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  • hair, scalp, split ends, biotin, vitamin d3, pumpkin seed oil, cumin seed oil, selenium, silica

    Complete Biotin Plus

    Nourish Stronger Hair

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     By: EverBella
    Nourish Stronger Hair

    Complete Biotin Plus Grow healthier hair with this blend of powerhouse nutrients. Designed to improve hair growth and quality. Enjoy the restorative benefits: Stronger and shinier hair Nourishes scalp and follicles Reduces split ends. Tastes delicious! Like a fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon roll! Complete Biotin Plus Contains: Biotin Vital for FAST and healthy hair growth. Vitamin D3 Important for hormonal balance and hair follicle health. Pumpkin Seed Oil Keeps hair shiny and strong. Cumin Seed Oil Reduces shedding and prevents breakage. Selenium Promotes a healthy dander-free...

    • Grow Healthier Hair
    • Nourish Scalp and Follicles
    • Stronger, Shinier Hair
  • Promotes Brain Health and Cognitive Function


    Brain Health and Functions

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     By: Algonot
    Brain Health and Functions

    BrainGain Promotes Brain Health and Cognitive Function Benefits of the ingredients: Berberine May support cognitive and immune function. Biotin A B vitamin that may support cell growth and proper metabolism of essential fatty acids. Supports healthy function of neurons, and gastrointestinal functions by promoting healthy gut flora. Folinic Acid May support cognitive actions and production of cells. Hydroxytyrosol Considerable evidence shows it may promote cognitive actions. Luteolin Antioxidant that reduces free radicals. May also promote inhibition of mast cell and microglial activation. Naturally occurring molecule known as a flavonoid. Olive Pomace Oil (Unprocessed, MicroFiltered, Extra Virgin Olive Oil) This oil (a lipid, low...

    • Supports Brain Health
    • Restore and Maintain Your Cognitive Functions
    • Healthy Immune Functioning Too