Lebens Quelle = The Source of Life

Restore Your Vital Health with Energy Balancing by Reconnecting to The Source of Life

  • We all have the ability within, to connect with The Source of Life.
  • We can claim the powers of healing.
  • Energy devices are merely tools that can help people connect with the existing powers within us all.
  • By reconnecting to The Source of Life, you can eliminate vibrational disturbances, iving you the ability to rebalance yourself back to vibrant health.
  • Lebens Quelle Energy Cells enable all living organisms to function at an optimized state.

Relieve Pain:
Place an Energy Cell over painful areas on your body

Energy Flow:
Place an Energy Cell over acupuncture points, or energy centers (chakras)

Energize Water:
Place and Energy Cell on your water container, or directly into the water. Careful: some cells, like germanium has a tendency to accelerate detoxification.

Transform Electromagnetic Fields:
Place an Energy Cell on your cell phone, the main power line in your house, on tools, computers, TVs or wherever there is a strong electromagnetic field detrimental to your balance.

Energize Your Shower:
Place an Energy Cell directly on the shower head or faucet.

For a Harmonious, Regenerating Sleep:
Place an Energy Cell on near your head in bed, or carry it on you.

Eliminate Jet Lag:
For best results, use the Melatonin Energy Cell during the flight. Wear it under a head band on your third eye, or under mittens on your pulse point.

Life expresses itself as energy in various vibrational frequencies, emerging from The Source of Life, to manifest as material objects.

The energy transformation from The Source of Life to physical expression is subtle, yet fluid. Often this flow of energy is interrupted or blocked, on many levels such as the physical, emotional and spiritual. Discomforts and disease will result.

The Lebens-Quelle technology is based on extensive experience with tachyon energy and interactions with various forms of accessing zero-point or source energy. Many languages have many words to describe The Source of Life: zero-point, tachyon energy, Holy Spirit, prana, chi, etc.

There are many layers to an individual’s search for the meaning of life. These many roads will eventually lead to the same outcome: the realization that life is based on vibration, and through various subtle vibrational means, we can control the physical expressions.

Restoring Balance with The Source of Life

Subtle vibrational changes make all life possible.

How do we know that?
Direct scientific verification is hard to obtain, and we don’t know how this information is transmitted. Yet, we can dowse for water with willow twigs, or have a premonition of events that will happen in the future. Using Bovis scale measurements and dowsing techniques we are able to rate effect of these objects on individuals.

Using dark field microscopic analysis and Kirlian photography we were able to make visible changes that occur on the energetic level to the individual using these products.

We have seen many changes in individual users, but are not able to classify them in the common scientific sense, because the number of variables is simply too great to control a study. We encourage you to experience it for yourself and decide. We back these products with full money back guarantee.

How does it work?
Connecting a living organism to The Source of Life at the vibrational level, gives it the potential of rebalancing itself to match its original blueprint, or design. The products open a pathway to clearing energetic disturbances and distortions.

All living organisms seek homeostasis, healthy balance, at which all systems function perfectly. Some people experience this immediately, others after a while. Some resist the opening for change and remain at their original vibrational state. Free will prevails and that is as it should be.

How Lebens Quelle Energy Cells Work

Based on specific programming that has been transferred into them, the Lebens Quelle energy devices perform a wide range of information-signal transfers, helping your body integrate the pure vibrational frequencies it needs to be reminded of, in order to function in harmony with The Source of Life. The pure (Zero-Point) source cells are ideal to balance all electrical and electronic equipment.

Lebens Quelle User Experience

I have a wonderful story to share: a friend of mine in the UK gave the basic zero-point cells to a friend who worked in an office with many computer-loaded desks. She put one cell each on her monitor and computer and began to realize that her coworkers started spending a lot more time at her desk. She herself felt a lot ‘lighter’. No information was provided with regard to what the cell was or did.

Another small story: Preparing for a move and therefore getting rid of much of my stuff, I asked a man to come and check my bedding materials. He came in hardly able to breathe. I asked him what his problem was. He talked of a heart operation that gave him eight bypasses and was in serious trouble. I handed him the oxygen cell, told him to put it in his shirt pocket, nothing more. Two days later he called, told me that he had not been able to breathe as freely as in the last two days in years and ordered 5 more cells for friends.

After playing for about one month with my tiny life energy stone I can say that it definitely is an asset in my life. Like a good friend I don’t want to miss. And much more. Usually I carry it around in my trouser pocket; whenever I wear a dress without a pocket I put it in my purse. Sometimes when I change my wardrobe during the day I forget to pick up my little energy gadget. Usually a frantic search starts soon after, ending in a big sigh of relief when I finally spot it. Sounds like a kind of dependency? No. Just like knowing what is helping to strengthen my connection to life force energy. I consider my life energy stone a kind of focal point, while being handy and touchable it helps me to connect to what is pervading everything and only perceivable with the subtle senses. Furthermore it amplifies those energies, making them more easily accessible for me.

As far as I can say right now it does nothing by itself. It definitely seems to be governed by intention. In case this “first baby step” is done by “me alone”, driven by my desire to feel good and thrive, it kicks in strongly, facilitating my perception of and blending with the universal flow of life, leading me to new perceptions, ideas and pleasures. Don’t know what more to expect from this little thingy, looking like an “ordinary small pebble made of glass” or, for that matter, from any other energy device at all. With love, gratitude and a deep sense of satisfaction
Carl B., Germany

Author: Life Enthusiast