Is There A Natural Cure For Fibromyalgia?

There does not seem to be a good understanding of Fibromyalgia in the mainstream medicine. The best they have to offer is a drug originally used to suppress seizures perhaps by numbing your brain you will stop feeling the pain, but you cannot expect to ever get better. If you are experiencing the symptoms of fibromyalgia, you are dealing with a complex mix of reactions to multiple inputs that create a perfect storm that gives rise to inflammation. Your immune, digestive and other systems are conspiring to create for you a life of pain. The list of symptoms that people call the fibromyalgia syndrome include some combination of chronic fatigue, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, bursitis, headaches, allergies, twitches, brain fog, rashes, tendonitis, and general muscle or joint aches.​​​​​​​

True fibromyalgia is caused by a specific metabolic problem that creates striated fibrous tissue in your muscles that is readily identified see the video for a demonstration. This type of fibromyalgia can be dramatically reduced with a herbal tincture that corrects the abnormal reaction in the digestive system. You may have related inflammation that would respond to our general anti-inflammatory protocol: eliminate industrial toxins, reverse intestinal dysbiosis, cleanse the liver, correct nutritional deficiencies. One simple tincture Fibro-Ease addresses the specific nutritional abnormality that causes fibromyalgia, and helps restore your natural metabolism that brings back normal, pain-free function. Fibro-Ease provides pain relief in as little as two to four weeks as fascia and muscles begin to soften and the tissues of your body are returned to their natural healthy state. Extraneous, hardened fibrinous tissue are gradually reabsorbed and tissues return to normal consistency flexible, free-flowing, and pain-free.

Author: Life Enthusiast