t do this, I just switch it out on the front with 10 tons, and it’s just releasing. So there’s no oxidation, and that’s very important. If you have oxidized oil, you destroy your cells.

MARTIN: Yeah, that’s true. Peroxidation of lipids is in fact part of aging.

ANDREAS: Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. So look at me, I’m 80.

MARTIN: No, you’re not.

ANDREAS: No, no. But my oldest daughter I have is 28.

MARTIN: Well, you were born in what, 1972?

ANDREAS: No, I’m born in January 70. I’m 52, getting 53 in January. I’m an old guy, but I’m not feeling as old because I think, like I said, it’s all here. Right.<Affirmative> And the oil’s are helping me to stay young, to stay strong, and to keep the, I think it’s how you call it. I think it’s important that you live a life. For example, I need to laugh every day, right? So I’m not the typical German, right? <Laughing> The German’s are always like, Right. I see things a little bit different since I became a Christian. So I take things in a different way because it’s given to me as a sign, as an experience, as to learn and to give this experience then to others.

MARTIN: Yeah. I think what’s really good is when you come close to dying, is that you realize what really is important.

ANDREAS: Yeah. And then you find out what you forgot to do, right?

MARTIN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have this moment of, well what do I regret?

ANDREAS: What do I regret yeah. Not be a part of or whatever, Right?

MARTIN: Right.


MARTIN: Yeah okay. But I would like to still tell people why do we take oils, nutrition?

ANDREAS: Okay. Oils are very important in the structure of the cell, in our body. Each cell has a double layer of fat. So in only suitable oils, vitamins, minerals, whatever the body needs goes in the cell. And you also build up your cells, with the right fat. If you build it the right fat, the cell is breathing. So if the cell can breathe, it takes also oxygen. Right? It can use oxygen.

MARTIN: Yeah. That’s the permeability of the cell membrane. Right? You’re talking about that.

ANDREAS: Yes. The membrane.

MARTIN: This bilipid layer is semipermeable, but it’s only semipermeable in such way that only what you want comes in.

ANDREAS: If you build it the right way. Exactly, so if you build it the wrong way, it’s stops breathing. But it’s still living, so what is it doing? It starts to take a different type of energy, and most of the time it’s the sugar.


ANDREAS: So it goes in a sugar. So many people have these up and downs or diabetes or I mean, we are dealing with so many things. But the cells are most of the time the problem is that the cell cannot breathe, same with cancer. Right?

MARTIN: That’s the big German discovery, by Otto Warburg.

ANDREAS: Yeah. I know.

MARTIN: He discovered of course that when there’s lack of oxygen in the fluid, that the cell will switch from respiration to fermentation.

ANDREAS: Exactly.

MARTIN: Describing fermentation is the inefficient conversion of food into energy.

ANDREAS: Yeah. So on the cause of problems. For example also when you eat sugar, and most fast food products they have sugar as in, what do you call it? Ah.. my words.

MARTIN: You mean like taste condition?

ANDREAS: To keep it longer.

MARTIN: The which? Preservatives.

ANDREAS: Yes, exactly. Preservatives. And sugar is the main thing. Because nothing touches sugar. I mean if you leave honey, there’s never for example any mold on any honey. Right. Yeah. So it cannot happen. So they, that is used. So many people, they taking so many other things, but the body is literally stopping. So it’s bringing the wrong food. So how you call it, our body needs the right information.


ANDREAS: I call it information and fat or oils are the best information for your body because we are over 90% liquid. So the best understanding information for our body is liquid. So if you have in the Bible that says that in Genesis 1:29, I give you all the seeds and all food bearing seeds for your food. I mean, it’s obvious. And if you believe a little bit, just a little bit about it, then you can also tell, a little seed can produce billions of other new seeds. It starts small and it gets big, and this is what I’m doing. And when you understand a little bit and you try my oils, then you can actually feel it, you can taste it, you can smell it, and you can also feel it literally immediately. We have a lot of good oils.

MARTIN: Yeah. That must be pointed out that the vibrational difference when this healthy oil comes into the body. It’s almost…

ANDREAS: And the body gets hooked up with the right information. It starts asking us for more.

MARTIN: Yes. So I guess on the science part, we should mention that ketones.

ANDREAS: Ketones, Yeah.

MARTIN: Is what? Is also a source of energy. You have two types, right? You have glucose, which is from the sugars. Yeah.<affirmative> Or you have ketones, which is from the fats, right? It’s called hydroxy-methylbutyrate.

ANDREAS: Yeah. Whatever. I cannot even speak it. I’m not a doctor. <laugh> I’m not a scientist. But I have experience. I know what keto means. I love to eat a lot of it.

MARTIN: Okay. So you’re saying that your method of pressing oils prevents the oxidation?

ANDREAS: Yeah. We don’t oxidize at all because it’s just switching out. So we don’t have to grind it. We just…

MARTIN: So there’s no temperature?

ANDREAS: Yes. There’s a little bit temperature. But temperature, there’s a Turkish guy. He proved that temperature is not the cause of oxidation, it’s the grinding.

MARTIN: Friction.

ANDREAS: It’s the grinding, Yeah. The rubbing. So that creates friction underneath. So you touch it longer. So we release it in a fraction of a second. I was even building a cooling system, blowing cool air onto the presser so the metal is not touching and it doesn’t get warm or hot. You can taste, you can smell. It’s always so clean. It’s very like, how do you call it? I want people, I said, you know what? If the oil doesn’t taste like the seed, don’t touch it. Very simple.

MARTIN: Yeah. It’s been refined. Do you filter your product or not?

ANDREAS: No, no, no filtration. That is another story many people don’t know. So I learned a lot about, I call it, light frequency I learned mechanics. I learned electrics, so I put things in a different way together. Right? So then I learned from the father of structured water, which was the teacher of Dr. Emoto. Lorne Sonye and he taught me, I was knowing already about good water, Viktor Schauberger etc. I also have a water system. Right? A structured water system, I invented it eight years ago, it’s another story. But oils have to be structured in order to get it in. If you filter with, and most of the time we’re talking about not just straining, I strain with stainless steel, but I don’t filter with the filter press, so it’s about 20 tons.

ANDREAS: So you have to understand if you push a liquid together, you have all those clusters in the liquid. So when it gets pushed together, the clusters are getting closer and closer it’s stuck together. And now they want to go to a membrane. Right. That’s the filtration. And what they’re doing is, you have a lot of pressure on there. So when they’re coming out, they explode. So the whole molecular structure, it’s literally destroyed. So the body will not understand what you give him, but it looks good. But I’m not, I’m not about looking, looking good for the oils. I’m about why is it working? Why are my oils working, and those filtered not? When you press it the right way, it’s no oxidation. You have energy, you have working enzymes, the vitamins and minerals. It’s literally not touched at all. Just released. That’s all I wanted.

MARTIN: Okay. So you are filtering, well, pardon me. You’re pressing several different seeds, right? Do you use regular or do you use organic? How do you go about that?

ANDREAS: I’m certified organic.


ANDREAS: Um, I have, I can show you quick if you want. So Flax Seed, That was my first one.

MARTIN: Yeah. Love that. It’s the Flax Seed everybody should know, is the best source of alpha lipoic acid in the world. Which is the base of all of the fats, right? Like when you hear about, you need DHA, EPA, whatever. Your body can actually make those out of the ALA Right?

ANDREAS: Yeah. And much easier than fish oil. So fish oil is not a good thing, actually. But it’s a big industry. So here’s Sunflower.


ANDREAS: I have a nice Sunflower, which is good for skin. It’s the highest source of vitamin E. So then I have a good man-oil, Pumpkin.

MARTIN: Pumpkin. That’s famous.

ANDREAS: Bladder, prostate. And it smells and tastes good. So it’s really, really cool.

MARTIN: I love the taste of Pumpkin Seed oil. It’s just nutty and flavorful.

ANDREAS: Did you ever have mine?

MARTIN: Yeah. Yeah.

ANDREAS: Okay, cool. So then Black Sesame.

MARTIN: Yeah. This is now sesame. Of course, that’s ayurvedic India. Right?

ANDREAS: Exactly. So I have a couple ayurvedic spas and they love the stuff, and that’s the black one. This is a very nice and strong.

MARTIN: So this is frequently used in Chinese meals or India. Oh, yeah. You don’t cook it, you just dress it on top.

ANDREAS: Yeah. And it’s not just this, but Flaxseed and the Black Sesame has a product in, I think called lignans, which lengthen telomeres.

MARTIN: Right. Yes. Anti-aging.

ANDREAS: Mathusellah <laugh> Right there. Right.

MARTIN: Yeah, maybe Mathusellah was drinking Black Sesame Oil.

ANDREAS: Yeah. Then I have one of my runners is my Five Seed. So I have Sunflower, Flax Seed, Pumpkin, Black Sesame and, Coriander.

MARTIN: Uh-huh. Okay.

ANDREAS: Nice taste.

MARTIN: This Five Seed really is probably best of all.

ANDREAS: But it works totally different because I pre mix it before I press. So the effect from this oil is just energy. You get a lot of energy from this one. Yeah.

MARTIN: So this is actually a single pressing of multiple seeds.

ANDREAS: Yeah, exactly. So that’s how I work. So I create things like a kitchen, you know. So there was one of the five runners before. So people came to me, why do I have to buy always five bottles, can you not mix it, put it in one? And then I started to mix it, and it came out amazing from the taste, from the effect, etc. But it works completely different as when you mix it afterwards.

MARTIN: Yeah. How would you compare it? Do you have some words to describe the difference between them?

ANDREAS: You have energy, you need less sleep, for example. Your skin will change. It also has the ability to help you when, some people, they have odor, but it takes it away.


ANDREAS: So you take it a couple weeks, it helps with breathing, it helps with oxygen, bringing it to the cells. So we had a lot of people on this oil, they were literally having to use every day the portable oxygen, and after two weeks, they literally get rid of it.

MARTIN: Yeah. You know, what you’re describing here is of course, healing of the lymphatic system.

ANDREAS: Yes, exactly. So…

MARTIN: When the cells are no longer toxic.

ANDREAS: Yeah. They start to work again. Right? Yeah. That’s the whole thing.

MARTIN: Respiration returns back to your body.

ANDREAS: And that’s the same with my carbon monoxide poisoning. Same thing. That was helping me to stay away from dying, you know? Yeah. So this is my absolute runner.

MARTIN: Black Cumin.

ANDREAS: The Black Cumin.

MARTIN: Yeah, Yeah. This one is so famous, right? I mean, this is written up in the Bible. It’s written up in the in the Quran.

ANDREAS: It is literally even, scientists do not even know everything yet because it has over a hundred chemicals in there. And I’m pretty sure that this really, uh, God gave this for healing. It’s pure healing. Everything. It doesn’t matter. It’s unbelievable. It’s really cool. Then I have a nice one, a normal Hemp Seed Oil.

MARTIN: Hemp Seed Oil. Okay. So this is free of the THC or not?

ANDREAS: Yeah, of course. It’s hemp. It’s normal hemp. It doesn’t have any relation to cannabis. It’s in a shell a little bit, but it has CBD, it’s not the CBD. It’s not the classical CBD, what everybody, you know.

MARTIN: This one has the carrier oil that they would put the CBD into, right? Think of it like what, Like salad oil or what? How would you use that?

ANDREAS: I honestly, it is super spicy. So for me I take it, but I have to guzzle it down. A lot of people love it on their salads. They keep it in their mouth because this takes care in your body of anything. So it’s really taking care of everybody who’s not paying rent in your body. Right. So then I have something for the liver, Milk Thistle.

ANDREAS: When I took this the first time, because when I press a new oil, I always like to taste it fresh from the press.
So I take a spoon. Right. And then because you have from the press, the direct, because it’s still fresh, so active. It’s amazing. It’s unbelievable. I had a fat liver from all the medications. And it was helping me in two minutes, it was warming up my liver. Like in two minutes I was feeling in my liver, there was action, there was something happening. And it helped me to normalize my liver and my metabolism and everything. I mean, it is amazing. It’s an amazing oil. I just get next week…

MARTIN: Silymarin or milk thistle in general is always known to be very helpful with…

ANDREAS: Yeah. So studies show that it helps with liver cirrhosis, it can heal this. It will recreate, it will help with the detoxing. So that the liver can get rid rid of all the other stuff. And then it can start to work again. I mean, there’s Hulda Clark, you probably know, the liver cleansing protocols.
There’s a couple, there’s a couple things, we can do ourselves. But this is the natural way. Not the quick way overnight.

MARTIN: It’s the gradual way, yes.

ANDREAS: Exactly. And it helps a lot of people when they are sick, because what you don’t want is to detox too fast.

MARTIN: Right.

ANDREAS: Right? Because you’re dealing with all those ooh bad feeling, you’re looking green, yellow, whatever. Right? So your whole body goes in colors, right? So all my oils are detoxing. Number one. Number two, they’re all really active. They are high in energy. so many people, they, they feel it immediately. Right. So now I come to the oils, nobody can press it. Only my technology is doing it.

MARTIN: That’s a good point, Right? Like, there are many..

ANDREAS: That’s the main point by this whole case. Right. So I have the only cold pressed. There’s another guy called us, but I know it’s my one. Okay. So I created it.

MARTIN: The Coriander.

ANDREAS: Yeah. The coriander of course, is also known under other names. Right. Like cilantro.

ANDREAS: Cilantro oil. The thing is, if you press it cold, it has even more power than an essential oil. Right? And it kills ecoli, salmonella, it takes care of wounds, swollen things. So if you put it on cuts etc, it will not infect, it kills everything. It’s really cool stuff. Then I have the only cold pressed that’s an organic heirloom. I mean, you see it on the bottle. There’s the organic sign. It’s an organic heirloom Fennel Seed. That’s like black licorice.

MARTIN: Yeah. Fennel of course is very famous for its tonifying effect in the colon. Right? In the gut.

ANDREAS: Colon. And then also yeah, my mom always made fennel tea when my stomach got sick. I didn’t like it at that time, but this is so pure, it’s so strong. When you take it and you keep it in your mouth, you can feel it.

MARTIN: I’ve never had it personally.

ANDREAS: How it releases the sinus, everything is getting free. And then you can also, when you breathe it in, it was helping also with my lungs. Right? To clean up.

MARTIN: Yeah. I’ve not tried this. Does it really taste like licorice?

ANDREAS: It’s amazing. Yeah. There’s so many people, they love this just for the taste. And then you can put it on pretty much everything. But it’s super powerful. Just by smelling it, you go nuts. It’s really cool stuff.
Then I worked it out for somebody, they came to me. It was six years ago, they were asking me, if I can press kava oil.

MARTIN: Yeah. What do you call that? Kava? Something?

ANDREAS: Kava. Kava.

MARTIN: Yeah. I know the plant, but do you have a special name on it?

ANDREAS: Kavaplex.

MARTIN: Kavaplex, okay.

ANDREAS: Yeah, Kavaplex. That’s the company I made, I left it this way so I can produce it for them, but I have it also for sale. Yes. I left the name, we don’t want to have different types, so everything is clean. Yeah and Dave Espry is on the board with them. So it’s pretty good stuff.

MARTIN: So what effect do you get from the kava? I mean, normally it’s a bit of a mild stimulant, right?

ANDREAS: Yeah. It’s close to CBD, a little bit. Anxiety, depression. So for example one of my workers, Victor, he is 60. He turned 60 this year. He’s working for me over nine years. And every time when we’re pressing kava and he’s pressing, he gets funny. So it’s literally like your whole mood, is changing into getting funny. He starts to tell jokes and whatever, you know what I mean? He’s laughing more. And he said, he loves to press it. I have one girl working for me. She’s 20 and she always has anxiety, so I gave her kava. And then one day she came in, she said, oh normally I always have wet hands. Why do I have such dry hands? I said, because of your anxiety, there’s no more there. So she changed completely just with the oils.
Just with this oil. This is amazing! So it helps with a lot of things. It calms you down. You take too much, you get funny. It’s really, you get funny, right? But it’s not like a drug. You don’t get tired or anything, it just helps your mood goes by you know? There’s this direction. That’s the way we go.


ANDREAS: So those are my oils. And literally, if you go online on my website, you click each oil, you can get a complete description. We don’t claim anything. We just say, okay, it can help with this. Studies have proven this and this and this. So we are just telling people, so they can decide what they’re looking for. For example, I want to have blood pressure down, cholesterol down. That’s the Flaxseed. It takes it down in a week to almost, or literally normal. We have so much proof of this. So we have so many people, happy people just with the flaxseed, for blood pressure. I mean, we have those typical,”xx” disease? <laugh> There’s no such thing as a disease, right? It’s just the body telling us there’s something wrong. God gave us tools to fix this, yeah? But we have to know the tools. That’s what to learn the hard way. But it was in my case the best way.

MARTIN: So this oxygen deprivation or carbon monoxide poisoning that you experienced, which of the oils helped you most with that?

ANDREAS: There was the Five Seed. Like I said, a five seed actually helps, because the oils I look at them as a transportation system in your body to get the right information for what the cells need. I don’t know how this works, but this is the main thing. What keeps me literally alive with breathing. Sometimes I couldn’t breathe, but I had the feeling I have oxygen. You know what I mean? So it’s totally weird to explain this, but the five seed has amazing power with this one. I think all of them are doing this, but this is specific in something. What keeps the cell really, you can feel it. So I had two guys. One was in Belgium, and the other guy was in the Netherlands, and they were in the stock market. So they literally had to be awake 24/7. So in both of them, that was weird. They were ordering for a year or two, they were taking one bottle per day of the five seed.

MARTIN: The whole bottle?

ANDREAS: Yes. If I take too much of the Five Seed, I need three hours sleep in the night. Okay. I can literally say, I’m going to sleep. I sleep very well then. Also, it helps with the, because it has Omega3. Omega3 is good for sleeping too. So Flaxseed is also very good, because the brain is pure Omega 3. So, it’s preventing also when we’re looking into brain, whatever, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. And also Parkinson’s, the flaxseed helps a lot with brain things. Also when a baby, or when a mother is pregnant, not the mother’s pregnant, but the woman is pregnant, right? She is not mother at this point, but when she takes my flaxseed, we see a lot less, how do you call it? When the baby comes, they’re bright, like their brain is getting more developed. It’s more like, you know. So it’s very important, that we take fat in our life. I was never a fan of fat before this, of course. But God was giving me this on hand, so I take it myself since then. I learned a lot, I have a lot of experience and I have a lot of good friends because of this. And I have a lot of good doctors who actually are starting this because their patients got healed from my heart.

MARTIN: Yeah. So there we go, right? Health through nutrition. Yeah. You cannot have health if you’re not eating the ingredients that build health.

ANDREAS: Yeah. I call it also, it’s just food. So it’s not a medication. Hippocrates was saying, food should be your medicine and medicine should be your food. So that’s how I see it.

MARTIN: So, yeah. So I would like to talk a bit about the dosing. Like how much, you started saying that there was this guy in stockbroker who was taking a bottle a day.

ANDREAS: That’s a little bit much.

MARTIN: You need to be a stock broker. So you can afford a bottle a day right.

ANDREAS: If you can afford it, then you can take a lot. So you cannot overdose. It’s the only overdose you can do is on the black cumin and on the coriander. The rest you literally cannot overdose, so it’s very easy. So start slowly, like a half a teaspoon. Yeah? So twice a day. And then when this is okay, and your body is not detoxing or you know, people thinking they’re clean, right? Eating healthy, etc. But there’s something from the past, especially heavy metals. We talked about it. Right? And when you have this in the brain, the cilantro or the Coriander Seed Oil will take it out of the brain. So if you have heavy metals in the brain, and you take too much of the coriander, you get the headache of your life. And a three day roller coaster, because it goes wild around here. I had it once, I was trying to see how far I can go. Right? And I came to the point where my brain was literally completely dumping everything, and it goes nuts. Everything is moving around you. You don’t move, but everything around you is moving. That’s the feeling you have.

MARTIN: Yeah. What would you suggest? Just 10 drops or…?

ANDREAS: Five drops. It also says on all the oils in the back, it says what is the best for you? I always say like three to five drops to start with. And I can take it by the gallon, literally. It’s really cool stuff, I love the taste. I mean coriander, right? So the Indians, they put it literally on all the foods, so they get prepared if the food is not the healthiest. Right? So that you don’t deal with the aftermath.

So it really helps really to stay away from any food poisoning. It’s amazing. So I always have one bottle in my car. If I go in a restaurant, I had a couple of events, where I thought it was a good restaurant and then I came out, or while I was eating, I was feeling it already. Right. My metabolism is really quick. So I was then happy to have this. Because if you feel it right away, then you take it and in 10 minutes you’re fine. So it kills really everything, which is cool.

MARTIN: That is very cool. Okay, great. Well, we are really feeling lucky that we’re associating with you, that we are able to carry your products because this is unique. There are not that many products in the world that are made with this level of integrity, this level of love. You just mentioned the Miron glass just didn’t go. Yeah <affirmative> But it’s important to know that the Miron glass will protect the oil from light. And light of course in general is going to cause the decay, the oxidation.

ANDREAS: Exactly.

MARTIN: But there’s more to it. There’s a vibrational quality.

ANDREAS: There’s a frequency on. Do you have a patent? There’s a frequency on what keeps every organic matter alive. So that’s what I was looking for. I was the first one in 2008 in United States who was using this bottle. Because I know when something comes from Germany, I have to look into this. Right? I was the first one, everybody was telling me, that is so expensive. Why are you taking this product? I said, because if you make a good product, you want to keep it this way. Right? So I also give two years. Right? So it’s stable for two years, It stays stable longer if you don’t open it, of course. But if you open it, you should use it in six to eight weeks. Right. And I think that’s important also to know it’s on the website. The miron glass was helping me. The interesting part of miron glass was for me, I don’t have to refrigerate it.

MARTIN: Oh, right. Yeah. These oils are not kept in the refrigerator. They’re kept on the shelf.

ANDREAS: Not at all. Not at all. Because, why do they refrigerate the oils?

MARTIN: Well, to prevent oxidation.

ANDREAS: No. To stop the process of the oxidation going too fast. So they’re slowing down the oxidation what is already in, but my oils are not oxidized. So if it’s sealed with in the bottle and it’s full, there’s no oxidation, there’s no way to get this bottle rancid. Right? So I think that’s the understanding of what people have to understand. That’s why I was using this. I said because if I use a brown glass bottle, light, oxygen and grinding or what do you call it? Yeah grinding, is actually having a role in getting oxidized. Right. And I don’t have it. There’s a nitrogen flush company in Sweden. They called me. They said, oh, you need the nitrogen flush. I said, yeah, but if my oil’s are not oxidized, I don’t need the nitrogen flush. Right. So why I should pay $50,000 for a process I don’t need? So nitrogen, why we want to have nitrogen in our oils. It’s another question for me. Right. It is a poison gas, literally. So why do you want to have this in your food?

ANDREAS: People are thinking it’s a big thing. Put nitrogen in, nitrogen is heavier than oxygen. So they have those huge tanks, and then they have the propellers. So they blow in the nitrogen on the bottom. It’s pushing out the oxygen on top. There’s a hole on the top that brings it out. After I think 50 minutes, they close this, and then they’re filling this up. But there’s nitrogen in the oil. Why do you want to have nitrogen in the oil? So the less you touch the oil, the more effect you have from the oil. Very simple. Keep it natural, keep it most natural you can do. That’s what was my thought. the more you work on this, the more you want to play around with it, the more you destroy it.

MARTIN: Right on. so the glass, the purity, I think we’ve covered it all. Don’t you think?

ANDREAS: Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean, if there’s any more questions, you let me know. Yeah. Or when customers of yours have more questions, we are always available to talk about it, to answer the questions. I think there’s no question we never had. Not one.

MARTIN: Right on. Okay. Thank you so very much Andreas. This is Martin Pytela with Andreas Vecker, Wecker. <Laugh>. Which way do we want to pronounce it?

ANDREAS: My last name is the translation from alarm clock.

MARTIN: Alarm clock.

ANDREAS: Yeah. My last name in German. When you translate my last name Wecker, in English it’s alarm clock.

MARTIN: <laugh> Okay.

ANDREAS: I’m from an old family. So for me, 1100. So there’s a good bloodline <laugh>, little bit older. It’s very cool.

MARTIN: All right. Andreas is the inventor and the CEO at Andreas Seed Oils. And you can find these at life-enthusiast.com. My name is Martin and you can reach me at 866-543-3388. Thank you for watching.

ANDREAS: Thank you.

Author: Life Enthusiast