Heart Chakra ORMUS

Balance your Heart Chakra
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  • Helps Raise Consciousness Through the Power of Love
  • Balance Wisdom, Power and Love in Relationships and Actions
  • Integrate Masculine and Feminine Energy

Balance your Heart Chakra


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Ormus Oils Heart Chakra ORMUSOrmus Oils Heart Chakra ORMUS


Heart Chakra ORMUS may balance your Heart Chakra that rules your personal relationships and influences your ability to give and receive love in a healthy way.

When the Heart Chakra is unbalanced we may feel isolated and lonely, or critical and judgmental of others.

About the Heart Chakra – Anahata

The Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest, its element is Air, and it rules the heart and lungs. The Heart Chakra is where we integrate our masculine and feminine energy as well as our human self and True Self. Within our Heart
Chakra, we can raise our consciousness through the power of love or lower our consciousness through the power of fear. Many cultures think of our Heart Chakra as the Seat of our Soul. We have a lower Heart Chakra, whose color is green, and a higher Heart Chakra, whose color is pink. The Higher Heart Chakra rules unconditional love for all, and the Lower Heart Chakra rules human love. Therefore, the Heart Chakra rules all of our relationships, our perception of love, and our ability to give and receive it, with others and with ourselves and with our Higher Self. Ultimately, the primary focus of the Heart Chakra is to balance Wisdom, Power, and Love, in our relationships and in our actions.

When the Heart chakra is clear and in balance, we have compassion for all life, we are empathic, and we can see the Divine in other people. We are humanitarian and nurturing, and we can express and receive abundant love. We are happy and fulfilled because we are fulfilling our Divine Purpose in service to humanity. Our sense of self is not limited to the ego, our consciousness is expanded, and we realize that to love others is to love ourselves, because we are all

When the Heart Chakra is unbalanced with excessive energy, we may feel critical and judgmental of others. We may be demanding, moody, possessive, melodramatic, and manipulative. If the Heart Chakra is blocked, we may feel joyless and bitter with life, closed emotionally, unable to express love or to receive it from ourselves or others. We may feel isolated, unfulfilled, and uncertain of our role in this world, because we are cut off from the Wisdom, Love, and Power of our Higher Self. We may act from a place of fear, and not from love.

In addition to the chakra clearing and balancing meditation, there are several ways that you can focus your energy and intention on balancing and clearing the Heart Chakra. Utilize the mineral wisdom of emerald, green and pink tourmaline, jade, malachite, green adventurine, and rose quartz. Since the Heart Chakra rules the sense of touch, indulge in a massage, give yourself or someone else a hug, hold someone’s hand. Meditate on a loving pink light entering your heart, bathing it in love, and then radiating back out to spread throughout the world. Practice pranayama. Find a way to give freely of yourself in service to others by doing some volunteer work. Write down ten things that you are grateful for right now.

Our human love can often be filled with negativity, fear, hatred and cruelty. However, if we can function from our Higher Heart, our love is Unconditional and we are accepting and free of judgment. It is the challenge of our hearts to connect with and receive the love of our Higher Self so that we can heal the harm that others have done to us. Then, from the heart space of healing and self-love, we can love others as well.

Rose, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, lavender, sandalwood.

Base of grapeseed oil, a light oil that is naturally high in ORMUS, then alchemically enhanced with ORMUS.

Specific essential oil blends are added. Creating a focused ORMUS Oil with  an extra level of intention and resonance, to balance and clear the Chakra.

Directions for Use

Anoint the area of the corresponding chakra with 1-3 drops of the appropriate Chakra ORMUS Oil or Lotion, while doing the “Chakra Balancing and Clearing Meditation”.

You can anoint all seven chakras at once according to the meditation provided or, if you feel particularly unbalanced in one chakra, you can just concentrate on balancing and clearing that one chakra for as long as needed using either the oil or lotion.

Recommended Use

To balance your Heart Chakra that rules your personal relationships and influences your ability to give and receive love in a healthy way.

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