Journal of Medicinal Food

Silica Hydride Effects on Mitochondria pdf file

Differential Metabolic Effects on Mitochondria by Silica Hydride Using Capillary Electrophoresis


Working as an extension of a newly developed method for a capillary electrophoretic analysis of purine nu- cleotides, nucleosides, bases, and catabolism, an assay of the differential metabolic properties by a novel organosiliceous anionic hydride compound, silica hydride, was evaluated with Chinese hamster ovary mitochondria using a 50-mm poly (acryloylaminopropanol)-coated, fused-silica capillary. The results of this organellar differential analysis indicate a correlation of increased redox pair of NADH to NAD1 ratios by two times and an increase in ATP levels in the assayed mitochondria by six times. Glucose levels in the organelles were half of the original values. This study validates the electrophoretic method
utilizing live organelle fractions for differential metabolic analysis and additionally illustrates some of the emerging novel properties of silica hydride. As confirmation of the results obtained in this assay, additional methods of standard protocol were used to monitor the mitochondrial metabolic activity.

Author: Cory J. Stephanson and G. Patrick Flanagan