No Substitute For Quality Vitamins

Whole natural ingredients made into whole natural nutritional supplements are very different from the pharmaceutical extracts that get sold to us as vitamins.

You already know this: there is no substitute for quality, and it does not pay to make short cuts when it comes to your health. We have tested many products, because we believe they’re the single most important source of nutritional stability in our health regime. We continue to check on our competition, and this product meets the highest standards. It meets the most stringent quality controls, and is available only through select health practitioners. We are one of very few online sellers where this product can be found.

I met Dr. Drucker over the telephone, and had extended conversations with him. We share a similar background in how we became the people we are today through overcoming a catastrophic health crisis. Richard lived with sickness for many years attempting to heal himself through mainstream practices. In desperation he had to create his own solutions. He spent many years creating and refining a truly living product that he calls intraMAX and the unique process that is required to make living organic carbon based products.

Watch Dr. Drucker explain his technology here
Take a few minutes to listen to him tell you how and why his products are unique, and why they work the way they do. If you want to know more, we also have several in-depth articles that get into the scientific background of how and why his products work. I know that many of our readers want to know why we promote each specific item, and we are glad to provide the background support for the recommendations we make.


Increase your energy, strength and stamina. with the broadest spectrum of natural, highly absorbable essential nutrients. Truly unique support for repair, assimilation and elimination. Make intraMAX a part of your daily regimen. Every time you take a sip, you’ll feel energized all cells of your body vibrating at a higher level.

Author: Life Enthusiast