Vitamin D3+K2 Spray

Boost Your Immunity
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  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Support Calcium Absorption
  • Maintain Healthy Bones

Boost Your Immunity


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Boost Your Immune SystemBoost Your Immune System


Vitamin D3+K2 Spray helps strengthen your immune system. It supports calcium absorption and the maintenance of healthy bones.

Vitamin K2 redirects calcium to your bones, facilitating absorption of Vitamin D3.

This plant-based D3 is easily absorbed. It’s preferred for bioavailability over non-plant sources. Vitamin K2 helps facilitate calcium absorption into your bones.

Active Ingredients

  • D3 made with Vitashine™ – sourced from Lichen
  • K2 entirely plant-based source

UMAC-Core - Vitamin D3 K2 Spray

Directions for Use

One spray per day.

Recommended Use

Strengthen your immune system, support calcium absorption and the maintenance of healthy bones.

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