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Undoctored will be the most important film in the history of chiropractic. No kidding.

The clear lines between “drugs-and-surgery-first” health care and natural care have never been more apparent. The data is in and that’s the real story. In study after study, a new form of health care is emerging. Natural health care has won the battle and no one knows yet. The total failure of the “drugs/surgery first” is unavoidable. Opinions become irrelevant when reality imposes itself, as it is now. When 80% of our population will die of (mostly) avoidable chronic disease, the “who pays” argument becomes irrelevant.


We’re at a real turning point in our country’s history. Runaway sick care costs and a sick population are forcing new options to be considered, despite the powerful lobbying and advertising from the medical establishment.

If you support drug-free healing as a first option, you’re going to love Undoctored.

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Author: Scott