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M-Water Summary: Dr Klinghardt

Guaranteed Solution for Proper Body Hydration

Drinking M-Water results in greater vitality, less stress, less pain, discharge of cellular toxins, reduced fatigue, greater sense of emotional well being, increased cellular oxygen, increased libido and faster recovery! In fact it means reversing cellular aging!

Hydrate like never before! Your body has never experienced anything like this! Studies show 23% hydration improvement in one month!

Water: The human body is about 70% water. The brain is 80%. Normal metabolic activity can only occur when cells are at least 65% water. Brain function decreases rapidly with 1% dehydration.

Water’s main functions are to:

  • Dissolve nutrients
  • Transport nutrients to the cells
  • Remove waste
  • Remove toxins
  • Activate cellular energy

Properly hydrating water is THE super nutrient, and yet it is almost impossible to obtain. No nutrients from foods or supplements achieve their potential inside the body, without the super-hydration our cells are designed to receive. This IS now achievable!

The 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded for the explanation of how “Aquaporins” (the cell’s water channels) carry water, one molecule at a time through the cell membranes. We can now offer a solution to transform your drinking water into that perfect living, micro-cluster water nature intended and your cells aquaporin channels are craving.

By adding a small amount of M-Water to your drinking water, its structure (and taste) changes. The molecular clusters are smashed to tiny micro-clusters. The water’s energy jumps dramatically, and the water becomes vital again.

With proper hydration, cellular respiration improves. Anabolic/catabolic function increases, detoxification is more efficient, cell aging and death decreases as does inflammation.

Clinical studies, aura photography, in vitro analysis and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging all confirm that this is a unique and efficient micro-cluster water.

Author: Dr David Wheeler