Product Experience by Darren Beddard

I’ve been involved with the Exsula products and business since its earliest days. After our brief introduction, Jevari, the creator of the product line, suggested he mix us a drink of his special blend, the flagship product he called Excela 50. Within minutes before a dozen witnesses, my body manifested a Euphoria clearly visible in a pronounced highlighting of the coloring of my face and eyes, and resembling a high from a profound meditative experience.

It seemed “claims” were being made by a multitude of persons, alleging miraculous “healings” of practically every imaginable ailment and malady, claims that could easily be proven, documented claims, even claims with affidavits sworn by the recipients of healings due specifically to the benefits derived by using the products. This leads to authorities stepping in and shutting down the thriving business. My partner and I formed Quantum Advance Canada and set out to deliver the miraculous products to Canadians.

The line of Exsula products, Exsula 50, Exsula Advancium, later Exsula Gold and finally the most powerful blend called Exsula Iridesca were here to stay. I have been using the Exsula products for many years, and will continue to do so as long as I can. My personal commitment to Life Enthusiast has not waned over the years. I took on a project that my Spirit simply would not let me walk away from. It finally came to a test as my commitment was weakened by financial pressures, when an old gentleman came into our humble distribution office on Broadway Avenue in Vancouver, BC.

He told of his best friend awaiting death in a senior’s retirement home in Chilliwack BC. He told me they had both survived WW1, the landing at Dieppe and remained best friends for all of their adult lives. Apparently, the dying friend had Exsula-Advancium smuggled into the ward by his obstinate friend, who simply would not give up on him. The signed affidavit stated that within a few months, the dying man’s health was restored sufficiently for him to take a bike-ride down main-street. I believe he was at that time 87 years of age.

Darren Beddard, CBT, Life Enthusiast

Author: Life Enthusiast