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ADR-4 Harmonizer

Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer
Price: $124.95 $109.95
  • First Aid for Microwaved Food
  • Take With You to Eat Out and Travel
  • Improve the Taste of Your Food and Beverages - Salads, Soups, Drinks
  • Superior Cellular Hydration to Relieve Pain and Promote Healing

Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer

$124.95 $109.95

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    $124.95 $109.95
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ADR-4, energize water, energize foodADR-4, energize water, energize food

Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer

Energize All Water Molecules for Superior Hydration, Tastes Better

Taste food and beverages like your never did before. Proprietary internationally recognized technology that turns ordinary food and drink into delicious feast! It only takes a couple of minutes!

Use the ADR 4 to turn cheap wine into top grade ambrosia – improve the quality, taste and health-giving properties of drinking water, beverages, and all food containing water.

Regular consumption of products energized with the ADR-4 enhances proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, improving or increasing vitality. Positive impacts will show in your immune system.

I have used the ADR 4 to relieve muscle pain in so many different ways – slept with it to relieve hip pain, sat with it to release tense muscles in my back, and even help heal a pulled muscle that I caused by over-exertion. Please tell the old man to leave the snow shoveling to the young guys. I think the ADR restores energy flow to areas that have been blocked and supports healing as well as normal function. It is more effective than pain killers and it does not put toxins in your liver …

Consists of a magnetic disc embedded in a ceramic casing covered with protective plastic. Inside, the main element creates resonance effects that change the structural arrangement of water molecules. The resulting restructured water molecules carry pure energies that are healthier for living organisms.

To improve and maintain good health, we recommend daily consumption of foods and beverages energized by ADR-4.

Simply place containers of food and beverages on top of the disk, to restructure the water within.

With Regular Use, Also Effective For:

  • Faster restoration of normal energy after excessive physical exercise or strain
  • Improving or restoring circulation and kidney function
  • Improving the moisturizing properties of any facial cream or body lotion
  • Relieving localized pain and promote healing (place disc design face down directly on a painful area).

The ADR-4 is a ceramic-magnetic disc encased in a special 4-inch diameter shell, which can support containers of food and beverages. The main component of the disc is a special ceramic on which permanent magnets of well defined dimensions are configured. ADR-4 produces a specific spatial distribution of external magnetic fields and moreover, it modifies the electric field distribution. This effect is related to a large low-frequency dielectric absorption which is evident at room temperature. There are a broad dielectric permittivity maximum decreasing with increasing frequency. The anomaly appears also in the imaginary part of the dielectric permittivity. We relate the dielectric anomaly to the behavior of the water which is confined in the porous ceramic element. The size, shape and distribution of the pores in the ceramic element determine the temperature range of the dielectric anomaly. Both the magnetic field distribution and the ability to absorb low-frequency electric fields, are characteristic of the ADR-4 and have an effect on the properties of water when it is placed over the element and exposed to its action.

ADR-4 holds the following certificates and opinions: * Certificate of testing by the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz, Poland, * German Certificate TÜV stating that ADR-4 can be used in contact with food products.

Ceramic and magnetic components encased in a plastic disk, 5 inch diameter.

Directions for Use

Place on your body, embossed side towards you.

Directions for ADR-4 Harmonizer Set food or beverage on top of it, facing the embossed side, for 3 minutes.

Liquid should be stirred and left for an additional 3 minutes. Longer exposure (1-24 hours) will not cause any further changes in energy or arrangement of water molecules.

There is no risk of overdose. Mineral or spring water is recommended. Wash the disk in running water, but do not place in dishwasher.

Recommended Use

Improve quality, taste and health-giving properties of beverages, and all food containing water. Restore harmony in your food and drink. Positive impacts will show in your immune system. Apply directly to your body to dissolve energy flow blockages to reduce pain and improve mobility.

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ADRSystem - ADRlogo800.jpg

ADR-4: Technical Info

Dysfunction of kidneys. Renocystographic evaluation showed statistically significant improvement of filtration, extraction, renal transport, urine outflow.

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Research results on the influence of ADR-4 Energy Stimulator on kidney’s functions deteriorated in moderate to grave degree

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