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Activation Products

Flax Oil

Excellent Source of Essential Fats

Excellent Source of Alpha Lipoic Acid Considered to be nature's best source of vegetarian Omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to a healthy heart, skin joints, cell membranes and is an excellent energy generator. Flax Seed Oil helps promote overall well-being while bei
Activation ProductsFlax Oil

Activation Products

Flax Oil

Excellent Source of Essential Fats

  • Wide Range of Nutritional Benefits - Anti-Aging to your Cells
  • Better Skin, Joints, Digestion - protection from Inflammation
  • Source of Essential Fatty Acids, Dietary Fiber and Protein
250 ml = 8 oz
Flax Oil
250 ml = 8 oz
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Excellent Source of Alpha Lipoic Acid

Considered to be nature's best source of vegetarian Omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to a healthy heart, skin joints, cell membranes and is an excellent energy generator.

Flax Seed Oil helps promote overall well-being while being an excellent source of quality protein.

Ingesting this oil in its cold-pressed state allows one to maximize the effectiveness of the beneficial properties found in the seeds, without the potential digestive issues sometimes associated with eating the seeds themselves. It is also very liver-friendly and quickly integrate into the body.

It is considered to be a complete amino acid which assists the body with adequately absorbing nutrients.

Flax Seed Oil contains natural soluble and insoluble fiber.

Flax Seed Oil contains lignans, which are naturally antibacterial, are currently being studied for their ability to bind to estrogen receptors and interfere with potentially cancer causing affects on tissue, especially breast tissue.

And it has also been long used topically or treating abrasions and blemishes on the skin.

  • Wide Range of Nutritional Benefits - Anti-Aging to your Cells
  • Better Skin, Joints, Digestion - protection from Inflammation
  • Source of Essential Fatty Acids, Dietary Fiber and Protein
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The "Flax-Oil Test" - How to Tell if Your Oil is RANCID

  • Was it refrigerated in the store? - all rancidity-prone Flax Seed Oils MUST be refrigerated
  • Did you smell and taste the oil? - oil paint smell and a scratchy sensation in the back of your throat
  • Use within 30 days of opening? - common technologies are certain to result in some degree of rancidity

The 3 common types of commercial pressing of Flax Seed Oil - result in various "non-desired effects". They include harmful pesticide residues, chemical solvents, damage by high pressure, high heat processing, and subsequent refinement that removes important nutrients. All 3 of these pressing technologies produce rancid oils, in differing degrees.

The three ways to get flax oil from flax seeds are to 1) soak them in a chemical solvent, which damages the oil and leaves toxic residues from the chemical solvent, to 2) apply air pressure (called supercritical extraction) or 3) milling followed by an expeller (centrifuge) process. Pressing the oil from the seed requires a lot of force, which generates heat that is damaging to the fragile omega-3 fats. The words "cold pressed" on a flax oil label can be very misleading. Since no external source of heat was used in the expelling process, companies are allowed to say "cold pressed" even though high temperatures were reached during the extraction process.

5 disturbing facts about common Flax Seed Oils

  • “heat-treated” (even most "cold-pressed")
  • begins to go rancid within 5 MINUTES!
  • void of important nutrients!
  • contains harmful pesticide and/or chemical residues, like Hexane!
  • contain rancid, oxidized (peroxidated) compounds!

Rancid oils can cause degenerative disease - the destruction of vitamins E, F, and A, both in the oil itself and in the body. And there are natural antioxidants present in these oils (BEFORE DAMAGE OCCURS) - that protect these oils from rancidity. (When you oxidize, refine, or other wise damage them, these protective guards are lost!)

Sadly, most Flax Seed Oils become rancid as soon as the bottle is opened. As a result, most Flax Seed Oils are mostly, if not completely void of nutrition, and/or can flat out be rancid-poison. If you do not want to consume bad Flax Seed Oils that may contribute to heart disease and cancer (resulting from rancidity), then you need to do something different:

Here’s what it takes to press "PURE, NEVER-RANCID" Flax Seed Oil:

  • Use organic, high-quality source of Flax Seeds
  • Unique patented pressing technology, known as "PERFECT PRESS". (this is the ONLY tested & verified pressing technology that escapes rancidity)
  • Upon pressing, the Oil is immediately sealed, and stored - in a light protective container. (Light destroys nutrient properties, and damages the structure of the oil.)
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100% Organic Flax Seed Oil

50 teaspoons in the bottle

This pure-pressed oil does NOT need to be refrigerated. All oils are immediately sealed in a Miron glass bottle, that maintains the product's vibrational integrity over a very LONG period of time.

And, we put our oils through rigorous third party testing to ensure every bottle is perfectly stable at room temperature.

Extracted using Perfect Press Technology - no heat, no friction, no oxidation.


Directions for Use

Serving Size: We recommend 1 tsp per day for maintenance and up to 3 tsp for therapeutic use

Add to your favorite food, salads, raw desserts, and smoothies.

Best not to refrigerate - store at room temperature.
Oil must be tightly capped and stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. When stored properly, oil will remain fresh for 36 months.

Recommended Use

Clinical studies suggest that Flax Seed Oil may be helpful in treating a variety of primary culprits. From the popular Johanna Budwig flax oil with cottage cheese diet, to post Menopausal symptoms, to a wide-variety of ailments. A study done with menopausal women, reported that the intensity of their hot flashes dropped by 57%, just from daily intake of Flax Seed!

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