Lebens Quelle

Life Pen Crystal-Core Wand

Tool Helps Connect to Source Energy
Price: $50.00
  • Shift Emotional States - Reconnect to the "Source of Life"
  • Remove Energy Blockages to Restore Flow
  • Transform Food and Drinks

Tool Helps Connect to Source Energy


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Lebens Quelle, Life Pen Crystal-Core WandLebens Quelle, Life Pen Crystal-Core Wand


The Life Pen Crystal-Core Wand is truly a unique, simple, effective tool that connects you to source energy, and to the potential of rebalancing your whole body.

The Life Pen Crystal-Core Wand can be used in a a wide range of applications:

  • shift your emotional state
  • remove an energy flow blockage
  • transform (balance) food and drinks.

Available in 2 sizes. The smaller pen (4) is half-inch diameter and 4 inches long, the larger pen (6) is one-inch diameter, 6 inches long, and many times more powerful. The big pen should be used by health practitioners and experience energy workers only, it can move a lot of energy fast, and you may have to deal with consequences of major energy shifts.

Do not underestimate the power of vibrational healing. These devices deliver profound changes in your body energy flows.

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Hollow piece of hard wood containing naturally grown quartz crystals with quartz sand. Cleared and Programmed.

Directions for Use

Carry or wear your Life Pen (in your pocket or as a pendant) all the time, to help with disharmonious energy fields.

Shift your emotional state by pointing the pen at your energy centers. Hold it in your hands to keep yourself harmonized in a dentist’s chair, or even during an operation. Overcome disruptive energy fields in business meetings.

Or touch it to a spot that hurts. Reduce localized pains and tightness in your body, by just pointing it over the affected areas.

Hold it over your food (fresh, cooked & especially microwaved), and all beverages (especially wine). Simply point the rounded side of it to food and drink, to enhance taste.

Attach it to your central water pipe (pointed in the direction of the water flow) to help energize all water flowing past, changing its mineral matrix and hydrating properties.

Recommended Use

Vibrational energy device with programmed crystals in a wooden wand to rebalance yourself and your environment.

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