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Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate


Whey can be applied both internally and externally. In the middle ages, the so-called whey bathing cure was popular. It is available again.

Whey isolate, when used as a glutathione precursor, is an important enhancer of:

  • immune function
  • liver function
  • repair of RNA and DNA cell damage
  • production of antioxidants and hormones
  • removal of toxic metals
  • wound healing
  • creation of new lean muscle mass
  • increasing aerobic (exercise) capacity by up to 13%
  • inhibition of pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract
  • production of red blood cells, enzymes, hormones and (monoclonal) white blood cells

We all need to raise our cellular glutathione (GSH) levels, particularly if were sick or toxic, if we have a degenerative illness or were aging. If we dont do so, the result will be rampant free radical cascades (oxidative stress), inflammation, accelerated degeneration, a long list of disorders and a failure to thrive. Sound familiar? It should Ive just described the general deterioration associated with aging. All those symptoms have been linked to low GSH levels and can be avoided.

Raising cellular GSH levels has historically been difficult because GSH must be created naturally within each cell by supplying the correct precursors. Both oral cysteine and glutathione that have been used for want of a better solution are broken down in the gut, enter the bloodstream and the cells with difficulty, and increase cellular GSH only marginally. Cysteine at useful levels has known toxicity issues. The drug N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) has been used but has many known side effects and a half-life of only two hours. It is used in emergencies to increase liver glutathione and prevent the liver from liquefying in the event of, for example, acetaminophen overdose. In addition, NAC-induced glutathione levels often plunge to well below original values when the drug is withdrawn.

An undenatured (unbroken, uncooked) whey isolate is ideally suited, however, to donate the GSH precursor, a cysteine=cysteine dipeptide called cystine. Cystine enters the blood and the cells readily to yield two cysteine molecules that are used to create glutathione. In addition there is no toxicity and the glutathione levels do not fluctuate as much with this method. The science is proven; there is a medically approved whey isolate for the purpose of increasing cellular glutathione, where 90% is needed. In the process it also builds muscle and reduces wasting due to HIV or cancer. It is also a recognised chemotherapeutic agent even on its own. The recommended dose is 40-60 grams daily. The cost at that dose is prohibitive however, and the science applies also to the less expensive products. To further elaborate on the science, The FDA website states that undenatured whey isolate is the ideal GSH precursor.

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