Raw Eggs

Free-range raw eggs are one of the best compact foods in nature. Eggs are the ultimate complete fast-food. However, the protein in eggs is not utilized for cellular reproduction. They are utilized for regeneration and maintenance and cannot be substituted for meat except occasionally. The relationship between raw eggs and salmonella-poisoning is a myth.

Eggs are remarkable for everyone, especially those who are infirm. Three years ago, a medical doctor called me on a Thursday evening about her 70-year-old female patient with emphysema. She explained that her patient had been mainly bedridden for 2 years, was on 100% oxygen and respiratory machines. She prognoses that her patient would die that weekend unless I could help. I told her that the only thing that I thought might help at that late stage was eggs. I recommended that she get her patient 10 dozen raw eggs and put them on her bed-table. I suggested that she ask her patient to eat one as often as she could and that there was no limit. Very early Monday morning, I received a call from the patient. She told me that she was off the machines, out of bed and feeling stronger than she had in years. She had eaten 66 eggs over the weekend.

If eggs are whipped, beaten or blenderized without milk, cream or coconut cream, many of the enzymes are oxidized and lost. Therefore, if we eat eggs alone, do not mix, beat, whip or blenderize them. Many clients enjoy sucking them from the shell, as I do, by poking a whole at each end. Hold the head back and suck. Be certain to put a finger over the bottom hole when your head returns to normal position or egg will drain. Others enjoy eating eggs Rocky-style, that is, broken into a glass and consumed without any other food, not whipped, beaten or mixed. For those who are squeamish about the texture, sipping and swallowing the egg white makes eating eggs Rocky-style very easy and non-repulsive.

RAW FAT is the most utilized nutrient in our bodies, especially in our toxic industrial world. It helps stabilize and relax the body markedly when in combination with raw meat. Fats help white blood-cell production, assist microbial activity and provide for lubricants to accomplish a variety of functions. Lubricants facilitate movement without frictional deterioration, protect cells from heat, cold and caustic substances, provide hormones to regulate activity, and, when acting in conjunction with 15% protein and 5% alcohol formed internally from carbohydrate, fats dissolve all sorts of toxic substances. Fats provide the greatest, strongest and most efficient energy possible.

Author: Aajonus Vonderplanitz