Product Experience by Dr Aviva June

Dr. Aviva June, DMD, is a Fellow of the American Association of Clinical Nutritionists. Her story is an amazing journey from ill health from even before birth, to her healing discoveries as an adult.

Read Aviva’s story in her own words:

I became a “universal reactor” responding with extreme symptoms to nearly every food and drink that I came in contact with. I am now an Exsula enthusiast! And, the fact that I am even here to proclaim that is in itself a miracle. Please allow me to tell my story and you will see why. I was born in the 1950s, inherently weak. I weighed under two pounds at birth. My mom had been diagnosed with toxemia, which probably added to my own toxic load and low birth weight. The pregnancy was brought to a close by inducing labor to save her life and fortunately mine too. So, I was born in the 6th month of in utero.

In my dental practice I was exposed to a lot of radiation and toxic chemicals such as mercury and acrylic monomers. With these strikes against me, plus having been raised on the standard American diet and lacking spiritual awareness, I was sick even as a child. By age 35 I had a bout with liver insufficiency that I think was brought to a head by a diet high in complex carbohydrates and cooked food, my past toxicity and internal stress. Nothing either I or anyone medical establishment oriented could suggest helped. Nor did the advice of those trained alternatively. For I could not tolerate any of their therapies without extreme reactions.

With intense perseverance and seeking I came upon a certain set of lifestyle teachings known as “Natural Hygiene”. Natural Hygiene builds health and vitality by better alignment of oneself to nature. It involves lifestyle changes to a more simple and pristine way of living. The methods include eating raw, organic, whole foods, avoiding animal products, getting sunshine and fresh air, drinking pure water, exercising and eliminating or drastically reducing exposure to chemicals such as those found in paints, soaps, shampoos, detergents, etc. Thanks to Natural Hygiene I survived. In fact, I think my coming across it was a gift sent by God to help me live. However, it in no way cured me.

In fact after doing it for years I noticed while certain things improved, new symptoms appeared. I sensed my body needed something more, especially in regards to proteins and a greater variety of foods. I also sensed that I needed spiritual changes as well. I discovered that all things that address the physical level alone work for a time by temporarily improving the body’s physiologic conditions and lessening internal stress. However, if we don’t get to the real culprits, which are shortcomings in our way of being, then the disease process continues. Also, on the physical level, I have noticed several aspects of healing I’d like to share.

  1. Clean water in sufficient quantities is absolutely essential for hydrating your cells and cleaning away internal metabolic and cellular debris.
  2. A wide variety of foods should be eaten – all in the particular balance best suiting each individual where they are – physically, mentally and spiritually.
  3. Cumulative pollutants found in air, water, soils, foods, cosmetics and chemical product must at this time be drastically reduced.
  4. The inner and outer person must begin to align themselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally with goodness.

All in all, Natural Hygiene, herbology, whole food supplements and so forth are important cogs in the wheel and each deserves a gold star. Now my search and path continues… And, along the way I’ve been led to Exsula. Exsula for me was a panacea. For it was the first supplemental product I could tolerate. Hooray! Exsula is a more pure, raw, less processed food supplement with its ingredients in a food state. They are presented in a balanced supportive form and don’t play havoc with my delicate system. They seem to nurture my health and state of being. Wow! A panacea indeed.

Exsula Iridesca brought some additional improvements beyond those that were coming in from increased spiritual awareness, whole raw food eating, increased water and exercise. And, they came right from the start. My skin took on a silkier sheen. My hair was easier to comb and shinier, too. And my reactions to foods seemed to lessen significantly. Thus, Exsula is also a piece in my path to well-being. I am continuing in my search to discover how health truths fit into the larger picture of life, miracles, and the Lord. And now with meditation and prayer, observation, and celebration, I am doing much better. Thank you to all who have been a help or inspiration along the way. Thank you God, Natural Hygiene and Exsula.

Author: Life Enthusiast