Iridesca for Longevity

Our focus in Iridesca’s formulation isn’t moderating disease symptoms, but creating optimum health. When there is abundant health, disease is simply crowded out and replaced with optimum performance and longevity. Simply put, Iridesca is honest life-energy, abundant life-quality, and vigorous health. These genuinely natural, superior nutrient forms stay in your system longer. A high percentage of these molecules remain permanently. You are no longer just “treading water” nutritionally.

Iridesca provides an especially awesome opportunity for healthy young persons who begin their Iridesca program early enough to stay in their absolute prime, perhaps twenty years longer than normally possible. With Iridesca, you are consistently able to gain higher and higher ground, every spoonful takes you to a “permanently” higher place. The momentum of the “normal” downward spiral of declining health and lifespan can be slowed, and gradually, substantially, reversed-for a time – a span adding a good many precious moments, activities, experiences and years!

We are amazed every day at Iridesca’s ability to benefit people of all ages.

Enhanced benefits to those in their 20’s and 30’s will be primarily in the form of delaying the onset of typical middle-age-related problems. Middle-aged people (40’s to 50’s) will especially notice benefits for their sexual health. Those who are 60 or more years of age, will notice the most difference. Perhaps those of you who are middle-aged or older could explain to the younger folk, just how important this really is.

  • Reduced fat – increased muscle = a more solid, healthy and attractive body shape.
  • Enhanced immune function = resistance to infections.
  • Enhanced memory, ambition, attitude and brain power.
  • Reduction of joint and body muscle aches and pains.
  • Substantial increases in sexual health, interest, ability and stamina for women and for men.
  • Enhanced assimilation and utilization of all phytonutrients.
  • More youthful appearance and body functions.
  • Extended life span quality and quantity.

Every type of adjustment and challenge in life can be met with your absolute peak performance.

  • Physical challenges
  • Mental challenges
  • Healing challenges
  • Immune challenges
  • Schedule challenges
  • Losses
  • Emotional challenges
  • Weather extremes

Feed your cells so they have the most abundant experience in life.

Iridesca, the flat-out most powerful Superfood formula, and the absolute best value in SuperFood nutrition!

Author: Life Enthusiast