Spirulina Pacifica

Kona Hawaiian Spirulina Hawaii (Spirulina Pacifica)

Phytonutrients for endurance, stamina and mental power. Chlorophyll for cleansing. A full spectrum of trace minerals from the sea. Carotenes, enzymatic pigments, essential fatty acids and sulfur-based phytonutrients support body’s guarding against viruses and cancer. Balancing and energizing – for endurance & stamina. Considered a longevity food.

A full range of Amino Acids, Enzymatic Pigments, Chlorophyll (green), Phycocyanin (blue) & Carotenes (yellow, orange, brown), Sulfur-based Phytonutrients, numerous other Phytonutrients, Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Elements, Essential Fatty Acids including GLA & Omega-3, plus the long-energizing carbohydrate Rhamnose.

Author: Life Enthusiast