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Lebens Quelle

Energy Cells

Function in an Optimized State

Based on the subtle energy principles of connecting you to the blueprint of the original vibrational patterns of Life, these Energy Cells enable all living organisms to function at an optimized state. Every Energy Cell is programmed with Zero-Point Energy. 100% safe and natur
Lebens QuelleEnergy Cells

Lebens Quelle

Energy Cells

Function in an Optimized State

  • Vibrational Energy Messengers - Easily Applied to Shift Your Subtle Body
  • Connect to Your Inner Powers to Live in an Optimal State of Being
  • Place in Drinking or Bathing Water or Directly on Your Body
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Based on the subtle energy principles of connecting you to the blueprint of the original vibrational patterns of Life, these Energy Cells enable all living organisms to function at an optimized state.

Every Energy Cell is programmed with Zero-Point Energy.

100% safe and natural and work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medications. They are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly and even plants.

Based on the subtle energy principles of connecting you to the blueprint of the original vibrational patterns of Life, these Energy Cells enable all living organisms to function at an optimized state.

Available Energy Cells:

  1. Allergies
  2. Bach Flower Remedies
  3. Color Therapy (12 Dinshah)
  4. Eyes
  5. Gems and Minerals
  6. Germanium
  7. Hair
  8. Homeopathy
  9. Melatonin
  10. Meridians
  11. Oxygen
  12. Parasites & Negativity
  13. Teeth
  14. Zero Point Energies
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 LQCBFType: Bach FlowersIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCDCType: Color TherapyIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCEYType: EyesIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCGMType: Gems and MineralsIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCGEType: GermaniumIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCHAType: HairIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCHOType: HomeopathyIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCMLType: MelatoninIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCMRType: MeridiansIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCOXType: OxygenIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCPNType: Parasites NegativityIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCTTType: Teeth and GumsIn Stock$20.00BUY
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 LQCZPType: Zero Point EnergiesIn Stock$20.00BUY
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1. Bach Flowers Energy Cells

Be Free - Remove All Negative Emotional Problems
Bach flower remedies have a very harmonizing effect.

Programmed with the vibrational imprint of Bach Flower Essences: a system of 38 flower essences, that correct emotional imbalances. Your body will automatically choose the correct vibration from the entire collection of 38 flower remedies.

Dr. Edward Bach was a British Physician, who began to see disease as an end product, a final stage, a physical manifestation of unhappiness, fear and worry. He looked to nature for healing flowers. Over many years, Dr. Bach found 38 healing flowers and plants, and with the right preparation, they became the 38 Bach Flower Essences. These Essences are enough to remove all negative emotional problems.

The most common use of these essences has been to deal with emotions such as:

  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances
  • Loneliness
  • Over sensitivity to influences and ideas
  • Despondency or Despair
  • Over-care for welfare of others
  • Emotional Mood Swings
  • Stress
  • Self Concern
  • Interfering with other people
  • Panic Attacks
  • Jet Lag
  • Stuttering
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Unable to fall asleep

2. Gems and Minerals Energy Cell

Enables you to function in an optimal state and enhances the quality of your bone structure.

3. Germanium Energy Cell

Detoxify with the Power of Oxygen
Rejuvenate with Powerful Antioxidants

Programmed with the vibrational imprint of the vibrational representation of germanium.

Germanium can enrich oxygen supply, facilitate general detoxification (especially heavy metals), and is also a potent antioxidant. These properties benefit many processes in your body.

We cannot claim any specific benefit for the Germanium cell - please do not expect any medical effect. There are some published case histories, and in some instances, clinical trials, that have documented Organic Germanium's therapeutic effects in treating the following conditions:

  • Pain from inflammation
  • Tumors (colon, prostate, breast, lung, ovarian, cervical, blood)
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Tropical fevers
  • Bone loss
  • Anxiety and Mental Disorders
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Influenza
  • Cardiac Disorders
  • Circulatory Disturbances
  • Skin Eruptions
  • Seizures
  • Old-Age Infirmities
  • Eye Diseases

4. Hair Energy Cell

Excellent Tool For Hair Care
For Lovely Locks - Strengthen Hair & Roots
Enhance Hair Growth & Regeneration

This cell enhances hair growth, regeneration, and strengthening of the hair and its roots to become fuller and shinier.

Use it in the lather while washing your hair, or stick it onto your shower head. Works equally well with dry or oily hair, and will help eliminate dandruff.

Frequently Asked Question - good for comic relief:
Does it work on the hair covering the whole body? The answer is no. One of our users reports having no gray hair at 64 years, despite a genetic predisposition in her family to turn gray early. Some clients, already gray and with thinning hair, started growing new, normal colored and thicker hair. This will be the least expensive hair re-growth thing you will try.

5. Homeopathy Energy Cell

Safe & Natural Cure for All Ills - Allow Your Body to Heal Itself

Programmed with the vibrational imprint of the entire homeopathic library, in vibrational form.

Whatever ill symptoms you experience, homeopathy can cure. Homeopathy is a highly effective, scientific, safe and quick method of healing. It offers long lasting to permanent cure, treating the disease from its roots, for most ailments. Homeopathy does not treat superficially (masking symptoms) - it heals from within, simply and naturally causing your body to cure itself.

Your body will choose a specific remedy and its appropriate potency. Use on your body directly, or carry it in your pocket. During a cure it can be put into your drinking water.

6. Oxygen Energy Cell

Replenish Your Body's Oxygen
Enhance Detoxification of Your Entire Body
Promotes Proper Breathing - Alleviates Voice Problems

A very powerful Energy Cell, enhancing and increasing the available oxygen in your body. Use it for all kinds of problems caused by an oxygen deprived system.

It can be put into drinking water. Use it on breathing and voice problems, shallow breathing because of lung problems - just experiment with this.

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Glass beads infused with vibrational fields. It is the message, not the medium, that counts.


Directions for Use

Place either directly on your body, or in a glass of water.

It is useful to do this as a cure (for a few days), and is not recommended for extended periods.

Germanium Energy Cell:
To start, take no more than one glass of Germanium-enhanced water a day, then increase gradually as your digestive system can accommodate.

Recommended Use

Energy device for healing power, to reconnect with "The Source of Life". Eliminate vibrational disturbances and regain vibrant health.

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