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Fatigue and Energy

Fatigue is a lack of energy, but not simply feeling sleepy. Chronic fatigue can cause a vast range of physical and mental symptoms.

Common symptoms include dizziness, headaches and depression. It can cause aches, pain and muscle weakness. Being tired all the time can also cause mood swings and poor judgement.

Because the causes are multi-fold, so are the solutions.

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The causes of fatigue can be inadequate nutrition. Superfood blends provide a convenient abundance of nutrients that are nearly impossible to eat regularly. If you don’t know your specific metabolic type, your diet alone can cause ill health. Eating for your own metabolic type increases your nutrient absorption. And it reduces toxins, for health repair and more energy.

Toxic overload is common and can cause fatigue. Cleansing to detoxify is essential to regain and maintain energetic health.

Very often the cause is a lack of exercise. Many forms of exercise can be too strenuous for people with fatigue. Yet it’s essential to regain energy. Lack of movement causes internal toxins to stagnate and putrefy.

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