Mineral Balancing Regimen

Monitor Your pH Level

The Mineral Balancing Regimen was developed by Dr. Ron Cusson in order to help:

  1. Balance the central nervous system,
  2. Balance the lymphatic system
  3. Restore the calcium/magnesium equilibrium in bones and muscles.

These 3 specific goals synchronize well with the overall effects of drinking Energized Water, which will enhance hydration through your body, and strengthen your meridian system. In such a program, we suggest that you start slowly, raising the rate of drinking energized water from just one, increasing up to 8 glasses per day, over a week’s time. Start with one glass in the morning, on the first day.

The second stage of this program will have you add Minerals, best taken in juices or smoothies. This second stage can last from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your individual circumstances. The third stage of our program takes you into the full Revitalization Regimen. It begins by adding all of the components to each meal. It goes on to reexamine the nutritional values involved in all the elements of our nutrition. The end goal of this 3rd stage is to help build strong bones and fluid/flexible muscles.

Stage I: Ionic Mineral Supplementation

The average digestive system of our population has almost completely lost the ability to metabolize minerals, mostly because of their lack in the diet over several generations. This must be taken into account when starting a program to remineralize the body. For this reason, the program consists of two components: the first component is the Miracle II Neutralizer, all in ionic form, for easier digestion.

The second component are nutrients added to your salads: ground flax seeds, leafy green vegetable powder and coconut oil and some natural whole salt to aid digestion. The main goal of Stage I is to reacquaint the digestive system with a balanced mineral diet, as supplied by the Ionic Minerals. Depending on the initial state of health, this stage can last from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Stage II: Adding Primary Minerals

The second stage involves the components of stage I and adds some additional supplements that contribute, in some essential way, to speed up the remineralization of the body. The pH of the lymph hovers at a value around 6.2 for most people, a value so low that it can be a precursor to many degenerative diseases. There is a lot of lymph in our body and it takes many years to accumulate in it the acid protein residues that are throwing off most of our bodily functions.

Once the Stage I has been used long enough long to begin to restore the function of the digestive system, as observed when the Primary Minerals are well tolerated, the next task is to begin the long term process of restoring the pH of the lymph to its healthy value of 7.35. One way to do this is to dramatically raise the mineral intake in the diet for the several months that this lymph restoration process will normally take. A convenient way to do this is to use our Primary Minerals which contains all 4 primary minerals as natural carbonates and bicarbonates, as well as trace elements from kelp.

Stage III: Low Carbohydrates and Enzymes

The third stage involves a broader view of the whole diet and consists mainly in moving the diet in the direction of replacing the simple carbohydrates by complex ones, complex proteins and beneficial fats and adding other dietary supplements such as vitamins and enzymes, in addition to the components of stage II. There are many useful digestive enzyme supplements and they should be complemented, as much as possible with the live enzymes that are contained in uncooked vegetables.

Stage IV: Increasing the Living Foods in the Diet

We recommend that people start as early as possible to introduce living foods in their diet. But for people that have a sensitive digestive system, it is preferable to wait until Stage I is completed before adding a lot of living foods to the diet. For some, Stage IV will already be in place by the time that Stage III is completed.

Stage IV recognizes that living foods contain a great many more enzymes than can be supplied by current nutritional supplements. Of course organic is to be preferred here, over other kinds. The additional enzymes in living (raw or naturally fermented) foods can be of major benefits in accelerating the mineral balancing processes of the body, as they increase the efficiency with which chelated mineral proteins are generated. Once fully implemented, stage IV living foods will displace the cooked foods from the first 3 stages and together with all the supplements, will provide the fastest path to the total health that is consistent with our lifetime goals. This is the intent of Stage IV.

What if I have some digestive difficulties with living foods?

For some people, however, It will be wise to implement stage III before moving to stage IV. For many of us, Stage IV should be implemented slowly, with proper respect for our biochemical individuality, involving blood types and body types. The book: “Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine” by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., et. al. will give many explanations on how to progressively steer the diet towards living foods. It is highly recommended that this or similar books be studied before starting a living food program.

Can I make delicious meals that can help restore physical fitness with living foods?

Living food preparation has advanced to a fine art and many excellent books are now available to help here. In addition to the book by Gabriel Cousens mentioned above, you will find much interesting information on fitness training with living foods in the book: “Raw Power; Building Strength and Muscle Naturally”, by Stephen Arlin. The book: “Eating for Beauty”, by David Wolfe gives many recipes for achieving glowing skin and lustrous hair with living foods. Also, the book: “Living in the Raw: Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle”, by Rose Lee Calabro, gives a great many recipes for dishes that can advantageously replace just about any cooked food dish with a living, warm or cold, exquisitely flavored counterpart.


Each new stage of the regimen requires additional resources for its proper implementation. The resources needed for stage I are simple enough since it is our Ionic Minerals which can be ordered from us. The resources needed for stage II include flax, coconut oil and concentrated greens, which can be obtained right here.

The main new components of stage III are reduced simple carbohydrates and vitamin/enzyme supplementation. There are many programs to achieve this. We recommend programs that make sure that coconut oil and virgin olive oil are used with all the proteins that will replace the simple carbohydrates. One of the best such program is called the coconut diet and is described in the book Eat Fat; Look Thin: by Bruce Fife, N.D.

The living food diet of stage IV represents an adventure in itself and should best be approached gradually. Most of us are used to raw salads with a meal, as well as raw fruits and vegetables as aperitifs and desserts. This may represent 10 to 25% raw foods in the diet, since the main meal holds most of the calories. When the diet moves from 80% living towards 100% living, the immune system substantially slows down the white blood cells production that is stimulated in response to ingesting cooked foods. Cooked foods are recognized by the immune system as “foreign invaders” that have to be eliminated for optimum health. This produces stress and stimulates the early elimination of cooked foods before they are fully digested. We have given some resources as books, for stage IV. Additional information on live/raw foods can be found at www.rawfood.com, and other such web sites.

Author: Ron Cusson, PhD