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Selenium is a key element for longevity. It is not reliably available in soils or in the diet. Chemical fertilizers block uptake of selenium by plants. Selenium is essential for its abilities as an antioxidant and synergist to Vitamin E. Selenium is a key player in the production of foundational hormones. It helps keep arteries clean and flowing.

Selenium supports energy production and oxygen delivery. Researchers have noted a correlation between poor cellular oxygenation and cancer, and between low dietary Selenium and increased cancer rates, and between optimum dietary Selenium and reduced cancer rates. Studies have also related low Selenium to an increase in crib death.

Large amounts of Selenium are lost in semen, thus men typically need more Selenium than do women. Selenium should never be taken in excessive amounts (700+ mg) for extended periods. A responsibly crafted supplement will provide Selenium in reasonable potencies and in the less toxic forms. Grains, Nutritional Yeasts, Seafoods and Dairy products are food sources. Excessive Selenium intake slows assimilation of Fluoride.

Alkaline Booster
Alkaline Booster
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