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Black Sesame Oil

Tasty, Healthy Essential Fats
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  • Anti-Aging, Anti-inflammatory
  • Better Skin, Joints and Digestion
  • Source of Essential Fatty Acids

Tasty, Healthy Essential Fats


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Tasty and TherapeuticTasty and Therapeutic


Extensive Health Benefits

Black Sesame Oil is delicious AND highly therapeutic.

Chinese herbal medicine recommends Black Sesame Seeds to delay (and reverse) common signs of aging (hearing loss, poor memory, gray hair, diminishing eyesight, unsightly pigments and wrinkles).

Bone health
Can penetrate skin, deep into organs, ultimately strengthening bones. Excellent for massage. We know that sesame seeds are loaded with magnesium and calcium, that work together to maintain strong bones. Also high in zinc which is important for bone mineral density.

Stress and Sleep
Black sesame oil contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. Great to relieve stress (mental and physical). Helps deep, restful sleep. It also contains calming vitamins thiamin and tryptophan. They help produce serotonin: reduces pain, assists moods, helps you sleep deeply. More quality and quantity of sleep is one way to improve overall health.

Also very good for:

  • Heart Health
  • Nervous system
  • Digestion and Metabolism
  • Helps maintain normal blood sugar balance.

Black Sesame Oil has been celebrated for its  health-giving properties for thousands of years. It’s one of the most studied oils.

All the life-changing benefits of thousands of black sesame seeds in one bottle.

Black Sesame Oil

Contains: 100% Black Sesame Seed Oil

Black Sesame Oil

Non GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan

This pure-pressed oil does NOT need to be refrigerated. All oils are immediately sealed in a Miron glass bottle, that maintains the product’s vibrational integrity over a very LONG period of time.

And, we put our oils through rigorous third party testing to ensure every bottle is perfectly stable at room temperature.

Extracted using Perfect Press Technology – no heat, no friction, no oxidation.

Directions for Use

Shake well. Take 1.5 teaspoons daily.

Drizzle over food (dips, stir fries), add to smoothies and dressing, or take straight.

Best not to refrigerate – store at room temperature.
Oil must be tightly capped and stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. When stored properly, oil will remain fresh for 36 months.

Recommended Use

Delicious AND highly therapeutic for bone health, heart, nervous system, digestion, blood sugar and it’s anti-aging.

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