Personal Story About a Serious Skin Disorder

When you lose elasticity, your skin turns into a brittle mask that makes it hard to breath, never mind trying to eat or talk.

Books.DVDs - book_taylor_placetogo.jpgMaureen Taylor’s book A Place to Go is a wonderfully written personal account of Maureen’s own decline and subsequent full recovery from a debilitating auto-immune disorder called scleroderma. Scleroderma is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease that affects primarily the skin (hands, arms and face), and is characterized by hardening of the skin.

Common manifestations include

  • deposition of calcium nodules in the skin
  • exaggerated vasoconstriction in the hands with fingers undergoing white-blue-red color transitions in the cold
  • esophageal dysfunction leading to difficulty swallowing
  • dilated capillaries on the face, hands and mucous membranes.

Maureen’s book is a highly inspiring personal story. It does not tell of great achievements that you would read about in encyclopedias. It is about a really important personal victory. It is about something every person suffering from a chronic auto-immune disorder (such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines and others) can aspire to achieve.

Maureen’s book explains her protocol for tackling scleroderma, but more importantly it includes a clear description of her path taken to recovery. It is a path of claiming ownership of ones state of health, of researching and applying uncommon ideas and procedures, and most importantly of connecting with ones higher self, the soul, the creative force that brings us into this life and that gives meaning to our existence, and to the process each one of us goes through in our personal evolution.

I talked to Maureen a number of times, and she has been using some of our products to keep well. We all have a unique path out of inflammation hell. I can relate to Maureen’s story rather well. About 30 years ago I was poisoned by mercury, which resulted in serious and crippling health problems. After 10 years of decline in the hands of the mainstream medical system, I finally realized that I had to heal myself. I cant say that I am in perfect health, but I certainly am healthier today that I was back then. I did not write a whole book about it, only a short synopsis, if you’d like to see.

I am sure that if it were not for my illness I would not be in the holistic wellness business sharing my passion for helping people find their own way to health. If you are at all interested in reading an uplifting and inspirational story, and especially if you are suffering from a chronic auto-immune disease, read Maureen Taylor’s book A Place to Go.

Author: Life Enthusiast